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Kenmore Water Heaters Review

These appliances make up a small portion of the diverse Kenmore catalog, yet they share the same level of quality as their other products.

About Kenmore Water Heaters

Kenmore’s first product was actually a sewing machine in 1913. The company showly expanded into washing machines in the late 1920s and vacuum cleaners in 1932. After the war, Kenmore expands to dryers, kitchen ranges, dishwashers, and even the TurboMatic – the world’s first washer/dryer combo unit – in 1957.

Today, the company produces models for just about every home appliance you could need, from refrigerators to water heaters and everything in between.

Kenmore gas water heater

Gas and Propane Models

Kenmore’s line of gas and propane water heaters are designed to heat your water well and keep it hot between uses. Gas heaters are generally cheaper to operate than electric models but are a little less efficient.


All Kenmore gas heaters have cobalt blue glass lining for superior protection, with the high-end models having Ultra-Coat lining. Additionally, many models feature a self-cleaning cold water inlet (dip) tube to reduce sediment buildup, energy efficient foam insulation, and come in 40, 50, and 74 gallon models.

Gas models come with up to a 12-year warranty and some include dual anode rods for extra protection against corrosion.

Kenmore electric water heaterElectric Models

Electric water heaters are highly efficient, although they can be more expensive to run than a gas heater. Kenmore electric water heaters are designed to provide maximum heat retention at a low running cost.


All Kenmore electric water heaters have a full three inches of energy-efficient foam to prevent heat loss. Cobalt blue glass lining helps defend against corrosion, while the cold water inlet tube is designed to be self cleaning for reduced sediment buildup.

Available in either 40 or 50 gallon tank sizes, these units can also be connected to the Kenmore Smart Electric Water Heater Module to allow for remote monitoring via the Kenmore app.

Kenmore hybrid water heaterHybrid Electric Model

Kenmore currently offers a single hybrid model with plenty of features to reduce both your bills and carbon footprint. This ENERGY STAR compliant device is rated at 3.24 UEF and draws heat from the surrounding air to help warm the water.

Operating at a whisper-quiet 51 dBa and providing an intuitive, easy-to-read display, this unit also has the ability to be connected via the Kenmore WiFi app (download on iTunes or Google Play) for remote monitoring and control.

Best Kenmore Water Heater Models






Kenmore 57250


Kenmore 58650


Kenmore 33136 Power Vent


Kenmore Elite 59250


Kenmore 58250

Kenmore Water Heater Parts

As with all water heaters, Kenmore heaters will require occasional maintenance or parts replacement. Anodes and valves may need replaced more often than others. Over time, you may find the need to replace the thermostat, thermocouple, pilot assembly, burners, or heating element.

Kenmore also offers thermal expansion tanks to increase the overall capacity of your water heater by 2-5 gallons.


Where to Buy Kenmore Water Heaters

Kenmore water heaters can be purchased at Sears, Ace Hardware, and other online and local dealers.

Kenmore Water Heater Contact Info

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