6 Best Bathroom Faucets

6 Best Bathroom Faucets

Anthony Barnes

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Whether you’re building an entire new bathroom, or you’re simply just doing up what you already have, you’ll have plenty of choices to make – the shower, the toilet, the sink, etc.

A crucial one that you may forget about, though, is the faucets. What style should they have? How should they operate? 

Well, we’ve got the answers for you! In the guide below, you’ll find a breakdown of the things to look out for when you’re picking your faucet.

However, you may still be overwhelmed by choice after that.

That’s why, on top of that, you’ll then find a list of the best bathroom faucets that you can buy for your home, with information on what makes each so great!

What To Look For In A Bathroom Faucet

There are a lot of things you’ll want to consider when you’re deciding on what faucet is going to be best for your bathroom.

Not to worry, though, we’ve got the essentials broken down for you below!


This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people run out of room when they’re installing their new faucet!

Before you pick one, make sure that you know how much space you have. That isn’t just on the top-side, though, you also need to know that you have the space for its underside to be attached too.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure you know the measurements of whatever you do pick. 


You’ll know what you like best, and what you think looks the best.

However, you need to make sure that the faucet style matches the style that the rest of your bathroom has.

If you’ve got an old-fashioned, rustic aesthetic going on for the rest of the room, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not buying some minimalist, modern faucets.

You don’t want your styles clashing, so buy something that will match its surroundings.


You must make sure that the faucet you pick is going to work for where you’re going to use it.

Whether you’re getting faucets for your sink or faucets for your bath, you must make sure that they’re going to work for the purpose that you want.


Speaking of the right fit, you need to make sure that your faucet’s plumbing will properly attach to your plumbing as a whole.

Check that your incoming supply lines will connect with the plumbing of your faucet, otherwise you won’t be able to get your water to run through it properly. 


On top of this, you need to pick a faucet that is designed like you want. There are a few types to choose from, as you can see:

  • Single Handle – these are simple, with one handle for you to turn to get hot or cold water.
  • Dual Handles – with these, you get a handle for hot water and a handle for cold water. This allows you to mix the two together much better, getting warm water. 
  • Hands Free – you’ll have probably seen these in public toilets, where you wave your hand in front of a sensor, and water comes out. You can get them at home too, either with the sensor, or a spot on them that you touch to get the water running.


You can get faucets in a variety of finishes, for example: stainless, chrome, nickel, and bronze.

Like the style of the faucet as a whole, you want to pick a faucet with a finish that matches the rest of the design and style of your bathroom.

So, if you’ve got a rustic, dark design bathroom then you might want a dark bronze finish on your faucets. 

Hole Attachment

You’ll want to have an idea of how many holes your faucet has to attach to the sink or bath.

Some have only one hole, usually the faucets with only one handle. Others have as many as three holes, usually the faucets that have two handles.

Make sure you know how many you’re going to need, so you’re not having to hurriedly drill holes yourself. 

Easy To Install

If you’re not too skilful and experienced when it comes to installing things, or dealing with plumbing of any sort, then you will want to pick a faucet that is easy to install.

Faucets with only a few parts are always going to be easier than ones with more parts, and this also has the benefit that there’ll be less to go wrong – if something fails, you can narrow it down to which of the (few) parts isn’t working. 


Speaking of fixing breakages, you’ll want to make sure that the bathroom faucet you pick has a good warranty on it.

Basically, a warranty will mean that if your faucet breaks for whatever reason, the company or supplier will replace it free of charge.

If your faucet is breaking regularly, you don’t want to be spending money regularly replacing it again and again.

So, make sure that the faucet you choose has a good, long warranty on it. 


And, finally, cost. It all depends on your budget and how much money you’re willing to spend on your faucets.

If you have lots to burn, you can look at the more expensive faucets on the market, and think about buying those.

If you don’t quite have the money, or the money needs to go on more important parts of the bathroom, then you’ll want to set a limit of how much you’re willing to spend.

With this in mind, you can narrow down your choices very quickly and easily. 

6 Best Bathroom Faucets 

Now that you know all the areas that you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting the bathroom faucets that are best for you, we can get into our personal top choices for the best available on the market.

Below, we’ve got a guide to the top 6 faucets, along with descriptions of what makes each one so individually good, including information on their materials, finishes, handles, and more. Read on!

Delta Lahara Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet

Delta is a popular maker of bathroom faucets, and for good reason. The design of this model is very smooth and curvy, sleek and minimalist in its look and a perfect fit for any modern looking bathroom.

The faucet comes with two handles, which is a great benefit in our eyes.

Though you may think it makes it a bit clunkier and bigger than faucets with only one handle, it gives you a lot more control of the temperature of your water, allowing you to mix hot and cold to any degree that you want.

On top of this feature, the faucet is very easy to install, which is a bonus considering that it’s got more handles and you would think it could be a fiddly install. 

There are also a variety of finishes available. You can choose from stainless or chrome, as well as speciality types of bronzes: “Champagne Bronze” and “Venetian Bronze”.

This means that you should easily be able to find a finish for the faucet that will match the design and color of your bathroom as a whole. 

A downside, however, is that the metal finish could do with some work. It’s very easy to get water stains on the finish, leaving white spots and smudges.

Since it’s a faucet, there’s going to be a lot of water at play! So the fact that it stains easily is not ideal. That being said, the faucet is stylish, easy to install, and versatile in its design. 

Price: $$

Style: Modern

Material: Brass

Finish: Chrome, Stainless, Bronzes

Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: Watersense

Moen Eva One-Handle, High Arc Bathroom Faucet

This faucet by popular brand Moen is extremely sleek and minimalist, which is helped by its use of just one handle. Smooth and elegant, this is a great choice for anyone with a little more money to spend. 

On top of that, it’s very easy to install. This is because it has few parts to it, as well the fact that it attaches with a single hole fixture.

The single handle also offers a great deal of control over the temperature of the water, adjusting with small movements, giving you the temperature that you want at any given moment. 

It also comes in a variety of finishes, meaning that you can suit it easily to whatever the overall design and color of your bathroom is.

The three finishes available are: brushed nickel, chrome, and oil brushed bronze.

Whichever you pick, you can bet that the elegant and stylish faucet will look even more impressive. 

The only downside with this model is that the stopper at the back of it is a little big. Considering that the faucet is sleek and small, this may take you by surprise.

That’s why you should keep it in mind, if you pick this faucet, and make sure that you have enough space around your sink to install it properly. 

Price: $$$$

Style: Transitional

Material: Metal

Finish: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Brushed Bronze

Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: WaterSense, Frustration-Free

Delta Modern Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

This has a wonderful, angular design, with lots of hard edges and rectangles to it.

It’s the opposite of the curvy faucets, yet remains just as minimalist and stylish.

Its water usage is also minimalist, with an impressively low 1.5 gallons per minute in the rate of flow department.

This means that you will save water, keeping your bills lower and helping the environment at the same time. 

On top of its great design, it’s also very easy to install. It can be attached to any type of bit, whether you’ve got one hole or three holes.

This makes things much easier for you, because you don’t have to drill more, or limit yourself to other faucets that match only the number of holes you have. There are few parts to it, too.

Additionally, it’s built to last. The inside of the faucet has a lot of corrosion resistant brass present.

This means that your faucet shouldn’t wear down from the inside and stop working, which would likely cost you money to replace and would be a lot of work. 

The downside with this make of faucet is that it has a limited range of finishes.

Stainless and chrome are going to be your only options, with no bronzes.

This is a shame, because if those finishes don’t suit your style of bathroom, then you will have trouble picking this make. On the plus side, it’s stylish and cheap!

Price: $$

Style: Modern

Material: Brass

Finish: Chrome, Stainless

Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: WaterSense

American Standard Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet

This has a very unique, stylish design, being incredibly smooth and curvy – a little like a series of water streams itself!

It has just one handle, which is specially made of metal so that it lasts much longer than if it was made out of other materials.

On top of that, it uses a ceramic disc to help the handle’s movement, allowing for a much smoother and more precise movement – giving you exactly the amount and temperature of water that you want.

Installing it is simple, with very few parts making it up. Installation should be quick and easy, and the lack of pieces means that it should be less likely to break. 

Really the only downside is the lack of finishes available, just like the previous listed faucet.

Your only choices are satin nickel or polished chrome, no bronze or anything to speak of.

This means that if your bathroom design doesn’t suit the color and texture of those, then you may not be able to justify having this faucet in it. 

Price: $

Styles: Traditional

Material: Metal

Finish: Chrome, Nickel
Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: WaterSense, Frustration-Free

Premier Sanibel Lead-Free, Single-Handle Lavatory Faucet

6 Best Bathroom Faucets

This extremely stylish and modern faucet is a great choice, with one handle and a trough-like place for the water to stream out – like a waterfall! It’s also not too expensive.

A big feature for this faucet, unlike the previous two, is its sheer range of finishes.

You can get stainless, brushed nickel, chrome, and even Parisian Bronze.

There’s something for everyone, and you will absolutely be able to get this faucet in a finish that matches the style and design of the rest of your bathroom. 

On top of this, the faucet has a ceramic disc like the previous one, which really benefits the movement of its single tap.

It should move freely and easily, without sticking or moving slower than you want.

Additionally, the faucet has a water saving feature, which helps you to cut down on the amount of water that you’re using.

This is good for a number of reasons, benefitting your water bill, and helping the environment too by reducing waste.

On the downside, the waterfall style of it won’t be for everyone. These designs mean that water comes out much more gently, so those who want a quick stream of water perhaps won’t like this faucet.

Price: $$$ 

Style: Waterfall-style

Material: Metal

Finish: Stainless, Nickel, Chrome, Bronzes

Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: WaterSense

Pfister Jaida Single Control Centerset Bathroom Faucet

6 Best Bathroom Faucets

Another stylish faucet that uses a trough-like, waterfall stream! The overall shape is curvy and smooth too, nice and minimalist for any modern bathroom.

It benefits from being easy to install, too. This is because it easily attaches to a single hole. On top of this, it can be mounted with or without a deck plate, for any type of sink fixture. 

There is a good range of finishes to choose from, which is another benefit. You can get chrome/white, polished chrome, or brushed nickel.

Sadly there are no bronze options, but hopefully the finishes that they do have should match the color and style of the surrounding bathroom.  

The downside, like the previous one, is that the waterfall style may not be for everyone.

You get a slower, more deliberate flow – which is part of the reason that you save water and can enjoy a quality 1.5 gallons per minute flow.

However, some people like their water quicker, so this faucet may not be for them. It’s also a little more expensive than others, but by no means the most expensive.

Price: $$$

Style: Basic

Material: Brass

Finish: Chrome, Chrome/White, Nickel

Water Consumption: 1.5 GPM

Certificate: EPA WaterSense

The Best Bathroom Faucet Brands

There you have it! Those are our top 6 bathroom faucets that you can get. As you may have noticed, they come from a good range of brands.

There are a lot of different manufacturers of faucets, and there are a lot of good ones that we want to promote.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top brands and what makes them so great.

American Standard

The best thing about American Standard is their quality – these faucets are built to last.

There’s nothing “Standard” about their products! They make their faucets out of top quality, great materials, which results in them breaking very, very rarely.

If you go with one of their faucets, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to replace it, saving you money and time.

Their designs may not always be as elegant as other brands on the market, but the quality and workmanship more than makes up for it. 


The opposite of American Standard, Danze pride themselves on their stylish designs.

A great deal of thought goes into designing their faucets, making them as unique and stylized as possible.

If you have a Danze faucet, washing hands becomes more than an activity – it becomes an art! Guests will marvel at the look of your faucet. 


Delta have a fine range of faucets on the market, and they all share a terrific mix of quality and style.

Their faucets are built to last, made from the best and most sensible materials. On top of that, they look good too! It really is a “best of both worlds” situation with Delta.


Kohler is a great brand for offering stylish faucet designs at an extremely affordable price.

While other brands will break the bank, you can get a faucet from Kohler that looks just as good (and works just as well).

If you’re on a budget, Kohler is a great place to look, because you won’t sacrifice any style or quality. 


Moen succeed on every basis, and are a great all-around choice for your faucet.

They work smoothly, with handles that give you just what you want.

On top of that, they last a very long time, being unlikely to break or need fixing.

Additionally, they look great! Elegant and minimalist, a Moen faucet will be a focus point in your bathroom, drawing eyes for its attractive appearance.

With loads of types and models to choose from, Moen is a great brand to look at when buying a bathroom faucet.


When it comes to Pfister, they bring quality and style to the bathroom faucet range.

Whichever of their models you choose, you’re going to get a faucet that is easy and pleasing to use.

On top of that, its design should be stylish, and its finishes will neatly match the surroundings of your bathroom – and your very own personal taste.

With all these great benefits, you’d assume that their faucets are going to be expensive.

This isn’t quite the case! Not only are they good quality and stylish, but they’re also not as expensive as others.

Fixing Faucet Problems And Replacing Parts

We’ve frequently mentioned  so far that a lot of brands of bathroom faucets are known for their great quality, and should be unlikely to break.

However, if your faucet ever does stop working, you’ll want to know what to do.

Having a working faucet is essential in a bathroom! You want to fix the issue quickly, so we’re here to help. So, just follow these steps, and you should have it fixed in no time. 

Find The Make And Model

If you picked your faucet using our above guide, hopefully you know which type you ended up buying.

If you don’t remember, though, you can easily find the information out! Look under your sink for a label that has the name of the manufacturer on, as well the model number of the faucet itself. 

Go To The Manufacturer’s Website

Now you have the make and model, go to the manufacturer’s website on your computer or phone.

Scroll through their website and try to find the section that covers your make of faucet.

Once you find it, it should give you a schematic, as well as some troubleshooting tips to help you narrow down what the cause of your problem might be. 

Work Out Your Problem

Using the schematic and the troubleshooting tips from the website, try to narrow down your issues and work out what might be the cause of them.

Faucet not working at all? Your faucet may need some new parts, in order to be working properly again.

Getting some leaks that you don’t want? This could be to do with the gaskets or the washers in your faucet, and you may need to remove and replace them.

Work Out The Parts You Need

Once you’ve worked out what the problem probably is, it’s time to get the replacement parts.

The schematic from the website should tell you names and numbers of the parts that you’ll want to either repair or replace entirely.

The manufacturer may offer these parts for sale. If not, look elsewhere online for them. Or, instead, go to a plumbing store and ask for the relevant parts, quoting their names and numbers.

Repair Time!

Now you have the replacement parts, you can repair your faucet. The manufacturer’s website might have some instructions on specific bits of repair, so make sure to look.

If not, search elsewhere on the internet for advice and steps on how to fix your exact problem.

When you’ve found the correct instructions, make sure that you follow them. Stick to them exactly!

Don’t stray from their advice, because you could end up damaging your faucet. On top of this, make sure you are very slow and careful with your repairs. You don’t want to rush and mess things up. 

If the job proves too big or too difficult, you may want to hire a professional to do it.

You may not want to spend the extra money that it costs to get somebody else to come in and do it, but it will save you money in the long term if it means not damaging the faucet because your skills aren’t quite up to it! 

Fixing A Bathroom Faucet Leak

As we’ve mentioned, one of the issues that you may be facing with your bathroom faucet is an unfortunate leak.

These are bad for a number of reasons! For one, they’re a waste of water.

Obviously it depends on the size of the leak, from a constant flow to a repetitive drip, but even the smallest and slowest dribble will add up over time. It’s not something you want to leave.

Wasting water would not only be bad for the environment, but also bad for you – your water bill would be constantly increasing without you even using the water.

Secondly, leaks can be dangerous. They could be collecting in a spot where the water could slip someone up, or where the water could gradually damage something – like slowly soaking through a ceiling below.

Finally, a simple one, it’s just annoying! Especially a constant “drip drip” leak, the noise will drive you up the wall – if that wall hasn’t already been ruined by the water!

So, it’s best to fix a bathroom faucet leak as soon as you’ve spotted it going on. Firstly, you need to identify where the problem is.

Leaks are usually in one of three places: the end of the faucet, the place where the handles join the faucet, or where the water lines connect to the faucet itself.

Look in these places and you should see where the leak is coming from. 

If it’s one of the first two locations, it can often be easily fixed by replacing the gaskets or O-rings.

If it’s the third location, though, the task is much harder. You’re probably better off getting a professional to come in and do it, so that you don’t risk making things worse.

It may cost you a little more, yes, but it’ll be worth it – especially if it stops the leak!

Damaging your faucet and its delicate plumbing would be much more expensive than getting a professional, so it’s more than worth spending a little extra cash on the problem. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re building a new bathroom, or just updating your old one, having stylish and high-quality faucets are going to be a big part of your work.

Running water is an essential part of the bathroom!

For this reason, it’s worth putting the time and money into getting the faucets that are going to be best for your bathroom.

This guide should help you find the perfect faucet – with the style that you want, the perfect finish, and the configuration.

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