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Ruud Water Heaters Review

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This company not only produces heavily-tested water heaters, but it has ties to some of the biggest names in the market. Let’s take a moment to get to know this company and why it’s so important.

Ruud water heaters

About Ruud Water Heaters

Immigration’s effect on jobs has been a big topic lately, and the story of Ruud is a good example of how one migrant can greatly improve the lives of millions. It all began with immigrant Edwin Ruud, who was working for George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh during the 1880s. At this point in history, hot water baths were still being handled by boiling water on the stove and pouring them into the bath. Edwin wanted to change that.

Constructing a water storage tank that looked more like a robot from some 1970s sci-fi movie, Ruud designed it to function automatically, making it the very first true water heater. His design was marketed and patented beginning in 1889, and he soon bought the rights from Westinghouse so he could open up his own water heater company in 1897.

In the years up until his death in 1932, Ruud continued to innovate, making both large and small breakthroughs that kept his company at the forefront of water heater technology. In 1959, Rheem purchased the Ruud Manufacturing Company and now manufacture Ruud products. Ruud water heaters are also sold under the “Rheem-Ruud” brand name.

Today, Edwin Ruud’s legacy provides some of the most reliable and innovative hot water heaters in the world, as well as  jobs and highly skilled training to a large workforce from all walks of life.

Gas and Propane Models

Ruud gas water heaterUsing gas and propane to heat water isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t mean the technology is the same as in your grandpa’s water heater. Modern heaters are more efficient and environmentally-friendly than their predecessors. As a result, gas heaters remain a staple in both residential and commercial settings.


All Ruud gas water heaters are designed to provide quality that won’t fade over time. Many models include eco-friendly features or self-diagnostic systems. With a wide range of sizes, there’s a perfect tank for every home.


The modern starting point of Ruud gas water heaters, the Pacemaker line come in a number of sizes ranging from 28 to 60 gallons. All models feature the Guardian System, which exceeds ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance. Available in both tall and short designs, the Pacemaker series offers both Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx versions running at a UEF of .58 to .62.

A patented magnesium anode rod with resistor helps protect against rust better than standard stock anodes. The tank’s health is further improved by the EverKleen system, which reduces sediment buildup to make the tank extremely low-maintenance. With all of these features, the Pacemaker proves Ruud’s philosophy of keeping high standards on even entry-level models.

Professional Achiever

Ranging from .51 to .69 UEF, this line is well-insulated and provides a minimum 40 ng/J NOx requirement, with some models achieving Ultra-Low NOx standards. A number of venting options are available, as well as a range of tank sizes from 29 to 50 gallons in both tall and short designs.

All models feature the Guardian System, which automatically shuts off the heater when it senses an accumulation of flammable vapor. They also include a patented Rheemglas lining and premium anode rod for maximum corrosion resistance. To top these features off, many models include the EverKleen system to reduce sediment buildup and help make maintenance a snap.

Professional Achiever Plus

The Professional Achiever Plus line builds upon the stable foundation of its sister line, adding in several features of its own. With a UEF range of .58 to .71 and sizes ranging from 29 to 98 gallons, this is the perfect line for a busier household. All models include the Guardian System and are rated at either Low NOx or Ultra-Low NOx.

Ruud understands it can be easy to forget regular maintenance, so they’ve included several features to help maintain your water heater. Depending on the model, these features may include the EverKleen system, Rheemglas lining, EcoNet compatibility, or even Rheem’s R-Tech resistored anode rod technology.

Professional Achiever Ultra

When you want the best gas heaters Ruud has to offer, you look to this line. Boasting .68 to .83 UEF and Low NOx emissions, these are highly efficient and are designed to shut off when flammable gasses are detected.

The direct vent model has dual anode rods for superior rust protection, while the powered damper model is ENERGY STAR compliant. The Ultra line may be small, but they provide excellent efficiency for busy households where large volumes of hot water are essential.

Electric Models

Ruud electric water heaterElectric water heaters tend to have a higher overall efficiency than gas models, but have their share of environmental issues due to the lossy nature of power lines. Most houses these days have electric heaters by default, as they can come in very small point-of-use sizes as well as large models.


Ruud’s electric water heaters provide excellent efficiency and high durability. Each model has its own perks, from compact size to easy-to-read electronic displays. Best of all, these Ruud products require minimal maintenance and each have their own features to make them the best at what they do.

Tabletop Line

Designed to fit into your kitchen, Ruud’s current tabletop model is a 40-gallon, .81 UEF wonder. The baked enamel finish makes the tank attractive and resistant to both heat and acid. A four inch splash panel further protects your home from spills or staining.

Full insulation, rear piping channel, magnesium anode rod, and easy top access to water fittings all make this a perfect choice for any busy kitchen or small apartment.

Professional Achiever

The Professional Achiever series adds both point-of-use and tall units that provide .90 to .93 UEF to help keep your bills and carbon footprint low. An automatic thermostat keeps water temperature right where you want it, while a protector circuit shut the heater off when temperatures get too high.

The point-of-use models are 2.5 gallons up to 30 gallons and use a single resistored stainless steel heating element and a Rheemglas lining to ensure a longer tank life. Best of all, these units are U.L listed and NAECA compliant.

Meanwhile, the tall tanks in this line range from 19.9 to 55 gallons and use a resistored copper upper element and Lifeguard stainless steel lower element for a longer tank life. Many of these units include System Sentinel, an exclusive diagnostics system which uses LEDs to pinpoint functioning and malfunctioning heating elements. They also include the EverKleen system to reduce sediment buildup and further extend your tank’s life.

Professional Achiever Plus

Designed to give higher performance at a lower operational cost, this mid-range line offers tanks ranging from 30 to 50 gallons, providing a UEF between .90 and .93. All models in this series include the System Sentinel diagnostics system and EverKleen technology, as well as an over-temperature protector that cuts power if the water becomes too hot.

Professional Ultra

The 40 to 50 gallon tanks of the Professional Ultra line provide a comfortable .93 UEF so your bills stay cool while your water stays hot. The Super Sentinel diagnostics system makes it easy to monitor multiple units, while the EcoNet compatibility means you can check the status of your heater anytime, anywhere.

Complete with EverKleen technology, dual 5500 watt stainless steel heating elements, premium grade anode rod, and a 12-year warranty, this series is among the best household designs on the market.

Tankless Models

Ruud tankless water heaterAn important innovation of recent years is the tankless heater. These provide hot water on demand without requiring a bulky tank. This not only makes them more efficient, it also means they can fit into much smaller spaces.


Ruud’s entire collection of tankless gas water heaters are designed to be extremely efficient without sacrificing quality. All models include a self diagnostic system, EZ-Link cable to connect multiple units together, and precise temperature control – all in a compact package.


These .81 to .82 UEF units include both indoor and outdoor models. The line features all copper heat exchangers and EcoNet capability, allowing for fast, hot water delivery on demand. Additionally, they feature Guardian OFW (Overheat Film Wrap), which helps prevent dangerous temperatures.

Since all models in this line are Ultra-Low NOx, you can sleep easy knowing that luxurious hot water has very little impact on the environment.

Professional Ultra Series

This line comprises of condensing heaters, reducing your water bill as well as your carbon footprint. In addition, all heaters in the line are capable of .93 UEF and some models are also ENERGY STAR rated. Like the Mid-Efficiency line, these heaters are all Ultra-Low NOx and feature Guardian OFW. Each unit comes with a stainless steel heat exchanger, adding to their efficiency.

Hybrid Models

Ruud hybrid electric water heaterHybrid heaters are all the rage these days, with their insanely high UEF ratings and ultra-low operating costs. Ruud continues to stand at the forefront of this new technology, offering some of the best hybrid heaters on the market.


All Ruud hybrid heaters are ENERGY STAR compliant and designed to fit low (or no) clearance spaces by having all connections on the sides. The Hybrid Builder models are WiFi capable and grid interactive, with an efficiency ranging from 3.50 to 3.75 UEF.

Professional Series Ultra

Consisting of 50, 65, and 80 gallon models, this line is perhaps the best you’ll find in current hybrids, boasting a whopping 3.55 to 3.70 UEF and ultra-fast hot water delivery. EcoNet capability is matched with an LCD screen on the heater itself, while five separate modes allow for operations that match your needs at any given time.

These models also include Incoloy stainless steel resistor elements and a resistored premium anode rod. Meanwhile, dry fire protection, two-inch non-CFC insulation, and the ability to install earthquake and vibration isolation kits make this line a perfect choice for Californians and those living in other fault zones.

Ruud Water Heater Parts

Most Ruud water heaters are designed to be compatible with standard parts, allowing you to replace that bad heating element or thermostat. Thermocouples, drain valves, anode rods, T&P valves, and fittings are all likely to be outlived by your water heater and can be purchased when problems due arise.

Ruud’s online store also offers a water heater tune-up kit that includes R-Tech elements, as well as expansion tanks for those who want to ensure their heater stays on top of the game.


Where to Buy Ruud Water Heaters

Ruud water heaters for the most part are not available for purchase online or at your local big box home improvement store. To find a local dealer, visit Ruud’s “Find a Contractor” page.

Ruud Water Heater Contact Info

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