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Best Plumbing Snake For Your Bathroom

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The plumbing snake is one of them, and although it’s usually the last resort after a sink or toilet plunger has been tried and failed, it delivers good results.






DrainX Drain Auger Pro


Tacklife Drain Auger


Popoman Automatic Drain Snake


Rigidd Power Spin


Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger

Provided you know how to use a plumbing snake, they can get you out of a jam, and prevent you from paying hundreds of dollars for an expert to come to take a look. Therefore, it’s a worthy investment for anyone to have, no matter the type of home you live in, or how regularly you face plumbing issues.

What are the best plumbing snakes (see also ‘How To Use A Plumbing Snake‘) on the market though?

To find your ideal drain snake, you’ll need one with the right length and width, made for the ideal purpose, with materials that will help remove the clog you have, and in either manual or automatic form, depending on how hard you want to work.

Some of these cleaning tools are multipurpose and others are more specific to a certain type of drain, so there are a lot of options to weigh up.

To help narrow down your search so you don’t end up with a dud, we’ve hand-picked a group of top performing drain cleaner tools.

With our in-depth reviews, you’ll see which ones are worthy of your time and money, and those that are going to be a good fit for your plumbing needs, so you no longer have to rely on the costly professionals to get the job done.

Our Expert Picks for the Best Drain Snake

With the best plumber’s snake in hand, you’ll make light work of any plumbing woes, and save hundreds each year on urgent call outs from plumbers and other professionals.

These are our expert picks for the top rated snakes on the market and a little more about what each of them offers.

Best Overall: DrainX Drain Auger Pro

DrainX Drain Auger Pro


  • Type: Manual
  • Size: 25 feet
  • Materials: Steel
  • Extra Features: Gloves and pouch

The DrainX is our favorite pick for a plumbing snake and it’s a household item that can be used by just about anyone for fast and effective results.

Measuring 25 feet in length, it’s ideal for sinks, showers, bathtubs, and drainage pipes, and has a ¼ inch diameter drain cleaning cable that makes light work of them all. When compared to other snakes, it’s ideal for smaller spaces, and if you have narrow fits that require the right tool, this is it.


  • One of the easiest manual augers to get working and easy to clear drains with
  • Good at breaking down larger obstructions
  • Drum made of durable steel
  • Smaller ¼ inch drain diameter to fit into smaller spaces
  • Includes carrying pouch and work gloves


  • The handle feels flimsy and requires you to be careful when you’re working on a particularly hard job
  • No automatic features which means more effort to work it

Extra Features

There are lots of features that make this one of our favorite plumbing snakes, but the fact that they’ve included easy work gloves and a drawstring carrying pouch to keep your supplies is a great one.

You’ll also get a detailed info-graphic that explains how to use the product and it’s all housed in a durable stainless steel drum container to keep everything in great condition.

Other features of this drain snake worth mentioning include the grip handle and turning knob that work together to get the job done. There’s a thumbscrew attached so you can keep the drain cable in place, even when it’s not being used, and it allows you to push the spiral head through the obstruction with ease.

The drain cleaning cable goes all the way down and through the pipes to break the clog up, which saves you a lot of money in plumbing bills.

How to Buy

If you’re constantly dealing with clogged pipes and want to start taking matters into your own hands, our number one pick is the DrainX Drain Auger Pro.

For peace of mind, DrainX offers a one year limited warranty, but if the reviews are anything to go by, it’s a tool that’ll serve your household for years to come.

Runner Up: Tacklife Drain Auger

Tacklife Drain Auger


  • Type: Manual and automatic
  • Size: 25 feet
  • Materials: Plastic and steel
  • Extra Features: Drill adaptable

If you prefer not to put in much hard work unclogging drains and toilets, you’ll want a snake auger with some power.

The Tacklife Drain Auger is a great drain cleaning tool that works like an electric model when you want it to, but it’s only a manual if you’d prefer to use some elbow grease to get the job done. It has a flexible steel shaft that reaches up to 25 feet so you can tackle just about any plumbing job in the house.


  • Attaches to a drill adaptor so you can use it either manually or automatically depending on what the job calls for
  • Easy to use when you have the automatic attachment on
  • Steel shaft flexes and can fit a wider range of drain and holes shapes
  • Easy to set up and attach to drill if you want to use the automatic function


  • Has a plastic casing which makes it feel flimsy compared to other plumbing snakes
  • Only automatic when attached to a drill or other power tool, so you need to own one for this to work
  • Has a minimum ¾ inch diameter which isn’t ideal for very tight spots

Extra Features

The Tacklife Drain Auger comes with plenty of quality features for an affordable price tag. The wide shaft measures between ¾ inch to three inches in diameter so it can fit inside every hole small and larger, as well as being able to work through S, U, and L shaped pipes.

If you plan on using just one tool for the entire house, this plastic drain snake should handle the load, unless you have smaller drains to work with.

The Tacklife Drain Auger is easy to operate and there’s no need to touch the cable at all while it’s rotating.

You push the yellow button and turn the handle, and it does the rest for you. if you’ve used other styles of snakes that required you to pull it back out and you weren’t a fan of this approach, you’ll like the hands off nature of the Tacklife and find the extra cost worth it.

Where to Buy

If you want a fuss-free plumbing snake that can easily adapt to a drill, grab yourself the Tacklife Drain Auger online at Amazon for around $45 thanks to a current promotion.

For this price, you’ll also get free shipping and returns, as well as a pair of heavy-duty work gloves from Tacklife to make you feel like a plumbing pro. If you don’t mind working with plastic parts as long as it means less effort and would prefer a budget-friendly snake, the Tacklife Drain Auger will be right up your alley.

Alternative: Popoman Automatic Drain Snake

Popoman Automatic Drain Snake


  • Type: Automatic
  • Size: 25 feet
  • Materials: Steel
  • Extra Features: Battery operated

If you’re a home handyman who prefers to use professional grade tools, you’ll want nothing less than the Popoman Automatic Drain Snake.

This is a costlier option but with all of the features that a real-life plumber would use, including a study 25ft replaceable cable, automatic telescopic action, and a flexible shaft that allows it to fit in all shapes and sizes of drains.


  • One of the strongest plumbing snakes on the market and better for tough jobs
  • Durable enough to take a beating and there are no flimsy feeling parts to be found
  • Completely battery operated without needing to attach to a drill or other power tool
  • Long battery life covers you for every job and has a quick recharge function


  • Drain diameter of ¾ inches which means it can’t fit into the smaller spaces that some other plumbing snakes are capable of
  • Can take some getting used to and the instruction manual included with the tool is hard to read

Extra Features

The Popoman Automatic Drain Snake is an automatic model which means you don’t have to touch a thing to get the job done and it features a rubber over-mold handle that adds to its ergonomic use.

This plumber’s snake operates on a hefty torque motor with 560RPM speeds so you can use your new snake on shower drains, down spots, bathtubs, and sinks, and not just in the bathroom of your house, with people choosing it as their best toilet auger pick.

Equipped with segmented parts, you’re able to change the cable as needed without having or replace the whole thing so it’ll last for longer.

It comes with a lithium-ion 20 volt 2.0Ah battery and speedy recharge that’s done in just one hour, and it’ll provide you with ample time to clear the drains you need, as well as powering up the built in LED light.

Where to Buy

If you’d rather an automatic auger doing the work for you, you’ll have no issue paying the price for the professional Popoman Automatic Drain Snake.

This snake costs around $100 on Amazon with a current sale they have and is the only choice for people who want full automatic. For this price, you’ll get free shipping to your door and free returns from Amazon, as well as a 12-month limited warranty on the snake from the manufacturer, for your peace of mind.

Alternative: Rigidd Power Spin

Rigidd Power Spin


  • Type: Manual
  • Size: 25 feet
  • Materials: Plastic, steel
  • Extra Features: Auto or manual operation

If you prefer your drain cleaning tools that can fit into the tight spaces of the house, something like the Rigidd Power Spin will be the auger for you.

This specialized tool comes with a ¼ inch Maxcore cable that measures 25 feet in length, and it’s made for drains 1.5 inches in size, so although you could put it to work around the home, it’ll perform best with clogged toilets.

You can choose whether to operate it manually or automatically but will need the power tools at home to get it at its top speeds.


  • One of the best choices for toilet clogs because of the thinner diameter and 1.5 drain size.
  • Can be used either manual or automatic depending on what you need.
  • Has a high rate of speed at 500RPM which is more than other automatic models we’ve found.


  • This isn’t designed to be a multipurpose drain snake so don’t purchase it if you have lots of plumbing jobs around the house.
  • A lightweight tool that can feel flimsy in your hands and weighs just over 4lbs in total.

Extra Features

As a manual tool, it still has a lot of power, and this is thanks to the PowerSpin function. If you want to up the ante further, you can attach it to a drill and let it work automatically, achieving up to 500 rotations per minute.

To operate, pull the trigger and turn the handle, and for drill operation, it has a simple attachment that can give it a boost of power.

The Rigidd Power Spin is a self-feeding model which means you don’t have to fiddle around with tricky parts to get it down the drain.

The drum auger does all of the work and you won’t need to touch the cable, which means a mess-free job and less effort from you. The Maxcore cable extend s down and does all of the work with a bulb-shaped auger that breaks up any obstruction.

Where to Buy

If you find yourself with a lot of clogged toilets and you want a specialized tool to get them running again, one of our favorites is the Rigidd Power Spin. This auger costs around $40 on Amazon and comes with a massive lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which highlights how well it’s been made.

When you shop with Amazon, you’ll also get free shipping of the auger to your door and free returns should there be any issues. This is a straightforward tool that’s best for problem toilets, and if you want to skip the costly plumber’s bills, it’s an easy way to do it.

Alternative: Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger

Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger


  • Type: Automatic
  • Size: 25 feet
  • Materials: Plastic, steel
  • Extra Features: LED light

Some people know for a fact they’ll never want to use a manual drain auger, and if the thought of doing so turns you off, you’ll need something automatic and powerful.

One of our top finds in this category is the Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger powered up by a 20V lithium-ion battery and with a cable reaching 25 feet long and capable of reaching down ¾ – 3 inch pipes around the home.


  • Includes the battery and requires no drills or power tools to get its full functionality
  • Maximum speeds of 560 rotations per minute meaning it’s one of the fastest on the market
  • Tacklife offers great customer service and they have a full-time team available to help you use your new tool
  • The telescopic function lets you maneuver your way through a drain with ease


  • An expensive option that does the same as most adaptable manual augers if you’re willing to connect them yourself
  • Some parts are made of plastic which makes this feel like one of the cheaper models in terms of longevity and durability

Extra Features

The Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger is an adjustable auger that can vary its speeds depending on the job at hand. The maximum speed is 560RPM which helps it cut through grittier jobs and heavy workloads, and because there’s no work required by you turning a crank, the job is fuss-free.

This auger comes with a built in LED light so you can see in the dark, narrow spaces, and it has a flexible telescopic cable that moves with ease.

Tacklife also includes the 20V lithium-ion rechargeable battery with this auger, and it’ll give you enough battery life to handle more than one drain job at a time.

The Tacklife Automatic Drain Auger comes with a cable that’s capable of reaching between ¾ inches to a full three-inch diamter drain, making it ideal for larger spaces like shower drains and bathtubs.

Where to Buy

Tacklife is known for creating some of the best plumbing tools for the home handyman, and their Automatic Drain Auger is no exception. Although handy, this is a costly tool, and you’ll pay almost $100 for it, with the battery included, when you shop on Amazon.

Tacklife products come with a one year limited warranty which could be better for its price, but it’s a trusted brand you can rely on, and you’ll get free returns and free freight thrown in by Amazon as well.

FAQs of Plumbing Snakes

FAQs of Plumbing Snakes

A plumbing snake is a common tool used by plumbers and other professionals but if you know how to use it the right way, it can save you a lot of money and let you do the job yourself.

If you’re still unsure about how to use one of these snakes, read on to find out more with some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Is A Plumbing Snake Called?

A plumber’s snake is also called a drain snake, toilet jack, or auger, and they come in both automatic and manual types.

These plumbing devices are able to reach down a drain or toilet to unclog (see also ‘The Best Way To Unclog A Toilet When Nothing Works‘) whatever’s been blocking it when you’re not able to use a plunger to get the job done.

How Do You Use A Plumbers Snake?

After you’ve tried everything else and a plunger isn’t working, you can push a plumber’s snake down into the drain or toilet slowly.

When you feel resistance against it, rotate it around so that it attaches to the obstruction and helps dislodge it by either collecting it or breaking it into smaller pieces.

Automatic Plumbing Snake Vs Manual

Automatic plumbing snakes can either be battery operated or attached to motorized tools like power drills so they can be spun around with ease to dislodge the obstruction.

A manual plumber’s snake still rotates, but the action is performed by hand which can require more effort but is just as effective for most blockages.

Could You Unclog The Shower With A Plumbing Snake?

A plumbing snake should be used as a last resort when trying to unclog the shower as there are other things you can try first.

If you’ve tried all other options, you can push the snake down into the drain until it finds the obstruction, and then twist it so that it removes or unclogs it. To prevent further clogs in the future, use a drain cover, and avoid letting anything foreign go down there.

The Key to Your Plumbing Woes

A plumber’s snake used to be a tool left only to the professionals to use but if you’re constantly dealing with drain issues at home, it’s time to invest in your own.

Once you’ve tried everything else, these snakes will usually be the final fix to get the job done, provided you’re working with the right tools.

Any of our expert picks for plumbing snakes will keep your sinks, toilets, drains, and more free from clogs, and with an ease that’ll make you wonder why you’ve never used one before.

With your own plumbing snake in hand, you’ll save hundreds from plumbing costs each year, and enjoy the satisfaction of doing the job yourself.

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