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Above-Ground Pool Ideas Based You Will LOVE

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There are many different cool and creative designs you can opt for when it comes to above-ground pools.

You might also be looking for something that is a bit cheaper in comparison to a built-in pool which can take a lot of time and money depending on the size.

This could be an alternative that could not only save you some money but also look amazing in your garden. 

There are several different designs that give the same effect as a built in pool but are actually more stylish.

There are a variety of different options including stone walls and options surrounded by grass. This guide should give you some great ideas if this is something you are looking to create. 

Pool Surrounded By Grass

Are you looking for something more natural that will blend in with the surrounding areas in your garden?

This could be the perfect option for you as these types of rectangular pools which can be built with surrounding stone gives a more rustic feel to the project.

This type of option can also include bay windows, adding to the design and quality of the build. 

This type of project is also a great option for people who want to mold their look with their home. It is the perfect shaped pool that will fit in most areas as well. 

Squared Pool

This type of pool tends to fit somewhere in the corner as the shape will remind you more of a hot tub.

It will look great accompanied with steps up to the pool and matching gray stone surrounding the outside of the structure. 

This would be a perfect option for anyone who wants a little bit of privacy when chilling in their pool.

Something cozy and ideal for couples where they can chill at the end of the night. It is also a great idea to include wooden cladding around the structure as a back wall.

This will really enhance the look of the pool and create a rustic feel. 

Circular Pool  

There is also the option of having a circular shaped pool which is very popular.

This reminds most people of a spa-like experience in your home or a hot tub look.

It is also a really great idea to focus on the background of your pool in the garden as well which is why it is a good idea to make the most of the room you have. 

Most people opt for the circular pool if they have a lower budget or less space and to use the space well you can add trees surrounding adding to that relaxing spa feeling. 

Container Option

This container option is a very modern type of above-ground pool (see also ‘Closing An Above Ground Pool’) that more and more people have been taking advantage of.

If you want something very unique then this is the option for you. It is also important to think about the best place for you to have this type of pool and the ideal color you can customize to match your home. 

Above-ground pool ideas based you will LOVE (1)

Traditional Rectangular Pool

This is a very popular option for many people who like the wooden look around the outside of the pool.

It is mainly situated in the center of your garden where you can also add plants surrounding it, making it really fit into the space. 

If you love taking advantage of the sun and are always in the garden hosting garden parties this could be a great choice because it will have more room for more people to join in on the fun. 

Metal Pool 

Do you want something that is going to be very resistant to the weather and excessive usage?

The metal structure is very secure and is also really cost effective for anyone who doesn’t want to spend as much money on this type of project.  

You can also add extra features to enhance your pool if you like to have friends over such as: a fountain or hanging baskets to really create a relaxed but also a fun environment that you, family and friends can enjoy. 

Higher Range Pool

This type of pool is a higher budget type of design which is much larger.

This pool creates a really bright environment which is large enough to have sun loungers on the side and also matching stairs either side. 

This is also a very simple look and design where you can incorporate lovely tiles for the pool walls.

This will create a beautiful finishing look for the whole design, bringing everything together. 

Small Pool

There is also the option of a small pool that can be built into your steps. This type of project is only using a small budget and you can really make the most of the space you have.

You can also add in lots of different features like a stone back wall to enhance the pool. 

These types of pools also look really great where there is a great color match with the stone. You can just relax or dip your feet in this pool and it looks great in smaller places. 


Overall, there are many different options when it comes to above-ground pools (see also ‘Best Above Ground Pool Lights‘) from different prices to different shapes and designs.

There is always something for everyone but depending on how much time you have to offer, and how much space you have to use.

It is always important to think about using your space as well because there are some which are perfect for some areas but wouldn’t be as effective in larger areas.  

Hopefully this guide has given you some insight into what type of pool you want to include or given you some feature ideas.

Take a look at them all and compare them all with what you have and you should be able to find what is best for you. 

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