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Does Nest Control Humidity?

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What kind of thermostat do you have in your home currently? Is it an older type or have you upgraded to the Nest thermostat which has many more features?

Many people now have new tech inventions in their home to benefit them in any way and to make their lives smoothly and easier.

One way this thermostat could do this is controlling the humidity but can it? 

All of your answers about what the Nest thermostat can control will be answered here below and you will also be able to find out whether it is something you might need in your home if it is constantly getting too stuffy or too cold and there is no balance in between.

This is the future! 

Why Choose A Nest Thermostat Over A Regular?

This is a smart thermostat which was designed to make temperatures in your home easier and that also includes controlling them.

It is also very exciting because it is a self-learning system which is also connected to WIFI.

Therefore, everyone now wants procuts that just makes their life easier and to be able to have the perfect temperature in your home. 

Can It Control Humidity?

Yes, it definitely can and it also has three different ways of doing it as well!

The clever part about this product is that it can adapt to whoever owns it to get a perfect humidity and differs for different individuals. 

Built-in Humidifier

Most modern products and air conditioners have this built-in because it enables the individual to have control over how moist the air is.

Due to moisture retaining heat, if you are feeling overly hot, you will want to reduce this and have dryer air which is cooler. 

What Is The Feature For This On NEST?

On the NEST thermostat this type of feature for control is known as ‘cool and dry’ which uses the option of a dehumidifier to be able to either have it humid or less humid.

The great thing is that you have the choice! This is not only for you but also to keep on top of your home when it comes to mold. 

If there is more moisture in the air, it allows more mold to grow. Therefore, by keeping it cool and dry in places where it likes to grow, it will reduce this massively.

This will also allow you to have a healthier place to live as mold can cause other health problems and especially for children. 

These features will be immediately turned on when your device is connected to air conditioning.

Therefore, it is a great idea to buy a NEST thermostat that has a built-in dehumidifier because it is just an easy process. 

What If It Doesn’t Have A Built-in Dehumidifier?

This is what is so great about the NEST’s cool and dry feature because it allows you to still control the humidity in your home regardless of whether your air con has a dehumidifier mode. 

This is the beauty of technology because having a new device like the NEST thermostat allows you to have more control because it can take advantage of your air conditioning and turn your hot air into cool.

Therefore, there wouldn’t even need to be a dehumidifier and it is not 100% necessary.

Clever Features And Things To Consider

  • One thing to remember when using the cool and dry feature is that sometimes it can make it cooler than you intended and all you will have to do is turn the heat up a tadd and it should switch to eco. 
  • The system is also great because it has sensitivities when the air becomes too warm. This enables sensors to turn the air conditioning on which basically does everything for you. 
  • One thing you will need to consider is whether you are someone who needs to also have control over your power consumption. If you start using the cool and dry feature with a built in dehumidifier then it will consume a lot of electricity. It is mostly beneficial if you live in a very hot country or it is summer time. 

Cool And Dry Feature

There are always extra features when it comes to technology and with this NEST thermostat it also includes an app which you can connect to your phone or device.

You can also track everything on this app including the cool and dry feature. 

The NEST (see also ‘Does Nest Work With A Heat Pump?‘) recognises when the air conditioner needs to be turned on automatically when the air starts to become hotter and more moist.

You can still control this manually but if you have your hands full, it will do it for you! 

Another clever factor is that the NEST will give the air con in your home time to rest while still being able to maintain the humidity levels.

It will do this to stop the conditioner’s coils from creating ice deposits which no one wants. Therefore, this is a really helpful part of the feature which keeps your air conditioner in tact as well.

  • You will not be able to set specific levels of humidity on the NEST because the product uses other appliances to keep on top of the temperature in your home. Despite this, instead of having exact targets and amount of humidity in your home the NEST thermostat introduced the 3 water droplets which signifies the control it has over the humidity. This will all be down to the external appliances the NEST relies on to function. If none of the drops are lit up then this means it has no control over the humidity.
  • If one of the water drops is lit then this signifies that there is a low humidity which means that your air con system will most likely be running more often to maintain the low humidity. 
  • On the other hand, if there are three water drops lit up, this is the high humidity target meaning there will be a lower running system. This means your system will not need to run as well to keep the humidity at the correct level. 
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Should You Get A NEST Thermostat?

For every brand there are always reasons for and against buying the products. Is it actually worth the money the companies are expecting? 

One really great thing about this technology like many others is that you have control when you are at home and when you aren’t.

Therefore, if you are getting back after a really hot day out and you want to make sure it is nice and cool when you’re stepping inside of your house, this is perfect.

It gives you a great sense of control in your own home. 

Another really great feature is that you can also control it through your voice!

Voice recognition has become such a big thing all over the world, a new technology making simple tasks easier.

If you are in the middle of doing something or you’ve got your hands full there is no need to drag yourself over to the thermostat because you can just command it. 

This product is all about control and the best thing is that at different points of the day you can adjust the temperature to how you like it depending on when it gets to its peak hottest outside or if it gets quite cold at night.

It all depends on the individual. Due to this system being self-learnt it will also learn your patterns of temperature which is always handy so you don’t always have to keep changing it. 

  • It is also a really important fact to note that the longer you have this product the more it gets to know you and your habits of temperature. It will learn from your patterns. There is no need to manually programme your system because it has already been done for you. 

Are There Any Disadvantages?

  • There are a few disadvantages to this system which mainly relates to the pricing for many people in their home – whether this is affordable to have in several areas in your home. 
  • These types of systems can be a bit more difficult to install than a regular system. Therefore, this might also mean that you will have to get someone to come out and install it for you – especially if it will be for different areas in your home. 

Are There Many Advantages?

  • One thing that is really special about this product is that it has sensors which help you. It senses when the heaters need to be turned on or when the air con needs to be turned on if it’s too hot. This will help you save money so you don’t have these things running all of the time when you don’t need them running. 
  • There is also a feature available that will tell you the best money saving options which will be a great help for a lot of people who do not want to dish out lots of money. Therefore, this not only helps you out with your budget but also is a great help for the environment but helping you cut down on unnecessary energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Nest Thermostat To Control Humidity?

Before you give up, give your Nest Learning Thermostat a shot at solving the problem.

The Cool to Dry setting uses your air conditioning unit or heat pump to remove humidity from your home.

When it senses hot, humid air over 70 percent humidity when you’re at home, it will switch on your AC.

When Does The Nest Thermostat Turn On The AC?

For most devices, when the Nest thermostat humidity reading is over 70 percent, it will switch on your AC. If you aren’t at home, it will begin to dehumidify when humidity is over 65%.

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Say Cool To Dry?

Excessive moisture in the air can allow mold to grow inside your home, especially if you live in a humid area.

With Cool to Dry, the Nest thermostat uses your air conditioner (AC) or heat pump to help reduce excess humidity in your home.


Overall, this will be a great guide for you if you are looking into getting a NEST thermostat for your home.

This will outline the disadvantages and advantages that could sway you either way.

In modern society, many people are purchasing new technology to make their lives a bit easier and they also want to help conserve energy and help the environment while cutting your own costs.

Overall, sometimes technology is a real help to us and can save you a few jobs in the meantime. Hopefully this has helped you decide. 

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