Rheem Water Heater Manuals

No matter if you lost your original Rheem water heater manual or the previous homeowners did not leave it behind, below you’ll find links to download user manuals in pdf format for the most popular and currently in-use Rheem residential water heaters. Make sure to visit our Rheem error codes page for help with troubleshooting tankless models.

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Rheem doesn’t have model number specific manuals but instead a single manual may cover a various sizes of a specific model. You can either left-click on the link to open the manual in a new tab or right-click and save a copy directly on your computer. If you’re having a hard time finding a particular water heater manual, please send me a note and I’ll do my best to track it down.

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Download Rheem Water Heater Manuals

Electric20-120 gallonLink
Electric20-52 gallon for manufactured housing (mobile home)Link
Gas30, 38, 40, 50, 55, and 60 gallonLink
Gas48, 63, 75, and 98 gallonLink
Gas78 and 98 gallon (newer)Link
Gas38 and 48 gallon condensing power direct ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon direct ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon co-axial direct ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon electronic direct ventLink
Gasdirect vent side inlet for manufactured housing (mobile home)Link
Gas29 gallon induced draftLink
Gas28, 38, 40, 48, and 55 gallon low NOxLink
Gas75 and 98 gallon low NOxLink
Gas38 and 48 gallon electronic low NOxLink
Gas40, 50, 65, and 75 gallon power direct ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon power ventLink
Gas75 gallon power ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon electronic power ventLink
Gas40 and 50 gallon electronic low NOx power ventLink
Gasside inlet for manufactured housing (mobile home)Link
Tanklesselectric tanklessLink
Tanklessgas tankless condensing direct ventLink
Tanklessgas tankless non-condensingLink

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  1. Looking for manual for Performance Platinum 50 Gal.water heater with LCD control panel. Particularly interested in the operation of the LCD control panel.

  2. Looking at a Rheem 6 gallon electric water heater, I need to drain it after using it in the winter. How do you drain it there is threaded hole in the bottom, but no one could tell me if that is the drain. Thanks for any help Gary Adamson

  3. Can someone tell me where I would find a manual/users guide for Rheem model PROG40S-36N RH67 PV. Not on this site.
    Thank you.

    • On almost all water heaters, the anode is located at the top of the water heater. Look for a hex shaped plug at the top of the water heater. You simply untighten the plug and remove it. You many need to spray some WD-40 on there to loosen it or even use an impact wrench. This page has general replacement instructions.

      On some water heaters, the anode rod is attached directly to the hot water nipple. On a few, the anode rod is located on the side of the tank.

    • Make sure your cold water inlet to the water heater is open all the way. It could also be a failed heat trap nipple on top of the water heater. Less likely, but there may be a blockage somewhere in the hot water pipes (close to the water heater). This is more common in older homes especially if a previous water heater failed.

  4. Home Depot does not check their returns just put them back on the shelf and then next Consumer gets the damage unit Home Depot won’t help

  5. Have an OLD Rheem Fury gas water heater. The model is 21V40-7 and the serial number is RN 0683A32696.

    Even searching on the Rheem website found no results. It said to contact their customer service.

    I am looking for a manual.

    • A102 on newer Rheem water heater indicates a Water Sensor Alarm. “Electronic control has detected water in the drain pan. Check the pan for water. If water is not present, disconnect the sensor, dry and reinstall it to reset the error.”

      If you see water in the drain pain, follow the process to diagnose a water heater leak.

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