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Should You Invest In Water Heater Booster

Most home workers must be surprised to learn that a quick shower of about ten or more gallons of hot water from the standard hot water tank can consume so much water.
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Thus, it is simple to calculate how quickly a household can utilize a tank full of hot water if the members take extended showers or if the hot water is being used for various other appliances.

In case you wish to rush out of the shower as you are scared of warm water running out, it might be time to look for a water heater booster installation.

There are so many questions with little to zero answers when it comes to investing in water heater boosters:

Do water heater boosters work?

Can I add a Second water heater instead of a water heater booster?

What is the difference between a tankless water heater and a water heater booster?

Are they suitable for hot showers?

And this guide will answer them all. However, before we begin, let us first familiarize you with the concept of water heater boosters.

What Is A Water Heater Booster All About?

Rheem Water Heater Booster

In essence, a water heater booster is a device you can attach to the water heater. With it, your existing tank will become more energy-efficient, as the booster helps to conserve hot water without, providing you with more hot water available between uses.

The question is, however, is this an investment for you? Well, if you require multiple sources of hot water, the tank booster will work perfectly. It will deliver you much more hot water and save energy at the same time, helping you save money and time.

Additionally, besides expanding your hot water capacity, the booster will increase your hot water pressure.

Advantages of a Water Heater Booster

Water Heater Booster Advantages

As mentioned, installing a water heater booster will have a great effect on your entire water heating system. We’ve merely scratched the surface, though, so let’s go through every advantage in more detail.

Less Consumption of Warm Water

The tank booster works well by mixing cold water from the input valve with heater water, which comes from the hot water valve. It allows the water heater to store water at a higher temperature more efficiently.

It leads to less warm water coming out from the tank and higher storage capacity. Installation of a hot water heater booster can convert a 50-gallon tank to a capacity of an 80-gallon tank, saving you tons of money on your monthly energy bills.

Safer Water Quality

The so-called respiratory disease legionnaires are caused by legionella bacteria, which colonizes the water stored at temperatures below 122 degrees.

With the help of an electric tankless water booster, the water temperature rises in the tank to a specific temperature that helps prevent legionella growth.

Minimal Space

You can mount a tankless hot water heater booster on the wall or attached to the tank itself. As it doesn’t require a lot of space in the house, you can easily add this to your household appliances list.

Saves Money

Water heaters are not cheap, and the bigger the tank, the more costly it can be. Installation of a booster is one of the economical ways to mitigate your family’s evolving hot water requirement, with zero requirements to break the bank.

Easy to Install

Replacing a warm water heater can be a time-consuming and challenging task. However, note that water heater boosters are specifically designed for easy installation.

They generally use the same power supply as a warm water tank and the required cables to power both devices. With few electrical and plumbing skills, you would be able to install the booster within an hour.

Though a water heater booster functions on a similar line as a tankless water heater, where the water is heated on the fly, working as additional support to the existing water heater in your home.

Freeze Protection

Few water heater boosters power the water tank automatically when the thermistor senses a water temperature reduction. This particular function helps protect your water heater and conserves energy.

Burn protection

Once you set the warm water temperature, you will not require to fret regarding your kids getting burnt on their own when using the running warm water faucet.

Is It Wise to Invest In a Hot Water Heater Booster?

Is It Wise to Invest in a Water Heater Booster

Some people often wonder whether it’s wise to invest in a water heater booster? Wouldn’t it be easier to add a second water heater instead of a water heater booster?

Well, if you and your family struggle with inadequate warm water at home, it makes complete sense to opt for a water heater booster. Assuming that your existing heater tank is less than 10 years old, you can add a water heater booster to the current unit and ensure you have enough hot water to suffice the requirements.

As the hot water temperature drops when you use it, the water heater booster will activate and speed up the heating process to raise the water temperature to the desired temperature degree you have set before.

In case the water heater tank is over 10 years, we would recommend you to opt for a new tank water heater.

Tankless Water Heater vs. Water Heater Booster

Tankless water heaters are among the newest tools for producing more energy-efficient surroundings at home.

In contrast to standard units that continuously reheat and heat water that stays warm, a tankless heater provides warm water instantaneously with electric coils and high-powered gas burners.

On the one hand, this means that a water heater booster needs more energy. On the other hand, however, the water does not require to be reheated repetitively like the standard tank models as the tankless systems utilize less energy on the whole.

For those having a tank water heater, boosters help conserve warm water with zero energy wastage. In other words, if you value energy efficiency, a hot water heater booster is an investment worth making.

Are Water Heater Boosters Suitable for Hot Showers?

Yes, a hot water booster is highly efficient in providing you with hot showers. A warm water booster, as stated above, is a device attached to the existing warm water heater. In it, cold water is efficiently mixed with hot water from the input valve, and finally, the warm water is delivered to you.

For those with tank heaters – both electric and gas tanks – boosters can conserve hot water with zero wastage of energy. It means that you will have more hot water readily available for various uses than you originally had.

As stated, a hot water heater booster is a good investment for those requiring multiple sources of warm water throughout their house. Or for the ones who are struggling with warm water production.

Including a water heater booster in your tank can assist you with such problems. In case you are facing very low warm water pressure, it can prove to be one of the ideal solutions as well.

Long story short, a water heater booster is a sound investment for energy-efficient houses.

Water Heater Boosters Tips

Water Heater Booster Tips

A standard water heater accounts for around 15% of your house’s energy cost. Adding an electric tankless water heater booster will help decrease this cost by making your tank heater much more efficient. However, there are a few other adjustments you can apply in your household to conserve energy:

Use of Low Flow Showerheads: By lowering the water flow from the showerhead, you will find there is considerably more water to go around.

Wash Clothes With Cold Water: Nearly 90% of the energy is used in the clothes washer directly for water heating. You can substantially save by turning the dial to cold. On fabric, cold water is more accessible, leading to your clothes lasting a little longer.

Turn the Water Heater Off: Ensure to turn your water heater off every time you go away on a long vacation.

Insulate Tank: Check the tank’s manual for particular insulation needs. Wrapping up your tank can save nearly 5 to 10 % of the heating costs.

Replace Inefficient Water Heater: Water heaters of today’s time are substantially energy efficient compared to those from the prior years. Ensure to look for the energy star models as they are usually 15% more efficient than various other models.

The Bottom Line

SmartBoost Water Heater Booster

On cold winter days, the requirements for water heaters are generally more than in any other season. However, during this time of the year, homeowners begin to worry about how they can make the warm water last longer without spending a fortune on their energy bills.

An easy solution to meet your hot water requirements is to install a water heater booster and witness all the benefits this small device adds to your life. A water heater will provide you with more hot water and, more importantly, will do that without wasting energy.

So, to answer the question given in the title – yes, you should invest in a hot water heater booster.

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