Ruud water heater review

Ruud Water Heaters Review

Ruud’s company slogan was once, “There are some things in life you can always rely on. Ruud is one of them.” While that was a long time ago, Ruud water heaters are still synonymous with quality and one of the most respected brands in the industry.

State water heaters

State Water Heaters Review

This lesser-known company has been producing quality water heaters for many decades. Its product line includes a wide range of models, and some of their innovations have become industry standards. Indeed, owning a State water heater is knowing you own quality.

Bradford White water heaters review

Bradford White Water Heaters Review

One of the oldest names in the modern water heater industry, it’s hard to imagine a world without Bradford White. This corporation seems to follow the old adage of “walk softly and carry a big stick”, as they have a habit of staying out of headlines for years only to burst through with a new innovation that rocks the water heater industry.