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Best Shower Timer Shutoff

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Are you looking for ways to reduce your water consumption?

Do you or your family spend too much time in the shower everyday and argue over the hot water?

Best Shower Timer Shutoff

Maybe your water bills have skyrocketed and you’re looking to bring the costs down to a more reasonable level.

Whatever the reason, a shower timer shutoff is the best way to control and conserve how much water you use while you shower.

These devices will shutoff your shower after a specified period of time and will ensure you don’t waste time or water as you prepare for your day.

There are many different types of shower timer shutoff products available on the market so choosing the right one can be a difficult task.

In this article, we will look at the best options available and explain what features and functions you should consider before making your purchase.

Let’s begin by looking at some of the best timers you can buy today.

Moen S3102 Smart Shower Valve

This valve timer comes in two-valve or four-valve versions. It can be connected to several installations, allowing for customized use of showers and spas.

The timer can be controlled in a variety of ways using Wifi, including a dedicated app or other Smart Home systems like Alexa.

It can also be used with a remote control, but this needs to be purchased separately. 

The valve allows you to control the warmth of the water by getting the temperature ready before you’re ready to enter the shower spray.

You can start, stop, and pause the shower spray remotely and create 12 preset settings to save time.

The presets also allow you to set different settings for different members of the family. 

This valve works perfectly to regulate your shower and is easy to control when installed.

It gives you a wide-variety of options to get that perfect shower each time.

However, it is limited in how hot you can set your water too and sometimes, the connectivity to the associated apps is hit and miss.



  • No controller – the digital controller is sold separately

Arcware Smart Water Valve

This Smart Water Valve from Arcware can be used in a variety of places around the home, such as your sink, sprinklers, gas line, and of course, your shower.

It has a longer control/rocker arm and installation arm which allows for a more secure fitting to the ball valve than is found with many other valves.

The valve has its own app so you can control it even when out of the home, but it is also compatible with other Smart Home systems such as Alexa and Google and can be voice controlled.

The valve does require a power supply to operate, but it has a fail-safe in case of a power outage.

The motor clutch can be pulled down manually to control the valve in these circumstances.

Installation of this valve is reasonably straightforward as you do not need to remove the pipeline and should be easy enough for anyone that is handy around the home. 



  • Requires power supply – although there is a fail-safe, the valve requires electricity

EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML The Bulldog Valve Robot

This versatile valve controller is easy to install as it fits over the ball valve and doesn’t require any pipes to be removed.

It is suitable for a wide variety of valves measuring half an inch, three-quarters of an inch, one inch, one and a quarter inch, or one and a half inches.

This valve can also deal with tough installations and rigid valves due to its intelligent stroke control.

This ensures that the valve always has a high enough torque to shutoff even the most rigid valve.

The main body of the valve is made from plastic, but it’s tough enough to do the job.

If the valve is going to be installed outside and directly in the elements then it is best to cover it with a protective cover, however.

The valve does require a power supply but has a manual clutch in case of power failure.

This valve robot from EcoNet isn’t compatible with Smart Home systems straight out of the box but can be made compatible with the addition of a Smart Hub system.


  • Fits a wide range of valves – suitable for valves of various different sizes
  • Smart Hub compatible – works with a wide variety of other systems
  • Easy installation – fits directly over the ball valve to make installation quick and easy
  • Intelligent stroke control – even the most rigid valves can be operated


  • Requires power supply – although there is a fail-safe, the valve requires electricity

Vaticas Smart Water Valve

Like many other smart valves on this list, the Vaticas Smart Water Valve can also be fitted directly over the ball valve, making it a quick and easy installation.

It is compatible with a wide range of valves ranging from half an inch to one and a quarter inches, but isn’t suitable for valves measuring one and a half inches or higher.

The valve has its own dedicated app but is also compatible with Smart Home systems such as Alexa and Google and can be voice activated via these. 

The valve has leak detection, so if there is a leak in the line it’s attached to, you will receive a notification through the phone app to advise you.

It can be attached to either water or gas lines, making this a very versatile device.

As is the case with many of these valves, it requires a power supply but does have a manual clutch to close the pipeline valve if the power fails.

It’s not as sturdy and waterproof as many other valves, so we wouldn’t recommend installing it outdoors. 


  • Leak detection – the valve can detect leaks in the line and will notify you
  • Easy installation – fits directly over the ball valve to make installation quick and easy
  • Fits a wide range of valves – suitable for valves of various different sizes
  • Smart Home compatible – valve can be used with Smart Home systems such as Alexa and Google


  • Requires power supply – although there is a fail-safe, the valve requires electricity

Buying Guide

Before you buy a shower timer shutoff, there are a few features and functions that you should look for.

In this buying guide, we will give you all of the information you need to choose the right product for you.

Types Of Timers

There are various ways that shower times work and can be controlled.

The most common are timers designed specifically for showers that connect to the shower hoses.

They usually have a control panel that needs to be installed somewhere near, either inside the shower itself or close by.

These often require no electricity to power them and are reasonably easy to install.

The most common type you will find are timers that connect directly to the hoses, often over the ball valve, and can be used on any types of pipes or hoses, including even gas pipes.

There is usually no control panel with this type of timer and they are controlled purely by Bluetooth or Wifi.

Both of these types of timers are easy to add to already installed showers.

They can require electricity but often have a manual control in case of a power outage.

The third option is to have a shower head that has a timer built-in.

With these, there is no need to connect anything to the shower hoses other than the shower head itself.

They can have control panels but usually controlled by Bluetooth and Wifi, also.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom completely and are looking to install a shower timer, a smart shower head can be a quick and convenient option.


Different shower timers allow you to control them in different ways.

Some come with their own remote control that allows you to operate them or set timers from within the same room only.

Others have Bluetooth compatibility so they can be operated from anywhere within Bluetooth range, which is typically far enough to cover your entire house.

These might use their own dedicated app as interface whereas others can be integrated into more general Smart Home apps.

Smart Home Compatibility

Some shower timers can be linked up to other Smart applications such as Alexa, Google, or Homekit.

This makes it even easier to control your shower timers as they can be operated from apps that you already use and are familiar with.

They will also add the possibility of voice control to your shower timer and allow you to control your shower even when you’re not at home!

Keeping all of your Smart Home functions in the same app is the easiest way to take control of your home.


Something else to consider when you choose a shower timer is how complicated the installation is going to be.

If you’re having an shower timer installed as part of a bathroom remodel then this isn’t as important as any expert plumber should be able to install a timer as easily as they can install a shower.

However, if you’re looking to add a timer to an existing bathroom or want to do it yourself, then take note of how the timer will be installed. 

Most need some sort of connection to the shower hose and others will have additional parts to install too, such as wall-mounted control panels.

The easiest type of shower timer shutoffs to install yourself are valves that fit over the ball valve, as these do not require direct connection to any pipes.

Double check that any hardware needed for installation is included with the timer and that you will be able to do the installation yourself before you try.

Damaging walls or breaking shower hoses will lead to repair bills that are far more expensive than hiring a professional to install your timer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions regarding shower timers and automatic shutoffs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Shower Timer?

A shower time can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of them.

  • Time tracking

A shower timer allows you to track your bathroom trends. You can see exactly how long you spend in the shower and this can help you track how much water you use when you shower. Knowing how much water you can use can help you reduce your water usage, which in turn reduces your water bills (see also ‘Average Water Bill In Phoenix‘) and will be more beneficial for the environment.

  • Timer

It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re in the shower, but a shower timer shutoff ensures that you won’t spend more time in the shower than you plan to. You can also use it to plan how much water you are going to use each time you shower.

  • Automation Features

Shower times have a range of features that can improve your life. From setting schedules to planning shower times, you can use these features to keep on top of how you use your shower. This can be especially useful in larger families that might be competing for time in the shower and the hot water!

  • Leak Detection

As well as controlling your shower, many of these timers can warn you if there is a leak in your pipelines. This is especially the case with valve timers as they can monitor a drop in water pressure and will notify you that there is a leak. This can save a lot of money as the earlier leaks are caught, the less water damage they will cause.

How Much Water Can You Save By Reducing Your Shower Time?

Showers are generally the third largest water use in the home behind toilets and clothes washers.

Reducing the amount of water used by toilets and washing machines can be tricky, but reducing shower time is far easier.

The average shower time in America is around 8 minutes and 12 seconds..

At an average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute, that means that the average American shower uses 17.2 gallons of water.

If you only reduce your shower time by 30 seconds, you save a gallon of water and this will quickly add up over the course of your daily showers

Final Thoughts

Reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower is one of the easiest ways to save water and reduce your water bills.

Installing a shower timer shutoff makes tracking your shower time and reducing it so much easier as you don’t need to manually time your showers or keep an eye on the clock.

It will help the entire family become more economical with their water use while still showering.

With experience, you’ll soon get used to the shorter showers and will finish up even before your timer tells you to!

We hope that the information in this article will help you pick the right shower timer shutoff for you and will help reduce your water consumption.

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