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Best Immersion (Bucket) Water Heater For 2021

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Everyone likes to have a warm or hot shower to either start their day or wind it down.

A warm bath is beneficial as it gets you started for the day feeling fresh and energized, and in the evening, it helps you catch some sleep fast.






DuoHapy Immersion Water Heater


Kingwork Water Heater


Gesail Immersion Water Heater


Outerdo Water Heater


Loutytou Water Heater

The description above could go on and on about the benefits of a warm shower but look below into the devices that enable you to get these hot showers called immersion heaters.In the morning, you get rid of the night sweats, and the evening one enables you to keep clean sheets.

But who knows what an immersion heater is? Whether you do or not, here is a brief definition.

Definition of an Immersion Heater

From the name of this device, we can gather one thing right away, and that is that it is a device that is immersed in a media to heat it.

And that is precisely what an immersion heater is. In this case of the Immersion water heater, the heating element is submerged in water, and it transmits heat energy to heat the water.

You could place it in a bucket, a tank, or any other container that has water. Some are permanently installed, while others are portable.

An immersion heater’s power could be either source from electrical sources or solar energy converted to electricity. The location of the installation of the immersion heaters of water can be placed in ideally three areas.

And that is the over-the-side, threaded, or flanged. Below are four types of immersion water heaters.

Types of Immersion Water Heaters

Circulation water heaters

One thing about science and how they name their appliances is that what the device does is self-explanatory from the name. For instance, take this type of water heater— you can gather that it works to heat water around the gadget.

The circulation immersion heaters work with two mechanisms. One is through conduction, where the heating rod is heated, and it raises the water temperature in the adjacent water around the rod. The second mechanism that works to spread the heat to other water molecules is through conventional heat transfer.

Here, the heated water molecules rise to the top of the water since they are lighter, and the heavier, cooler molecules fall to the bottom. The circle continues, and with time, the temperature of the water generally rises.

Flange water heaters

flange water heater

The flange immersion water heaters contain more than one type of metal, making the heating rod. The construction of these heaters is rugged, and they are highly resistant to rust due to the materials used to construct them.

They are usually installed by affixing them using bolts to a matching flange welded to the wall or nozzle.

Over the side water heaters

These kinds of immersion heater for bathtub are usually installed over the side of the water container. These immersion heaters’ beauty is that they heat water very fast and are tailored to fit different shaped vessels.

They are also applicable to be installed on a portable water heater and can be moved from one container to the next.

Screw-plug water heaters

Finally, the screw-plug water heaters contain threaded hairpin tubular elements that are connected to an electrical source. You can fix the appliances directly to heat the water. If the lines get ruined, they are easily replaceable.

Now that we know about the significant types of immersion heaters, next, we take a look at five immersion heaters for water one by one.

Best Overall: DuoHapy Immersion Water Heater

DuoHapy Immersion Water Heater Review

This device made it to the top of the list since it is a fine piece of technology. It heats water in a 20-liter bucket in less than five minutes, and it has safety installations making it the best immersion water heater.

Water heater features

The DuoHapy water immersive heater is a 1500-Watt home appliance that can heat a five-gallon container of water momentarily. The device has a safety feature that automatically shuts the heater when it gets to 70-degrees Celcius.

The heating rod is stainless steel, it has a durable thick power cable, a digital thermometer, and weighs 1.75 pounds making it relatively light.

After long-term usage, the rod may turn white, and the steel ball that comes with the package is used to clean out the device. The DuoHapy device has a white cable attached to it and a yellow tip and tops with a heating rod with perforations.

Safety guidelines

To use this immersion water heater, you must fully immerse the heating rod and the induction thermometer into the water. After the water is heated, ensure that the power is disconnected to avoid electrical shock before you use it.

Also, while you use this bucket water heater, ensure to use an independent socket to prevent fires. Lastly, please do not touch the heater while it is on, and do not use the device for more than three hours continuously.


  • This heating appliance is multipurpose and can be used to heat water in various containers, including bathtubs, buckets, and shallow tanks.
  • The safety feature that automatically shuts the device once it gets to a specific temperature is power saving.
  • It is lightweight, hence can be used as portable immersion heaters when you leave home.


  • This device can only heat small volumes of water fast— if the volume exceeds ten gallons, it will take a long time to heat the water.

Procuring gen

The DuoHapy immersion water heater warms up water in multiple vessels, making it a versatile technology piece. And one piece retails for only $25. If you follow the guidelines and take care of the piece as instructed, you will use it for a very long time.

Runner up: Kingwork Water Heater

Kingwork Water Heater Reviewe

As the second-best water heater on this guide, it can be used as a submersible bathtub heater, the Kingwork with an impressive track record. Therefore, read on to determine why it deserves to be the second-best piece in this article.

Water heater features

This Kingwork heater that can be used as a bathtub heater has a quick heating speed with a wattage count of 1000 at a voltage of 120. It is exclusively for water, and it warms a five-gallon water container momentarily.

The appliance has an automatic power shut down feature that turns off the device if there is a thermal overload exceeding 190 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a power-saving mode where the heater switches off when the water temp is max and switches on when it goes below the required temp.

The heating rod has a stainless-steel covering, which reduces any accidental contact with the heated rod. The encompassing layer contains holes to facilitate the heat from the heating rod reaching the water.

The cord attached to the appliance is 5.9 feet long and has a waterproof outer coverage attached to a see-through plug that lights up when on. The apparatus weighs 2.12 pounds, and it is available in silver. Once bought, you get a one-year guarantee contact.

Safety guidelines

You should place the device inside the water first and then switch it on. And while it is being used, no person or animal should be in the water being heated. Also, ensure that the water being heated can be put inside the container when it reaches boiling point.


  • It is a versatile piece that can be used for different purposes.
  • The stainless steel guard is a commendable addition that ensures the safety of the person using the device.
  • The power-saving feature helps saves energy and even save time.
  • A UL-listed US standard wiring style is electric shock proof since it contains the earthing wire.


  • If you use it in a large water pool, it will take a long time to heat it.

Procuring gen

This Kingwork immersion water heater appliance has very commendable feedback from customers worldwide because it gets the job done.

One-piece sells at around $38, and depending on your location, shipping charges may be added. Collectedly, it is an appliance well-deserving its position on this ranking list.

Alternative: Gesail Immersion Water Heater

Gesail Immersion Water Heater Review

To kick start the alternative immersion heaters for water is the Gesail appliance. Below is why it is the first of the alternatives.

Water heater features

It appears similar to the Kingwork piece with the anti-scald outer covering to the heating rod with the perforations. This device also has an automatic on and off-cycle switch that works to save power while maintaining the water temperature at a constant.

It can be used to heat water in a metallic, wooden, or plastic bucket. You can also use it to warm up water in a kiddy plastic or rubber pool, a bathtub, and a basin. But it should never be used in a water kettle.

The edge they have over Kingwork is that the wattage is at 1500. The voltage is 120 and operates at a 1.25Amperes current level. The thermostat has an automatic shit off for safety reasons, and the socket is a UL-certified one with grounding.

The cord s 5.9 feet long and the wires inside are enclosed with a water-resistant rubber wiring. The plug has a power indicator that informs you the device is working. One appliance weighs 1.9 pounds, and it is available in silver with a black wire.

Safety guidelines

If you are to heat water in a bathtub or a kiddy pool, make sure the water is heated first, and not while you are inside. It will not shock you, but it is still not safe. You must fully immerse the part covered with the stainless steel encompassing the device to work and heat the water as it should correctly.


  • This appliance works exceptionally great to heat water in different sized pools.
  • The safety features include could save a life and save electricity.
  • The anti-scalding addition is also commendable.


  • If you do not place the entire stainless steel part into the water, you will resort to dry heating, which may ruin your appliance faster or result in shutting down before it heats the water.
  • You cannot heat water using this device to boiling point.

Procuring gen

This piece retails for approximately $40. It is a bit costly than the Kingwork immersion water heater, but we can say it’s the wattage difference. Almost everything else, the two devices have a similarity. So much so, if you cannot find one, go for the other.

Alternative: Outerdo Water Heater

Outerdo Water Heater Review

This immersion water heater resembles the DuoHappy with its white cable and the yellow tip and top. Despite the similarities, there are a few differences that make this piece a good alternative.

Water heater features

It is a 2000W and 120v power capability, which heats 5 gallons of water faster than most submersible bathtub heaters. There is a power indicator that lights red when the device is heating on the heater’s top part. The heating rod is enclosed with stainless steel housing and a few perforations; there are drain holes.

You can use this heater in a plastic tub, a plastic bucket, a barrel, a ceramic bathtub, a kiddie pool, and a thermos flask. The plus is white with a thick copper cord that carries plenty of electricity, and it does not burn.

Safety guidelines

Like the other pieces, plug this device on an independent socket to avoid shared outlet’s overpowering. Never use the immersed water heater while you use the water. And always unplug first before removing the device out of water.


  • The cord attached to the apparatus is long, and the waterproof covering makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is has a straightforward usage routine.
  • It has an appealing aesthetic look, and the anti-scalping feature is commendable.


  • One major downside is that you cannot use this device for long periods. If you exceed three hours of usage, you may reduce the lifespan of your immersion water heater.
  • Since it can only be on for a limited time, it can only heat small water volumes.

Procuring gen

A piece retails at $25 at most outlets.  It is a lightweight piece, making it a practical water heater to carry during road trips and travels. It is also an excellent alternative that does the job and is well in an affordable price range.

Alternative: Loutytou Water Heater

Loutytou Water Heater Review

Finally, we have the Loutytou water heater, which is also part of the many terrific portable immersion heaters in the market right now. The following sections describe in detail more about this product.

Water heater features

Unlike any other immersion water heater discussed in this piece, this one has a plastic beige outer covering with an extended 1.8 meters black cord attached to it made of sturdy silicone resistant to high temperatures. This device is a 1600-Watt and 120volts that heats a minimum of 5 gallons of water.

The heating element is stainless steel with excellent rust resistance. This water heater can only be used for buckets, bathtubs, kiddy pools, but never flasks, kettles, or jugs. This immersion water heater weighs only 700 grams.

Safety guidelines

The whole beige part and a few silicone wire inches are fully submerged into the water to use this gadget correctly.

This will prevent dry burning, which will shorten the lifespan of the device. Never plug in two water heaters on the same socket, and always unplug the heater before lifting it out of the water.


  • The plastic covering the heating filament helps with keeping you safe.
  • It is a lightweight piece that can be used during trips and camps.
  • It has low power consumption.
  • It is easy to operate


  • The plug does not have a grounding wire. You must be careful not to get electrocuted while you unplug it from the wall.

Procuring gen

This device retails for approximately $39. It is safe; it works, and, for sure, a worthy alternative. The best part about this device is that you will not burn when you contact the plastic part.

Immersion Water Heaters FAQ

Is immersion water heater safe?

is bucket heater safe

Yes, it is, but you must follow the safety guidelines to the latter. Some tips are that you completely submerge the heating element inside the water. The second cue is to plug in the machine in an independent socket to prevent electrical discharges that could lead to fires.

The third pointer is never to use the water as it is heating, and that includes any part of your body either partly or wholly.

Fourthly, make sure the container can hold the water even as it boils. The fifth guideline is to unplug the apparatus from the power source before lifting it from the water, and finally, always place the heating water and the heater after use far away from children and pets.

How do immersion water heaters work?

Depending on the type of installation, they will operate differently. But in general, they use two main scientific processes to transfer the energy from one form to the other. The first is through conduction, and the second is convention energy transfer.

Convention entails the energy shifting from the heating element to the water surrounding the device directly. And conventional involves the hotter water molecules moving to the surface of the water and the cooler molecules drop to the bottom.

This cycle of hot water molecules moving up and the cold molecules dropping will eventually even out the molecule’s temperatures. And when this happens, the water will have already become hot.

Some smart heaters automatically turn off at this point, but those without this technology will keep heating the water beyond the boiling point. For the second kind, heating water must be done under supervision.

How long does an immersion heater keep water hot for?

If the external weather is warm, then the water will remain hotter for an extended period.

And if it cold outside the heated water, then it cools faster. Some immersion water heaters have a cycle on and off feature that goes on when the water drops to a certain temperature and turns off when it exceeds a specific temperature.

This on and off mechanism will go on and on as long as the device is connected to power. Admittedly, the immersion water heaters with this feature will keep water hotter longer than those that do not.

How much does it cost to run an immersion water heater?

different types of heater

The cost will always depend on how often you use the device, for what time duration, and the apparatus’s power consumption work. Other factors are the temperature of the water and the surrounding, which fluctuates. The ones with thermostats consume less, thus cost-effective.

Since different immersion heaters have various capacities of watts, they will use different amounts of power. But here is a rough estimate; suppose you have a 3000W immersion heater, and you use it on average 120 minutes daily; that would translate to $1.9 per day and roughly $12.33per week.


In conclusion, now that you have five pieces that you can use as an immersion heater for the bathtub, bucket, kiddy pool, or basin, the ball is on your court.

It is truly a no-brainer since the above five discussed will do a great job of heating the water you can use to take a bath, wash the dishes, or even clean your home.

Get one heating apparatus from the list and forever enjoy using hot water. Remember always to follow the guidelines; they are there for your safety.

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