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Average Water Bill In Phoenix (Plus How To Lower Yours)

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In today’s climate, no one wants to spend more on their bills  than they need to.

However, it can be difficult working out how much you should be spending on your water bill and if you are spending more than you need to. 

A great way to keep track of if your water bill is too expensive is to compare it to other water bills in your area.

So, if you live in the area of Phoenix and you are wondering how much the average water bill is in your area, then this is the article for you.

We are going to be looking at the average water bill for Phoenix and at all the different ways you can try and lower your own.

This way, you can spend less on your water bill and put that money towards more important things. 

What Is The Average Water Bill In Phoenix, Arizona?

In a 2019 report published by the city of Phoenix, it is stated that the average cost of a monthly water bill for a family household is $41.69.

In another report released in 2021, the city of Phoenix reported an increase in water rates that bumped up the average monthly water bill by $2.40 every month. 

This means that the average water bill in Phoenix is now $44.09 per month. The average annual bill for water in Phoenix is now $529.08. 

Of course, a lot of Phoenix residents also pay a service charge for their meter size every month. So, depending on the size of your meter, you will also have an additional fee on top of your water bill.

This fee can range from a minimum of $4.64 for a city core 5/8 inch water meter to a monthly fee of $221.59 for an outer city core 6 inch water meter. 

Again on top of this, you will also need to pay a water consumption fee if you use more water than what your monthly water bill charge is.

Most households in Phoenix will charge a certain amount per 748 gallons over your monthly charge.

These fees also vary from season to season and differ from within the city core to outside the city core. 

There is also an additional environmental charge for every 748 gallons of water your household uses. The charge is currently set at $0.62. 

Are Water Bills In Phoenix Expensive?

Compared to the average water bill for all households all across the United States, water bills in Phoenix are actually very reasonable and affordable. 

The average cost of a water bill in the United States is actually $70.39 per month so households in Phoenix actually spread just over half that amount every month on water.

When you work out the annual bill for water based on the average monthly bill in the US, the average US household spends $844.68 a year on water – nearly double the average annual bill for water in Phoenix! 

However, the average monthly water bill in Phoenix is more expensive than the average water bill for the rest of the state.

The average water bill for households in Arizona is $39.25, so this means that it is more affordable to live outside of Phoenix rather than within the city.

This is expected as generally, everything increases in cost as you move closer and closer to the inner city.

Another thing to note is that this average Phoenix water bill is not the guaranteed cost in every area of Phoenix.

Water rates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and water rates are expected to rise in the coming years. 

This rise in water rats is expected for two reasons: the first is the aftermath of the pandemic, the second reason is due to climate change.

Phoenix uses the Colorado River as one of its main sources of water and the river has been shrinking increasingly fast due to climate change.

This means that there is less water available every year, and thus it is driving up the cost of water rates in Phoenix. 

How To Lower The Cost Of Your Water Bill

How To Lower The Cost Of Your Water Bill

If your water bill is too much for your liking, then here are some hints and tips to lower your monthly average cost.

Take note of which ones you can implement and hopefully, you will start to see an impact on your monthly bills. 

Water Softeners 

Water softeners are a must-have if you live within Phoenix. Because the city sources its water from natural rivers, the water used in your household is typically more rich in minerals than anywhere else in the United States.

This richness in minerals turns the water into ‘hard water’ and it is very difficult to work with.

This means that you and your household appliances have to work harder using hard water than they would with soft water from another state. 

For example, a dishwasher would have to use more water and energy cleaning the same dishes as it would with softer water from elsewhere. 

According to the Water Quality Research Council, a home that uses hard water for its household heading sees an increase in energy bills of 29%.

Hard water also cleans water heaters breaking down sooner than they should, and causes a 48% decrease in water heater efficiency. 

Installing a water softener in your home will just make life so much easier.

It turns hard water into soft water and this will lead to you using less water and energy to complete the same tasks and chores as you would using hard water.

It also saves you precious time when washing dishes and appliances too – so a water softener in a Phoenix home is a must! 

Check For Leaks In Your Heating And Appliances

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average US household wastes nearly 10,000 gallons of water every year through leaks. 

This is a huge amount of water and just how much that costs in water bills! 

This is why it’s so important for you to check all of your piping, appliances and units for any water leaks. Even just a little trickle of water could be costing you a ton of money every month in fees.

Some of the biggest culprits when it comes to leaks and water wastage are heaters, toilets, dishwashers and humidifiers. 

So, check your pipes and fix any leaks to help save you a huge chunk of your water bills every year! 

Stay On Top Of Your Meter And Seasonal Fees

Stay On Top Of Your Meter And Seasonal Fees

Unfortunately, Phoenix implements seasonal fees that go up and down depending on which month you are in.

For example, the rate of water consumption increases during the summer months which is also a time when we may be tempted to use more water for swimming pools, more showers and washing.

This can make your water bills in the summer more expensive than they are in the winter. 

However, you should always stay on top of these fees and keep an eye out for when they decrease or increase.

If your water bill is still on the more expensive rate as you move into October, then you need to contact your water company to avoid being charged at the wrong rate. 

The same goes with your water meter. Malfunctions and errors can result in you being charged for more water than you have actually used, so it’s important that you keep on top of your water usage.

Water meters are also great for working out if there is a leak in your house so it’s definitely worth paying close attention to your water meter and making sure that it is accurate. 

Save On Water, Save On Bills

Of course, one of the most basic ways to save on your water bills is to just use less water.

You shouldn’t avoid showering or staying hydrated but there are a few little changes you can do that can cut down the cost of your water bills over time. 

For example, you should turn the faucet off when you are brushing your teeth. For some reason, a lot of people let the faucet run when they are brushing their teeth every single day.

Switching that faucet off will save you so much water over time and thus, cut back on your bills too! 

Other bits of advice include only using your washing machine when you have a full load.

This means that you will wash more clothes with the same amount of water and over time, cut down how often you use your washing machine

The same advice goes for the dishwasher. If you use a dishwasher only when it is completely full, then it is actually a more efficient way to wash your dishes than washing them by hand!

So not only will you save yourself money on your water bill, but you will also save yourself hours trying to clean your dishes by hand. 


Considering that Phoenix is a city in a desert, the average water bill is still a lot more affordable than it is in other parts of the US. 

Despite this, its average monthly cost of $44.09 is only an average and is not the guaranteed cost every month for every citizen.

So, if you want to reduce the cost of your water bill, then you should consider the above recommendations and hopefully, you will then see your water bill reduce in cost over time. 

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