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Plumbing is something that we all live with in our homes, but how many of us can actually fix common problems that we come across? 

Hi, my name is Rick Aston. A few years ago, I moved into my new house that came equipped with two bathrooms, a swimming pool, and even a little pond out front. Aesthetically, it was amazing and we couldn’t wait to get the keys. 

However, just a few weeks later we started running into the adverse issues that come with all of these water features. The local plumber was my new best friend. As much as I enjoyed his company, I found myself giving him the majority of my paycheck. 

One night I sat down and added up everything I paid a professional for plumbing, and immediately wished that I hadn’t. It was north of $1,000 – for just one month. 

After that terrible revelation, I spent the rest of the night researching plumbing techniques to DIY any further needs I had. It took some adjustments and a lot of time, but the money I saved was well worth it!

Now that I had become my own plumber, I thought why stop there? Any issues with my heaters, pumps, and other equipment were researched and fixed by myself in my free time. 

After my friends and family became so interested in my tips and tricks to save money around the house, I decided to create this website. 

But I couldn’t do it alone. I set out finding some of the best plumbers in the US to help give their professional opinion on products and difficult problems that need solving. We’ve all come together to provide the best advice for anyone who needs it within the world of plumbing.  

I hope that you can learn from our dream team of plumbers to avoid the costly professional fees, especially in the current climate. Good luck!

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