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Best Smart Shower Heads

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With technology being such a big part of our lives in the 21st Century, it can be easy to miss some of the technological improvements that have been made since there are so many happening. 

One of the most unexpected everyday items to get an upgrade is shower heads.

With showering being something people tend to do daily, it will end up taking up a large portion of our daily lives.






KOHLER Moxie Alexa Enabled Showerhead, Bluetooth Shower Speaker


GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect Smart Shower Head


Atomi Removable Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead


Methven Rua Shower Head With Hose And Adjustable Arm Mount


JiaYouJia Wall-Mounted 23" Shower System Music LED Shower Head And Handheld Shower Combo Shower Set

That is why we think upgrading your shower (see also (see also ‘Pebble Shower Floor Pros and Cons You Should Know Before Buying It‘) head to a smart shower head can improve your quality of life massively!

The beauty of smart shower heads is that no two are the same. Almost every smart shower head wants to implement new features to make your wash as efficient or fun as possible.

This could include voice-control, picking up phone calls, playing music, changing LEDs and so much more, the possibilities are endless and this product is always innovating to improve and add new features.

When you buy a traditional shower head the most customizability you can expect to get is maybe being able to change the water jets to more suit your comfort level but that is usually the end of it.

Also, older shower heads have a high likelihood of rust and show limescale which will inevitably lead to poorer performance.

While not all smart shower heads have found a way to tackle this problem, a lot of them have.

So if your current shower head is showing signs that it is near the end of its life, or you are installing a whole new shower and you want it to be as functional as possible, getting a smart shower head is a way to go.

So read on to see a massive variety of smart shower heads with a variety of features so you can work out what would work best for you!

KOHLER Moxie Alexa Enabled Showerhead, Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This smart shower head by Kohler is seen as the top of the line having some of the best working smart shower head features while still working amazingly as a shower head. 

This shower speaker features a magnetic high quality Harman Kardon speaker which is a lot higher quality than a lot of other shower speakers meaning that you will not have to sacrifice audio quality for waterproofing as you do for many other speakers. 

The magnetic feature also makes it super easy to install unlike a lot of other shower heads which can end up requiring a lot of time and effort.

By being magnetic you can remove or add the high-quality speaker into the shower head whenever you want to which also makes recharging this speaker significantly easier than it is for other products where you will sometimes need to detach the whole shower head. 

But you will not need to take it out of the shower too often as Kohler’s batteries guarantee at least 6 hours of play time when fully charged meaning your shower will not get interrupted prematurely.

You can also switch the speaker from shower mode to regular mode, so it can be used easily when not in the shower and still, have the best audio quality possible.

The shower head also has a full coverage spray which is a good default option but is not what everyone wants. 

The shower head connects to your phone through Bluetooth which is the standard for this level of technology, but what makes this shower head really stand out is its Alexa functionality.

This means you can get the smart assistant to do whatever you need it to even while you are showering with hands-free control.

If you prefer the tactile feedback of buttons though, this device also has buttons to get access to some controls if you do not want to be using voice control throughout your entire shower.

The microphone attached to the device is also perfectly suited for use in showers with technology included to block out the sound of unnecessary background noise like the often overpowering sound of the running water.

Finally, this device also comes with a compatible Kohler Konnect app which can be used to get even more functionality out of your device.

If you want a smart shower head with a massive variety of features, all of which perform well in spite of being attached to a shower head, you can not go wrong with the Kohler Moxie smart shower head.


  • Great 6-hour runtime on the speaker
  • Detachable speaker for easy charging
  • Alexa compatible
  • Powerful microphone making voice controls and phone calls easy
  • High level of customization


  • Shower spray is not very customizable and may not be to every user’s taste
  • No LED features which is standard on a lot of other smart shower heads

GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect Smart Shower Head

This smart shower head, while not having the overwhelming array of features some of the other featured products do, it does feature a couple of functions that work amazingly to provide one of the most calming shower experiences possible.

As the name suggests the Grohe Rainshower is designed to imitate rain falling having a natural feeling of water pressure and a soothing feeling for the user.

The shower head has a sleek minimalist design that is available in a few different aesthetic options to help it fit into your bathroom.

The most noticeable difference is you can get the shower head in a cubic design or in a round design, but on top of this, you can also get the shower to be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted depending on the layout of your shower and your preferences.

What makes this shower head smart is the inclusion of a complete water-tight and waterproof battery-operated remote which you can use to switch between the three spray options the Grohe Rainshower provides.

This remote will last for around 4 years with the estimate based on a family of four using the shower for this period of time. 

The three spray functions provided are listed by Grohe as; ActiveRain, PureRain, or a combination of the two.

The ActiveRain setting is designed to help the user relieve tension and stress with a slightly higher water pressure, while the PureRain function is made to have a smoother and refreshing shower with a more natural feeling at lower pressure.

And if neither of these is perfect for you, the middle setting will probably fit you well. 

While this shower head does not provide the amazing variety of features that some other smart shower heads do, it does provide a few features to a very high standard that make an unforgettably relaxing shower experience.


  • An amazing rain shower experience
  • Easy to change power levels with long-lasting remote
  • Minimalist design choices fit any shower
  • Designed for a calming experience


  • Not as many stand-out functions as some of the other designs
  • A bit more of a luxury choice than some of the other options on the market.

Atomi Removable Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

The Atomi Shower Head has a lot of similar features to the Kohler Moxie, and while it does not always achieve all of them as well as this product, it does achieve them at a much lower price point.

Two key features of the Kohler smart shower head that it matches is first, being a magnetic detachable speaker to make it easy to charge, and secondly the amazing 6-hour run time of the speaker between full charges.

If being able to play music during your shower with great quality is what you are looking for, but you do not have the budget for the Kohler Moxie, the Atomi is a great cheaper alternative.

The shower head speaker provided by Atomi has a 3 way speaker which means that the sound is coming from the tweeter, woofer and mid-range drivers to have a much higher sound quality than a lot of cheaper shower speakers.

Similarly to the Kohler Moxie, this shower head also has a powerful microphone to make picking up calls in the shower as easy as possible. 

The 84 angled nozzles on the shower head provide great body coverage, and the smart shower head itself is really easy to install yourself not requiring any professional help as long as you have a good screwdriver.

If you want the similar features to the Kohler Moxie and are willing to sacrifice a few features and a little quality for a cheaper product, the Atomi smart shower head is an amazing choice.


  • Great price point for all the features that are included
  • Amazing speaker battery life
  • Still possible to pick up calls
  • Angled nozzles give great body coverage


  • Does not have the voice command features similar smart speakers include
  • Cannot change the flow of the water.

Methven Rua Shower Head With Hose And Adjustable Arm Mount

The Methven Rua smart shower head has a great full-body spray and has great water coverage.

This shower head is designed to consumer 28% less water than most standard shower heads so if you are looking to avoid using too much water this is a great choice.

The uniquely shaped shower head gives this product a distinct design that is still minimalist to fit into any bathroom aesthetic. 

The device is easy to install but some we have experienced some rare inconsistencies with the power of the shower spray, but this is not a big enough problem to not recommend this product.

While this product features far less smart features, the eco-friendly design makes it a great choice.


  • Great eco-friendly water consumption
  • Unique design
  • Good water coverage


  • Not as many smart features as others
  • Slightly inconsistent spray

JiaYouJia Wall-Mounted 23″ Shower System Music LED Shower Head And Handheld Shower Combo Shower Set

If you want a feature packed luxury shower system, you can look no further than the JiaYouJia wall mounted shower system.

This system uses a massive variety of LEDs to give a unique shower experience and aesthetic and the built-in Bluetooth speaker has amazing audio quality.

This product is not just a shower head but a whole shower system using body jets to leave no part of your body dry and uncomfortable.

While this shower system will require a hefty investment and professional help to set up, the experience you get from using it will be unbeatable.


  • Unmatched water flow quality
  • Great speaker
  • Amazing use of LEDs 
  • Very customizable


  • Very expensive
  • Needs professional help to set up

Buyer’s Guide

With smart shower heads, there are a surprising number of factors that are not generally a variable when it comes to purchasing a standard shower head.

So we are going to go over some of them here, so you can make sure to fully assess what is important to you when buying this product.

Spray Power

Of course one of the most important factors for any shower head is the style of spray as well as the power.

The power of the water flow is partially dependent on the water source your house is supplying but also relies on the shower head it is going through. 

The shower head itself has multiple nozzles that affect the direction the water flows in as well as the diffusion of the water.

This impacts the style of shower you want, whether you want a more concentrated flow of water or a more diffused gentle flow.

You can also purchase very unique (and often more expensive) rain shower style shower heads which attempt to replicate the feel of rain (success depends upon quality of product) which is a much more distinct experience that a lot of people prefer.

Keep in mind when purchasing your shower head what type of shower you want and if you can customize the flow of the water.

While most non-smart shower heads give easy flow adjustment by twisting the head, this is not the case for all smart showers.

LED Functionality

While seeming like a minor function, having LEDs as part of your shower head can drastically alter your experience.

A lot of people enjoy them for aesthetic reasons as they can make the shower a more atmospheric experience.

The lights can also be great for if your shower room has limited lighting, and you just want another light source to make visibility better.

Shower LEDs can also be a great way to convince your kids to want to shower even if it is just for the novelty.

Best Smart Shower Heads

However, there are just as many reasons people are against shower LEDs, some people find the extra light to be a headache, and some showers do not give choice over the choice of colors or how the colors change.

Also, there is the hassle of keeping the lights charged, this process is a lot more frustrating than it should be sometimes.

Sometimes the process of having to charge your shower head is not worth the effort for having LEDs in your shower head.

Speaker Functionality

One of the most common features of smart shower heads is having a compatible speaker to play music, listen to podcasts or for ambient noises.

These speakers often come with microphones which are usually used to pick up and take calls, but can sometimes be compatible with smart assistants to answer simple questions or similar tasks.

These features can be a great selling point for a smart shower head, but their effectiveness can drastically vary. 

For example some shower speakers are not properly programmed to properly adjust for the extra factors of a shower and can sound quite tinny.

Also, some shower microphones do not have the technology to be able to block out the sounds of the running water, and a shower microphone that does not work with running water is borderline useless.

There is also the case of how easy it is to charge the speaker.

Most good quality smart shower speakers will have a magnetic device to attach it to the head and when they need charging they can easily be detached for simple use.

But this is not the case for all of them and this process can be a lot more difficult.

While this is sometimes more expensive it is best to try and get a detachable shower speaker to avoid these problems.

Water Efficiency

Finally, there are some shower heads which can help the environmental impact of your showers by improving water efficiency and making sure you use all of your water supply without need for excess.

These features are quite rare but if you are environmentally conscious they can be a great bonus feature for a shower head.

These are the major factors that can impact a smart shower head, there are other minor features that get more specific like how waterproof electronic features are, or battery life or electronic features, but these are usually easy to check in the product description or reviews.

Final Thoughts

So these are all the smart shower heads we recommend and all the features you should keep in mind when purchasing, which one is best for you?

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