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Ariston Water Heater GL 4 In Depth Review For 2021

This brand creates efficient and compact water heaters that are housed in smaller-than-most tanks, giving you the best of both worlds.
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The Ariston brand is famous for making these systems, and one of their biggest sellers is the Andris GL4. This four-gallon mini tank is a good size for smaller homes and delivers point of use water whenever you need it.

So, what else does the Ariston Andris GL4 have to offer?

This mini tank holds four gallons of water and is connected to its supply directly, saving pipes from carrying the hot water. It offers easily accessible hot water that uses minimal energy to create and saves you from wasting energy with traditional heating systems.

In our Ariston GL4 review, we’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can see if this is the heater to meet your water needs. With our in depth look at this mini tank, you’ll know if it’s the right fit, and have peace of mind that you’re buying from one of the most trusted brands on the market.

The Ariston Brand

Ariston Andris Electric water heater Review

Ariston is an Italian brand and manufacturer of home appliances. Their range extends just about everything you need to run a comfortable and efficient household including dishwashers and hot water systems.

Although an Italian company, Ariston has managed to receive a large customer base in the US, and this is due to their affordable prices and efficient products. Ariston is known as a quality manufacturer and ideal for all types of home and office setups, preferred by people who want low maintenance but high-performance goods.

Ariston and the Water Heater Market

When it comes to water heaters, Ariston is usually one of the first names that come to mind, which is no easy feat in such a heavily saturated market. The brand has been creating energy-efficient water tanks for years, and they continually update their offerings to keep in line with modern industry standards.

Ariston’s water heaters include solar heaters, gas powered, electric, gas storage water heaters, and air sourced water heaters, just to name a few. Their selection is impressive compared to most of the water heater brands out there, which further signifies their leading place in the market.

Their range of mini-tank heaters like the GL4 is some of their best sellers because they offer a way for everyday people to install energy-efficient but effective heaters without the usual cost and effort. For those wanting a fuss-free water heating solution, Arison sure has a lot to offer.

The GL 4 Features

features of ariston andris


The Ariston Andris GL 4 is one of the more compact offerings from the Italian brand, but still one of their customer favorites. This four-gallon mini tank is installed directly where hot water is needed, and it’s capable of delivering temperatures between 65 and 161 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what you need.

The dimensions of the GL4 by Ariston are 14.25 x 14.25 x 12.75 inches, so anywhere you can find that fits, you’ll be able to install it. These measurements include the pipes as well, which show you just how compact this water heater can be, especially compared to traditional larger tanks that deliver just as much hot water.

Ariston makes the majority of their water heaters for easy installation and provides everything the customer needs to do it themselves. The Andris GL 4 is easy to install and doesn’t need any previous plumbing experience, which is another great way to save money.

This water tank operates with a 1440-watt heating element and can hold four gallons of heated water at a time. Compared to larger tanks that need continual heat to keep their temperature, the GL4 doesn’t operate like this, and it ends up using far less energy to provide your home with hot water and delivers it right where it needs to go.

The Pros

The Andris GL 4 comes with TitanShield, a technology exclusive to the brand, which ensures that the inside of your tank will be protected. While usual tanks slowly erode over the years, TitanShield ensures this doesn’t occur. Having this feature gives you peace of mind that your tank will outlast the warranty offered by Ariston, so you’ll have an efficient hot water supply that’ll stand the test of time.

The water supply from this tank is fast, which pleasantly surprised a lot of people. Because Ariston has designed the tank without needing a pipe connection, you get the hot water a lot faster, and it saves the usual wait time for faucets and taps to heat up to the right temperature.

Another major selling point is the easy installation, and there’s no need to know anything about plumbing or electricity to get it installed correctly. You just find the cold water tap and locate an electrical outlet, and Ariston can show you how to do the rest, with installation taking less than 10 minutes in most cases thanks to a detailed manual and simple instructions.

The Cons

One major downside to this tank is that people found it delivered hot water consistently at first, and then dropped the temperature once the tank was half full. If you plan on using the full tank at once, this is something to be mindful of and could put you off your purchase.

This is a smaller tank, make no mistake about it, and it’s not designed to flow through every room of the house and deliver hot water. The Andris GL4 is best kept for smaller requirements otherwise you’ll be disappointed, and there’ll be a lot of cold showers happening at your house. When purchased for what it’s intended to do, which is provide a small amount of water, the results will be amazing, otherwise, you’ll need to fork out for an upgrade.

Installing Your Ariston Andris 4 GL

ariston andris pros and cons

Ariston prides itself on making heaters that are easy for everyone to install, and they’ve ensured that the Andris 4 GL is no different. You’ll get everything you need in terms of instructions included and they highlight exactly what’s required in terms of electricity and plumbing so you can make sure it’s a good fit.

According to Ariston, the 1440-watt heating element that heats this tank draws 12Amp of power, and it can easily install into a 120V outlet. You can also choose whether you want it wall-mounted or standing, with parts to do either option included as well. Ariston recommends have a 15A circuit breaker installed, and they’ve included a relief valve in the system for your peace of mind.

The difference of this system compared to tankless heaters is that it’s connected precisely where you want to use the water, and it saves the long journey through pipes that others take. This means you only need a basic plumbing connection to your water supply tap and a 120V outlet, and you’ll be ready to use your Ariston mini tank.

Once installed, you’ll get adequate temperatures of between 65 and 161 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than enough for the standard home. It’s a good size that’ll fit anywhere and it won’t overcrowd like traditional bulky water heaters. Even with home installation, Ariston still values their warranty, which is a nice difference from other heaters we’ve reviewed.

The Final Say

The Ariston Andris GL 4 is one of our favorite picks for those who still prefer to use a water heating tank. This compact design has enough space to deliver you with water when and where you need it, and it’s a point of use system that can save a lot of money and water wastage in the process.

If you prefer to DIY you’ll love the simplicity of the Andris GL4, and even installing it yourself doesn’t threaten the length six year warranty that the brand has included for the tank. All other parts come with a two year warranty, but if the reviews are anything to go by, these systems will run for years to come.

The Ariston Andris GL is a cheap alternative to tankless systems but has just as much to offer, and you can get one online at Amazon for around $150. For this price, you’ll save a whole lot more in energy bills, and give your home a reliable and consistent way to deliver hot water exactly where it’s needed.

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