Why Pond Rocks Will Make You Love Your Pond Even More?

Why Pond Rocks Will Make You Love Your Pond Even More

Anthony Barnes

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Having a pond in your backyard is one of the final touches of creating a beautifully scenic space in your garden that will allow you to feel peace and tranquility.

Once you have set up your pond, it can not look quite right without the addition of some pond rocks to tie the pond and the backyard together. 

A pond is peaceful and relaxing, but you want it to look beautiful and natural.

Adding pond rocks can complete the image that you had in your head about what you wanted your pond to look like, and without them, the image will look incomplete. 

This article will show you why pond rocks will make you love your pond even more and how your pond won’t look right without them. You can find out more about the benefits of using pond rocks below!

The Advantages Of Having Pond Rocks

Having pond rocks will give you a lot of benefits, but how can they change your pond and improve its appearance?

You can use pond rocks to improve not only the appearance of your pond, but the quality of the water to make sure that it is clean and free from unhealthy bacteria. 

Deepen The Pond

Using pond rocks correctly can make your pond look deeper than it is. By using different-sized pond rocks, your pond can look deeper and larger, making it a more prominent feature in your garden.

Using different shaped pond rocks, you can create depth and it makes the pond look more natural. 

More Natural

Having pond rocks as features around your pond can make it look more natural. Without the pond rocks, your pond will not look as natural or as beautiful.

At the bottom of the pond is a black liner, and the pond rocks can disguise this from the outside and give the pond a more natural appearance. 

Improve The Life Span Of The Black Liner

When the sun is shining down on the black liner in the pond, it can begin to break down the materials that have been used to make it. Due to this, the liner can become weaker over time and it can break.

This means that you need to replace the liner more regularly. Having pond rocks can shield the liner from the UV rays and improve its life span. 

Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Pond

When you have pond rocks in your pond, they can help to keep your pond clean (see also ‘How To Keep A Pond Clean Without A Filter‘) and free from waste.

They contain bacteria that can help break down any waste or debris before it can turn into a thick sludge, keeping your pond cleaner for longer.

They can also prevent the pond from becoming cloudy or looking dirty. 

Make Your Pond Fit Into Your Garden

When you have a pond in your backyard (see also ‘5 Cover Ideas For Your Backyard Pond‘), you want to make sure that it looks like it belongs there. The rocks provide the pond with colors and textures that make the pond look like your house was built around it.

If your pond has mini waterfalls, the pond rocks can enhance them and give them more of an impact. 

The Disadvantages Of Using Pond Rocks

Why Pond Rocks Will Make You Love Your Pond Even More

If they are not used correctly, pond rocks will not provide your pond with any advantages.

You need to make sure that you are using them correctly, otherwise, you will not find them beneficial to have in your garden.

The disadvantage of pond rocks is when they are not used properly, so find out what to avoid below.

Sharp Pond Rocks

If the pond rocks that you have are too sharp, this can cause them to potentially rip the black liner in the pond. Although this is rare, it is still a possibility.

This is why it is important to make sure that the pond rocks are positioned correctly to avoid any sharp edges tearing the liner or injuring someone. Avoid using very sharp pond rocks.

Using The Wrong Pond Rocks

When you use the wrong type of pond rocks for your pond, it can cause the pond to become contaminated.

Once the pond has become contaminated, it can affect its appearance and cause it to look cloudy and dirty. Using the right type of pond rocks is important for making sure that the water stays clean.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, using pond rocks is extremely beneficial to your pond when they are used correctly.

You need to make sure that your pond rocks are positioned properly to give your pond depth and character and to also prevent sharp rocks from injuring anyone or causing the liner to rip (see also article on how to repair pond liner). 

Using the right pond rocks is important for keeping the water clean and uncontaminated, so you need to make sure that you are using the right ones.

If you are unsure about what pond rocks you need to use, you can consult a professional and they can advise you. 

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