Bradford White Water Heaters Review

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One of the oldest names in the modern water heater industry, it’s hard to imagine a world without Bradford White. This corporation seems to follow the old adage of “walk softly and carry a big stick”, as they have a habit of staying out of headlines for years only to burst through with a new innovation that rocks the water heater industry.

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Getting to know this company and its products can also make a huge impact on your home or business when it comes time to add a new water heater.

About Bradford White

Bradford White’s history began in 1881 as the Pennsylvania Range Boiler Company opened its doors to the public for the first time. They continued making quality products, pausing only to build pressure vessels during the two world wars. In 1959, the company reorganized and changed its name to the Pennsylvania-Bradford Appliance Corporation.

The company we know today emerged in 1968 when Pennsylvania-Bradford merged with White Products. This merger not only expanded the size of the new corporation, but also created a more dedicated push towards innovation which paid off with the invention of the first power-vented water heater in 1985.

Bradford White

The employee-owned business continued to innovate throughout the 1990s, setting new standards in both quality and warranty duration throughout the industry.

The 21st century was met with a slew of company acquisitions and by 2012 had raised the bar higher than ever with the opening of a new LEED certified training facility. Currently, the company has one of the top reputations in quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction in the entire industry with no sign of slowing down.

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Gas and Propane

Being the driving force behind gas water heater innovations, it’s no surprise that Bradford White has a huge catalog of gas-fueled water heaters. Every model includes patented technology which is backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

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From the exclusive Vitraglas lining to their ICON intelligent gas control system, Bradford White gas water heaters are packed with unique, patented features. Even the most basic of their systems has a minimum UEF of 54 and high overall efficiency. Low NOx models take things a step further with a lower carbon footprint and NAECA compliance.

Best Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

ModelCapacity1st Hour OutputEnergy FactorVent
Bradford White RG2PV50T6N50-gallon86 gallons0.70Power Vent
Bradford White RG1PV50S6N50-gallon86 gallons0.65Power Vent
Bradford White RG250T6N50-gallon81 gallons0.62Atmospheric


From full-sized upright models to compact and wall-mounted units, Bradford White’s electric water heaters are all NAECA compliant and highly efficient.


With several patented or exclusive features added, these electric water heaters are both cost-effective and highly productive. The Vitraglas lining and automatic controls of most models mean you don’t have a long wait for hot water. The least advanced models have an average UEF of 92, making them more efficient overall than most of the competition.

Best Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

ModelCapacity1st Hour OutputEnergy FactorWarranty
Bradford White RE350S650-gallon67 gallons0.956-year
Bradford White RE16U6-1NAL6-gallon7 gallonsn/a6-year
Bradford White RE12U6-1NAL2-gallon7 gallonsn/a6-year


Tankless Bradford White water heaters provide the best option for cramped spaces and when continuous hot water is a priority.


Being tankless doesn’t mean lacking unique technology, and these heaters provide unlimited hot water on demand to bathrooms, kitchens, mobile homes, and small apartments. All models have a flow switch that only activates the unit when water’s drawn, saving on electricity usage. In addition, their small size makes it easy to install these water heaters in almost any location.

Best Bradford White Tankless Water Heaters

ModelGallons/MinuteMax BTUsEnergy FactorNotes
Bradford White TG-199I-X Pro9.4 GPM199,0000.82Discontinued

Other Water Heater Types

Bradford White is mainly known for their gas water heaters, but they offer a variety of additional types, all of which include their patented in-house technology.

A wide range of solar models are available, most of which have a gas backup function and are all eco-friendly solutions to your home’s hot water needs. In addition, a variety of combination heaters and boilers are also available from the company.

Bradford White Water Heater Parts

One of the key attractions of a Bradford White water heater is their use of patented technology. This means that a lot of components are unique and may need to be ordered from the company or a certified parts dealer.

However, the upkeep of these parts aren’t much different from those of other water heater brands. You will likely need to replace some of these components during the life of your heater, including pilot assemblies, burners, temperature controls, flu dampers, screw-in elements, thermocouples, valves, and anode rods.


Where to Buy Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White water heaters can be purchased through licensed plumbers,, and other various online or local dealers.

Bradford White Contact Info


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  1. As an installer, I recently switched over to recommending Bradford White for most of my residential customers. I’ve been installing AO Smith almost exclusively for the past 5 years but finally got fed up with the hassle of AO Smith anytime warranty work is needed. Tank quality is good on both.

  2. My Bradford lasted less than 9 years. Just my wife and I…so not a crazy amount of use. A disappoint for the increased cost.

  3. I am looking for burner parts for a Bradford White Model M45036FSX Water Heater, can you point me in the right direction to find a manual so I can find the part #

  4. Our previous Bradford White power vent heater, with a 6 year warranty, lasted 6 1/2 years. Just my husband and I. As the 6 1/2 year heater was puddling all over the floor and carpeting, we were at the mercy of the plumbing company who originally installed the now-dead heater. A new replacement 40 gallon Bradford White ONLY cost us just under $3000.00 installed. That seems like an obscene amount of money. I think they took advantage of our desperate situation. Also, Bradford White needs to create a run-off system to mitigate the mess that will happen every 6 years, right after the warranty has expired.

    • Yeah! $3000 is ridiculous. I installed a Bradford White on 10/2/12…on 12/17/19, the bottom is rusted out and leaking. Garbage to see it only last that long. I remember my parents water heater lasting almost 18 years. I paid $1,000 in 10/2012…but that is because my friend is a certified plumber. He sold me the unit at his cost, then added a fair labor charge for the two hours it took for replacing. Shows how you got soaked for $2000 profit…pun intended.

  5. Bradford White is a scam. We purchased a 6-yr water heater that started leaking from the tank at the end of 5 years. They refused to honor their warranty because the heater sat on the shelf for a year before it was sold to us, and would only honor the warranty with a receipt from the plumbing supply co. of when THEY bought it, but they had gone out of business, and even so WHY would the consumer need the wholesaler receipt?
    Even though we had a receipt from the plumbing supply co. with sale date and receipt from the plumber with the install date, it was not considered a valid receipt to them. They wanted the receipt of when the wholesaler bought it from the manufacturer???
    Very shady practices. Looking for any excuse not to honor the warranty. Buy elsewhere!

  6. I just learned I need to replace my Bradford White water heated due to corrosion at the intake pipe nipples. The corrosion was quite bad. My plumber suggested going with another manufacturer. The thing is, I’ve had the Bradford White for 23 years with no problem with leaks and excellent hot water delivery. Go figure!

    • Replacement intake pipe nipples cost $20.00: reference Youtube for instructions–a homeowner should be able to do that. If the tank provided hot water, why replace it just because of rusted intake nipples?

  7. RG250T6N model failed after 2 years, and 4 years before that. BW does not work well in hard water areas (mine is in Las Vegas) and if you use water softener. New heater is replaced under warranty but guess what labor costs $425. Also no such thing as extended warranty for labor, which speaks for itself.

  8. I did not buy their water heater from amazon. Bought it from a local supplier (Ferguson). After two yrs my water heater broke. They said we need to go through their technician. They are closed on the weekends. They were suppose to come today but cancelled. Said they will come tomorrow but did not give me a time. Wow. Do they not know it is winter right now? Haven’t had hot water for a week. Ridiculous.

  9. My Bradford is 20 yrs 9 months and still running strong. However, I am thinking of replacing it before something goes wrong. Have to say I’m going to buy another one.


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