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7 Best Corner Toilets For Small Bathrooms

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Are you ready to purchase a corner toilet for your bathroom? Corner toilets have advantages and are especially ideal for small spaces and rooms in your house, regardless of whether you install a one-piece corner toilet or a two-piece unit.






Sheffield Corner 2-Piece Toilet


Renovator’s Supply Elongated Toilet


Troyt Compact Corner Toilet


Lawen Single-Flush Toilet


American Standard Cadet 3 Round


American Standard Cadet 3 Elongate



They save a lot of room due to their compact form and triangle tank. As a result, such toilets are ideal for compact (see also ‘The 8 Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms‘) washrooms such as basement bathrooms and powder rooms.

They also come with a variety of flushing methods, bowl forms, and features.

Models may differ in terms of efficiency, water usage, comfort, and power.

Having a small bathroom means that it might be best for you to add a corner toilet.

That way you may save room while still making an interior design stylistic statement.

However, you should bear in mind that putting a drain pipe in a corner is more challenging than installing a regular toilet on your bathroom wall.

Corner toilets are ideal for people who own homes with tiny restrooms and want to minimize potential costs for remodeling.

So, let’s have a look at some other corner toilets that are a good option for your bathroom.

Best Look

1. Sheffield Corner 2-Piece Toilet

Are you looking for a toilet to install in your small bathroom that will not only save you space and water but will also be very appealing to the eye?

The search is over, as this model offers all of the characteristics of a standard toilet without using a lot of room.

The WaterSense dual flushing system with a high and low option is standard on this product.

This is a fantastic feature for any bathroom since it lets anyone flush the toilet with as much water as is necessary, preventing you from wasting extra water without a reason.

The low option consumes 0.8 gallons of water every time you press it, while the high option uses double the amount.

Moreover, the former button can be selected for liquid waste while the latter for the rest of your business.

Resistant To Scratches And Stains

This model features a Reno-Gloss surface that is resistant to scratches and stains.

When we are cleaning the toilet, we often scrape the surface a bit too aggressively, something that might cause minor scratches in the toilet’s bowl.

This, in turn, will often result in paint peeling and the appearance of stains on the surface.

However, with this feature, you won’t have to be worried about discoloration or scratches with this shine as the bowl will keep its brand-new look throughout the years.


Although it has been stated several times, extended toilets are more convenient to use than circle toilets.

They have more surface area for seating and are therefore ideal for youngsters and big-sized people.

The extended bowl of this toilet gives the ease you want while you are seating on it.


  • Uses very few gallons per flush
  • It looks pretty
  • You can save up to 25,000 gallons annually
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a comfortable elongated bowl


  • The gasket between the toilet and the rear wall may be too large
  • Bolt covers are not provided

Best Elongated Toilet

2. Renovator’s Supply Elongated Toilet

The Renovator’s Supply Elongated Toilet is another toilet on our list that is designed for tiny bathrooms.

This stylish, high-performance toilet is designed to fit neatly under the toilet’s basin.

It all comes down to the tank design, which makes it all work and look perfect.

The Reno-Gloss coating is both stain- and scratch-resistant, and it is also quite soft.

This white ceramic coating not only looks great, but also prevents bacteria and stains from adhering to the toilet.

What does that mean for you? That you’ll get a toilet that will stay clean for a long time!

Water-Saving, Sturdy Design

Most significantly, you are buying a model that is both saving water and has a very sleek design that will upgrade your little bathroom.

And, because there are just a few pieces to assemble, installation is rather simple.

It’s just a simple DIY activity that most individuals can complete by themselves without the help of a professional, and which will take up between 20 and 30 minutes.

Another feature you’ll appreciate about the Renovator’s Supply Elongated Toilet is its dual flush functionality.

It implies you may select the flushing mode according to the waste you want to flush down, thus allowing you to use less water.

This toilet’s amazing flushing mechanism allows it to easily remove any type of waste.


  • Resistant to stains and scratches
  • Elegant design with exclusive Reno-Gloss coating
  • Suitable height


  • Medium quality lid

Best Overall

3. Troyt Compact Corner Toilet

Fancy and well-designed, the Troyt Compact Corner toilet comes in white color. It’s a well-made item that will fit neatly in any bathroom corner.

What makes it great overall? Let’s check out some of the characteristics that it has.

This toilet complies with ANSI and WaterSense standards. It has a push-button with a 0.8/1.6 GPF hi-low setting, so, for liquid waste, you would press the low option, which consumes only 0.8 gallons every flush.

WaterSense Certified

The high button would then be used for any waste that is not in liquid form, which takes just 1.6 gallons every flush.

You may save as much as 25,000 gallons of water each year by doing this.

So, if you want to save money on your monthly bill or if your house comes with a well, this is the best option for your home.

Round Seating

The circular seat is more convenient in terms of saving space. Extended toilets can take up to two inches more space in the toilet room.

Given that your bathroom is tiny, and you simply cannot fit an extended tank in such a little space, the circular toilet seat is great for you. Smaller people may benefit from the circular seat as well.


  • WaterSense certified
  • Meets the ANSI standards
  • Water-saving modes for the flushing system
  • Circular seating


  • Might be more expensive than other options

Best For Space Saving

4. Lawen Single-Flush Toilet

The second one on our list of stunning corner toilets that could even fit in the tiniest of bathrooms is the Lawen Single-Flush toilet.

It is only 18x35x29 inches and its height is convenient for all ages. It measures 15 3/8 inches from floor to bowl.

This Lawen model also has the following significant features:

The circular toilet bowls give your bathroom more space, as the usual extended ones can occupy up to 2 extra inches in your bathroom which could be a determining factor when the inspector comes to check the remodeling and tell you whether you have succeeded or failed to meet the local requirements.

Comfort Height Round Bowl

Furthermore, the comfort height feature is unique. It is also called the Americans with Disabilities Act model since its height is the same as that of the ADA-compliant ones.

It has the usual chair height, making it simpler for elders and youngsters to use the toilet.

Capabilities For Conserving Water

Although this toilet does not have a dual flushing system, it nevertheless saves much of the Earth’s most precious resource.

It only requires 1.6 gallons every flush and ensures that all of your waste easily goes down the toilet.

To give you some numbers, this toilet has the potential to save up to 16,500 gallons of water on a yearly basis.

So, if you have a well or live in a drought-prone location, this is another fantastic option for you.


  • Water-saving yet effective in terms of flushing
  • Sleek design
  • The best ADA-compliant model


  • Its rounded bowl might not be ideal in terms of design for some people

Best American Standard Corner Toilet

5. American Standard Cadet 3 Round

This toilet combines a unique style and great function and works just as great as any other corner toilet.

This product has a circular bowl, which seems to be less expensive and takes up less room.

Furthermore, the toilet’s color and elegant style will make your bathroom more eye-catching.

It’s an ideal option for anyone who lives in places with limited room as its triangular design is exceptionally compact.

As a result, the toilet can be effortlessly installed into any tiny bathroom space.

The clever flushing system is another feature of this corner toilet that will make you feel very satisfied with buying it.

In contrast to other toilets, it does not take a strong push to work. The American Standard Cadet 3 Round toilet is meant to function just by pressing its button once, and it does so flawlessly.

Clever Design That Enhances Performance

We ought to say that we really appreciate it when a toilet’s clever design also improves performance, and with that perspective in mind, the Cadet 3 is one of the best as you will never have to struggle with annoying blockages again.

Because the specific model is of vitreous China, you don’t have to spend more than a couple of minutes to clean it.

In particular, it is the anti-microbial EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of hazardous microbes, which could potentially result in a variety of health complications.

So, with Cadet 3, you may be confident that there is no risk of infection amongst the people using it as the antibacterial covering always keeps your toilet clean and sanitary.

Low Water Usage And Simple Installation

In terms of water use, this model requires only 1.6 gallons when flushing.

As a result, you will be saving water and dollars on your next bill by installing this water-efficient solution in your bathroom.

In addition to that, an enlarged 3′′ flush valve is supplied. It includes a flapper that resists all chemicals and thus offers improved flushing and pleasure.

As for how to maintain and install the toilet, these are also very straightforward procedures.

We must note that this is a two-piece model made up of a bowl and the toilet tank, so, apart from the supply pipe, the toilet comes with everything you need, meaning that no further equipment is required.


  • Great at saving room
  • Long-lasting design
  • Convenient height for seating
  • Powerful flushing capabilities
  • EverClean Surface


  • There is no seat or supply line included.

Best Elongated Bowl

6. American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated

This ADA-compliant model is great if efficiency and room economy are your major priorities.

The American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated comes with many characteristics that scream “great design” and it does so at a price that you might call “value-for-money”.

Let’s begin with one of if remarkable features, which is its efficient flushing system.

The method used for flushing this toilet guarantees it will remain perfectly clean with only one flush at a time, allowing it to manage bulk waste effectively.

To be more specific, each flush of this model uses around 1.28 liters of water.

In the course of time, this is very economical in terms of saving both water and a few bucks from the monthly bill. The second feature you’ll love about this model is its comfort.

It Has ADA Certification

The extended bowl and appropriate height will help you feel at ease every time you go to the toilet.

The stretched form allows for ample leg space, and the seating complies with the ADA criteria.

As a result, convenience and access are enhanced. As a result, convenience and access are enhanced. 

When considering ordinary toilet models, this toilet has a tall bowl, as it is more than 17 inches long from the toilet seating to the highest part of the base, and 16.13 inches from the rim. This makes it more comfortable and easier to sit on for many people. 

Cleaning Comfort And Ease

This triangular toilet, with its expanded bowl, makes it much easier for people to sit in a normal position, and do keep in mind that we are talking about an approximately 12-inch model.

To combat unpleasant germs and bacteria, this corner toilet model has a big faucet for flushing and an EverClean surface.

This beneficial function will also assist you in eliminating smells and making cleaning easier.

Do remember, however, that you have to purchase or utilize an existing seat if you decide to go for the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet because this product does not contain one.


  • A powerful flushing system
  • Great quality design
  • Perfect height toilet bowl
  • Outstanding performance
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Convenient


  • Noisy when flushing
  • Pushing the flushing handle might require some extra effort

Best Flushing System


Last but not least, the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 corner toilet is another great option for small restrooms.

It can be installed in any corner of the room because it is only 24.3 inches long.

Its posh-looking and sophisticated design will also make your bathroom look very modern and elegant.

Easy To Install

In contrast to other corner toilets, the usefulness of this toilet is simply the greatest. It is long-lasting and simple to install.

By following the installation instructions, you can change from your old toilet to the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 one in about an hour.

Furthermore, the WOODBRIDGE T-0031’s design makes cleaning the toilet a very simple procedure.

This toilet has a skirted trapway to conceal even the most crooked edges and grooves.

Because it is a one-piece toilet, the tank may be removed from the bowl if you want to.

Flushing System With High Power And Quiet Operation

With regards to the flushing system, the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 is very much spot-on, as its siphon flushing mechanism allows all waste to be flushed away with a single flush.

You can forget about leaks and clogs with this toilet. It also flushes silently, so you may use it in the late hours without disturbing anyone.


  • Water-saving: up to 16,5000 gallons of water annually
  • Effective flushing with just one press of a button
  • Perfect height for both younger and older people
  • Long-lasting Vitreous China material
  • Elegant Look


  • Takes up more time to clean the other corner toilets

Buyers Guide

What Is A Corner Toilet?

As is obvious from its name, a toilet like this is installed in a corner of the bathroom rather than in the center.

The fundamental feature of corner toilets is that the tank is triangular. As a result, you can neatly install it into a corner and go as near to the wall as possible.

Corner toilets, also known as triangle toilets or space-saving toilets, are formed ingeniously to maximize space in your tiny area.

A corner toilet is similar to a regular close-coupled toilet in appearance and operation, with the key distinction being that it is designed to fit diagonally into one corner of a room.

To conserve space, a corner toilet is built into the corner of a bathroom rather than on a flat wall.

To accomplish this, the cistern is shaped like a triangle rather than a rectangular tank.

Despite the variation in cistern design, the remainder of the toilet is the same and functions identically.

Why Should I Choose A Corner Toilet For Small Bathrooms?

7 Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms

The projection of a normal toilet consumes the most space — by projection, we mean how far it extends out from the wall.

A corner toilet minimizes the projection significantly by utilizing the valuable space of a corner, with the triangular tank precisely fitting in.

By reducing the projection of the toilet and utilizing this underutilized area, you can open up the room – your toilet does not have to be the focal point.

They are also ideal for bathrooms with unusual proportions. Not every room has a perfect square or rectangular form – if your bathroom has extra nooks and space, a corner toilet can better utilize the area.

The space-saving form is great for building bathrooms that do not have the usual constraints of a boxy toilet shape!

You might also be remodeling a second bathroom. A cloakroom or tiny toilet is typical in the basement of bigger houses, but it is often overlooked.

A corner toilet may be the ideal answer for decluttering the area and providing additional space.

Not only does it benefit compact areas, but it also has a distinct and eye-catching style that will set your bathroom apart from the crowd.

Many manufacturers provide whole ranges of similarly inspired furniture, so a corner toilet may be elegantly complemented with a matching corner basin.

To create a coherent bathroom suite, you may furnish your whole bathroom with these space-saving designs.

So, if you have a small bathroom (see also ‘ What Is A 3/4 Bathroom’ ), this will make it appear larger. However, as with every product, it is not without defects.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of space-saving corner toilets.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Corner Toilet?

  • Corner toilets make the bathroom look bigger
  • You can add more room in the bathroom without tearing down walls to do so
  • It is easy to install extra facilities (e.g. shower) once a corner toilet has been built
  • With a corner toilet, you can easily incorporate a bathroom into small or underutilized areas of your house
  • Corner toilets share many of the features of ordinary toilets, e.g. dual and efficient flushing mechanisms, and water-saving features.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Having A Corner Toilet?

  • Because of the limited room left for the supply and drain system, they cannot be placed as readily as a regular toilet
  • Because the pipes are located beneath the toilet, it is harder to access them in case a repair is required
  • Because this model is not as known as regular toilets, there aren’t as many styles to pick from
  • If you are remodeling your bathroom, moving the central drain might be needed, which will require you to tear up the tiles on the floor

What Should I Be Looking For In A Corner Toilet?

A corner toilet can be available in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and water-waste rates.

All these characteristics, as well as others, are extensively discussed further down and should be considered when looking for the ideal corner toilet for your bathroom.

7 Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms


The model you will choose must be designed to fit neatly into the available room you have left in your bathroom.

Therefore, you should probably start by considering the size of the toilet you will get and how much space it would take up.

Corner toilets, on the other hand, are tiny and constructed with space in mind, so it’s difficult to go wrong.

However, you should make sure that even the dimensions of the corner toilet will fit into your bathroom.

Water Consumption

Water usage is, without a doubt, an important consideration when purchasing a toilet, as it is also related to a product’s performance and effectiveness.

The same applies when thinking of buying a corner toilet. You should be looking to buy a corner toilet that will use as less water as possible without that meaning that it will not flush down your waste efficiently.

While 1.6 gallons per flush is an extremely efficient water usage when compared to 4.6 gallons per flush in the traditional toilet systems, there are some other choices on the market that utilize as little as 1.28 gallons of water or less every flush.

These toilets are WaterSense certified, so they are easy to spot. Although the difference between 1.28 and 1.6 gallons per flush may not appear to be significant, it represents a significant saving of both money and water in the long run.

Corner Toilet Flushing Style

The flushing mechanism has a significant impact on water use. It is critical to pick a flushing system that leaves the toilet 100% clean.

We suggest you opt for one that can discharge waste down the drain while also cleaning the toilet bowl, and therefore a toilet with a dual flushing system is the best option as it not only maintains the toilet clean, but it also saves water.

Toilet Bowl Corner Form

Most of the time, you will have to pick between long and round bowls for your toilet.

Toilets with an elongated bowl are ideal for customers that prioritize comfort, whilst toilets with a round bowl are often low-profile solutions.

Alternatively, you can also find toilets with a square bowl if you are searching for something a little different.

Knowing The Right Measurements

Before purchasing a corner toilet, you must first determine the proper measurements for your room.

This is critical for choosing the right corner toilet for your home as this way you will determine what the appropriate size is.

The most popular sizes for residential dwellings range from 10 to 14 inches.

There are two things you need to take the measurements from to determine the rough-in of your new toilet.

Simply calculate the length between the pipes and each one of the walls on the side.

Check that the distance between each side of the wall is equal.

7 Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms

However, it is best to contact a professional plumber if you are unsure about the rough-in. This will save you money on future repairs.

Style And Appearance

Despite their small size, the majority of the corner toilets are stylish. This is due to the fact that they are composed of materials that are very easy to clean and last in time.

These models are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet individual design needs while fitting into every corner.

For improved cleanliness, several models have unique finishes such as Reno-Gloss and Ever Clean.

These coatings have been shown to always maintain the toilet bacterium and are also stain-free.

Many corner toilets are two-piece units, while some are one-piece models.

They are ergonomically built to reduce body strain and frequently incorporate soft closing chairs to offer you the best experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Corner Toilets A Good Idea?

A corner toilet greatly reduces the projection by utilizing the precious space of a corner, with the triangle tank perfectly slotting in.

Reducing the projection of the toilet and using this ignored space allows you to open up the room – your toilet does not have to be the dominating feature.

Does A Corner Toilet Save Room?

Corner toilets can really save space as the toilet tank is usually not as big as in the regular toilets and it is also triangular in shape which allows for the toilet to be installed in the corner of the bathroom.

This way, you can save up a lot of space and make room for some extra facilities if you wish to add them.

Can A Space-Saving Toilet Replace A Conventional Toilet?

A space-saving toilet can replace a conventional toilet, but you must carefully match the dimensions of the new corner toilet to those of your existing plumbing.

Corner toilet rough-in dimensions differ slightly from standard toilet installation dimensions.

If the plumbing is different, you may be able to relocate your present toilet drain; however, you should be prepared for this as it will need a significant amount of extra plumbing.

With the correct equipment and information, you can easily replace your present toilet with a corner toilet.

People are increasingly resorting to corner toilets to modernize their living spaces.

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