8 Best Low Profile Toilets With Low Height Toilet Tank

8 Best Low Profile Toilets With Low Height Toilet Tank

Anthony Barnes

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The toilet is a vital part of any home. Your house or apartment would be incomplete without them, both metaphorically and literally!

However, not everyone has the luxury of having enough room in their home for a nice, full-size, lavishly furnished restroom.

Perhaps, due to how you have chosen to renovate your home, or simply the lack of extra room in your bathroom, there is simply not enough room to have a normal-sized toilet to use.






KOHLER San Souci


Galba Dual Flush


KOHLER San Raphael Pressure Lite


Swiss Madison Chateau


Swiss Madison Chateau


Toto Carolina II


Woodbridge Dual Flush One Piece


Horow Dual Flush Compact

If you are the occupant, this can feel like a massive strike against any living space.

Whilst not everyone expects to have a massive amount of floor space in a bathroom, the fact that they may have to sacrifice the quality of a vital amenity can certainly sting a little.

Fortunately, in the last few years, toilets with low profiles and heights have been becoming more popular in homes across the country, that not only take up less space than their full-sized counterparts but do not cut down on quality either.

There are so many of these new toilets around, that simply picking one has almost become a problem in and of itself!

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you narrow down your searches. This guide that we have compiled, which includes both some of the best-quality toilets (see also ‘The 4 Best Rear Discharge Toilets‘)in this category, as well as useful information and questions to keep in mind whilst you are out there hunting for your next latrine, will be a great tool to help you make an informed purchase.

KOHLER San Souci

Get familiar with the name KOHLER, because it is going to turn up a lot in this guide!

Having been involved in the making and manufacturing of toilet products since 1873, Kohler is a company that knows what works best for pretty much any kind of toilet-related product.

As such, they also know how to make a great toilet with a low profile, and the San Souci is more than proof enough of that experience.

This toilet is made from a single piece of vitreous China porcelain.

Not only does this give the seat a high-quality look and feel to it when in use, but it also means that bacteria, germs, and other types of dirt have fewer places they can fester and spread in. Who knew that luxury had practical benefits too!

Of course, on a list where low profiles and heights are the aims that your seat should be aiming for, this toilet has you covered there too, with a design that only covers 30.2 by 20.8 by 26.7 inches.

Whether you’re trying to save room in an already cramped bathroom, or want to get that little extra space out of the restroom that you already have. This toilet is perfect for both!

What’s more, the seat is also available in several different colors and shades, you can rest easy knowing that there’s probably a toilet system that is perfectly matched to your bathroom’s established aesthetic.

If it is the modern design and functionality that you are looking for in your latrine, then this is absolutely an option that you should consider for your own home.


  • Small dimensions make this toilet a perfect addition to a small home.
  • The height of this system makes it great for both adults and children to use.
  • Comes in multiple color options.
  • Has an excellent water system that is both efficient in its water usage, and has zero chance of leaking!


  • Installing this system yourself might take a lot longer than you think. Either be prepared, or potentially consider hiring a professional plumber to install.

Also Available From: Home Depot

Galba Dual Flush

Of course, if the size is a major concern when you are looking for your new toilet, then you want something small, even by compact toilet standards.

Fortunately, GALBA has just the item that you are looking for, with their dual flush small toilet model that can be found at most Home Depot stores.

If small is what you want, then not only is this system going to deliver it, but GALBA will deliver it in style! Being several inches shorter than most other competitors, this toilet is one of the shortest on the market.

This makes it not just a space-saver but is also a great height for both adults and children to use.

Of course, the style aspect isn’t getting let down by this toilet’s small size either.

With its unique styling, both having elegant curves, whilst also appearing flat and angular, unlike the bulbous organic shape that many larger toilet systems have, there aren’t many other toilets that look quite like it.

And with its tough glazed outside, this toilet will also keep looking great, whilst benign resistant to the scratches and wear that can build up on other toilets ith time.

And, of course, you want your toilet to also function just as well as it looks.

This toilet comes with two options for flushing: a full flush, or the surprisingly effective p-tap.

This is a great water-saving feature that is perfect for light cleans that will help cut down your water bills in the long run.

When it comes to all of these extra features, plus a small size that will fit virtually anywhere, how could you not at least consider this amazing toilet option?


  • A mall floor plan makes it perfect for any sized bathroom you may have.
  • The toilet system both looks great and is very durable too.
  • Flushes well whilst saving water, thanks to the p-tap system.


  • This is a complex toilet system that will require a professional plumber to install, no ifs or buts about it.
  • The tank is somewhat tall on this system and sticks out somewhat from an otherwise compact design.
  • People well above average height may struggle with this latrine. That small size, whilst great in most cases, does have some drawbacks for some.

Also Available From: Tiny Bathroom

KOHLER San Raphael Pressure Lite

We’re here again with another design from KOHLER! It’s not our fault that they just so happen to make some of the best toilet systems out there.

And with their second entry on this guide for small toilets, with the San Raphael, is even more evidence that they’ve practically cornered the market on low-profile latrine systems.

One of the lowest profile toilets on this list, with only 21 and a half inches in height, it is certainly a great toilet to have if a low height and profile is what you are looking for to save space in your bathroom.

Only the seats in a portable toilet or an RV even come close to how low this system goes!

Not only that, but the latrine is one of the most efficient out there when it comes to saving water for your home.

Using only a gallon per flush, and getting the most out of it thanks to its pressurized release system, this is a toilet that is as economical in water usage as it is minimal in size.

Not only that, but despite Swiss Madison Well Made Forever’s small height and low water usage, it still manages to accommodate a large toilet seat and a 12-inch rough-in as well, making this perfect for installing in a corner of your bathroom.

Keep this excellent KOHLER option n mind whilst you are out there on the hunt for your next toilet!


  • Shorter than many other compact toilets out there.
  • The lack of a distinct tank helps make this item as a low profile in height as they come!
  • The high-pressure system means that the flush this toilet has is both powerful and economical.


  • Whilst this is certainly a short toilet, the fact that the system is also 30 inches long does mean that this may not be the best compact toilet for a smaller bathroom.

Also Available From: Faucet Depot

Swiss Madison Chateau

Don’t worry, not every toilet on this list is going to be a KOHLER product.

There are plenty of other manufacturers that can offer you just as great a product.

Swiss Madison is a family-run company that also knows its way around bathroom items and appliances, and is committed to providing its customers with top-of-the-line quality as best they can.

With a mission statement like that, it is no wonder that the Well Made Forever toilet is such a great latrine!

With so few separate components to the toilet system itself, it has the same benefit as many other top-of-the-line toilet system products you can find out there, by avoiding too many extra nooks and crannies for dirt and other germs to grow and fester in.

If you thought the gallon-per-flush of the last entry was impressive then you have seen nothing yet! This toilet seat will use less than a gallon in a flush, around 0.8 to be exact.

That might not sound like too much, but every extra drop of water saved helps when it comes to toilet flushes. And it’s still surprisingly powerful, too!

There is often a concern that compact toilet seats are much smaller than normal seats, making replacing them an issue.

Fortunately, this seat is the same size as most standard seat manufacturer sizes, so there’s no need to worry about that here.

A worthy contender for one of the best low-profile toilets out there. It gets our vote of approval, for sure!


  • This toilet seat is low profile, whilst also being high enough to accommodate most people.
  • Flushes with great power, and saves on water too with each flush.
  • The design looks great and feels sturdy too.
  • This toilet comes with all the installation tools you’ll need to do it yourself as well!


  • Whilst this toilet comes with all its needed tools for installation, actually installing it yourself may be tricky.
  • You may need to find a new toilet seat, as the one used here feels pretty flimsy.

Also Available From: Home Depot

Swiss Madison Chateau

American Standard is another well-known name in the world of toilets, with toilets and bidets to fill and complete pretty much every kind of household out there.

Their entry into more compact models, with the 2887 H2Option, is another example of their expertise being put to excellent use.

The surface of this latrine has been treated to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs that live in and around your bathroom.

This, plus the one-piece design that leaves no extra cracks is a great way of passively making sure that your household is protected from unnecessary infections, as well as helping give this toilet system a beautiful sheen!

Not only that, but the jet bowl water and power wash technology that is present in this system helps give the inside of the toilet bowl the best coverage it can get.

Thanks to the dual flush system inside, you have the option of going for a lighter 0.92-gallon flush, or a 1.28 for when the situation calls for it.

There’s a great amount of versatility to be found here, and that’s thanks to American Standard’s excellent design.

If you have the time to install it (and the space to put it), this is a solid choice for any bathroom.


  • The low profile of this toilet helps save on precious space.
  • Great flushing technology is packed into this toilet.
  • The pre-installed bolts help make putting this in your bathroom easier.
  • Also comes with an impressive slow-close seat feature for keeping your business quiet.


  • The tank refills at a pretty slow rate. Don’t expect quick successive flushes with this model.
  • The color options for this toilet are a little limited. Not a deal-breaking loss, but it may stick out in your bathroom if you have a theme.

Also Available From: Home Depot

Toto Carolina II

Toto is an often overlooked name when it comes to toilet manufacturers.

And that’s a shame because many of their products can stand up to the best of them.

Case in point: Their take on the classic compact low-profile toilet, the Carolina Cotton.

Being a one-piece porcelain design, this toilet seat is perfect for avoiding bacterial buildup and germ infections, whilst also making the toilet incredibly easy to clean too.

With no segmented pieces for dirt to hide, all it will take is some antibacterial spray and some tissue paper to clean, and that’s it!

And, of course, thanks to its low profile, the height of this toilet makes it optimal for many different homes.

Whether you have kids that aren’t quite tall enough to comfortably go to an ordinary toilet, if you have mobility issues, or if you have an elderly relative, this toilet is perfect for everyone.

This toilet even comes with extra features for the toilet seat itself, from temperature control to water pressure adjustments. This toilet has everything!


  • The adjustable features make this a very comfortable toilet to use.
  • No chances for leaks with this latrine, thanks to the single-piece design.
  • The one-piece toilet also makes disinfecting and cleaning super easy.
  • There’s even a built-in deodorizing system for this toilet!


  • As with many of the other entries in this guide, installing this toilet can be an issue.

Also Available From: Home Depot

Woodbridge Dual Flush One Piece

One of the most popular compact toilet designs out there right now, Woodbridge is another go-to brand name when it comes to compact toilet designs.

Not surprising, given how well-made one of their best-selling products, the Dual Flush elongated one piece, is.

Like all the best compact and low-profile latrines we have looked at, the dual flush one piece is, as the name suggests, made from a single piece of porcelain.

This makes it a favorite to both help stop the spread of infectious bacteria and germs in nooks, but also makes cleaning a breeze for pretty much anyone.

The fact that this Woodbridge toilet also has one of the lowest profiles on this list, standing at only 22 inches tall, also means that this is perfect to help avoid taking too much space up in your bathroom.

Plus, the fact that it is one of the comfiest toilet systems to use, and it is not sore on the eyes either, all add together to make a package that is not hard to see why it has sold so well!


  • Low profile both helps save space in your bathroom, and makes it accessible for pretty much everyone to use.
  • Has an attractive design that not only looks amazing but also makes maintenance and cleaning much easier.


  • Installing this toilet will likely be difficult for most people unless you already have experience with installing these

Also Available From: Woodbridge

Horow Dual Flush Compact

Many of the toilets we have already talked about, whilst very effective by many metrics, all seem to share a common issue: They can be a pretty big hassle to install for yourself!

Fortunately, at least one manufacturer has also noticed this problem. Horow is one of them, as their compact commode is built with user-friendliness in mind!

This toilet system is built for easy installation, meaning that even inexperienced hands will be able to get this latrine working in their bathroom.

Plus, it comes with many of the other excellent features you would expect from a modern compact toilet design.

Its design is only made from a few pieces, making cleaning easy, as well as having great water-saving features too.

You should consider this model, especially if you don’t want to hire a plumber!


  • This toilet is very easy to install with no professional experience.
  • Modern design makes it look great, as well as easy to clean.
  • The instructions for installing are super easy to follow!


  • The angle valve may need some extra fine-tuning before you install this model

Also Available From: Wayfair

Buyer’s Guide


Of course, if we are talking about compact and low-profile toilets, size is going to be one of the most important factors to consider whilst you are hunting for your toilet.

This manifests in two main factors: Height, and toilet depth.


Low-profile isn’t just something you say about a toilet that wants to stay out of sight.

In this case, it refers to the height of the toilet system and where the seat is.

Aside from saving on space, having a low toilet seat also means that it is more accessible for more people, whether they are children or adults, if they are retired, or if they are able-bodied or have some mobility issues.

However, a low-height toilet does have some drawbacks. It can be trickier to use for people who are above average height, such as six feet and above.

It may be worth getting a normal-sized toilet if you are well above the typical height in your area.


This is a similar trade-off situation to the issue of height for your toilet.

Your toilet depth has to accommodate both the toilet seat, as well as potentially a water tank.

Smaller depths are likely to be less comfortable to use for most people, as the toilet bowl may be too small to accommodate you.

Longer toilets take up more floor space, though, so be careful when choosing.


Most toilets today are made from porcelain, a ceramic material that is both tough and easily manufactured.

Whilst it is possible to find toilets made from materials such as steel, plastic, and even wood, they are likely to be more expensive in general.


As we’ve mentioned several times in this guide, installation can be the biggest issue with many toilet designs.

Most of the products we have listed, whilst benign and technically installable on your own, can be very difficult to do without previous experience.

If you are concerned about breaking anything, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Compact Toilets Hard To Clean?

No! Because many are made from single-piece designs, they are very easy to clean when compared to other designs.

How Do Compact Toilets Differ From Ordinary Ones?

As their names suggest, these toilets are generally smaller than regular ones, with a smaller floor plan, and reduced tank size.


There are plenty of options for smaller toilets out there. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down that search to a few great contenders.

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