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Kraus Faucet Reviews

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The kitchen can be seen as the heart of the house. It’s where family and friends spend time socializing, cooking, and eating, and you may want this easy-going atmosphere to be reflected in your kitchen appliances.






Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1640 Chrome Nola Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1603SFS Artec Pro Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1612 Single Level Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet 

Faucets are important. Let’s face it, every single person in your household uses a faucet at least once a day, if not, more.

Whether this is for cooking, cleaning, or drinking, a faucet is an essential part of a kitchen (see also ‘3 Hole Kitchen Sink Faucets‘). Therefore, choosing the best one for you is key. 

Are you looking for a new faucet but not sure which brands to trust? Buying a new faucet brand (see also ‘The Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens’) can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially if you like to stick to what you know best.

With a whole range of faucets to choose from, you may be wondering what is best for you. 

Luckily for you, we have compiled Kraus faucet reviews just for you.

When conducting research into Kraus and reading numerous reviews we realized that these faucets can perform better than some better-known brands, and for a fraction of the price.

Therefore, with this in mind, why not take a look at what we found below.

Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet

Kraus is an American-based company that features advanced German engineering with assembling facilities in Asia.

They are an international and innovative company that is setting the standard for faucets across the globe.

Featuring a spot-free stainless steel kitchen faucet, they are offering a combination of premium technology and beautifully polished design with the Oletto Kitchen Faucet. 

With a simple flick of a button, you can switch the hose between a regular spray and a shower spray to suit all your faucet needs. Featuring a water flow rate of 1.75.

When installing, the maximum countertop thickness for the faucet is 1.5 inches. With standard supply lines that are 15 inches in length. 

The kit comes with a base plate, for the faucet, of 10×2.5 inches. This is a standard size for a 3-hole sink; however, the faucet can be installed without if you do not wish to use it.

Either way, make sure to use the silicone stopper at the base of the faucet to help prevent water from entering and to ensure a stable installation. 


  • Spot-Free Surface – Easy to clean and doesn’t leave any fingerprints.
  • Pull Down Sprayer – Features two functions: regular spray and shower spray.
  • Flexible Hose – Fit with a swivel adaptor to get even the most hard-to-reach spots in your sink.


  • Confusing Markings – Due to the faucet’s unique design, some confusion may arise from the hot and cold water markings. Typically, water temperature markings are displayed right and left; however, this faucet displays them forward and backward. This is a simple matter and would just require some time to get used to. 

Also available at:

Kraus KPF-1640 Chrome Nola Kitchen Faucet

Yet again, Kraus is highlighting and bringing our attention to this stylish kitchen faucet which features many functionalities and is of top quality. 

You can fully remove the coil hose from the arm to fully extend the hose, this allows you to reach around the sink and towards the bottoms.

A horizontal bar provides easy guidance of the nozzle; however, can be moved away if washing larger objects. 

The recommended size for a counter’s holes is 1 ⅜ inch, which would suit standard kitchen sink center holes.

This faucet can rotate 360 degrees, allowing full mobility whatever the situation, and features a rust-resistant coating.

With different installation options, this faucet can fit a sink with 1-, 2-, and 3-holes. 

Additionally, this Nola faucet (see also ’13 Types Of Outdoor Faucet And Their Uses‘) is suitable for outdoor use and can suit sinks as big as 36-inches. With enough flexibility to reach even the furthest corners. 


  • Easy To Clean Finish – This faucet is easy to clean and features an anti-rust coating.
  • Different Installation Options – This allows you to fit the faucet to a range of sink sizes.
  • Pull-Down Spray – Great for cleaning large kitchenware or filling up pots with water.


  • Frustrating Hook Arm – To unhook the faucet from the base arm requires a slight push upwards. This may cause some frustration for some people; however, it just needs getting used to. 

Kraus KPF-1603SFS Artec Pro Kitchen Faucet

Multifunctioning, top quality, and flexibility are some of the key highlights of Kraus’s Artec Pro kitchen faucet.

Not only does it contain these amazing features, but it is also easy to install making it an excellent choice. 

A handy 360-degree swivel spout allows you to easily wash and fill up your oversized cookware without any trouble.

Just switch your faucet to the pot filling option or a pre-rinse spray to complete all your kitchen tasks. 

The spray head features a magnetic docking system, so you don’t have to worry about your spray head dropping over time and the trouble of putting it back in place.

You can pull the spout out to 1.5-2 feet and simply snap it back into place with ease. 

Mounting hardware includes a flow restrictor of 1.8 GPM and 2.2 GPM.

When using the spray function you can press a button that keeps the water flowing,  allowing a hands-free experience.


  • High Arc Spout – Features a 360-degree swivel spout to ensure easy washing and functionality.
  • Pull-Down Faucet – You can pull the spout out to 1.5-2 feet, this allows you to achieve all your faucet needs without trouble and then snap it back into place.
  • Spray Head – Featuring two different spray options, you can easily switch between a pot fill option and a pre-rinse spray.


  • Precise Measurements – Before purchase, it is recommended and important to take the correct measurements for your faucet. If too low or too high this could create a nuisance.

Also available at:

Kraus KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

The next Kraus faucet on the list is the KPF-16070SFS Esina Pull-Down kitchen faucet.

This unit allows for various installation methods, depending on the system of your kitchen.

Likewise, it also has excellent water pressure and features a sleek design. 

Featuring a 360-degree swivel neck, this faucet is perfect for fulfilling all your kitchen needs.

All necessary hardware for the unit is included and can be compatible with both countertops or sink mountings.

An additional plate allows you to cover existing holes in your sink. 

For easy access and mobility, you can simply switch to a spray mode, using a button to lock it in place, this provides a powerful, hands-free spray alternative.

Likewise, you can also change to a splash-free aerated stream. 

This faucet maintains good water pressure while simultaneously working on a gravity-fed low-pressure system if the water structure provides 60psi.

The nozzle is a lightweight metal material, ensuring it won’t fall from its dock. This faucet features all copper accents.



  • Vulnerable To Leaks – If not installed properly, faucet fittings can become loose and prone to leakages.

Also available at:

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Level Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Featuring the functionality and look of an industrial faucet, this KPF-1612 will add a professional touch to any kitchen. 

This faucet is small and mighty. Although it looks smaller than the faucets you may see in restaurants, it works just as well.

With a flexible, 180-degree swivel, and adjustable hose, you can stretch the faucet to reach practically anything. 

A 3-function sprayer feature includes spray, stream, and a pause setting that is controlled by a touch of a button, this allows you to clean dishes like a professional.

In terms of the faucet, it is easy to clean, with a rubber aerator which prevents the build-up of hard water.

It’s easy to install and can be placed for left or right-handed operation. 


  • Industrial Design – Creates a professional-looking flair for a kitchen.
  • 180-Degree Swivel – This provides flexibility and functionality to perform all your kitchen tasks.
  • Spray Head – Features 3 different types of spray options you can use a spray, stream, and pause setting.


  • Heavy-duty – This is an extremely heavy-duty faucet, which may not suit some people’s tastes.

Benefits Of Buying A Kraus Faucet 

All Kraus kitchen faucets feature a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected problems.

Although they have some older negative reviews on their products, their response to their customers has been fantastic.

They have listened to their feedback and produced new faucet improvements and technology that positively reflects their brand. 

Most Kraus faucets are budget-friendly. If you’re looking for a new, reliable faucet to remodel your kitchen but want to stay within budget, consider buying Kraus.

Their products are trustworthy, durable, and modern – making an excellent addition to anyone’s home. 

Kraus commits itself to excellence through utilizing the latest technological advances in plumbing fixtures and state-of-the-art equipment.

You can get peace of mind knowing that your faucet will never leak with Kraus faucets.

Kraus Faucet Reviews

All faucets are patented with Neopearl aerators and ceramic cartridges to prevent dripping faucets.

This is not only great for the environment but will also prevent any unexpected water costs due to a leaky tap.

Using the finest materials available and greater packing, Kraus expertly safeguards and protects their valuable craftsmanship.

During the research of Kraus faucets, secure and reliable packaging was a point highlighted again and again. 

Throughout their whole manufacturing process, from start to finish, Kraus faucets go through a six-stage polishing and inspection process.

Once assembled, every single faucet is tested with both water and air for dependable flow.

Kraus assures you of its quality with its attention to detail, every feature is thought out and designed with the customer in mind.

When purchasing a Kraus faucet, it should arrive well-made and in top condition as a result of its secure packaging.

If not, the company advises you to reach out and explain your issue as they would be more than happy to help.

One thing to note, however, is that you must keep your receipt safe if you are wanting to receive any parts or services that are covered by the warranty.

Therefore, it is suggested that you keep this receipt in a safe place just in case you need it, as it does cover lifetime warranty claims, after all. 

Overall, Kraus is a reliable brand. When conducting our faucet research, we found that some customers avoided and shied away from this brand as it is more inexpensive and lesser-known than some other brands.

However, customers found that this was not synonymous or reflected in the Kraus brand when the same customers, ultimately, purchased faucets.

They were all pleasantly surprised with its quality, features, and performance.

You are getting the same, if not better, quality with Kraus than with other brands, and a bonus is that you are saving money while doing so!

Final Thoughts

Kraus has a wide range of faucets to choose from. With top-notch quality, functionality, and reliability, Karus faucets provide you with everything you need to make the most out of your faucet.

Hopefully, this guide has helped inform you of Karus faucet reviews – so you can choose the best faucet for you.

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