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Kohler vs Delta Faucets: Which is Better?

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Whenever you are looking for new faucets – whether for your bathroom, kitchen or any sink found around your home – there are two brands that will instantly be recommended to you.

These two brands are Kohler and Delta. Both offer a wide range of amazing, high-quality faucets suitable for lots of different kinds of sinks for different uses, making them the clear kings of the faucet market. 

But how can you choose between the two? 

Here we are going to be looking at both the faucet brands Kohler and Delta to see which king comes out on top.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at each one and compare the two. This way, you can work out which brand is best for you and your sinks! 

Who Are Kohler? 

First, let’s take a look at Kohler. 

Kohler is a brand of faucet manufacturing that has been on the scene since the late 1800s, making them one of the oldest and most professional in the business.

Their catalog of products range from faucets designed for bathrooms to kitchens, for sinks to bathtubs, even including some touch-free design to limit the spread of bacteria in your home. 

With well over 100 years in the industry, Kohler is a company that has put years of studying and research into turning out new, exciting faucet designs.

Their latest game-changing design is the Response Touchless Technology which they use to create touch-free faucets.

It uses a sensor to detect movement, switching the faucet on and switches off after it senses inactivity. 

It’s clear that Kohler put a lot of thought into the functionality of their faucets to improve performance and user experience.

So, it’s not surprising that Kohler is now one of the leading brands for faucets in the whole world as customers all around the world are impressed with their products. 

Who Are Delta?

Now we know more about the Kohler brand and who the company is, let’s learn more about Delta. 

Delta are a the newer company of the two but that doesn’t mean that Delta haven’t had decades to put towards researching and developing their faucet products.

Delta was first created in 1954, so they have had nearly a whole century to study faucets and put that research to good use through their amazing range of products. 

A product of all this research is the SpotShield technology produced by Delta.

SpotShield technology aims to remove fingerprints and grime and prevent them from building up on your faucets, (handle removal) keeping them squeaky clean with minimal cleaning. 

This is important because Delta is a company that prioritizes aesthetics and design.

They want everyone to have the best looking faucets to suit all kinds of decor, so their products range in design and appearance. They even have made a sub-brand for luxury faucets known as Brizo.

One of the biggest factors that makes Delta one of the most popular brands of faucets in the US is because of the range of prices they have alongside their products.

This means that their products can appeal to a wide range of customers from those who just want an affordable faucet to those seeking something high end with lots of the best features.

Prices are adjusted to fit the value of each of their faucets, meaning that there is always something on offer for everyone at Delta. 

Because of all of this, Delta (see removal) quickly grew as one of the best faucet brands here in the US and is now one of the biggest competitors to Kohler – but which faucet brand comes out on top in a head to head? 

Let’s find out! 

Kohler vs Delta: The Showdown

Kohler vs Delta Faucets: Which is Better?

Just from the information above, it’s clear to see that both brands have their merits.

Although different, both brands work hard to create high quality products to suit all kinds of functions and meet all kinds of needs that their customers may have.

This is what makes it so difficult to choose between the two – but you can only choose one brand for your faucets. 

So, to find out which faucets brand (see also ‘Top 7 Faucet Brands In The USA’) comes out on top, let’s dive into our head to head showdown between Kohler and Delta faucets! 


Quality is first and foremost in a lot of people’s minds when searching for the right faucets for their sinks. No one wants to end up with a product that is non-functional after just a few uses, or is so poor quality that it easily breaks within days. 

So, to avoid this, making sure that your faucets are high quality is key. 

Luckily both Delta and Kohler are known for their high quality products. If they did not produce such good quality faucets then we doubt either company would not have a nearly as stellar reputation as they do. 

Kohler as a brand is known for functionality, meaning that they have designed their faucets to work and be resistant to a number of problems that low quality faucets often face.

Not only that, but they have had over a century to perfect the workmanship in each faucet which has led to their products being classed as premium quality.

They have also tried out many materials over the years, meaning that they know which ones are the best to use for their faucets. 

All of these decades in experience, testing and practice has led to many agreeing that Kohler is the better of the two brands in terms of quality. 

While Delta still produces very impressive results with high durability and resistant designs, they still have a lot of ground to cover in terms of research that Kohler has long surpassed.

This means that the quality difference between the two brands tips towards Kohler’s favor although it’s only fair to say that both brands sell very impressive quality products. 

But, the winner for this category is Kohler. 

Faucet Technology 

Over the years, more and more faucet technology has been developed and utilized to further improve the performance and user experience of faucets up and down the States.

Both Kohler and Delta have their own trademark technology used in their products which makes them stand out against the competition, so really which technology is the best comes down to what you look  for in a great faucet. 

Kohler’s Response Touchless Technology is super useful and innovative as it helps keep those who use your faucets safe from spreading harmful bacteria.

Although we all wash our hands after a trip to the bathroom, we often have to touch the faucets with our unclean hands in order to wash off the harmful bacteria gathered there.

The same goes for the kitchen – how many times have you ended up touching raw egg or meat and had to touch the faucet to wash your hands? 

Kohler’s Response Touchless Technology helps limit the spread of such harmful bacteria, reducing the chances of disease and infections within your home. It’s a very important feature that has great functionality, built and improved over the years. 

On the other hand, Delta’s SpotShield technology aims at improving the appearance of your faucets rather than keeping your family safe from harmful bacteria.

It reduces the chances of smudges and smears left behind from fingerprints, and this can save you on cleaning time! 

However, we have to go with Kohler for this category as well.

This is because their technology is very useful on a practical level while Delta’s SpotShield, while we recognize that fingerprints are annoying, doesn’t really help protect you like Kohler’s Response Touchless Technology does.

Although there are plenty of other technology designs used in Delta’s products to improve their functionality, Kohler can match those designs and improve on them thanks to the many decades of research they have behind them. 

So, once again, our winner is Kohler! 


Price is another deciding factor for people when it comes to buying new faucets .After all, what’s the point in spending a fortune on faucets you cannot afford? 

Everyone has their own price range for their faucets and to match this, both companies will want to appeal to as many customers as possible by having a huge range of prices on offer with their products.

Both Kohler and Delta achieve this but this time, it’s Delta who takes away the crown. 

Delta are known for a wide range of products that match their price in value.

This means that while they do have more higher priced products available, they also have very simple and very affordable faucet options too. Just like how their products range from the economical to the creme de la creme of the premium, so do their prices. 

Kohler faucets, on the other hand, prefer to stick as close to the ‘premium’ end of the spectrum as possible.

This means that so do their prices – so those looking for a super affordable functioning faucet at Kohler may be out of luck.

Their products are built to be the best of the best – and thus, the higher budget of the budgets too. 

So, due to their huge range in price options, Delta is the winner of this category!

Designs and Appearance 

Everyone wants their faucets to match the decor of the room they will be present in and although you wouldn’t think it, there is actually a massive visual and functional difference between kitchen and bathroom faucets

So, no one faucet suits all so a range of designs and visual appearance is important so each brand can give their customers a huge range of choice too.

This means that every customer can find a faucet for them – but which brand has more to offer than the other? 

Well, both Delta and Kohler are great when it comes to the range of products on offer.

They both have plenty of bathroom and kitchen faucets available with different features for different functions, but it’s Delta who pays particular attention to the appearance and aesthetic of each faucet. 

The result is that Delta has so many different styled faucets available, ranging from the functional and economical to the absolute pinnacle of luxury.

With Kohler, some products start to blur together because of the miniscule differences between them, whereas Delta ensures that each product is unique whether in style or function. 

So, the clear winner in this category is Delta! 


Warranties are a big deal because sometimes you buy what seems to be the perfect product only to find out that it just doesn’t go.

Whether your faucet breaks way too soon or there is a fault in the design of the faucet you’ve picked up, a warranty protects you from wasting your money on a broken product. 

Warranties are also handy for the companies themselves as it gives them a chance to fix the issue and save face, keeping their positive reputation and relationship with each customer. 

So, if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and money, you will want a good long warranty on your faucet. This way, you can test it out as soon as possible for as long as possible to see if there are any problems.

Both Delta and Kohler have warranties on offer with their products but there is some difference between the two.

Delta offers different warranties depending on what type of property the faucet is being installed in. For example, commercial buildings like hotels will be able to have a 5 year warranty, while residential homes with multiple families can access a 10 year warranty.

So, each warranty with Delta is tailored to ensure that you are covered for a suitable amount of time. 

Kohler’s warranties are not so generous. Their products only cover you for a single year and are only applicable if the issue with the faucet is due to the workmanship or if there is a defect with the materials. Meaning that if you break it yourself, you’re stuck. 

So, clearly, the victor here is Delta. Not only are their warranties more generous with time, they’re also way more generous when it comes to the fine print! 

And The Winner Is…

After considering a range of categories when it comes to the products and the company’s brand overall, we have come to a decisive decision on which faucet brand is best for you. 

Our winner is Delta although it was a close call between the two. 

Our reasoning is that while both companies produce very high quality products with a range of functions and uses, the range of prices and designs on Delta is what really makes it the faucet brand of all customers.

No matter your price range, situation, decor or needs in terms of function, Delta will have a faucet that ticks all of your boxes.

This means that everyone can shop here and walk away with the right kind of faucet for them, ranging from something for a utility sink in a garage to a high end faucet for a luxury bathroom. 

Kohler has it all when it comes to function, technology and quality but most if not all of their faucets are designed for high end use, thus they come with designer prices. 

So, Delta is the winner because it can serve more customers and suit more tastes than Kohler even though Kohler beats it when it comes to quality and technology. 

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