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The 15 Best Sauna Heaters For Your Home Sauna

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If you’re lucky enough to own your own home sauna, then you must get a top-quality sauna heater to get the most out of it. 

A sauna heater is what provides that necessary intense warmth inside the sauna, providing you with all the health benefits and relaxation of a good sauna.  

Selecting the right sauna heater for your home sauna can be an ordeal, as there are many different brands of sauna heater available on the market today.

Without doing sufficient research, you may end up paying more than you should be paying for a substandard sauna heater. 

That’s where we come in to help you in this process of making an informed decision before you purchase a sauna heater for your home sauna. 

When it comes to sauna heaters, there are four main varieties.  These include; electric, gas, wood-burning, and infrared. 

Each of these types of sauna heater have their own range of advantages, depending on the type of sauna and the preferences of the user. 

Understanding the differences between these varieties of sauna heater is key to getting the perfect sauna heater for your home sauna.  

To help you on this quest for the perfect sauna heater for your home sauna, we have put together an extensive guide about each type of sauna heater, and a list of 15 of the very best that the market has to offer. 

We will include sauna heaters that are appropriate for a range of budget limitations. 

We will also explain in detail what you should be looking for in a sauna heater in our Buyers’ Guide.






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Types Of Sauna Heater

Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

This type of sauna heater is the most old-fashioned method of heating up a sauna room. 

A large advantage of wood-burning sauna heaters is that they are relatively inexpensive to run. 

They also provide a more authentic and traditional sauna experience, as the burning wood creates an ambience that is difficult to replicate with other heating methods. 

You can use a wood-burning sauna heater in either a dry or a wet sauna. 

This versatility is another advantage of this more traditional heating method. In addition, wood-burning sauna heaters can provide a surprisingly high level of heat. 

Because of this, wood-burning sauna heaters can be used in large sauna rooms, as well as smaller ones.  

The next big advantage of using a wood-burning sauna heater is that they do not require access to electricity or gas. 

Because of this, they can be used for saunas in remote locations where there is limited access to electricity.  

Finally, a big advantage of a wood-burning sauna heater is that it uses a renewable fuel source. 

The CO2 that is created by burning logs is balanced out by the growing of new trees, making wood-burning sauna heaters a more renewable option compared to electric or gas sauna heaters. 

Infrared Sauna Heater

Today, infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular for home saunas rooms. 

They are relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain. 

You also have a high level of temperature control for the sauna, which is ideal for those who require a more personalized sauna experience.

Infrared sauna heaters operate by heating our bodies rather than the environment itself, unlike the other types of sauna heater mentioned here.  

The main cost involved with infrared sauna heaters is the cost of the initial installation.  

There are many studied health benefits of using the infrared sauna.  They have been shown to boost metabolism, reduce signs of aging, and fight sickness. 

Electric Sauna Heater

Electric sauna heaters are a far more convenient alternative to the traditional wood-burning sauna heater.  

Electric sauna heaters are typically constructed from stainless steel.  They use heating coils to produce the desired temperature in the sauna room. 

Many electric sauna heaters can be custom-built to better suit your needs in your home sauna. 

Extra features include things like ambient lighting and a digital temperature control interface. 

Compared to the traditional wood-burning sauna heater, electric sauna heaters tend to have a higher price tag. 

Despite this, they are reasonably inexpensive to run and maintain.  

Gas Sauna Heater 

The final type of sauna heater is the gas sauna heater. 

This heating method is typically used in commercial saunas, particularly ones that require a large space to heat up very quickly. 

Because gas sauna heaters can be run for long periods of time, and they have a broad temperature range, making them great for use in steam saunas and for larger sauna rooms.

The main drawback of gas sauna heaters is that they are expensive to run and maintain. 

For this reason, they are very rarely used outside of commercial settings. 

The operation of these types of gas heating systems can be very technically challenging, and they often require a professional to maintain them properly. 

Gas, as a fuel source, can also be very expensive compared to the other heating methods discussed above.  

In addition, petroleum gas is a form of fossil fuel, which creates a high carbon footprint, and is therefore bad for the environment. 

For these reasons, we recommend that you use one of the other heating methods for your home sauna. 

The Top 15 Best Sauna Heaters 

Let’s get right into the list.  Here are the top 15 best sauna heaters available on the market today.  We’ve included a link to purchase each of these sauna heaters online. 

Our Top Pick: Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater


  • 6kw, 240v/1ph, 25 Amps, 10 Gauge Wire
  • Maximum 300 cubic feet
  • Stainless Interior & Elements

This electric sauna heater, made by Harvia, is our top pick for the best electric sauna heater you can buy today. 

Te Finlandia FLB-60 has a wall-mounted design that can heat 300 cubic feet of space with ease.  It is also relatively compact and lightweight.

This electric sauna heater works very efficiently.  It uses stainless steel heating elements that gain a very high temperature quickly. 

In addition, it has a high capacity for sauna rocks.  

The Finlandia FLB-60 also has some special features that earned it its spot at the top of our list. 

This includes features such as the control panel, which has a timer and an option to pre-heat the sauna up to 8 hours.  

The construction quality, heating speed, sleek design, and added features make the Finlandia FLB-60 our top pick for the best electric sauna heater. 


  • Durable, sturdy metal construction 
  • High sauna stone capacity that can produce plenty of steam and heat 
  • Creates a traditional sauna feel


  • The heater does not feature a remote control.  The control panel is only on the top of the heating unit itself. 

Best Budget Option: Vevor 2KW Sauna Heater


  • Power: 2KW, Working Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Stainless Steel shell
  • Wall-mount design
  • Temperature control can reach a temperature is 90℃

If you find yourself on a relatively tight budget, then you will want to take a look at our best budget option; the Vevor 2KW Sauna Heater. 

This inexpensive electric sauna heater has a simple design, and it’s very easy to use. 

Additionally, it has a durable stainless steel construction that is rust-resistant and long-lasting. 

Despite its low price tag, the Vevor 2KW does not compromise on construction quality, so there’s no cause for concern about it breaking or rusting.  

The best thing about the Vevor 2KW is its ease of use.  It has simple knobs on the unit itself that control the temperature. 

It can also detect the temperature level and adjust itself if the temperature becomes too high. 

It can heat the sauna to a temperature of 90℃, and it even has an inbuilt timer. 

This dry sauna heater is unbeatable for the price point. 

If you are looking for something simple and easy to use, but something that does not compromise on quality, then check out the Vevor 2KW. 


  • Sturdy construction 
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Easy to operate 


  • Only for small sauna rooms up to 106 cubic feet.

Best Wood-Burning Sauna Heater: Harvia M3


  • Size: 15 3/8″w × 17″d × 28″h
  • Galvanized Metal-Black with Stainless
  • Min.-Max. Cubic Feet: 159 – 459

If you want the real, authentic sauna experience in your own home sauna room, then you will need our top wood-burning sauna heated, the Harvia M3.

Nothing can truly replicate that authentic wood-burning sauna feel.  The burning wood creates a pleasant atmosphere and ambience in the sauna room.  

This wood-burning sauna heater features a glass door, allowing you to easily see the fire as you bask in the pleasant heat that it provides. 

This wood-burning sauna heater can be used in either small or large sauna rooms up to 459 cubic feet. 

Although wood-burning sauna heaters to require more effort and maintenance than electric sauna heaters, nothing can beat that authentic sauna feel with a wood-burning sauna heater such as the Harvia M3. 


  • Sleek design of galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Includes sauna stones
  • Authentic feel and experience 


  • Higher level of upkeep and effort required

Suninlife Sauna Heater 


  • Power: 2kW, Voltage – 120v
  • Max capacity – 105.9 cubic feet
  • High-quality stainless steel construction 

The Suninlife 2kW sauna heater is a very reasonably-priced electric sauna heater that is ideal for small to medium-sized sauna rooms.

This easy-to-install electric sauna heater can be mounted to the wall of your sauna, conserving valuable space.inside. 

This affordable sauna heater features a stainless steel heating coil that provides heat very quickly. 

It also has an inbuilt timer, so you can set your sauna heater to turn on at a specified time. 

Temperature controls are very easy to use too, so you can personalize your sauna experience to tailor to your needs. 

Unfortunately, the Suninlife sauna heater does not include sauna stones, so these must be bought separately.  This sauna heater requires 12 kg of sauna stones.


  • Strong, durable, long-lasting stainless steel construction
  • Inbuilt timer and temperature controls
  • Wall-mounted design


  • Only suitable for small to medium sized sauna rooms

Turku Mini Sauna Heater 


  • For wet or dry saunas
  • Sauna capacity – 250 to 250 cubic feet
  • Power – 9KW, Voltage – 240v

Despite its super compact size, the Turku Mini packs a punch.  With 2KW of power, it can even heat reasonably sized sauna rooms up to 450 cubic feet! 

This easy-to-use compact sauna heater features knobs that allow you to control the temperature. 

It heats up surprisingly quickly thanks to its ventilated design. 

Suitable for both we or dry saunas, this versatile little sauna heater has earned itself a worthy spot on our list. 

This relatively inexpensive and versatile heater may be the perfect compact sauna heater for your home sauna room. 


  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Compact size
  • Heats up quickly


  • Not large enough for commercial use

HUUM Hive Wood 13kW Sauna Stove


  • Includes 198 lbs of sauna stones
  • For saunas from 210 to 460 cubic feet
  • Limited 5-year warranty

This wood-burning sauna heater from HUUM is for those looking for a truly premium sauna experience. 

With a whopping 198 lbs of sauna stones included, this wood-fueled sauna stove doesn’t just look the part – it performs impeccably well.

This wood-burning sauna heater is built to last, with a robust stainless steel flame tamer,  it is built for longevity and durability. 

All this quality in terms of materials, aesthetics, and performance does come with a hefty price tag, however. 

This certainly isn’t a sauna heater to consider if you’re on a tight budget. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Includes 198 lbs of sauna stones
  • Provides authentic, luxurious sauna experience


  • Expensive 

SurmountWay Dry Steam Electric Sauna Heater 


  • Power – 6KW, Voltage – 240V
  • Stainless Steel shell
  • Wall-mounted design

This wall-mounted, electric sauna heater can bring a sauna of up to 300 cubic feet to a temperature of 90℃ thanks to its 6KW of power. 

Although the SurmountWay Dry Steam Electric Sauna Heater may not be the most inexpensive sauna heater on our list, it is still of good value for the quality of construction and the overall performance. 

SurmountWay have garnered themselves a positive reputation for making realiable and long-lasting sauna heaters. 

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, you are guaranteed an electric sauna heater that will provide longevity and a consistently high-end performance. 


  • Wall-mounted design
  • Built-in control panel for temperature and timing control
  • Powerful enough for a large sauna room


  • Does not include sauna stones 

Coasts AMA30A Wet And Dry Heater 


  •  Power – 3KW – Voltage – 240v
  • Energy-saving design
  • Compact mini-heater 

The Coasts AM30A is an energy efficient dry sauna heater that provides a high level of power despite its compact size.

It can reach temperatures of up to 115℃ without using a high amount of electricity, thanks to its energy-saving design. 

Inside the tank of this heater are galvanized sheets that are resistant to high levels  of pressure. 

Surrounding these sheets is a  fluorocarbon-coated shell.  Both of these parts of the Coasts AM30A reduce energy loss drastically, making this sauna heater as efficient as possible. 

It is also therefore environmentally-friendly. 

This sauna heater is versatile as it is suited for both wet and dry saunas.  


  • Durable construction 
  • Automatic safety features for protection against overheating 
  • Suitable for both wet and dry saunas


  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized saunas

Amerec Sauna Heater 


  • Power: 8kW Voltage – 240v
  • Includes 50lbs of sauna stones
  • Size: 23”H × 16”W × 11”D 

This Amerec electric sauna heater has a wall-mounted design and 8000 W of power. 

Inside this electric sauna heater you will find stainless steel heating elements, which are fast-heating and long-lasting.

Additionally, this sauna heater features a remote thermostat, which you can control from anywhere inside the sauna. 

This is great because you do not have to get up and move to adjust the temperature, enhancing the relaxing experience of the sauna. 


  • Includes sauna stones
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Includes remote control thermostat 


  • Expensive

Harvia Legend 150 Wood-Burning Sauna Heater


  • Size: 23 5/8″w × 23 5/8″d + 7 1/8″d collar ×  32 3/4″h
  • Galvanized Metal-Black
  • Suitable for 176 to 459 cubic feet

Harvia is a brand that has garnered itself a positive reputation over the years for manufacturing high quality sauna heaters. 

The Harvia Legend 240SL is a wood-burning sauna heater that lives up to expectations.

This aesthetically-pleasing sauna heater provides an authentic and relaxing sauna experience.

Despite its more traditional appearance, this sauna heater features a modern-style grate in order to separate the combustion air to make sure the wood burns evenly and efficiently. 


  • Well-respected sauna heater brand
  • High sauna stone capacity
  • Strong, durable construction


  • Expensive compared to other sauna heaters on our list 

Toule NTSA90 Wet And Dry Digital Sauna Heater


  • Digital controller 
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized sauna
  • Power: 9kW, Voltage – 240v

The Toule NTSA90 is a compact and easy-to-use sauna heater that is suitable for either wet or dry saunas. 

A sauna heater of this size and power is big enough for small to medium-sized saunas.  

With the Toule NTSA90, you will have a reliable electric sauna heater that will last you a long time. 

This is because it is constructed for durability, and it is ETL certified. 

With this electric sauna heater, you also get a digital controller that allows you to adjust the level of heat of your sauna with ease. 

The Toule NTSA90 is designed for sauna sessions of up to an hour.  


  • Heats up quickly 
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sleek design


  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized saunas. 

Harvia Topclass Electric Sauna Heater


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for saunas from 247 to 424 cubic feet
  • Includes sauna stones 

When it comes to electric sauna heaters, Harvia is without a doubt the go-to brand for most home sauna rooms.  

The Harvia Topclass is an ideal sauna heater for medium or even larger sauna rooms. 

It can heat a sauna room that is up to 424 cubic feet large.  It also features a handy control panel, giving you control over your temperature settings and the timer.

This level of control allows you to personalize your sauna experience and create the ideal sauna environment for you. 

The Topclass electric sauna heater from Harvia also features a wall-mounted design. 

This is ideal if you want to conserve space inside your sauna, and it is good for proper heat dispersion. 


  • Includes sauna rocks
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Sleek wall-mounted design


  • Expensive 

TECSPACE Sauna Heater


  • Power: 9kW, Voltage – 240V
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Oxidation-resistant heating elements 

This TECSPACE electric sauna heater is suitable for small to medium sauna rooms – from 70 to 106 cubic feet.  This unit can heat up a sauna room to 90℃. 

This sauna heater features a control panel on the front of the unit. 

This easy-to-use sauna heater has a temperature control dial and a timer, so you can set it for your sauna to heat up at the desired time. 

Unfortunately, this sauna heater does not come with sauna stones, therefore, you must purchase 20 kg of sauna stones separately. 


  • Wall-mounted design 
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Fast-heating 


  • Suitable only for small saunas

HUUM Drop 


  • Power: 6kW, Voltage – 240v
  • Includes 132 lbs of sauna stones
  • Includes remote control 

The HUUM Drop is a 6kW electric sauna heater with an incredibly sleek design. 

A wall-mounted steel cage is packed with rounded Olivene sauna stones with the heating eliment inside. 

This can be controlled by a wood paneled handheld remote control. 

This great-looking, modern electric sauna heater would not look out of place in even the most luxurious saunas.  

This elegant and compact wall-mounted electric sauna heater guarantees a perfect sauna experience every time. 

The curved design of the unit is reminiscent of a water drop, and it compliments the often angular interior of most sauna rooms.  

If you have a modern sauna in your home, this elegant electric sauna heater will complete it perfectly. 


  • Sleek, elegant, modern design
  • Includes 132 lbs of sauna stones 
  • Heats up quickly and efficiently 


  • Expensive 

Wotefusi Sauna Heater Stove


  • Power: 9kW, Voltage – 220v
  • Features a digital controller
  • Dimensions: 16.14”H × 11”W × 22.44”D

This wall-mounted electric sauna heater features a lightweight galvanized aluminum shell and a high-quality, durable construction that will give you years of extensive use. 

The shell is sprayed with a double coating of anti-corrosive fluorine carbon, so you don’t have to worry about the unit rusting over time. 

The interior of this electric sauna heater is plated with a heat resistant treated aluminum and zinc alloy, which surrounds the high-quality stainless steel heating tube and the chrome filament thermal fuse. 

The wall-mounted design of this sauna heater is ideal for conserving space in your home sauna room. 

Unfortunately, this unit does not come with sauna stones included. 


  • Comes with a digital controller
  • Long-lasting
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Does not come with sauna stones

Sauna Heater Buyers’ Guide


The capacity of your home sauna room will dictate the size of sauna heater that you will need

For a large sauna, you will require a sauna heater that is large enough to fill the entire space with sufficient heat. 

A small sauna will not require such a large heater to heat the sauna room. 

For electric sauna heaters, you must also make sure that your sauna heater has sufficient power for the size of your sauna room. 

A good rule of thumb is 1kW of power per 50 cubic feet of space.  


Generally speaking, sauna heaters have controls for the temperature and for a timer. 

Some sauna heaters have additional controls and a greater degree of control over the temperature. 

Most simple electric sauna heaters will only have two knobs on the unit itself. 

With more modern electric sauna heaters, some have a digital control panel or even a remote control. 

Additionally, some modern sauna heaters have preset functions that allow you to set the heating elements to engage at a specific time, so you know that your sauna will be hot and ready for you at a certain time each day.  

Stone Capacity

The stone capacity of your sauna heater is a good indicator of the power of the sauna heater. 

The larger the stone capacity, the more power the sauna heater has to heat the weight of the sauna stones.  

Heat-Up Time

Different varieties of sauna heaters have different heat up times. 

Larger sauna rooms generally take longer to heat up because there’s more space to heat.  

Wood-burning sauna heaters take longer to heat up than electric or gas sauna heaters. 

Most wood-burning sauna heaters need an hour or so to get going. 

They are also more time consuming and require more effort to maintain than electric sauna heaters, but for some this is a price worth paying for the authentic sauna experience. 

A good thing about electric sauna heaters is that they can be set to heat up at specific times using a timer. 

This is very convenient, especially if you wish to use your home sauna at the same time each day. 

Ease Of Installation 

If you’re buying a sauna heater for your home sauna room, then you need to consider if you’re planning to install it yourself how difficult the job will be. 

If you plan on hiring a professional to do it for you, then the technicalities of installing a sauna heater are less worrisome. 

Gas or infrared saunas typically need to be installed by professionals, as they require more technical expertise than what the average person has. 


The final thing and probably the most important thing you should consider before buying a sauna heater is the cost. 

You must consider what the limitations of your budget are and decide upon a sauna heater accordingly.  

The price of a sauna heater is largely dependent on the power and size of the unit.

Larger sauna heaters are, generally speaking, more expensive. 

Gas sauna heaters tend to be the most expensive type, but these are generally used in commercial saunas. 

For electric sauna heaters, the majority of the cost may come from the installation itself, rather than the price of the unit. 

That is unless you can install it yourself.  Electric sauna heaters tend to be the most affordable to buy and run.

Wood-burning sauna heaters tend to have a higher running cost than electric sauna heaters, as they require wood logs to burn. 

However, they do not require any electricity to run, so they may be the best option if your sauna is in a remote location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sauna Heater Is The Best One?

Which sauna heater is the best is dependent on your own preferences, in addition to the size of your sauna. 

Typically speaking, you will want to get a sauna heater that has an output of at least 6kW. This should be sufficient to heat up your home sauna adequately. 

Our top choice is the Finlandia FLB-60. 

This is because it provides a consistently good performance that has the feel of a traditional wood-burning sauna heater but with the convenience of an electric sauna heater. 

Which Type Of Sauna Heater Should I Buy?

You should consider your budget, the size of your sauna, your personal preferences, and the location of your sauna before selecting the type of sauna heater you should purchase. 

For example, if you personally prefer the feel of a traditional wood-burning sauna, and your sauna is in a remote location with limited access to electricity, then a wood-burning sauna heater would be the right one for you. 

Check out our buyers’ guide for more information about the aspects of a sauna heater that you need to consider before buying. 

How Much Do Sauna Heaters Cost?

Sauna heaters can range a lot in price depending on their size, capacity, and the type of sauna heater it is. 

They can cost anywhere between $100 up to even $1500. 

At the higher end of the cost spectrum, sauna heaters typically have more additional features, a higher power output, higher capacity, faster heat up time, and a higher level of control. 

Gas sauna heaters are the most expensive to buy and install, as they require a professional to install them. 

This is why gas powered sauna heaters are almost exclusively used in commercial settings. 

They are also more costly to maintain compared to electric and wood-burning sauna heaters. 

What’s The Difference Between Electric And Infrared Sauna Heaters?

Both infrared sauna heaters and electric sauna heaters use electricity to function, but it’s how they go about creating heat that is very different between the two.

Electric heaters use heating elements which heats up the air inside the sauna room, whereas an infrared sauna heater warms your body from the inside using radiation.

It sounds scary but it is safe and even very beneficial to your overall health!

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