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Pool Deck Ideas (Full Deck)

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Are you looking for ways to change up your outdoor space?

Adding a deck to your pool is a great way of breathing new life into your garden as well as making the area around your pool safer and more usable.

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground, rounded or rectangular pool we have lots of easy-to-replicate ideas below!

Pool Deck Ideas 

Below are eight different ideas to suit a range of different needs.

Safety Deck Area

Safety Deck Area

If you have small children that you want to prevent from accessing the pool when they are not under adult supervision, then this deck idea may be perfect for you.

Created a gated, elevated deck around your above-ground pool (see also ‘Can You Put An Above-Ground Pool On Pavers?‘) . With high surrounding fences, you don’t need to worry about your children falling off the edge of the decking. 

This safe decking idea also looks great and you could use the space underneath as storage space, storing floats, and pool maintenance equipment (see also ‘Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas‘) to keep your pool area clear and open for fun!

Deck With Built-In Bench

Deck With Built-In Bench

If you want a more simple design with plenty of space to sit and enjoy a beverage in the sun this wooden deck is a great choice!

This decking idea also covers any wiring you would expect coming from a pool, connecting it to a pool pump, filtration system, or pool heater.

With a built-in bench and space for lounge chairs, what more could you want? Wide steps lead up to the decking area on one side and a fence encloses the opposite side.

This idea would not be suitable for families with young children as the bench does not have a back on it and children could fall backward when sitting down. 

Decking Stairs

Decking Stairs

If you have limited space this great design takes up limited space but still gives a small deck (see also ‘Pool Deck Ideas (Partial Decking)’) space.

These stairs are very safe with banisters and a fence enabling a safe entrance to above-ground pools (see also ‘Above-Ground Pool Ideas‘) for small children and older people. 

This design is easy to replicate and the majority of the materials needed could be bought at Home Depot for a great price.

This could be your ultimate DIY Spring project, getting your pool ready for a great summer. 

Spacious Fenced Deck

Spacious Fenced Deck

If your pool is in the corner of the garden why not create more privacy from your neighbors by building this spacious fenced deck area?

This deck is a perfect space to relax beside the pool on a sun lounger and even has space for a barbecue or to exercise.

Alternatively, add some fairy lights and create an ambiance for parties and romantic date nights on the deck.

Blended Stairs Decking

Blended Stairs Decking

If you want something more subtle this pool deck idea may be for you.

This deck has a beautiful blended stairs design that allows you to surround your above-ground pool (see also ‘Best Above Ground Pool Lights‘) with some space to relax and plenty of space on the steps.

There is also a subtle low bench included in this design. 

In-Ground Pool Fenced Pool Deck

In-Ground Pool Fenced Pool Deck

Create a safety barrier around your pool to keep children out of the pool when they are not supervised.

Adding some wooden decking around your in-ground pool (see also ‘Average Costs Of Installing An In-Ground Pool‘) gives a surface that fencing can easily be installed into without running your spoil. 

Rolling Deck Pool Cover

Rolling Deck Pool Cover

This is another fantastic idea that can be used by pool owners who have an in-ground pool.

This sliding deck is a great way to keep your pool covered and clean when it’s not in use and gives you more space to utilize in your garden when you have people over and the pool isn’t going to be used. 

Ultimate Relaxation Pool Deck

Ultimate Relaxation Pool Deck

Bring the relaxing atmosphere of a spa into your back garden and pool area.

This design is very easy to recreate and it is the blend of the basic elevated deck design, plants, and furnishings that make this idea so neat.

Use excess wood to build a wooden canapé if you don’t want to splash out on a cloth one.

You can wrap this deck around as much of the pool as you wish and can adapt the design to suit any shaped pool.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to create a fun space for the family, a designated area for your barbecue, or even just a lounge area at the side of your pool we hope our list of ideas has inspired you. 

Nothing can replace time with family and friends and so by investing in your outdoor space and creating a relaxing oasis around your pool you will have a great space to make happy memories with those who are special in your life. 

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