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The Best Garden Pond Spitters

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Any garden looks better with a nice pond nestled in the corner. Ponds are great because they take up space on your lawn, meaning you won’t have as much to mow on a regular basis.

They also can attract new species to your garden, making it much more enjoyable to spend time in. 

However, the best thing about ponds is that they simply look great. These water features can do a lot to make your garden feel more tranquil and full of life.

That said, they need to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent them becoming stagnant.






Bamboo Accents Water Fountain With Pump


Dancing Koi Fish Spitting Water Statue


Aquascape Alligator Fountain Spitter


Design Toscano Manneken Pis 


Aquascape Toucan Fountain Spitter for Pond


Happy Herman The Frog 


Aquascape 78310 Naughty Dog Pond and Garden Water Fountain


Design Toscano EU59307 Kohaku Asian Koi Piped Spitter


Timmy The Turtle Decorative Plumbed Pond Statuary 


Aquascape 78304 Double Frog with Cattail Spitter Water Fountain

Stagnant water can produce foul odors and acts as a nesting site for certain species of insect to lay their eggs.

Both of these will ruin your peaceful water garden very quickly, which is why you should take measures to keep your pond clean and healthy. 

A pond spitter is a small statue placed in the middle of a pond that spits water from an outlet, usually located in the mouth.

You may think these miniature fountains are simply decorative ornaments, but they are actually very helpful at keeping the water in your pond clean.

Pond spitters disturb the surface of your water, preventing algae blooms, and greatly reducing insect larva.

They can also help to aerate your pond, raising  the oxygen levels of the water to make it more suitable for fish and aquatic plants. 

If you’re interested in getting one of these ornaments for your pond, then read on and discover some of the best pond spitters available to buy online. 

Why Do I Need A Pond Spitter? 

A pond spitter isn’t essential, but they make great decorations for your pond and can provide a number of surprising benefits.

For a start, the sound of trickling water is very relaxing and will help to make the area near your pond or water garden much more tranquil. 

Furthermore, these fountains help to disturb the surface of the water in your pond.

This has several benefits, such as preventing algae blooms or insect eggs from accumulating in your water.

It also helps to aerate the pond and raise the percentage of oxygen dissolved in the water.

This is essential if you have fish, as it will help them to breathe and thrive, along with any species of aquatic plant you are cultivating.

As such, pond spitters can be very helpful at keeping your water clean and free from contaminants.

Not to mention, they instantly improve the aesthetic of any water garden and make a great attraction for impressing your friends and family. 

Bamboo Accents Water Fountain With Pump

If you are looking for something that is simple yet effective, then this bamboo water fountain may be just what you need.

This product is made from real, split-proof bamboo, making it a natural addition to any pond or water garden.

The type of bamboo that it is made from absorbs excess sound, so you can enjoy the peaceful trickle of running water and nothing else. 

It is designed for small bowls, but you can easily use it for a small pond instead.

If you are worried that your pond may be too big, then this unit is cheap enough that you could easily buy two and place one at either end.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with its own 110V pump, meaning you won’t have to buy anything else to set it up. 

If you want to attach a different pump, such as a solar-powered model, then it is easy to do so provided you buy one with the right size of outlet. 


  • Made from all natural materials. 
  • It creates a quiet trickling sound that is very peaceful. 
  • Easy to install and comes with its own pump. 


  • May not be suitable for larger ponds. 

Also available at: ShopBambooAccents

Dancing Koi Fish Spitting Water Statue

Elegant, yet fun, this dancing Koi statue will look great sitting on the border of your pond.

It is made from a non-toxic poly resin that won’t contaminate your water with harmful chemicals.

It comes with a 6ft hose that needs to be connected to a 300 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) pump. 

While you will have to buy the pump for this spitter separately, it is worth it for such a great decorative piece.

It has surprising strength, meaning it will be suitable for both small and medium-sized ponds.

The resin used to make this statue is frost resistant, meaning you can leave it outside all year long without it cracking or weathering. 

This statue is available in gold or verdigris green and makes a stunning centerpiece for any fishpond or water garden. 


  • Stylish and fun design. 
  • Comes with 2ft hose. 
  • When fully powered, this spitter has a long arc that will be suitable for small and medium-sized ponds


  • Doesn’t come with pump 

Also available at: PondH2o

Aquascape Alligator Fountain Spitter

Aquascape makes some excellent decorations and fountains for all sizes of pond.

This alligator spitter is so realistic, that it may even startle your guests if you conceal it in some long grass or flowers.

It is made from a high quality poly resin that is impervious to UV and heat, while looking like real brass from a distance. 

This spitter comes with its own 180 GPH pump, which makes installing it much easier.

Even at half power, it is capable of spitting water up to 4 ft, which makes it great for medium-sized or slightly larger bodies of water.

The use of metallic colors creates a very natural look that won’t be out of place amongst the plants surrounding your pond. 

It sounds great too, emitting a steady stream of water for a constant, trickling sound that will make relaxing in your garden much more enjoyable. 


  • Comes with a 180 GPH pump. 
  • Awesome design that looks like real brass at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Can spit well over 4 ft for aerating larger ponds. 


  • Quite large and may be difficult to balance near your pond. 

Also available at: AquaScapeInc

Design Toscano Manneken Pis 

If you want to add a bit of classical flair to your garden, why not try this stylish and mischievous spitter inspired by a famous fountain in Brussels.

This statue is made from crushed stone bound together with resin. It isn’t the most durable spitter, but it is resistant to UV, heat and other conditions that would normally harm statues made from poly resins. 

This unit doesn’t come with a pump, so you will need to buy a 400 GPH unit to power it.

Once you do, though, this is a very low maintenance product and should last you a long time provided you don’t knock it over.

Sadly, this statue isn’t built to handle drops or sudden impacts, so make sure to put it somewhere stable and secure to prevent it falling and breaking. 

This pissing boy statue will make a great humorous talking point when you next have guests. 


  • Classical design based on a fountain in Brussels. 
  • Made with real crushed stone bound together with resin. 
  • Resistant to both UV and heat 


  • Fragile and may break if dropped. 

Also available at: Walmart

Aquascape Toucan Fountain Spitter For Pond

This is another aquascape product that successfully emulates the feel and appearance of real bronze using poly resin.

As such, this toucan fountain is incredibly stylish, with beautiful metallic colors that will look great amongst the plants around your pond.

It comes with a 90 GPH pump, making installation simple and easy. 

One of the great features about this spitter is that the beak of the toucan is attached to a hinge that allows it to open and close.

This helps to make the statue seem a little more alive, and the shape of the beak causes the water to trickle out at a gentle pace.

As such, this is a spitter that sounds as good as it looks. 

While it isn’t the most powerful spitter, it is a very stylish garden ornament that has a lot of character and charm. 


  • Looks and feels like it is made from real brass. 
  • The mouth can open and close to control the flow of water. 
  • Comes with a 90 GPH pump. 


  • The water pressure may be too low for aerating bigger ponds. 

Also available at: AquaScapeInc

Happy Herman The Frog 

If all you want is something small, simple and kind of cute, then you can’t go wrong with Happy Herman The Frog.

This compact little water spitter is hand painted in vibrant colors that will look perfect amongst the natural flora and fauna of your pond.

It’s so well painted that some may mistake it for a real frog until they see the water jet in its mouth. 

Herman doesn’t come with a pump, but is compatible with most models under 120 GPH.

As you can tell, he has quite a good spitting distance for such a small fountain.

While you may need multiple of these spitters to aerate a larger pond, they are perfect for smaller bodies of water. 

Compared to other artisanal spitters on the market, Herman is surprisingly affordable.

As such, he is a great choice for anyone trying to decorate their water garden on a budget. 


  • Small and easy to install near your pond without building a separate platform. 
  • Works with 120 GPH pumps for surprising distance and power 
  • Adorable and colorful hand painted design.


  • Not enough power for aerating larger ponds. 

Also available at: PondAndGardenDepot

Aquascape 78310 Naughty Dog Pond And Garden Water Fountain

This is another whimsical fountain for adding a bit of naughty charm to your garden pond.

Shaped like a peeing dog, this spitter is humorous and compatible with 180 GPH pumps to provide a steady stream of water.

This makes it suitable for small to medium-sized ponds. And all you need is a suitably flat rock to place it on, and you are ready to go.  

While it looks like it is made from real brass, this statue is still made from the same poly resin that all of Aquascape’s products use.

As such, it is resistant to both UV and temperature fluctuations, although there may be an issue with the paint used.

Sadly, according to some customer reviews the paint has a tendency to flake off, but you may be able to fix this with a can of primer and some metallic bronze paint of your own. 

Apart from this minor inconvenience, this is a great little statue that adds a bit of doggy charm to any garden pond. 


  • Compatible with 180 GPH pumps. 
  • Made from durable poly resin. 
  • Charming and whimsical statuette for small to medium-sized ponds. 


  • Paint may peel with exposure to UV. 

Also available at: PondAndGardenDepot

Design Toscano EU59307 Kohaku Asian Koi Piped Spitter

Design Toscano have gone all out on this colorful and charming piped spitter statue. If you are looking for a colorful decoration to place next to a pond full of koi fish then this is the perfect choice.

The statue is made from crushed stone bound together with poly resin and then hand painted in vibrant, weather resistant paints. 

It is designed to work with a 240 GPH pump, although you can use weaker models as well, and it should still function properly.

One issue with this product is that it is incredibly lightweight and will actually float if placed in water.

This won’t be  a problem if you put it on a stable platform around the outskirts of your pond, but it may be irritating if you want to place it in the pond itself. 

At full power this statue can spit up to 1ft which will be suitable for aerating smaller bodies of water. 


  • Colorful hand painted design. 
  • Works equally well as a standalone statue or spitter. 
  • Great decoration for any koi pond


  • Lightweight and floats even when placed in shallow water. 

Also available at: DesignToscano and Walmart

Timmy The Turtle Decorative Plumbed Pond Statuary 

This pond spitter comes from the same company that made Herman the Happy frog and demonstrates the same level of charm and attention to detail.

Just like his predecessor, Timmy is made from crushed stone bonded together with a UV resistant poly resin.

The statue has been hand painted with an exceptional level of detail to create a statue that is fun, stylish and incredibly characterful. 

The plumbing is done with brass pipes and this spitter should work fine with most statuary pumps provided they are under 200 GPH.

Timmy has a good spitting distance that makes him suitable for medium-sized ponds.

The statue is quite lightweight again, and as such may need to be placed on the outskirts of your pond rather than a shallow area within it. 

However, if you can work around the weight, this statue is incredibly charming and a great choice for any garden pond. 


  • Brass ⅜ connector located at the rear of the statue. 
  • Stable base makes it easy to place this statue near your pond without it moving. 
  • Charming hand painted aesthetic.


  • Lightweight and may float. 

Also available at: PondAndGardenDepot

Aquascape 78304 Double Frog With Cattail Spitter Water Fountain

Pond spitters aren’t the best way to aerate your pond by a long mile, but some of them can be very effective depending on the size of your pond and where you place the pump.

This model made by Aquascape has two outlets facing in opposite directions to provide better coverage.

As such, if placed in the middle of a pond, this spitter can provide awesome aeration provided your pond isn’t too deep. 

Just like Aquascapes other products, this statue has been made from a durable polyresin that has been painted to look like real metal.

Since it weighs 4.8lbs, you won’t have to worry about it floating off into your pond during periods of heavy rain.

It is recommended to use a 180 GPH pump with this model to provide enough pressure for both of the spouts. 

This is a simple, yet effective little spitter with a great design. 


  • Two outlets for better coverage and more aeration. 
  • Charming, realistic metal coloration. 
  • Solid design with a wide flat base to offer great stability. 


  • Some delicate parts may snap off easily if not handled with care. 

Also available at: AquascapeInc and Walmart

Buyers Guide

Pond spitters are a great way to add some decoration and charm to your garden pond or water garden. However, it isn’t just about buying something that looks nice, you need to make sure it is functional as well. 

In this section, we will cover some important things to consider when shopping for a suitable pond spitter. 


Most pond spitters will be made from a type of poly resin with a special coating to protect it from the elements.

These materials are chosen because they are non-toxic and won’t seep into the water of your pond, causing harm to anything living in it. 

This poly resin is highly durable and capable of withstanding UV, temperature fluctuations and many other forms of common wear and tear.

Some spitters may be made from stone, although these are generally much more expensive.

Others may be made from wood such as bamboo, which offers something a little more natural at an affordable price. 

Companies like Design Toscano make their spitters from a combination of resin and crushed stone.

This lends them a more authentic feel and also reduces the weight considerably. However, lower weight isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Statues made from these materials are more fragile and may break easily if knocked over. They are also so light that they may float on water, which means you won’t be able to place them in the pond itself.  

Pump Size

Before you buy a pond spitter, you will need to think about the size of pump you will need to buy for making it work.

Some spitters will come complete with a pump and hosing for connecting the two items together.

However, for most of them, the pump will need to be bought separately. Most pumps below 300 GPH will be fine for a polyresin spitter. 

The power of the pump will determine the speed and force with which the water is ejected from the statue.

If you want your pond spitter to provide any level of aeration, you will need a stronger pump to get the desired effect. 

As well as a pump, you will also need to buy a length of hose for connecting it to your spitter.

Most of the time you will want to place the pump in the water of your pond to provide better circulation. 

When doing this, try to find a way of attaching the pump to the bottom of the pond.

This will move water from the bottom, so it can be ejected by the spitter. As a result, the water in your pond will be moving more and the spitter will be able to provide much better aeration. 


The final thing you need to consider is the materials used to paint and your pond spitter and protect it from the elements.

Most companies will try to use non-toxic paint and coatings, but it is always worth double-checking. 

Coatings, such as soy resin, are natural and won’t cause any harm to your fish if they leach into the water of your pond.

Other, more synthetic coatings may be much more harmful, and should be avoided in case of leeching. 

Be wary of items that haven’t been painted properly.

If the paint on a pond spitter is flaking or peeling off, some of that paint will end up in the water of your pond, where it may start causing problems for your fish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Pond Spitter Aerate My Pond By Itself? 

A pond spitter can help to aerate your pond, but it is far from the best method for doing so.

If your pond is over 5ft deep, then a spitter will not be able to provide enough aeration for the water at the bottom.

In most cases, you will want to have a disc aerator as the main source of oxygen for your pond and keep the spitters for decoration. 

However, for a pond that is more shallow, a spitter or multiple spitters could work on their own.

For this to be viable, you will need to place the pump or pumps at the bottom of the pond.

This means that the water at the very bottom is being circulated, which will help to improve the benefits from your spitter.

However, in most cases it is better to have multiple aeration methods rather than just relying on one. 

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