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Eco-Smart – Smart Water Monitor – Works In Pools, Hot Tubs, And Swim Spas. 

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Do you own a hot tub, pool, or swim spa? If so, you may want to keep reading. Who doesn’t love a dip in any of these?

Whether you prefer to swim lengths in a full pool or sit with a bottle of bubbly in your bubbles, being submerged in the water is just one of the most perfect ways to relax. 

However, as any responsible owner will know, keeping up with the maintenance of them can be fairly difficult. There is quite a lot to keeping your body of water safe for you to dip in.

You’ve got chlorine levels, active oxygen, bromine, pH levels and so much more. If you get these wrong your water won’t be clean and safe and that’s when you’ll have issues starting to pop up. 

If only there was some kind of device that could keep all this information stored together to make life that bit easier. Well, what if I told you that there was! 

Let me introduce you to the Eco-Smart Water Monitor. Before we get into the highlights of this time-saving piece of tech, we would like to welcome the readers of has recently purchased this domain & we are excited about the value it brings to our readers.

What Is It

So what exactly is the Eco-Smart Water Monitor? It’s an EcO pool/spa probe that connects with an app that you can download onto your smartphone!

The purpose of this is to keep your pool, spa, or hot tub as clean and safe as possible. It is the ultimate maintenance tool.

It serves to provide you with the best treatment advice as well as step-by-step explanations about pool and spa care. 

What’s great is that not only is this compatible with water treated with chlorine, but with active oxygen and bromine too.

The only body of water that it is incompatible with is swimming pools and spas that are treated with salt. 

What’s Included

With this purchase you will receive the following: 

  • An EcO probe
  • Wifi/Bluetooth gateway (this is only included in the EcO Start and Connect)
  • A start manual
  • Unlimited access to the mobile app (no subscription required)

The App

Where To Get It

The app can be downloaded on both the Apple Store for Iphones (IOS) and The Play Store for Android. From there all you need to do is follow the advice that is given through their recommended search engine. 

How It Works

The app is really simple to configure, all you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions on the app.

This is basically a step-by-step guide and a really simple process so you shouldn’t find yourself struggling. 

Once you’ve placed the probe in the water, it will feed back the data it collects through the app and onto your smartphone whenever you are close to the pool.

Not only this but it will also provide you with any relevant information it thinks you need to ensure clear and safe water, including treatments that your pool or spa may need. 

I think this is really great – it takes all the hard work upon itself and leaves you time to relax.

If there are any issues, you’ll be notified on your app of the problem and be given solutions to fix it. Literally, all you have to do is follow its instructions.  

I think this is a great purchase for anyone who isn’t very confident in how to upkeep their pools. Or for those that don’t have the time in their schedule to dedicate to pool care. 

Main Advantages

Eco-Smart - Smart Water Monitor - Works In Pools, Hot Tubs, And Swim Spas

So let’s get into some of the reasons why I love this item so much!  


I love that this probe is so small and compact. It means that it’s not a big bulky thing taking up a lot of space when it isn’t being used and doesn’t take up barely any space when it is in the pool.

The last thing you need is something getting in the way while you’re trying to enjoy some time in the pool. 

In fact, it’s actually really discrete. You could pop that in your pool, and I really doubt anyone would even notice it was there.

It doesn’t need to be hooked up to anything else and there aren’t loads of components to it which makes things easier and leads me on to my next point. 

It’s Easy To Set Up And It’s Easy To Use

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you purchase an item that requires linking to your phone, is when it’s super complicated and hard to pair together.

This is certainly not the case at all with this product. 

When I downloaded the app, it took me less than a couple of minutes to download the app and get everything all set up together.

The installation was really easy, so you don’t have to worry about sitting for hours scratching your head wondering how you’re meant to get it to work which can be the case with similar products.

Using the actual probe is also an absolute breeze. I’d be really shocked if anyone had issues with setting up this product.


Not only is it so much easier to test your pool this way, but it’s also a lot more accurate.

If you’re wanting to always be certain that your pool, spa, or hot tub water is at its optimal clearness and cleanliness, then I couldn’t recommend this product more. 

Its readings are true and are sent across to your phone quickly and easily and takes away all the faff of trying to manually read results. 

2 Year Warranty

If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you, you will also have a two-year warranty with this product so if it does break or you have any issues you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to quickly and easily solve the issue.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use The Probe With Another Brand Of Products? 

Yes, you can, so if you already have other pool products you can still use them.

However, it is recommended that for the best experience you should stick with Iopool’s brand suggestions. 

How Long Does the Probe Last?

Potentially one of the only cons of this product is that it only has around a two-year life span.

After this you will often need to replace the model, including new batteries and sensors. 

Final Thoughts 

Personally, I think this is a great and really useful product. If you are in your pool often, it’s a great way for you to maintain it without having to be constantly testing manually.

However, it does come at a price, and considering its limited life span this could be seen as fairly expensive. But I would still recommend this product as I believe the pros definitely outway the cons.  

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