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The 8 Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms

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Are you looking for a new toilet for your bathroom but are struggling due to a lack of space?

Or maybe you’re looking to convert a closet into an additional bathroom and are working in a compact area.

Whatever the reason, finding the right compact toilet for your needs can be a struggle.

Many modern toilets are large fixtures that aren’t suited to smaller bathrooms so finding the right one if space is limited can be a difficult task.

You need to make sure the toilet has all of the functions and comfort of a larger model, but without needing as much space.

In this article, we will look at the 8 best compact toilets available for small bathrooms and also consider what makes a toilet worth purchasing.

Let’s begin by looking at some toilets.

SANIFLO Sanicompact

This is a dual-flush toilet that is water-efficient as it only uses either 1 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

It has pressure-assisted flushing and is a tankless, one-piece unit.

The rough-in is 12 inches and can be installed up to nine feet below the sewer line or 120 feet away from a soil stack.

It measures 18 inches high making it a comfort-height toilet, is 21 inches long, and weighs 62 pounds.

We found this to be one of the best compact toilets available on the market.

The seat closes quietly, the flush is powerful, and it’s comfortable to use.


  • Dual flush toilet – full flush and half-flushes are available
  • Pressure-assisted flush – toilet is tankless and comes in one-piece
  • Rough-in – has an average 12-inch rough-in
  • Warranty – toilet comes with a two-year warranty which can be extended to three years on registration


  • Power supply – the toilet requires plugging into the power supply to function 

HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

This toilet is available in both 10-inch and 12-inch rough-in versions, so you can choose the best option for your bathroom.

It’s a one-piece toilet with a tank that fixes into the floor and a seat height of 16 inches.

The toilet seat is soft close so it won’t slam. It has a dual flush that uses only 1.1 or 1.6 gallons of water, depending on which flush you choose. 

We loved that this toilet was very simple to install and maintain. The glazed surface makes cleaning the bowl a breeze. 


  • Rough-in – available in two different rough-in sizes
  • Dual flush – has both full and half flush options
  • Easy maintenance – glazed surface is easy to clean
  • Soft-close lid – the lid won’t slam on this toilet


  • Very small – toilet may be too uncomfortable and awkward for some to use

GALBA Small Toilet

This is a one-piece toilet with an attached tank.

It has a dual-flush mechanism that only uses either 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

It’s a very compact model at only 24.5-inches deep, 14-inches wide, and 28.5-inches high and weighs 90 pounds.

The toilet’s rough-in is 12 inches and it has a slow-close toilet seat to prevent loud slams.

We were impressed with the glaze on this toilet as it helps prevent stains from accumulating.

The toilet still needs regular cleaning, but the glaze makes this quicker and easier.


  • Low water consumption – the half flush uses only 0.8 gallons per flush
  • Slow close seat – the lid won’t slam
  • Easy maintenance – self-cleaning glaze prevents stains and makes it easy to clean
  • Elongated seat – more comfortable shape for such a compact toilet


  • Price – compared to models with similar features, this is more expensive

KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa Toilet

Unlike most other compact toilets, this compact toilet from Kohler is available in a variety of colors.

It’s a one-piece toilet with a tank and a gravity-flush system. It only has one flush, but each one is economical at only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilet has a 12-inch rough-in and a bowl height of 16.5 inches, making it a comfort height toilet.

It’s a bit heavier than many other toilets on this list at 109 pounds.

We love the color options with this toilet, especially the black, as well as the elongated bowl shape.


  • Colors – a variety of colors and finishes are available
  • Comfort height – at 16.5 inches high, the bowl is comfort height
  • Water consumption – each flush uses 1.28 gallons of water
  • Toilet seat closure – soft close toilet seat is quiet


  • Single flush – although economical with water, it only offers a full flush

Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn

This is a single flush toilet that is designed to fit into the corner of your room. It is a two-piece toilet, with a separate bowl and tank.

As it is a corner toilet, it is more difficult to fit than a regular toilet and requires a drainpipe in the corner of the room, which can often require remodeling of the entire room.

The rough-in is 12 inches, but be aware that the rough-in of a corner toilet is measured in a different way to a regular toilet.

It uses 1.28 gallons of water per gravity flush and has a soft close toilet seat.

Due to the design of the tank, the toilet has a larger depth than most on this list, but the width is comparable to other toilets.

Corner toilets are a great way to make use of a small space, but make sure that your small bathroom is suitable for a corner toilet before you purchase.

This toilet is a great choice if you’re remodeling the bathroom already but will cause additional costs if a remodel wasn’t already in your plans.


  • Corner toilet – corner toilets can be a great space saver
  • Water consumption – each flush uses only 1.28 gallons of water
  • Comfort seat – at 16 inches, the bowl is a good height for most
  • Soft-close toilet seat – this is included and will make closing the lid quiet


  • Not compatible with all bathrooms – the corner fitting isn’t suitable for all rooms

American Standard 2889218.020 Toilet

There are several options with this toilet. You can choose from three neutral colors, two heights, and two different bowl shapes.

The toilet has a dual flush that uses either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilet uses American Standard’s PowerWash technology to ensure every flush is forceful and quick

If you do choose this toilet, be aware that you need to buy a toilet seat as the toilet does not come with its own.

It also doesn’t have all of the installation equipment, so you will need to purchase this, also.


  • Variety of options – pick the best toilet for your bathroom from several choices
  • Compact size – the standard height and round bowl option is very compact
  • Powerful flush – American Standard PowerWash ensures a strong flush each time
  • Coated surface – the toilet has a coating that prevents stains and bacteria


  • No toilet seat – these are sold separately 

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez Toilet

This compact toilet from Swiss Madison will be a stylish addition to any small bathroom.

As well as being available in a standard glossy white, there are also matte black and white options.

It’s a one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl and has a 15.5-inch bowl height.

It has a dual flush system that uses either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush and the tornado flushing system ensures a powerful flush each time.

The solid design of the toilet eliminates a lot of the nooks and crannies that can accumulate dirt and mold, making cleaning this toilet easier than it looks.

We love the style of this toilet and think it would look good in any bathroom, large or small.

However, it isn’t the easiest toilet to install, especially for one person working alone.

You may want to hire some experts or get some help to install this correctly.


  • Stylish design – this toilet will look good in any modern bathroom
  • Dual flush system – only uses either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Easy to clean – the smooth design has fewer places for dirt to hide
  • Color options – also available in matte black or white


  • Tricky installation – the skirt of the toilet makes installation more difficult than some other toilets

TOTO CST243EF#12 Entrada Toilet

Toto is a popular and well-known toilet manufacturer due to its quality and price point.

This is a two-piece toilet that has a separate bowl and tank. It has only one flush which is a gravity flush, but this only uses an economical 1.28 gallons of water.

Like many Toto toilets, the flush is very powerful and is unlikely to clog.

The toilet bowl is a comfort height and a round shape that measures 15.25 inches wide. 

We liked the power of this toilet as the flush is very impressive.

The toilet is also very easy to install even if you have little to no experience in installing toilets. 


  • Two-piece toilet – the tank and bow are separate and can be replaced individually
  • Comfort height – with a seat attached, the bowl is a comfort height
  • Easy installation – installation shouldn’t take longer than around an hour, even for the inexperienced
  • Powerful flush – features Toto’s trademark powerful flush


  • No toilet seat – these are sold separately 

Buying Guide

The 8 Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms

Before buying a compact toilet for your small bathroom, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration.

Take a look at our buying guide as it will help you make your choice.

Toilet Dimensions

This is arguably the most important consideration when buying a compact toilet for a small bathroom.

Even though a toilet can be considered compact, it doesn’t mean it will be the same size as other compact toilets and there is still a great variety in their sizes.

Make sure you accurately measure your small bathroom and are aware of how much space you have to play with.

You will need to take into account your sink and any other fixtures as these will detract from your space.

Toilets should have clearance space around them so that people can comfortably use them.

As a general rule, you need at least 24 inches of room in front of the toilet and at least 15 inches around the sides.

Toilet Rough-In

Another consideration when it comes to space is the toilet rough-in.

This refers to the space between the finished wall of the bathroom behind the toilet and the center of the toilet drainpipe.

For standard toilets, the rough-in is generally 12 inches, but some older houses may have rough-ins of 10 or 14 inches.

If you purchase a toilet with a larger rough-in than your bathroom, it won’t fit.

Toilets with a smaller rough-in can fit in larger spaces, but it’s best to get the right size.

Bowl Shape And Size

Toilet bowls generally come in two sizes that are called standard height or comfort height.

Standard height is, as the name suggests, the more common of the two and is best for people of average height and kids.

Comfort height toilets can also be known as chair, universal, or right height toilets as well as ADA-compliant toilets.

These are slightly taller and are best for people who are taller than average, the elderly, or those with mobility issues.

The shape of the bowl can affect both the comfort level of the toilet and your space.

Bowls can be either a round or elongated shape, with elongated being the most comfortable because they offer more support for your thighs.

Elongated bowls do take up more space, however, so you will have to take that balance into account. 

Flush Type

A toilet that flushes well is essential. Nobody wants to deal with a clogged toilet or one that needs multiple flushes to clear, so getting a strong flushing system is a must.

Toilets can either have either a pressure-assisted or gravity-flush system.

Pressure-assisted toilets don’t require a tank and instead use pressurized water to flush.

Gravity-flush systems do use a tank and flush by utilizing large amounts of water to cause a siphoning effect in the bowl.

As most water lines don’t have the pressure levels required for a pressure-assisted system, most toilets use a gravity-flush system.

Type Of Toilets

There is a wider variety in the type of toilets available than you may have thought.

One-piece toilets are those that have the tank and bowl fused as one unit, whereas two-piece toilets have the two as separate components that are merely connected by a pipe.

With two-piece toilets, if the tank breaks, for example, then you would only need to replace the tank.

With a one-piece toilet, you would need to replace the entire fixture.

You can also choose between floor toilets or wall-hung toilets.

Floor toilets are installed into the floor and connected to the drain pipe.

You can get floor toilets both with a tank and without.

Wall-hung toilets have a bowl that is mounted onto the wall, hovering above the floor, and have a tank concealed in the wall.

A wall-mounted toilet (see also ‘How To Install A Wall Mounted Toilet‘) requires a more complicated installation because of the tank location, so the majority of toilets are usually floor versions.

Water Consumption

Water conservation has become a hot topic in the past few decades as bills rise and water shortages become more common.

Toilets are both a necessary and great source of water consumption but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a toilet that will help you reduce your water bills.

Older toilets and flushing systems could use three to seven gallons of water with each flush, but more efficient modern toilets can use less than one.

Toilets that have a dual-flush mechanism that lets you choose between a full flush or a half-flush are a great investment and one certain way to use less water.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve looked at the 8 best compact toilets available and have discussed the important features and functions that you need to consider.

Now, we will look at the answers to some of the most common questions about compact toilets.

What Is Considered A Compact Toilet?

Toilets are available in a large range of sizes but only some are considered compact.

There are no rigid rules that dictate what is a compact toilet and which isn’t, but as a general rule, look for toilets that have a depth of less than 30 inches and a width of less than 20.

Are Smaller Toilets Harder To Clean?

Not at all! You can clean them in the same way you would clean any toilet and as long as you do it regularly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Cleaning behind the toilet or around the floor fixture can be trickier in a small bathroom because you won’t have as much space to move around, but cleaning the toilet itself will be the same.

How Do I Avoid Molding Behind The Toilet In A Small Bathroom?

The back of any toilet can attract mold as it’s usually a darker area that runs the risk of becoming damp.

Mold thrives in these kinds of areas and smaller bathrooms can often provide the perfect environment for mold to take hold.

Make sure that you clean the area around the toilet regularly and frequently check for leaks.

It’s important that any bathroom has adequate ventilation and this is especially important in smaller bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small bathroom, finding the right compact toilet is essential.

You need a toilet that will function properly, with a strong flush and a comfortable seat.

It also needs to be the right size for the area and ensure that there is enough space around the toilet for it to be used comfortably and safely.

In this article, we looked at the 8 best compact toilets and discussed the important factors that make a toilet worth buying.

We hope that the information has helped you make your choice and that whichever toilet you choose, it suits your needs for many years to come.

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