The Best Pool Slides

The Best Pool Slides

Anthony Barnes

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Pool slides may seem like something only suited to children, but the truth is that by adding a slide to any pool, you create lots of fun for the whole family, including both children and adults. 

While pool slides bring plenty of fun and laughter to any afternoon in the pool, it can be quite challenging to find the best one.

Pool slides come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and the market is over saturated with options.






Wow Slide N Smile Inflatable Water Slide


S.R. Smith 610-209-5813 Rogue2 Pool Slide


Intex Inflatable Pool Slide


S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide


Rave Sports Pontoon Slide

Sadly, there are also a lot of options that just aren’t up to standard. 

If you find yourself struggling as a result of these factors, don’t worry, that’s where we come in. 

We want you to find the best pool slide possible, so we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best pool slides on the market.

We’ve taken a look at what each slide offers and why each one is a good option for your pool.

Towards the end of the article, we’ve even included a useful buyer’s guide that will help you make your final decision.

Let’s dive straight into the article!

Wow Slide N Smile Inflatable Water Slide

We kick our list off with an excellent choice that offers plenty of fun at a low cost.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, affordable pool slide, this option could be great for you.

The Slide N Smile inflatable water slide is a rugged, vibrant slide made from incredibly durable heavy-duty PVC.

The seams of the slide are also reinforced to provide even more durability. 

Perfect for use in a pool or on open water, this slide measures a brilliant 84 inches wide and 108 inches long when inflated.

It also stands at 50 inches tall. This provides users of all ages with more than enough space to enjoy the slide.

In fact, the slide is easily wide enough to allow two riders at once. With a weight limit of 550 lbs, two large adults could go down at once.

While this slide already brings plenty of fun and laughter to your pool, one thing we loved was how you can actually add to the slide.

World of Watersports has also designed several add-on inflatable objects that can be zipped onto the slide.

This gives us the chance to make an awesome inflatable obstacle course in the pool.


  • Solid Design – This slide is built to last.
  • Easy To Anchor Down – If you don’t want to let the slide float freely, easily anchor it down with the stainless steel grommets the slide comes with.
  • Affordable – The WOW Slide N Smile represents great value for money.


  • Lack Of Added Features – Some extra features would be a nice touch.

Also available at:

S.R. Smith 610-209-5813 Rogue2 Pool Slide

When it comes to producing high-quality reliable pool slides, S.R. Smith is one of the biggest and most reliable names in the business.

One of their best slides is the Rogue2 pool slide. This slide is perfect for those of you looking for a more traditional water slide that the whole family can enjoy.

Available in four different colors, this tall rotomolded pool slide stands at an impressive height of 8 feet.

The total flume length of the slide is even longer at 9 feet long.

This length makes the slide much more fun to use, helping you build up some speed before you end up in the water. 

Also available with a left-hand or right-hand curve, S.R. Smith has ensured that the slide is very easy to use.

They have done this by equipping the slide with an extended handrail. This handrail meets US Consumer Safety standards. 

When we took a look at the slide, we found the best feature to be the slide’s new water delivery system.

This system delivers an amazing 30 GPM. The water can be pumped through the pool or via a garden hose. We also loved the vintage style of the slide.


  • Impressive Delivery System – The water system delivers 30 GPM.
  • Fits All Inground Pools – This slide is compatible with every type of inground pool.
  • Durable – The Rogue2 has been built to last.


  • No Deck Mounting Hardware Included – You will have to buy the deck mounting hardware separately.

Also available at:

Intex Inflatable Pool Slide

The next pool slide on our list is another inflatable slide, this time from Intex.

The Intex inflatable pool slide offers excellent mobility, durability, and, of course, tons of fun.

Fitting all above-ground pools easily, this vinyl slide is the ideal option for children from the age of 6 and up.

In terms of durability, this pool has been very well designed.

It features 5 separate air chambers to ensure extra safety, has been made out of 20 gauge vinyl materials, features heavy-duty climbing handles, and has strong infused seams to prevent any tears.

The pool is also very safe. The landing pad is nice and soft, there are foot holes, so your child can climb the slide safely, and the handles prevent children from falling.

When we took a closer look at the Intex inflatable pool, we were thrilled with the overall performance and durability of the product.

However, it was an additional feature that stole our hearts. You can attach your garden hose to this slide to create a sprayer system.

This makes your child’s experience on the slide a lot more enjoyable.


  • Great Value For Money – This Intex pool slide is incredibly cheap.
  • Good Safety Features – Intex has included some great safety features in this slide’s design.
  • Water Sprayer Feature Included – You can attach your hose to make this slide spray water.


  • Not As Durable – While this slide is still solid, it isn’t as durable as others on our list.

Also available at:

S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide

Another fantastic traditional water slide option is the Cyclone pool slide from S.R. Smith.

If you’re looking for an extremely sturdy and durable option, this could be the perfect slide for you. 

Designed to bring laughter and joy to your pool this summer, it is clear to see that S.R.

Smith has taken everything into account when building this slide.

For starters, the molded curve is 4.1 feet tall and the flume length is almost 7 feet.

Even though this might not seem like much, it will guarantee the whole family lots of enjoyment and excitement, giving you all a thrilling experience.

Secondly, when it comes to safety, S.R. Smith has got things spot on.

The Cyclone slide is the first one on our list that features an enclosed ladder.

This gives users ultimate safety when climbing to the top. The slide also has deeper sides than the other slides on our list.

This is important because it ensures your children won’t fall out as they come down the flume.

When we reviewed this S.R. Smith slide, we discovered that it is more than capable of holding both children and adults up to a weight of 175 lbs. 


  • Awesome safety features – This slide is super safe to use.
  • Fun design – The Cyclone looks super fun to slide down.
  • Durable – This slide will last for many years.


  • Expensive – This slide will set you back quite a lot.

Also available at:

Rave Sports Pontoon Slide

The final pool slide on our list may be primarily designed to be used off the side of a boat, but thanks to the versatile nature of the slide, it also makes an awesome pool slide. 

Offering excellent value for money, the Rave Sports Pontoon pool slide is super easy to use, provides lots of entertainment, can be stored away effortlessly, and is very durable. What else could we possibly ask for?

An inflatable type of pool slide, Rave Sports includes a 12V high-pressure pump with each purchase.

This comes in super handy when it comes to inflating the slide quickly.

For those that have a boat, this pump can be attached to your car or pump ready to inflate the slide. 

To make the slide easier to use than others, Rave Sports has also equipped the slide with a stand and strap system.

This makes life much easier when tying or attaching the slide to the side of your pool. 

Though the pool is extremely fun to use and safe to climb up, thanks to the steps found on the back of the slide, we were most impressed with the slide’s durability.

The vinyl design is compact, strong, UV protected, and resistant to mold. 


  • Versatile – This slide can be adjusted to work in a number of different circumstances.
  • Pump Included – You receive an inflator with your order.
  • Fair Price – The Pontoon slide is well worth its price.


  • Better For Use On Boats – This slide is great for at home, but it is primarily designed for use on a boat.

Also available at:

Buyer’s Guide

Making a final decision with regards to the best pool slide that suits you and your family can still be tough, even when you have all the best options in front of you.

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find the most important things you need to take into consideration when choosing a pool slide. 

By taking these things into account, you should be able to narrow down your options and choose a pool slide that you and your family can be more than happy with. 


Pool slides are made from a wide range of different materials, some of which are better than others.

Some slides are made out of PVC, whilst others are made out of molded plastic.

The quality of these materials will determine how durable and safe to use your slide is. 

Generally speaking, inflatable PVC pool slides won’t be as strong or durable as molded plastic slides.

However, we also have to consider that not all PVC slides are made the same.

Some are designed to resist rips and punctures a lot better than other PVC slides. 

Acrylic is also another strong choice when it comes to pool slide materials.

This is due to its durability. However, these slides tend to be heavier and have less resistance to UV rays.

Bearing all of this in mind, it is important to carefully read product descriptions and reviews to see what we can expect.

Ease Of Use

The whole point of owning a pool slide is to bring more fun and laughter to your backyard.

Therefore, it is important we find a pool slide that is easy to set up and use.

Otherwise, that joy and excitement can quite easily turn to frustration and anger. 

In terms of setting your pool slide up, it is worth noting that a permanent slide will be harder to install as it will have more complex installation instructions.

You must install these types of slides correctly as they could cause injuries if not.

If they aren’t secured to the ground perfectly, they could also topple over and break.

Having said this, once a permanent slide is installed you won’t have to do it again.

Although you have to inflate and deflate inflatable pool slides more often, they are a lot easier to install and a lot simpler to use.

This will save you time and will be a lot less frustrating to set up. 


This may seem like quite a strange one, but you do need to think about the color of the pool slide you plan on purchasing.

First of all, a bright red or pink slide might be a bit too much for your backyard, creating an eyesore. 

On the other hand, if you plan on taking your slide with you on a lake trip, a bright-colored slide comes in very useful.

The Best Pool Slides

A brightly colored slide will stand out more on the water. This is a great safety feature as other traffic on the lake will see you clearly. 

The color can also be important if the slide is for your children.

Let’s face it – even if a slide looks good, if it isn’t a nice bright color, your children might not be as interested.

If the slide is vibrant with fun designs along the side of it, your child is much more likely to enjoy the slide and want to use it.

Safety Features 

Obviously, one thing you need to have a very good look at when purchasing a pool slide is what safety features it comes with.

Usually, most pool slides are designed with user safety in mind, so you don’t have too much to worry about.

However, some slides offer more than others, so it is worth keeping your eyes open for any additional features.

Safety features to look out for can include enclosed ladders, deep flume sides, handrails, and foot holes.

Slides with good levels of safety will also be CPSC certified.

If a pool slide has most of these features or is CPSC certified, you can rest assured that the slide is perfectly safe to use. 

One last thing to think about, in regards to safety features, is the weight limit of each slide.

You can’t afford to put too much weight on your slide when it can’t hold it.

This could cause the slide to break, potentially injuring someone in the process.

If you know who is going to be using the slide, you should check if the slide can hold its weight first.


The price you will pay for a pool slide will vary massively depending on the type of slide you want to buy.

Inflatable slides are typically a lot more affordable and budget-friendly. Permanent or stationary slides on the other hand are usually a lot more expensive. 

While we probably all look to spend the least amount of money possible, it is worth considering what you get if you purchase a more affordable inflatable slide.

Inflatable slides are excellent, but compared to stationary slides, they aren’t as durable.

If you have rambunctious children, this might mean your family is better off spending a little more on a slide that will last longer and be able to handle the pressures that come with young kids.


On the topic of money, we highly recommend setting yourself a budget first.

Pool slides can cost $200 or $5,000, so it is very easy to look at and even buy a slide that you can’t afford.

Not only could this annoy the rest of the family, but it could lead to you wasting time looking at products you can’t even buy.

By setting yourself a budget, you can head straight to slides you know you can afford.

This will stop you from spending any money you don’t have and also save you plenty of time during your search. 

We would also like to say, just because you have a bigger budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend.

You might have enough money to spend $2,000 on a pool slide, but then find out that a $500 option offers you everything you’re looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Should My Pool Water Be?

It is absolutely crucial that your pool is deep enough to be able to install a pool.

If the pool isn’t deep enough, users of the slide could hurt themselves by hitting the bottom of the pool quite hard.

It is recommended that the pool should be at least 3 feet deep if a pool suitable for children is being installed.

However, most people prefer to only add a slide to the side of their pool if the water is at least 3.5 to 4.5 feet deep.

A pool that is 3.5 to 4.5 feet is much better suited to a slide and any injuries are a lot less likely to happen.

How Can I Make My Slide Slippery?

Making your pool slide slippery is a fun way to make the slide a lot quicker to ride.

The most obvious way to make a pool slide slippery is to use a garden hose to wet it.

This will make the slide a lot slippier and quicker. And, of course, more fun!

Some slides actually come with attachments that allow users to attach their hoses to the side of the slide.

This ensures the slide stays wet the whole time the user is using it.

Another great way to make a pool slide slippery is to add baby soap to the surface of the slide.

This is brilliant because it makes the plastic surface super slippery.

Which Inflatable Pool Slide Is Best?

In our opinion, the WOW Slide N Smile is the best inflatable slide on the market.

The reason we believe this is that we love everything the slide offers. For starters, the price is amazing.

Secondly, the slide provides enough space for even two adults to slide down at one time, even if they are larger than other adults. 

Finally, the slide’s overall design in terms of appearance, stability, and durability is absolutely fantastic and in our opinion second to none. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a pool slide is an excellent way to make summer afternoons in the pool even more entertaining and enjoyable for the whole family.

A good, high-quality pool slide will offer enough versatility so that both children and adults can use it, will come with a variety of neat features, will be very safe to use, and most importantly last for many years.

In this article, we have looked at five of the best pool slides that can be found on the market right now.

Whether you’re looking for an inflatable slide that can float on top of the water or a more traditional waterslide-styled slide that stands tall at the side of the pool, we have an option for you in this article. 

Choosing the best slide now you have all of these options at your disposal can still be difficult, but with the help of our buyer’s guide, you should now be able to start narrowing down the options in an effort to identify the pool slide that suits your needs and requirements most.

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