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Best Solar Powered Pond Pump

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Solar-powered pumps are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and low-cost option to maintain water features in your pond.

Unlike electric pumps, which add extra costs to your electricity bill, as its name suggests; solar-powered pumps only rely on solar energy from the sun to work.

These pumps collect sun rays that hit the pump’s solar panels, then convert this sunlight into energy.

The more sunlight you have, the more energy you’ll get! 






Solariver Solar Water Pump


Sunnydaze Solar Fountain Pump


Lewisia Solar Power Pond Pump


ECO-WORTHY Solar Water Pump


SZMP Solar Fountain 

Typically, solar panels (see also ‘How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?’) are extremely discreet, quiet when operating, and have enough power to operate small pond features efficiently.

If you live somewhere that receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, solar-powered pond pumps (see also ‘Best External Pond Pump‘) would be a great, low-cost option for you!

Likewise, they are also a green source of energy and environmentally friendly, so not only would you be saving money, but you would also be doing your bit to maintain the earth.

Renewable energy is the future after all, and every little helps!

To help you find the best solar-powered pond pumps in the market, we have created a guide to all the best pond pumps.

With a huge variety, there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

Solariver Solar Water Pump

The Solariver solar water pump is one of the more powerful pumps, with output close to 400 GPH when at max voltage.

This would be perfect for pond owners who have slightly larger ponds or fountains that require some extra power from a pump.

When looking at the pump specifically, it can be fully submersible and features removable filters in order to prevent any clogging, and is non-toxic to fish, frogs, and other aquatic animals. 

The solar panel itself is quite large and features an aluminum frame and a 20-watt poly-crystalline panel that is capable of delivering decent output when the sun is out and bright.

An additional stake allows you to place the solar panel up to 16 feet away from the pump, this will ensure that you get the best position with the most sunshine. 

This solar panel comes with a very small battery on the back that retains some charge for when the sun fades.

However, if you have days of long and constant sunlight, this solar water pump would be perfect for you. 

The pump is durable and efficient, it is brushless, magnetic, and long-lasting with over 20,000 hours of operation.

You can adjust and control the flow of the water pump, which features dry-run protection.

The max water height is 6.5 ft, this is great for deep ponds or small fountains.

With 3 additional fountain attachments, you can customize and change the look of your fountain easily and quickly.

Creating tranquility in your yard that attracts beauty and wildlife. 


  • Powerful pump – Solar panels are strong enough to produce a good amount of current with the pump.
  • Good water lift height – With a maximum height of 6.5 ft this pump will suit deep ponds as well as shallow ponds. 
  • The solar panel can be moved away – Depending on where the most direct sunlight is, you can move your solar panel to it as the cord is long enough to move around all your yard.


  • No tilt features on panel – There is no frame angling option, so you would have to place the panel on a flat surface in good sunlight. 
  • Can’t be used at night – With minimum battery storage, this pump won’t stay active long enough throughout the night.

Sunnydaze Solar Fountain Pump

Sunnydaze is a manufacturer of high-quality home and garden decor and takes pride in its innovation and designs, this is reflected in its solar panel fountain kit.

This solar-powered pump features a large rectangular battery pack system, with bright LED fountain lights.

It contains everything you need to set up your own outdoor fountain or pond.

This includes a pump rated at 132 GHP, a long-life battery pack of up to 4 hours, a variety of fountain attachments, and a 5-watt solar panel display.

All this can create a water display up to the height of 4.5 feet at a full battery charge! 

One main feature, that stands it out from other solar-paneled pumps, is that it has very long battery power.

This provides over 4 hours of power which is great for periods of overcast and night.

When in strong sunlight, the battery pack will slowly charge through the solar panels, once this is full, it will automatically switch on during periods of cloud when the sun can’t generate enough energy for the fountain. 

The battery unit features a convenient control panel with an indicator lighting system.

This provides you with the ability to set a daily timer or alternate the flow rate of the pump for your desired height of the water display.

The fountain pump pushes or sprays water up to 56 inches high. 

In terms of accessories, it includes two 16-foot-long cables in order to connect the pump with the battery pack, as well as four fountain heads for a variety of different water displays.

It also includes bright LED lights that you can attach just below the fountainhead.

This makes for a vibrant, cool-looking display at night, and automatically turns on and off. 


  • Battery life – With up to 4 hours of battery life, you can use this pump into the night to create a dramatic and beautiful water light display. 
  • Fountainheads – The different fountainheads allows you to customize and choose the perfect water height and style for your yard, and with 4 to choose from – you’ll have a lot of options!
  • Adjustable panel – You can adjust the panel depending on where the best direct sunlight is. 


  • LED lights won’t illuminate the whole yard – The LED lights will only produce enough light to highlight the pump.
  • Fiddly fountainheads – The fountainheads can be quite particular and hard to attach. 

Lewisia Solar Power Pond Pump

The Lewisia solar-powered pump is a simple, yet powerful pump with a generous solar panel size.

The kit features a 300 GPH solar pump attached to a 10W Mono-crystalline solar panel.

The solar panel itself is fastened to a strong, sturdy steel frame. This provides support and easy adjustment and positioning of the solar panel.

With 3 different positions to choose from, you can easily shape the solar panel to allow for maximum sun exposure.

Likewise, you can also keep the solar panel flat. 

When looking at accessories, there are 6 different interchangeable fountainheads, this allows you to change the water display to suit your yard surroundings.

Likewise, the kit comes with a 16.4 feet (5m) cord that connects the pump to the solar panel.

This ensures that you will get sunshine throughout the day, just simply move your panel to a place more exposed to the sun.

This allows you to keep your fountain, or pond, in the shade while your panel is charging in the sun.

In addition, there is also a filter bag included, this helps to avoid any dirt from reaching the pump and clogging it. 

There is no battery included in this kit; therefore, there is no option for powering this pond pump without direct sunlight.

This pump will need constant sunlight, if the weather becomes overcast it will simply shut off.

So, this solar-powered pump is better for places that receive sunlight throughout the day.

That being said, this is still a very good choice for pond owners who want a small, but powerful pump.

It works best in ponds up to 500 gallons, or in large birdbaths. 


  • Different angle positions – You are able to angle your solar panel towards the sky for the best direct sunlight. 
  • Powerful – A 300 GPH and 10W mono-crystalline solar panel ensures great solar energy absorption. 
  • Long cord – You can move your solar panel out of the shade and into direct sunlight. 


  • No battery included – Water pump will stop working during times of overcast weather and night. 

ECO-WORTHY Solar Water Pump

Since 2002, ECO-WORTHY has been a manufacturer of renewable solar products, appealing for environmental protection and recyclable solar energy application products.

With high-quality and cost-effective products in mind, they created the solar-powered water pump.

Suitable for outdoor large fountains, ponds, water features, waterfalls, and streams (see also ‘7 Steps For How To Build A Stream In Your Backyard‘), making your garden look more beautiful while attracting small animals and nature. 

With a max flow rate of 196 GPH, max lift height of 5.6 feet (1.7m), 12-watt solar panels, and a lifespan of 20,000 hours, this solar powered pond pump may seem small, but it is in fact very mighty!

It features monocrystalline solar panels, which means better quality, increased photoelectric conversion efficiency by 5-10%, and over 15 years of service life if maintained properly. 

With regards to the accessories, this pump features two different nozzles for varying water displays, three solar panel stakes for the best sun exposure, and four pump extension rods which allow you to change the height of the pump depending on the depth of water you’re placing your pump in.

You can easily take away an extension rod for shallower water, while simply adding more rods for deeper water, ensuring that this pump will suit all your water pond/ fountain needs. 

A 16 foot cord (5m) ensures that you can reach and move your panel for direct sunlight.

Sometimes, your shed or house will produce shade if in front of the sun; therefore, having a long cord allows you to move your solar panel towards this sunlight.

The only downside to this pump is that it doesn’t contain a battery.

This means that if the weather is overcast or it’s night time, your pump will stop working. 


  • Extension rods – Adjust the height of your water pump to perfectly fix your desired pond or fountain depth. 
  • Long cord – Great for large gardens with many trees, you can easily move your solar panels throughout the day depending on where the sun is. 


  • No battery – Your water pump won’t work in overcast conditions and night time. 

SZMP Solar Fountain 

This solar-powered pump may look a little different from the other pumps mentioned above.

This is because, as opposed to the conventional solar panel connected to a water pump, this pump drops those extra burdens and, instead, combines the solar panel and pump into one! 

The SZMP solar fountain features glass solar panels which enables stronger light transmittance.

It does this by converting sunlight into stronger energy that can power the water spray more efficiently, while staying stable.

It also features innovative anti-corrosion glass materials, ensuring that your solar panel will not oxidize and turn white over long periods of time. 

This solar panel fountain comes with a long-lasting battery of 3-4 hours when not exposed to direct sunlight.

Likewise, a built-in, automatic LED light system means that once the day ends, your water fountain won’t, as even without sunlight your pump will carry on into the night or when overcast, creating beautiful water displays. 

A unique two sensing probe at the bottom of the solar fountain pump ensures that your pump will automatically activate a water shortage protection when it detects insufficient water levels.

Simultaneously, a 3 sponge filter blocks dirt, debris, and leaves from blocking your pump; extending the service life of your pump.

A convenient lid allows you to clean and remove the sponges when need be. 

Featuring 7 different types of water fountain nozzles, meeting all your water spray height and style requirements.

This pump can run automatically within 3 seconds of exposed sunlight, with a spray height of 40-60cm on sunny days, while 10-20cm on cloudy days.

You don’t need to worry about your pump moving around as 4 fixers are included to keep it in place.

Whether this is for a bird bath, small pond, pools, or garden decorations, it won’t be going anywhere! 


  • Battery – A long lasting battery of 3-4 hours allows you to admire your water pump in the nighttime when the sun isn’t producing energy. 
  • No cables – You don’t have to worry about tripping over any cables as the solar panel is interconnected to the pump. 
  • Can be used when cloudy – Glass solar panels allow for stronger light transmittance.


  • Harder to move – Can’t move the whole product out of the shade into the sunlight as the solar panel is integrated. 
  • Won’t work for deep ponds/ very shallow ponds – If too deep the fountain won’t be able to produce any water, likewise, if too shallow there won’t be enough water to produce any displays. 

Buyer’s Guide

When looking at solar powered pond pumps, it’s important to find the one that is best for you.

Especially when considering purchasing something for your home, as this is the place where you generally spend your most time, so you want it to feel special.

That is why we have created a buyer’s guide to outline some aspects to look out for when purchasing a pond pump to make sure it is right for you. 

Adjustable Solar Panel 

The first thing to look out for is whether or not your solar panel is adjustable and can change angles.

Typically, you get the most direct sunlight from above you, as that is where the sun is located; therefore, having a solar panel that can be angled towards the sun will ensure maximum direct sunlight which will then help generate more energy. 

While you can still place your solar panel straight on the ground facing towards the sky, this would make it more prone to damage as someone could step on it and break it if they were not looking properly.

So, having a solar panel which can be stacked into the ground and angled to the sun is key. 

Extended Cord 

These are great for large gardens which may have a lot of obstructions to the sun, for example trees or garden sheds.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere and have no obstructions that could produce shade – most of us will find some shade in our yards depending on the time of day. 

As the hours change, the sun moves, where direct sunlight used to be is no longer available and covered in shade.

Whether this is caused by the position of your home or any large trees or foliage, direct sunlight isn’t guaranteed all throughout the day.

This is why having a long cord connected from the pump to the solar panels is important. 

This would mean that you are able to move your solar panel around your garden to the spots which receive the most sunlight.

Your pump could be covered in the shade; however, it will still continue to work and create beautiful water displays if your solar panels are positioned in the sun and are generating enough energy.

Therefore, having a cord that is over 10 feet in length will help you to avoid all the shady areas in your yard, so you can continue generating your pump. 


While direct sunlight is needed to generate energy and to function the water pumps, you are not always guaranteed direct sunlight all throughout the day.

Some days, it’s sunshine mixed with clouds, so you’re only seeing pockets of direct sunlight in a day.

On other days, it might be bright sunshine up until midday where an overcast settles in.

Or you may even want to watch your water fountain in the night where there is no sunshine!

Whatever your situation is, a battery is a solution to all of these problems. 

Essentially, if exposed to direct sunlight all day, a solar panel will slowly begin to store some of this energy into a battery.

When it turns overcast or the sun begins to set, the energy stored in the battery will be put to use and generate the water pump.

This would allow you to continue watching your pond’s water displays any time of the day! 

Furthermore, if your fountain contains LED lights, at nighttime you would be able to see your pond come to life with amazing colors and displays.

Therefore, having a solar powered pond pump which includes a battery is important as you can’t always rely on solar energy.

One thing to note, however, is that although these batteries will work without the sun, they will not last that long and will typically last up to 4 hours when the battery is fully charged.

That being said, this is more than enough time to witness some spectacular nighttime LED light shows. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Solar powered-pumps can sometimes be confusing.

That is why, below,  we have answered some frequently asked questions in regards to solar-powered pond pumps, to help you know all there is to these pumps.  

Do I Have Enough Sunlight For A Solar-Powered Pond Pump?

Plainly putting it, without direct sunlight your pump just won’t work!

They are best for climates that receive direct sunlight throughout the year.

For maximum efficiency, you will want to place your solar panel in an area which receives the most sunlight, you can also angle your panel towards the sun for the most benefits.

On overcast days, if your pump has a battery this will help generate your pump for a certain amount of time.

However, ultimately you need sun to power your pump. 

Is A Solar-Powered Pump Powerful Enough?

Before you purchase a pump, you should consider whether it is powerful enough for your intended purposes.

For example, if you have a 2000 gallon pond, a 200 GPH solar powered-pump will not be efficient enough to pump the pond water.

On the other hand, if you wanted to attach a 3 ft fountain to your 300 gallon pond, this would work perfectly fine, and a solar-powered pump would be sufficient. 

When considering purchasing a solar-powered pump, typically most pumps are only suitable for ponds with a maximum capacity of 1000 gallons.

Therefore, they will work best for small ponds, fountains, birdbaths, or streams (see also ‘How To Build A Backyard Stream‘), these are all products which you are most likely to find in a yard.

Although, if you want to add a pump to a large pond, they can still be placed in them but just make sure it’s in the shallower end. 

Final Thoughts

Solar-powered pumps are a great option if you’re looking for a more renewable, and sustainable source of energy to power your fountain pumps.

Best suited for climates that are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the year, they will create a tranquil and serene feel to a yard.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best solar powered pond pump for you! 

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