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The Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens

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Enter any kitchen, and one of the main focal points of the room is often the sink area and faucet. This is no surprise, and it may be one of the most used items in your whole house.

After all, you use your kitchen faucet to wash your hands, do the dishes, and dispense water for drinking and cooking. In other words, your kitchen faucet (see also ‘Top 5 Best High-End Kitchen Faucets‘) is an important part of everyday life.






Delta Faucet Kitchen Sink Faucet 9178T-AR-DST


Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet


Moen 7594SRS Arbor One Handle High Arc Pulldown


WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet


Peerless P299305LF Choice Two Handle Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Not only is it useful, but the faucet can be stylish too. It needs to be in keeping with your kitchen’s design.

Thankfully, there are many brands and designs to choose from, so you can easily find a faucet that is to your liking.

Changing your kitchen faucets (see also ‘What Are The Best Four Hole Kitchen Faucets?‘) is not something you do very often. It’s usually because of a certain fault or a remodeling in the house.

That is why many people are a little surprised at how frustrating it can be when they start shopping for new faucets.

Head online or into certain stores, and you will be bombarded with different configurations and designs that can, well, leave you somewhat baffled.

But, worry no longer, as we have done the hard work for you. In today’s article, we will be guiding you through the five top kitchen faucet brands for you to consider.

We have explored each faucet in detail and considered the various factors that go into a top-quality faucet brand.

In fact, we have also included a buyer’s guide with everything you need to know about faucets before buying them, as well as some frequently asked questions about kitchen faucets (see also ‘Best Brass Kitchen Faucets‘).

Let’s not wait any longer. Here are our reviews for the top 5 kitchen faucet brands on the market today.

Delta Faucet Kitchen Sink Faucet 9178T-AR-DST

We start our list with the highly impressive Delta Faucet Leland 9178T-DST kitchen faucet. With excellent craftsmanship, an affordable price tag, and touch activation technology, there is very little not to like about this faucet.

Highly stylish, this faucet from Delta comes with one handle which you pull down and a touch operation to control the amount of water you need. Its modern appearance will look good in any kitchen environment. 

You can choose between four finishes – chrome, arctic steel, fine Spotshield stainless steel, and Venetian bronze. Therefore, there’s a sleek style to suit almost everyone.

The Spotshield stainless steel and Venetian bronze are particularly resistant to smudges from fingerprints, too.

The exclusive Touch20 feature allows you to switch on the flow of water with ease, while the sensors are very responsive and look great.

This technology is ideal for when you cannot grab the handle (like when you’re holding a pot when cooking).

Just a little contact and you can activate the flow. And, of course, this can decrease the level of bacteria on the faucet too. 

The impressive features of this faucet are almost never ending, such as LED lighting to indicate the water’s temperature, different spray options, a pause option and an auto-shut feature that kicks in if it’s been on for 4 minutes.

Grab a piece of the future with this ultra-sleek and modern faucet today. 


  • Touch activation – very easy to use, even when your hands are full
  • Very stylish – its sleek and pro-modern design will suit most kitchens
  • Battery or A/C powered – can save money on batteries with an adaptor if preferred 


  • Pricey – this is one of the most expensive faucets on our list today

Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet

The next best brand on the market is Kohler with their K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, this is a great option.

Super sleek looking, this pull-down kitchen faucet can be installed easily within just 20 minutes with only a few tools.

Measuring 22 inches in height, this is somewhat taller than many other pull-down faucets, but remains one of the most stylish on the market.

This additional height is because of the 60-inch hose that is connected to the sprayer, so you can easily wash dishes and awkward items.

And, when you release the hose, it quickly retracts due to a magnetic docking station built-in.

You can enjoy a stream or sweep function with the sprayer by just pushing a button. The spray function is very useful for rinsing dishes and getting rid of debris in the sink.

The only issue is you have to hold the button down for the sweeping function, which can be a little bothersome.

All in all, Kohler’s K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet is one of the best we have tried and will certainly be a welcome addition to any home.


  • Easy to install – even for the inexperienced, this can be setup in less than half an hour
  • A durable, useful 60-inch hose – excellent for rinsing dishes and hard to reach spots
  • Spray function – can easily clean away debris in your sink when needed


  • Only two finishes available – you may not find this faucet in the style you want
  • Lacking a stop or pause function – the sprayer is not as easy to control as some others

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One Handle High Arc Pulldown

The Moen brand is renowned for making top-quality kitchen products, and this 7594SRS is no exception. In the world of pull-down, hand free faucets, not many come close to matching this one.

Immediately, this faucet stands out with an elegant design. It is encompassed in a metal casing that measures 15.5 inches in height.

On the surface are motion sensors (see also ‘How To Wire Motion Sensor/ Occupancy Sensors‘) that are visible and easy to use, giving it a modern appearance. If you have a stone counter and a flush mounted sink, this will look exceptional.

As for finishes, you can choose from three – brushed bronze, chrome, or spot resist stainless steel.

For the most durable design and best resistance against mineral build-ups, we recommend going with the spot resist stainless steel version.

As already mentioned, this is a hands-free faucet, so it can remain germ-free for better hygiene. It can be remotely activated using motion sensors on the base and top.

You can simply wave over the top sensor to put the water on or off, but the water will only activate for just 2 minutes or when you eventually turn it off by waving over it.

Therefore, you can save water if you don’t remember to turn it off! As for the bottom sensor, this is a ready sensor that detects objects and turns off if nothing is nearby.

With a couple of spray modes (standard aerated stream and a rinse mode known as PowerClean), this faucet has all the bases covered.

PowerClean allows you to rinse off debris on plates with great force, but it can splash quite a bit if you’re not careful.

An all-round faucet that will meet your needs on a day-to-day basis. What’s not to like?


  • Sleek design – will look good in most kitchens
  • Includes motion sensors – can easily use without your hands to keep it germ-free
  • Battery or A/C powered – can run for a long time on batteries, or you can buy an adaptor separately to save money on batteries


  • Very expensive – more pricey than most of its competitors

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Next up, we have an excellent faucet from the brand WEWE. This single handle pull-out faucet boasts the same functions as costlier models but at a much lower price.

On first appearance, its style is just as pleasing as some of the highest-end faucets on the market.

Not only is this an affordable faucet, but it is a bestseller with countless positive reviews.

One aspect that many owners love is its height of 15.7 inches. This allows lots of space to wash and fill some of your largest pots and pans in the kitchen with ease.

Also included is a pull-out spray function, which is pretty rare to find in faucets at this price.

This function produces a powerful stream and spray, as well as a pause feature that is easily usable on the sprayer’s head. All of these result in great value for money.

The WEWE single handle pull-out faucet comes with ceramic cartridge disc valves that are long-lasting and provide a leak-free application.

While there are a few reports of leaking, WEWE is well known for its quick response time to help customers in need.

Faucets in this price range rarely come with as many features as this WEWE model. And, not many looks as elegant as this faucet, whatever the price range.


  • Has a tall height – you can easily fill and wash large pots under this faucet
  • Great value for money – this is one of the most affordable models on the market to save you some money
  • Excellent features – includes an array of features that are usually only available with pricier faucets


  • Limited warranty – the warranty lasts only 5 years, which may be a little low for faucets
  • Somewhat difficult to install – one of the trickier faucets we tried to set up, so you may need some help

Peerless P299305LF Choice Two Handle Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Last, but not least, we have this two handle wall mounted kitchen faucet from Peerless.

Traditional yet contemporary at the same time, this faucet is designed with a chrome finish, giving it a sleek, polished appearance. Moreover, it means the faucet is easy to clean.

Although single-lever faucets have easier to control features than this dual-lever model, the temperature mixture on offer is more accurate.

The spout of this faucet has a pleasing swan-like neck that can twist a full 360 degrees. This allows you to wash and fill large and tall kitchen items with absolute ease.

We love the intricate details in this P299305LF faucet. When combined with its smooth curves and graceful aesthetic appeal, this Peerless faucet reminds you of days gone by.

As for its finish, there are limited options as you can only choose the chrome model at this current time.

To run this faucet, standard supply lines are needed, but you will have to get these separately. Two connection adaptors are included, however, which allow you to take advantage of more configuration options.

These adaptors also help increase the reach of the faucet’s connection to fit a water inlet that is 7 to 9 inches wide.

Retro but sleek, this faucet from the familiar and respectable brand Peerless is one that is loved by homeowners all over the country. Maybe it’s time you joined that party.


  • Vintage appearance – this faucet is inspired by older model but comes with a contemporary feel as well
  • Not pricey – ideal if you’re on a tight budget
  • 360 degrees swivel neck – can fill deep containers and pots with ease


  • No supply lines included – you will need to buy this separately

Buyer’s Guide

Before you settle on a faucet brand that you like, there are some factors you need to consider.

Here is a list of features and aspects we took into consideration when choosing our top 5 faucet brands (see also ‘ Top 7 Faucet Brands In The USA’ ) above.

Different Types Of Faucets

You are spoiled for choice in the world of faucets! You can choose from detachable spray heads, long hoses, and pull-down models with tall necks to name a few. You don’t have to stick to the traditional fixed-neck tap anymore.

Pull-out faucets are basically the same as pull-down models, but they have shorter spouts. Therefore, if you have a smaller kitchen, pull-down faucets are usually the better option.

If you need to regularly fill buckets or large containers, pull-down and pull-up faucets allow you to do this with ease.

You should also consider the control design of kitchen faucets. The two most popular designs are single-handle and double-handle models.

But, you can also choose touchless faucets that have motion or touch control, which are increasingly more popular thanks to their ease of use.

If your pockets are deep enough, some brands have even started producing voice command faucets, but these are still in their early days of design.


Many faucets come with touchless controls these days. But, are they worth it? Well, it depends on how frequently you will need to use these sensors.

If you often find that your hands are full and manually turning the tap’s handle is a nuisance, then touchless controls may be a game changer.

They can also help improve hygiene as you don’t need to use your hands. Otherwise, you can save money on traditional type faucets.

You can opt for single or double handled faucets if sensors aren’t your bag. The single-handle models tend to be the more advanced options, as you can achieve what a double-handled faucet does with just one handle.

On the other hand, double-handle faucets provide a more precise temperature mixture. But, it often comes down to your preference and whether you like the look of double-handle designs thanks to their nostalgic appeal.


You can purchase a basic faucet kit for a very affordable price. But, as with most products, the more you spend, the better the construction tends to be.

For those over $100 or so, faucets will come with brass and stainless steel finishes rather than cheaper plastic. These extend to be more stylish and durable, too.

More expensive faucets should last longer and, on the whole, have better craftsmanship and materials.

Their designs are typically more unique, with futuristic features as well as authentic elements such as Victorian appearances.

If you’re looking for high-end features, you will usually need to spend a bit extra.

For the most expensive (over $500), there isn’t much difference apart from some functions such as voice control but, as we said, these are still in their infancy and require more work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands?

From our list above, we have included the brands Delta, Kohler, Moen, WEWE, and Peerless.

While we have found that these are currently the best on the market, other high-quality brands include Kraus and Pfister.

Each brand’s faucets are made with high-end materials that are long-lasting and hugely reliable. Which one is best for you depends on the features you require and your budget.

Can You Use Any Kitchen Faucet In A Sink?

There are typically one to four mounting holes in kitchen sinks. Therefore, you will usually need to find a faucet that matches these holes for installation.

That being said, you can install some single-handle faucets on sinks with one installation hole but, in these cases, you’ll need a deck plate to go over the unused holes.

You should also consider the space between your backsplash and sink. This is especially important if your faucet has a rotating handle for water flow and temperature adjustment.

The majority of faucets come with 0.37-inch water supply tubes, so always check your water shutoff valves sizes.

For older hoes with 0.5-inch shutoff valves, you may need to replace these with the more modern valves to fit a new kitchen faucet.

How Do You Repair A Kitchen Faucet?

Faucets can spring leaks over time, but the fix can be pretty simple. This is usually down to a damaged or worn sink cartridge.

Simply replace this part, and you may fix the issue. But, sink cartridges tend to be unique to each brand and the type of faucet.

And, remember to turn off the water supply before you begin any repairs involving plumbing.

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