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Steps For Installing A Thru Wall Skimmer On An Intex Pool

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If you have an outdoor pool, then you can’t miss out on having a Thru wall skimmer attachment.

This amazing accessory helps to clean and filter the water that is inside your pool.

If your pool is an Intex above ground, then a skimmer is even more useful. But, how do you install this accessory?

Here, we are going to explain how to install a Thru wall skimmer on your Intex pool so that you can reap the benefits too!

Your Intex Pool And Thru Wall Skimmer

If you own an Intex pool then a Thru wall skimmer will provide you with the most efficient method of keeping your pool water clean.

It may be difficult to install this attachment, especially if you haven’t done so before.

But, don’t worry, with this simple guide, you will be able to install the skimmer like a seasoned pro in no time. If you are struggling with any of the steps in this guide, make sure to consult the instructions that come with your Thru Wall skimmer. 

First, let’s take a look at all you need to know before you start. 

What Is A Skimmer? 

Let’s start with what a pool skimmer actually is and what id does. If you’ve never come across a pool skimmer before, then you may not know what it is. It is a device that keeps the pool clean (see also article on cleaning pool tile at the waterline) .

The way in which it does this is by sucking up the water and then filtering it inside the device.

By doing this, it is able to separate insects, leaves, and other forms of debris from the pool water and stop them from sinking to the bottom of the pool. 

This debris is then collected into a basket within the skimmer device. After this, the water is pumped back into the pool through the filter.

The main purpose of it is to take polluted water and return it back to the pool clean and fresh. 

Thru Wall Skimmer

A Thru wall skimmer shares a lot of similarities with most other pool skimmers as they share the same functionality – cleaning pool water.

It has a handy basket for the dirt and contaminants to sit in and a brilliant filter to keep the water clean.

Thru wall skimmers are a little larger than other skimmers meaning that more water can pass through at once, therefore the water will be kept cleaner. 

Other than the fact it can handle more contaminants, the basket has a handy door feature that keeps the debris inside of the basket.

This means that when the filter is switched off, the dirt won’t go back into the pool. Another benefit of this door is that it stops air from getting into the device’s pump and filter systems which prevents damage to the device. 

Installing a Thru Wall Skimmer for your Intext Pool

Steps for Installing a Thru Wall Skimmer on an Intex Pool

It’s time to look at the steps needed to install your Thru wall skimmer onto your Intext pool. 

Filling the Pool 

Before installing the Thru wall skimmer, you will need to fill up your Intex pool with the right amount of water. This is so the pool liner is stretched to the correct position for installation. 

Assembling the Skimmer

Once you have stretched the pool liner to the correct position, you will need to assemble the Thru wall skimmer.

Sometimes it will come pre-assembled, if this is the case then skip to the next step.

If you’re not sure about how to assemble the product then make sure to check the instruction manual that came with it and follow this carefully. 

Installing the Skimmer

The next step involves installing the Thru wall skimmer. Make three holes in the corners at the top of the skimmer and use a flat head screwdriver to install the correct screws into these holes.

Make sure that the holes and the skimmer are aligned whilst doing this. The screws will need to go through the liner, faceplate, and gasket. Make sure to tighten the screws. 

Removing Excess Liner

Next, you’ll want to neaten up the areas surrounding the holes you’ve just made. Remove the excess liner that is left around these holes. The faceplate of the skimmer is a great guide for removing the excess liner. 

By now you have successfully attached the Thru wall skimmer. In the next step, we will talk you through how to make the filter system better for your Intext pool

Adding a Vacuum Line

When it comes to cleaning the pool, you can connect the vacuum hose to the Thru wall skimmer to do so.

Attaching this vacuum lime will help to make the Thru wall skimmer more efficient and will also help to keep it well maintained. This is especially helpful if you use your pool often or leave it out often. 


If you have no previous DIY experience, then installing the Thru wall skimmer for your Intex pool may seem like a scary and difficult task.

But, don’t worry if you follow this guide and the instructions that came with the product, then you will be able to install the device without any problems.

Your family and friends will be in awe of how immaculately clean your pool will be once you’ve installed this excellent Intex pool attachment. 

Have fun and enjoy your fresh and clean Inext pool this summer! 

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