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Best Dual Shower Head for Couples

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If you are currently in the market for a new showerhead, then you’ve probably realized the sheer range of options that are available to you as a consumer.

You have your old-fashioned single sprinkle shower head, you have filtered shower heads, and there are adjustable shower heads and rain-feature showerheads. The list goes on.

Best Dual Shower Head for Couples

This can make searching for a new one particularly head-spinning when it comes to deciding on a new one for your home, especially if you’re a couple who have a washing station that can accommodate two people.

It can feel like a waste to let all that extra space go unused.






DreamSpa 3-Way Dual Shower Head


Ana Bath Spot Resist Dual Shower Head


AquaDance 7’’ High-Pressure Dual Shower Head


HotelSpa AquaDance Handheld Dual Shower Head


Moen Engage Magnetix Dual Shower Head


Delta In2ition Hand Held Dual Shower Head


Dioliese High-Pressure Dual Rain Dual Shower Head

Fortunately, there is a type of shower (see also ‘Pebble Shower Floor Pros and Cons You Should Know Before Buying It‘) head out there that might be just what you are looking for. Dual shower heads are an excellent tool for bath and shower rooms that are built for multiple people.

If this shower sounds like it would be perfect for you, then this guide is just the tool you need to help further down your search.

We’ll cover some of the best dual, couple-optimized shower heads that you can currently buy out there, some of the other features and details that you should be looking for in a good showerhead, as well as some of the questions that might be plaguing your mind throughout your hunt in this crowded market.

DreamSpa 3-Way Dual Shower Head

Starting off our list strong, we have a showerhead that is among the most versatile that you’ll find out there.

DreamSpa is known for its range of high-quality bathroom amenities, particularly its showerheads, and their take on a dual shower head for couples is no exception to this line of quality.

These showerheads can be used separately, if you just so happen to be showering on your own this morning, and keeps up their quality pressure and nozzle, even when the second head is also being used.

Like any other good showerhead, this product can also be fastened to a mount for a hands-free experience or can be used for more precision cleaning with its 6 feet of stainless steel shower hose.

Whether you’ll be washing, cleaning a household item, or even washing a pet, this showerhead can do it all!

Most great shower heads don’t just have a single water feature, and Dreamspa’s entry into this market doesn’t buck this trend.

With up to 36 different configurations of how this showerhead can release its water patterns, there’s a perfect one for anyone who wants a tailored shower experience.

Between this, the long shower hose that allows you to reach and shower even the most awkward spots, there’s plenty of variety in this particular product, and is an easy recommendation from us.


  • There are plenty of options for you here in this shower head!
  • This showerhead is incredibly easy to install in your home, no extra tools are needed!
  • There’s a great amount of range for this dual shower head, thanks to its long hose.


  • Despite its long shower hose, the handled shower can have surprisingly little coverage when being used.

Also Available From: Ubuy

Ana Bath Spot Resist Dual Shower Head

Of course, there’s always more to choose from when it comes to showerheads. This product entry into the market by American-owned and built Ana Bath is another high-quality entry, with all the extra bells and whistles that you have come to expect from the finest bathroom cleaning amenities out there.

This dual shower head has a great spread for water, thanks to the large design patterns found in both heads. However, don’t think that means that these heads are just trick ponies.

Each shower end has at least 5 settings, giving you just enough variety to change things up if your daily showers feel like they don’t always cut it, and you want to customize your water flow.

What sets Ana Bath’s showerheads apart is that they are made and built to last longer than your average showerhead.

The brushed nickel used in these heads is not just tough but is also made to be rust-resistant as well, meaning you won’t have to worry about the lifespan of your shower heads, even after a few years.

It isn’t just the showerhead, either. The brass connectors these showerheads and hoses use to make installation easy, without sacrificing anything when it comes to quality.

Take it from us: If you are looking for a product that needs very little maintenance, and is a cinch to put into your shower, these are the heads to do that with!


  • This head is the perfect spot and rust-resistant tool to add to your showering experience!
  • That great resistance also helps keep the water pressure in your shower head nice and high.
  • Easy to install straight out of the packaging.
  • Will last longer than many other showers heads out there.


  • Although great in function, the lack of variety when it comes to colors does make it look a little unremarkable.

Also Available From: Walmart

AquaDance 7’’ High-Pressure Dual Shower Head

If high-pressure water is the main aim of your game, then Aquadance is ready to play, with their high-pressure dual shower head!

Rigorously tested to release the perfect amount of pressure when in use, you won’t have to worry about lackluster performance, or being bombarded with industrial-strength water cannons.

You can trust that you’ll get a rigorous wash that is just as comfortable as the softest sprays out there.

On the subject of sprays, don’t think that high pressure is all these shower heads have going for them.

With other pattern options on each head, even if you do find one of the settings a little too harsh on your skin, there’s bound to be another one in this versatile product that will fit your needs perfectly, whether that’s the power rain setting, the pulsating pattern, or even a soft, mistier rain pattern.

Of course, a good shower head should also be able to take a few tumbles in the line of duty.

AquaDance has made sure that it’s the same with their high-pressure heads, and is made from high-quality stainless steel. This makes both showerheads tough, as well as resistant to rust, helping improve the life span of this product by quite a margin.


  • You get a great amount of pressure from these showerheads.
  • Both can be used at the same time too. No need to worry about having two people in your shower room!
  • The heads themselves are incredibly versatile, with both having multiple patterns and pivoting settings for you to use.
  • This showerhead is very easy to install, making it perfect for anyone to try for themselves.
  • The showerhead is constructed very well and from highly durable materials.


  • Whilst the shower heads themselves are made from high-quality stainless steel, the plastic used in the pipe fitting doesn’t feel quite as high-standard.

Also Available From: HomeDepot

HotelSpa AquaDance Handheld Dual Shower Head

Of course, if you have a shower room that has enough space and amenities for two shower-goers at a time, then you likely have quite a standard when it comes to luxury in your home. Fortunately, HotelSpa’s AquaDance dual shower more than fits that standard.

This product’s shower heads are made to cover a wide range of different washing styles. Whether you prefer a softer shower, such as with the rain setting, or like your washes to feel nice and thorough, such as with the massage setting.

Or if you are conscious about how much water you use, the economy setting has you covered there too! There’s a perfect shower pattern for everyone.

And if you feel like a handheld option is something that you need as well in your shower, don’t worry:

The chrome finished shower hose that comes with this product is both incredibly flexible, as well as gives you plenty of room to work with, thanks to its 5-foot length.

If you find that your showers need a little more of an elegant touch, as well as benign practical enough to use for some light cleaning around your bathroom, this is a great dual shower head option to go with!


  • So many great water pattern options. There’s something here for everyone!
  • There are so many angles on this dual shower head. You’ll be able to get coverage pretty much anywhere!
  • Water flow is pretty easily controllable too!


  • Whilst both heads can be used at the same time, you may find that the water pressure drops noticeably whilst using them both.
  • Installation might be a little tricky for some.

Also Available From: Newegg

Moen Engage Magnetix Dual Shower Head

Whilst perhaps not as well known as some of the other names on this list, Moen is a reliable name when it comes to their showerheads. Their entry into the dual shower headline of products takes plenty of cues from their previous successes, creating the Engage Magnetix dual shower head.

What sets this dual shower head apart from others is its unique mounting system.

Rather than using the effective, but somewhat old-fashioned, technique of a slip-in or clip system like many others, The Engage Magnetix uses magnetism to keep your shower head in place and secured. There’s no worry of slippage or jostling in its holder with this system!

And, of course, it does everything that you have come to expect from the best dual showerheads.

It can use both heads simultaneously, allowing you to share your shower time with your significant other, as well as coming packed with plenty of patterned settings to get the right shower for you.

Whilst the showerhead is great, the magnetic attachment system is what piques our interest. Being able to attach it to a mobile shower arm, and not worry about it slipping, gives this dual shower head some amazing potential when it comes to range.

A high-class option that you should consider for your next purchase!


  • The magnetic base means that these showerheads won’t slip, and open up great possibilities for mounting options!
  • Plenty of pattern options for you on these heads.
  • The shower hose that comes with this head is pretty flexible too!


  • Whilst the chrome finish that this showerhead comes in is nice, the fact that there is only one color option does let it down a little.

Also Available From: Walmart

Delta In2ition Hand Held Dual Shower Head

Whilst plenty of the shower heads we have looked at work like a charm, a lot of their designs can feel like they blend a little.

And whilst there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, if you’re going to be spending a good chunk of time under them in the morning or night, you may want to get something that stands out a little more.

Enter the Delta Faucet In2ition handheld dual shower head.

This is a sleek design that doesn’t just look great, but it will continue to look great wherever you put it. Whether it’s in a 10-bedroom mansion or a single-room apartment, the In2ition is a stand-out when it comes to visual design.

Not only that, but the design isn’t just for show either. The hand shower for this dual product is fitted to slot inside the main shower like a perfect glove.

The mechanism that holds these two shower heads together is reliable and durable, too, meaning that you’ll know pretty much how to safely detach and reattach them after a few tries without potentially damaging them.

Not only that but these showerheads also allow you to reduce or even pause the flow rate of the water to your needs. Whether you need the full 2.4 gallons per minute coming out, or want to reduce it to just a fine trickle. The options are all there for you!

We love the fact that it has a great spray when in use, without sacrificing pressure when the second head is detached. If you’re looking for a showerhead that’s a little different, you should check out this product for yourself.


  • We can’t get enough of this dual head shower design. There’s nothing else like it right now!
  • The installation for this shower head is pretty painless too.
  • The water pause feature that is in-built is very useful for a custom wash.


  • Whilst the showerhead itself is a great piece of design, the hose itself is made of plastic, and feels a little flimsy to use.

Also Available From: HomeDepot

Dioliese High-Pressure Dual Rain Dual Shower Head

Of course, when it comes down to it, outside of the fancy (and useful) bells and whistles that we can get on our shower heads these days, the main goal of a good shower head hasn’t changed much: To give you plenty of water, and to give you good control over it.

In that sense, it’s hard to go wrong with the high-pressure dual rain shower head from Dioliese!

If water is your main concern with a shower head is getting water (as it rightly should be), then it’s tough to beat Dioliese, especially with this 2.5 gallons per minute option that they have built.

And thanks to its 3-way water diverters (see also ‘How To Replace A Bathtub Spout Shower Diverter’) built into these dual shower heads, you’ll be able to use both heads at the same time, without worrying about sacrificing pressure and power.

Make sure that you give this powerful shower head a look in your searches!


  • There’s plenty of water coming through these showerheads, at up to 2.5 gallons per minute!
  • The heads for these showers are also totally adjustable, able to rotate up to 360 degrees!
  • Stainless steel material will keep these heads going for ages to come.


  • Installation can be a little trickier than some other shower heads we have discussed. Make sure you have plenty of tools!

Also Available From: Kmart

Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there’s plenty of variety out there, even when it comes to something as niche as a dual shower head for couples. However, you may find that none of these particular products fight your tastes.

If that is the case, and the hunt for the perfect couple’s dual shower head goes on, then you should still keep in mind some of the things that can make or break a good dual shower head.

After all, there’s still quite a bit of variety when it comes to this market, and not every head is going to suit every shower room.

Here are some of the major factors that you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect dual shower head for you and your partner.

Type Of Shower Head

As we mentioned at thievery beginning, there are plenty of different shower heads out there you can buy today. Fixed showerheads, handheld showerheads, twin shower heads, the list goes on.

Make sure that you know that it is a dual shower head that you are looking for, before going any deeper into your research.

Shower Head Appearance & Material

If having a consistent style for your room or your home is important, then the appearance of your showerhead should reflect those sensibilities in some way.

Most showerheads today are built from some type of ABS plastic that has been given a metallic or chrome paint job to make them look more appealing. 

Metal is still a common material to make shower heads from. However, if you do decide to purchase one of this type, you need to make sure that it has been treated to resist rust and corrosion.


Many showerheads today can be installed by a single untrained person, so long as the instructions are clear.

Showerheads that require expert installation tend to also be more expensive, though they also tend to last a little longer, due to their sturdier build quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy A Dual Shower Head?

Aside from being able to take a shower with your partner, dual shower heads offer pretty good options when it comes to cleaning, being able to cover more areas of your bath or shower even quicker.

Plus, you can clean the other shower head with the second one!

Is Having A Multiple Spray Option Important For Your Shower Head?

Yes! Everyone’s bodies are different in terms of sensitivity, so having multiple spray options is vital. You want a spray that feels thorough, but not painful.

How Big Should My Shower Be For A Dual Shower Head?

Ideally, to fit more than one person, your shower room should be 3 x 5 feet, or a slightly larger 4 x 6 feet.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty to choose from for your dream dual shower head. Hopefully, our guide has helped narrow down your options a little.

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