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A Review And Buying Guide To GE Gas Water Heater

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There are 18 different gas water heaters available from General Electric.

These heaters are household sizes that vary from 30, 40, and 50 gallons. Along with household usage, they all share several other factors.

These heaters are easy to install and will only require a standard water and gas installation.

While they all cover households, this doesn’t mean that it will fit all family sizes.

This article will highlight the different family sizes each gas water heater will cover.

They all have a quick recovery time to replenish hot water, and this will vary depending on the type of heater you choose.

All of the heaters have magnesium anode rods that offer long-lasting protection from corrosion of your tank.

They also include a SmartShield safety system that automatically shuts off the tank when they sense abnormal temperatures.

They also incorporate a self-diagnostic system that monitors and reports the status of your gas system through an LED status indicator.

30-Gallon Gas Water Heaters

There are two 30-gallon gas water heaters on the General Electric website, either short or tall models.

Both are household size and can quickly heat enough water for a family of up to three people.

They both use natural gas and have an atmospheric vent. These two models have a parts warranty of eight years and a labor warranty of one year. 

The shorter model has a height of 45.4 inches and a diameter of 20 inches, while the taller model offers a height of 56.44 inches and a diameter of 20 inches.

These models’ first-hour delivery is 74 GPH, and they have a UEF of .63.

40-Gallon Gas Water Heaters

There are nine 40-gallon gas water heaters available from General Electric. They can heat enough water for a household of two to five persons.

Like the 30-gallon models, they have short and tall models, with six of the models being tall and three models being short.

These 40-gallon units have an atmospheric vent, but they also have a selection of liquid propane and natural gas as fuel.

There are more natural gas water heaters in the majority, with only three liquid propane heaters available at the time of writing this. 

A Review and Buying Guide to GE Gas Water Heaters

The warranties for each of the 40-gallon models vary. The models GG40S08BXR, GP40T08BXR, and GG40T08BXR all have an eight year warranty for them.

The models GP40T10BXR, GG40S10BXR, GP40T12BXR, and GG40T10BXR have ten year warranties available.

Then, there are only two heaters with a twelve year warranty, the GG40S12BXR and the GG40T12BXR models.

As they did with 30-Gallon models, there is also a labor warranty of one year. 

The shortest models have a height of 47.5 inches and a diameter of 22 inches, while the taller models have a height of 57.1 inches and 20 inches in diameter.

The first-hour delivery rate of all these models is 84 GPH, and they all have a UEF of .67. 

50-Gallon Gas Water Heaters

There are seven 50-gallon gas water heaters that General Electric is currently marketing. They can all heat enough water for a household of five people and more.

As they did with 40-gallon and 30-gallon models, tall and short models are in the 50-gallon range.

There are five tall water heaters altogether, with two short models.

All of these have an atmospheric vent, and two of these models use liquid propane as fuel. The other five all use natural gas to fuel the heater.

Three of the 50-gallon gas water heaters have a warranty of eight years, specifically the GP50T08BXR, GG50S08BXR, and GG50T08BXR models.

Another two 50-gallon gas water heaters have a ten year warranty, including the GG50S10BXR and the GG50T10BXR models.

The GP50T1BXR and the GG50T1BXR have twelve year warranties. These tanks have a one year labor warranty included in this time frame. 

The two short models have a height of 44.9 inches and a diameter of 25 inches. Meanwhile, the tall models have a height of 56.6 inches and a diameter of 22 inches.

However, the first-hour delivery rate of the 50-gallon gas water heaters is 94 GPH and like the 40-gallon units, have a UEF of .67. 


We briefly touched upon some of the features in the introduction of this article.

Many of the gas water tanks from General Electric all include similar features.

Incorporating similar elements makes it easier to analyze them and explain just how your gas water heater can utilize them to help your gas heaters last longer.

All of the units that General Electric currently sells are atmospheric units and should be vented outdoors to ensure safety in your home.

A Review and Buying Guide to GE Gas Water Heaters

To ensure your atmospheric vent is configured safely, you should ensure they are vented upward and release any gas into the air outside. This way, you can prevent any excess heat or fumes from being released back into the air.

The best way to ensure your atmospheric vent is working properly is by consulting a professional to help with installation.

The size of your atmospheric vent will consistently be three inches, and all vents will be Type B.

These vents will be engineered to heat up rapidly, but all fumes will be vented to the outside of the house by using one of these.

Inside each gas water tank, you will have a magnesium anode rod.

These rods are extended into the cylinder of your water heater and are used to prevent anything corrosive from damaging the cylinder walls.

Anode rods can control corrosion by using an electric current that flows through it.

This then attracts anything with an opposite charge. As you collect these particles, the rod will corrode, and you’ll need to get a new one.

Remember that magnesium rods are not the most durable and may need to be replaced every year depending on the type of water used in your household.

All of the systems used are designed for quick recovery, and so each has different burners used to re-heat your water.

These vary depending on the size of your heater and whether it’s short or tall. A 30-gallon water heater will have a 34K burner, while a 40-gallon water heater will vary from 38K to 40K.

Meanwhile, a 50-gallon water heater will have a 40K burner for its recovery time.

General Electric has equipped its water heaters with a SmartShield Sensor System as an additional safety feature.

The SmartShield Sensor System has a Flammable Vapor (see also ‘What Is A Flammable Vapor Sensor?‘) Resistant design.

It will automatically shut the unit down if it detects any flammable vapors or abnormalities in the air around the heater. 

All of these heaters have a self-diagnostic tool attached to them, which monitors and reports on the status of the gas system.

It then reports any issues via an LED status indicator.

Using an LED status indicator should make it easier to see what problems may arise with your heater.

A Review and Buying Guide to GE Gas Water Heaters

If you need to drain any hot water from your tank, you can use your drain valve.

Depending on which heater you buy, you may have a plastic drain or brass valve. However, you’re more likely to have a plastic one.

You can use these to remove any built-up sediment in your tank, and by using these materials, you shouldn’t have to worry about it corroding. 

While all of these gas water heaters are easy to install, you should always consult a professional if you have any concerns about the installation process.

While these do use standard water and gas professions, you should make sure that you contact a plumber to install it correctly, so you don’t end up causing any harm to yourself.


All tanks have a Built-to-Last warranty, which varies in the amount of time for each one.

Each of these tanks has a labor warranty of one year, which means the manufacturer will pay for a technician to install the part.

If there is an issue with the installation, a labor warranty should cover you if you need to replace anything to do with that process.

However, a parts warranty depends on the type of gas water heater you use.

The warranty could be an eight year, ten year, or twelve year warranty.

With your parts warranty, you will be able to contact the manufacturer if you have any issues with a part during this time frame, and they’ll replace it for you. 

Final Thoughts

General Electric offers several gas water heaters in a variety of sizes.

If you are looking for a gas water heater from General Electric, I hope this guide was able to help you understand the features and warranties available from them.

It’s also vital that you research the type of gas water heater you and your family may require.

You should also consider the size of the gas water heater you will need and whether you will need to do additional work to have them in your home. 

If you have any issues with your gas water heater, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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