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Who Are We?

Water Heater Hub is created and maintained by a group of professional plumbers who have spent decades dealing with water heaters and other water heating equipment. Our expertise in dealing with residential and commercial water heating solutions allows us to recommend the best water heaters and accessories to our readers. In the beginning, the idea was to create a space where we can share important information about water heaters. However, over time, we have expanded our horizons to answer people’s questions about water heaters and accessories.

Our Mission

We understand that homeowners go through multiple issues while dealing with water heaters. Most of the time, they are unsure which problems require a plumber’s expertise and which do not. Through the updates we share via the Water Heater Hub, we would like to educate our readers about these things. More importantly, we will provide information on how water heaters work and how they may come across problems. At the same time, we understand that some issues with water heaters can be fixed on your own. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that we provide best-in-class tutorials to assist you with the process. We have also noticed that many people waste their money on inefficient or low-quality water heater products and accessories. We want to stop this trend by recommending only the best water heater products from the market. It would ensure that the device you get in the end is worth the money you invest.

How Do We Review?

As plumbers, we find it amazing to test new products and understand how they perform. It helps us in two ways. First, it will allow us to recommend the best products to our readers and customers. Second, if we promote the best product, it would pressure the market to increase healthy competition. We believe it is a vast chain whose end customers can get unique products that add value and stay for an extended period. To ensure that things go according to this plan, we follow a standard review process at Water Heater Hub.

Our review process starts with thorough research into the background of the company. Before we can recommend an individual product, we would like to know that the after-sales service from the manufacturer is up to the mark. We also look for advanced services like warranty and on-site service. Once this is done, we move onto the hands-on testing of the water heater. We can ensure that only the best products come through the funnel by taking input from our testing and other customer reviews. Experienced plumbers in our team also analyze the specifications of the water heater to understand the performance better.

Our review process does not end with publishing the article, though. We pay attention to all the comments we receive on our posts to make the necessary pages. Sometimes, we seek the help of industry veterans so that Water Heater Hub can provide the best outlook on water heater products.

Our team


Anthony Barnes

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Anthony Barnes is the founder of Water Heater Hub and a second-generation plumber by profession. Before developing Water Heater Hub, Anthony Barnes was a full-time plumber, and he has undertaken a wide variety of projects over the decades. As a second-generation plumber, it was easy for Anthony to get used to the technicalities of all from a tender age. So, by the time he reached his teenage years, he was pretty much into everything, especially modern-day water heaters and heating solutions. Anthony has worked with residential and commercial water heating projects during his career, and he also has a comprehensive understanding of how the water heating industry works today. Thanks to the experience of dealing with hundreds of water heaters from many makers and categories, it is easy for Anthony to understand what is best and what is not for a home or commercial space. This expertise was one reason why Anthony spearheaded the creation of the Water Heater Hub, also adding some other experts to the team. He wants the Water Heater Hub to become a place where everyday users can clear their doubts about water heaters, understand the different aspects of using the devices, and pick the best water heater for their home or office space.


Arnold Moore

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Arnold Moore is also a plumber by profession, but he works as the lead editor of Water Heater Hub. As the editor in chief, Arnold’s responsibility is to ensure that we publish only the best content on this website. Like our founder, Arnold has also spent so much time with water heaters and other commercial heating solutions. It is also worth noting that his enthusiasm for modern technology provides him a better understanding of the new technologies in water heaters. Arnold is our guy when we come across a complex piece of tech or a Wi-Fi-based water heater system for home or commercial spaces. He finds his passion in exploring these various products and recommending only the best to the customers. In addition to the plumbing skills, Arnold has spent some time learning language and literature over time. So, his enhanced communication skills are valuable when creating easy-to-understand water heater guides and other kinds of recommendations. As the head of the editing team, Arnold Moore is also interested in bringing more talent to our pool.


Barney Stewart

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Barney Stewart is the content writer and chief product reviewer at Water Heater Hub. Even though he is trained in communication and data analytics, Barney’s family has been involved in plumbing for a long time, and it is no surprise that Barney is a natural when it comes to these devices. As the content writer and lead product reviewer, Barney Stewart takes up quite a lot of opportunities. For instance, he does the extra research to ensure that every product we recommend through Water Heater Hub belongs to the high-quality category. It is also great to know that Barney loves going through numbers. Therefore, he would understand the different aspects of each water heater machine during comparisons and otherwise. Long story short, Barney is our best bet when we want to find the best products from the market and recommend the same to our readers, combined with some hands-on review.

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