Benefits Of Under Sink Water Heaters

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To increase the amount of hot water available at the point of use, under sink water heaters are an affordable alternative to upgrading the size of your existing water heater.

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Models are available in tankless or with small 2 gallon or 2.5 gallon tanks, designed to provide ample hot water for short applications such as dishwashing or a quick wash-up at the sink. Under counter water heaters are one of the easiest ways to save money on your hot water usage.

Faster Hot Water

Under sink units deliver hot water faster. Instead of waiting for hot water to heat up and travel from the tank to your faucet, most under counter hot water heater models boast hot water in about 2 or 3 seconds. And since you get hotter water faster, this type of on demand system reduces your environmental impact by cutting down your water usage by as much as 25% in some situations.

The compact size means that an under counter hot water heater can be placed inside a cabinet without any major installation costs. Tankless models typically take up less space than a basting pan, and mount directly against a wall or other out of the way surface. Installation is about as complicated as hooking up an automatic ice maker, and only requires a few common tools and about an hour of your time.

insinkerator-water-heaterYou may want to consider a point delivery system for health reasons. Since there is no tank involved, there is less opportunity for hot water to be contaminated by bacteria, or mixed with calcium, rust and other sediments which is why we have to clean a traditional water heater tank.

And because the water is being heated at the point of use, you will always get water at the desired temperature, even during the coldest winter months.

InSinkErator Water Heaters

One of the more popular brands of point delivery hot water heaters is InSinkErator. This type of water heater installs in your sink the same way many homes have a spray nozzle installed.

Personal Note:
Note: We personally use the InSinkErator Involve Series in our kitchen and absolutely love it. It's not cheap but for us it was worth the price.

Once installed, the unit can supply cool or hot water on demand, without interfering with the existing hot water system. Designed to be aesthetically appealing as well as functional, InSinkErators are designed for a variety of decor options and specialized applications.

If you need more hot water at the kitchen sink, an InSinkErator is a stylish way to get more at a price that fits most household budgets.

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