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Top 10 Automatic Water Shut Off Valves 

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One of the biggest concerns homeowners across the world have regarding their plumbing is that one or more pipes will start leaking. 

If you catch a leak early, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of money getting the problem fixed and you may even have some water damage to deal with, but a minor leak that is noticed soon after it starts can be rectified. 

Unfortunately, if the leak goes undetected for some time, the damage and disruption can be extreme. 

Nobody wants to spend their savings repairing leaking pipes and resultant damage to their home.






Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff 


Arcwares Wifi Smart Water Valve Shut-Off


Dome Automatic Main Water Shut-Off Valve Controller


EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML The Bulldog Valve Robot


FloodStop Water Heater Auto-Shutoff Valve


Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff


Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Controller


Vaticas Smart Water Valve 


Guardian by Elexa Leak Detection and Prevention Kit


HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve 

That’s why more homeowners than ever are now investing in automatic water shut-off valves. 

An automatic water shut-off valve is a valve that can be installed in your home to monitor the water flow into your home and turn off the water in case of a leak.

This will stop you from inadvertently wasting water while also preventing serious water damage until the leaking pipe(s) can be fixed.

Some automatic shut-off valves have timers that you can set to turn your water supply on and off at specific times to save water rather than prevent leaks. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 automatic water shut-off valves to protect your home from leaks.

We’ll also be guiding you through the process of choosing the perfect shut-off valve for your home.

If you’re worried about leaking pipes, this is the article for you!

About Automatic Water Shut Off Valves 

We have already briefly explained what an automatic water shut-off valve is, but before we start recommending products, it’s important to understand exactly how these valves work and the different kinds of valves that are available. 

Automatic water shut-off valves are valves that can be installed over existing valves in your home’s plumbing.

They can be triggered to shut off the water supply if they either detect water on the floor or a change in the water flow within the pipes that may indicate a leak. 

There are 2 main automatic water shut-off products. These are: 

1. Motorized BullDog Valve Controllers 

This is a controller that you can install on top of the BullDog valve in your plumbing system.

Motorized BullDog Valve Controllers are the best choice if you plan to install the automatic water shut-off valve yourself because the installation process is easier.

2. Integrated Valve Controllers 

Integrated vale controllers can be attached to or next to the main valve that controls the water flow through your home’s plumbing.

However, if you’re going to invest in an integrated valve controller, you will need to hire a plumber to conduct the installation for you as this can be tricky. 

Now that you know the different kinds of automatic water shut-off valves you can purchase for your home, let’s take a look at the top 10 automatic water shut-off valves on the market as of 2022.

The Top 10 Automatic Water Shut Off Valves 

Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff 

Our top pick in automatic water shut-off valves is the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shut-Off Valve. 

The Flo by Moen Smart Water Shut-Off device is one of the most sensitive automatic water shut-off valves on the market.

Thanks to MicroLeak Technology, the valve is able to detect leaks as minor as 1 drop every minute, so no matter how small the leak is, this product will be able to pick it up and automatically shut off the water. 

Even if the MicroLeak Technology doesn’t detect a leak for whatever reason, you can use the Flo by Moen app to manually shut off the water supply as soon as you notice it.

You can also use this app to monitor your water usage and create goals for your water consumption, so this device will benefit your household by helping you to save money and the environment as well. 

The Flo Smart Water Shut-Off Valve is compatible with various virtual assistant technologies including Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

This makes it easier to monitor your home’s water supply virtually. 

While it is recommended that you hire a plumber to conduct a professional installation of this product, meaning that you will need to pay extra for installation, the product comes with everything necessary to install the device so you don’t need to purchase any extra tools or hardware.


  • Detects minor leaks of 1 drop each minute – Highly sensitive
  • Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT compatible – Easy monitoring
  • Flo By Moen app – Allows for water usage tracking
  • Installation hardware included – No separate purchases 


  • Professional installation required – Comes with additional costs

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Arcwares Wifi Smart Water Valve Shut-Off

The Arcwares Wifi Smart Water Valve Shut-Off device is not a leak-detection device but rather an automatic shut-off valve that works according to a timer.

While the main reason why people purchase automatic shut-off valves is to catch leaks, we also want to recommend an automatic shut-off valve that is designed purely to save water. 

The timer function built into this smart water shut-off valve means that you can schedule when your water comes on and off, saving water in times when you’re out of the house and don’t need it, for example. 

This valve shut-off device is compatible with virtual assistant devices such as Alexa as well as two applications: Smart Life and Tuya.

This means that you can use one of these apps to monitor and control your water usage remotely.

Because it’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other devices, you can issue commands using your voice. 

The product comes with the bracket required for installation, minimizing the number of tools and pieces of hardware you need to buy. 

Unfortunately, this device is only compatible with ball valves, so you will need to make sure that your plumbing uses the correct kind of valve to ensure compatibility.


  • Virtual assistant-compatible – Voice controllable
  • Timer function – Schedule water supply 
  • Smart Life and Tuya apps – Remote controlled
  • Installation bracket included – Easy to install


  • Only compatible with ball valves – Not widely compatible

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Dome Automatic Main Water Shut-Off Valve Controller

Dome’s Automatic Main Water Shut-Off Valve Controller will save the day if you ever experience a leak in your home. 

One of the best things about this automatic main water shut-off valve controller is the fact that thanks to its app connectivity, you can monitor your water supply from a distance.

You can even configure the device to work in accordance with your GPS, turning the water supply on and off depending on your proximity to your home. 

In order to use the valve controller for its intended purpose, however, you will need to configure it by pairing the shut-off device with some compatible leak sensors and then adjusting the hub settings to automatically shut off the water supply when a leak is detected.

Despite the potential difficulty involved in configuring your water shut-off valve controller to detect leaks, it is very easy to install with just a simple screwdriver.

This means that you don’t have to spend any extra money hiring a plumber.


  • Allows GPS configuration – Turns water on or off depending on where you are
  • App connectivity – Easy remote monitoring 
  • Single-tool installation – DIY-friendly 


  • Requires configuration – Takes time to set up leak detection

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EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML The Bulldog Valve Robot

EcoNet Controls’ Bulldog Valve Robot is undoubtedly one of the best and most talked-about automatic water shut-off valve controllers out there. 

You can install this product over a levered ball valve in your home.

Even the most awkward or difficult valves can be paired with The Bulldog Valve Robot because of its Intelligent Stroke Control functionality. 

This device comes with an AC adapter and mounting kit included, so it’s ready and easy to install without any professional assistance. 

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app to pair with this product for remote monitoring, so it can be challenging to achieve a good level of app connectivity with this shut-off valve.

It is, however, compatible with most home assistant hubs. 


  • Compatible with virtual assistant hubs – Easy to control
  • Intelligent Stroke Control – Suitable for difficult valves 
  • Mounting kit and AC adapter included – Ready to install


  • No dedicated app – Not the best for connectivity 

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FloodStop Water Heater Auto-Shutoff Valve

This Auto-Shutoff Valve from FloodStop is a great choice if you’re specifically worried about leaks from your water heater. 

In addition to automatically shutting off your water supply when a leak is detected in your plumbing, this shut-off valve will sound an alarm whenever it detects a leak so that you can be proactive about the problem as soon as possible. 

You can power up the control unit using either AA batteries or an AC power adapter depending on what is convenient for you, so no matter the design of your water heater, this unit should be compatible. 

The installation for this product can be completed in 3 steps without any professional plumbing expertise, so it’s easy to install by yourself. 

However, there is no app or any other method of remote monitoring or connectivity, so if you want to see the status of your water supply, you will need to check manually. 


  • Built-in alarm – Alerts you to leaks 
  • Usable with or without batteries – Versatile 
  • 3-step installation – No need for a plumber 


  • No remote connectivity – Requires in-person monitoring

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Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant, in our opinion, is one of the most sophisticated automatic water shut-off valves on the market at this time. 

The water sensor and alarm built into this shut-off valve will detect leaks quickly and make you aware of them.

You can then use the Phynn app to shut off the water supply, preventing water damage. 

Alternatively, you can control the Phyn Plus using Amazon Alexa, with which this unit is compatible. 

However, because the unit needs to be connected to the main water line, you’ll need to hire a plumber.

On top of a high price point, to begin with, this makes the Phyn Plus an inaccessible choice for many households. 


  • Alarmed water sensor – Detects and reports leaks 
  • Phyn app – Real-time alerts 
  • Alexa-compatible – Voice-activated 


  • Professional installation needed – Not easy to install
  • High price point – Not budget-friendly 

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Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Controller

The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller can be installed on potable cold water lines in your residential home plumbing system. 

This is a sensitive and reliable device that can detect many changes in your home’s water supply, even if those changes are minor.

For example, the device can detect micro-leaks as well as frost and even changes as simple as differences in water flow. 

The water can be shut off automatically, remotely, or manually, according to your preference, so no matter where you are, this shut-off valve is convenient for use. 

Additionally, a ¾-inch mounting bracket comes included in the package for an easy installation process without the need for separate purchases. 


  • Detects micro-leaks and frost – Sensitive 
  • Automatic, remote, or manual shut-off – Convenient 
  • ¾-inch mounting bracket – Easy installation


  • Only installable on cold water lines – Not the most versatile

Also Available At:

Vaticas Smart Water Valve 

We also recommend the Vaticas Smart Water Valve as a more affordable alternative to some of the higher-end products on this list. 

This is, overall, a highly functional water shut-off valve. It can be paired with water detection sensors in order to automatically shut itself off in the event of a leak.

However, some customers have reported that the motor of this valve might be too weak to effectively shut off the supply in certain cases.

Alternatively, because this valve is compatible with various hub apps such as Smart Life and Tuya Smart in addition to Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to activate the functions of the Vaticas Smart Water Valve. 

You don’t have to pay extra for installation with this product because the process is easy enough to be completed yourself without a plumber.


  • Works with water detection sensors – Can shut off water during leaks
  • Compatible with hub apps – Voice control and remote monitoring enabled
  • DIY installation possible – No additional installation costs 


  • Weak motor – May struggle to shut valves completely 

Guardian by Elexa Leak Detection and Prevention Kit

Elexa’s Guardian Leak Detection and Prevention Kit will protect your home from water damage even in an emergency. 

The kit comes with 3 sensors to detect leaks. When a leak is detected, the valve automatically shuts off the water supply. 

In addition to leaks, the unit can detect lowering temperatures and earthquakes, sending a notification to your phone through the app if the temperature gets too low or in the event of an earthquake.

Unfortunately, customers have reported that the app sometimes freezes which can make remote monitoring difficult. 

If the power goes out in your home, the leak prevention valve can continue to function using the battery back-up function for a period of 12 hours.


  • 3 leak sensors included – Easy to set up for automatic shut-off
  • 12 hours of battery back-up – Works in absence of power supply
  • Also senses earthquakes and low temperatures – Frost and earthquake protection


  • App sometimes malfunctions – Disrupts monitoring 

Also Available At:

HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve 

Our final recommendation for today is the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve. 

This unit is compatible with various leak sensors, so you can configure it to detect leaks and shut down when there are changes to the water flow in your plumbing.

However, it doesn’t come with sensors, so you’ll need to purchase these and configure the unit either yourself or with the help of a professional. 

You can use this water valve indoors or outdoors for things like irrigation systems because it is rated as safe for use outdoors, unlike many automatic water shut-off valves. 

This valve is compatible with home assistant systems like Alexa, so you can also control the unit using voice commands for additional ease of use. 


  • Compatible with leak sensors – Detects leaks and shuts down 
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor use –  Versatile
  • Works with home assistant systems – Voice controlled 


  • Doesn’t come with water sensors – Separate purchase required 

Also Available At:

How to Pick an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve 

Before you decide which automatic water shut-off valve you should install in your home, you will need to determine what kind of shut-off valve will work best in the context of your living situation.

There are also other factors to consider when making this decision. 

Here is how we recommend approaching the choice of which automatic water shut-off valve to purchase: 

Leak Prevention Functions 

Unless you’re buying an automatic water shut-off valve for the sole purpose of being able to turn your water supply on and off remotely and monitor your water usage, you will want to consider what kind of leak protection and alerts a shut-off valve provides. 

For example, some of these valves come with sensors and alarms built-in so that leaks can be detected and you can be alerted to the problem.

Some respond to detected leaks by shutting off completely, while others rely on you to look at a notification on your phone and shut off the power yourself, either remotely or at the source. 

There may also be additional detection functions such as frost and earthquake detection. 

The extent of the leak protection you want in a water shut-off valve will depend on how worried you are about water damage and how much you are willing to spend. 

Power Options 

If you want your automatic water shut-off valve to keep working even in the event of a power outage, you will need to choose a unit with battery back-up.

This won’t last indefinitely but will mean that you can keep your home protected from water damage even if your power sources fail. 

Ease and Cost of Installation 

You will also have to decide whether you want to be able to install your water shut-off valve yourself or if you want to hire a plumber.

Any valve that needs to be connected to a main water line needs to be installed by a plumber and you will have to pay installation costs. 

Try to choose a product that comes with as many installation tools and pieces of hardware as possible, including mounting brackets.

This saves you from having to make additional purchases.

App and Hub Connectivity 

If your automatic water shut-off valve connects to either an app or a home assistant hub like Google Assistant or Alexa, you’ll be able to monitor your water use, water supply status remotely, which can be very helpful if you’re often away from home.

Using virtual assistant hubs, you can control your shut-off valve using voice commands, which is even easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy an Automatic Shut Off Valve? 

We recommend buying an automatic shut-off valve because there are many benefits to doing so.

Having this kind of valve will save you money on water damage repairs, help you to lower your water bills, and give you the opportunity to deal with any problems as soon as possible due to receiving alerts. 

How Are Automatic Water Shut Off Valves Installed?

Water shut-off valves are often installed on the main water line or on a bulldog valve.

If the installation involves the main water line, it should be conducted by a professional plumber. 

Why Is My Plumbing Leaking? 

Many things can cause water pipes to leak. If your pipes are leaking, it might be because the lines are clogged or rusted or because the water pressure is too high.

The connectors may have come loose, seals may be broken, or it could even be due to temperature fluctuations. 

Final Thoughts 

Please don’t wait until a leak causes water damage in your home to think about preventative measures!

Instead, save yourself stress and expenses in the future by investing in an automatic water shut-off valve today! 

Remember, if you choose a valve that must be installed on the main water line, don’t attempt the installation yourself.

Err on the side of caution and pay for a professional installation to keep your home reliably damage-free in the long term.

Thank you for reading!

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