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The Best 75 Gallon Aquarium Stands | Metal And Wood

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Aquariums are an excellent way to create a home for your fish, but they can be difficult to get the basics for, especially if you aren’t exactly sure where to start.

Well, one of the easiest places to start is by finding the right stand for your aquarium. It’s going to have to sit on something, after all!

The stands that I’m about to show you will do well in almost any situation.

They’re made from metal or wood, so they’ll not only look good, but they’ll also be durable and easy to maintain.






Ameriwood Home Flipper Harbor


Aquatic Fundamentals Wooden Aquarium Stand


Caitec TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand


Marineland LED 75-Gallon Aquarium With Stand

Marineland LED 75-Gallon Aquarium With Stand


R&J Enterprises Birch Wood Aquarium Stand

We’ve got some great stands that will fit every budget, all of them tailored to hold tanks of 75 gallons of water or higher.

If you’re looking for a simple metal stand, we’ve got those too.

If you want something with a little more of a wooden feeling, we’ve got you covered there as well.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade from plastic to glass, or just need a new stand to set up your first tank, check out these awesome options below!

Ameriwood Home Flipper Harbor

Show off your pride and joy fish with the Flipper Harbor 50 – 75 Gallon Aquarium stand!

This stand has all the amenities needed to house a beautiful fish tank (see 30 gallon). It comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

It holds all essential accessories such as fish feeders, filters, heaters, lighting fixtures, and other necessities.

Plus, the stand has been crafted using laminate material and finished with a medium brown wood grain.

The Flipper Harbor stands are made of solid wood. They have 2 open shelves, 1 for holding fish food and 1 for holding aquarium equipment.

The shelves are adjustable, so you can easily move the aquarium around if necessary.

Behind each of the two doors are 2 adjustable shelves for holding water treatment products and tank cleaning supplies.

These stands and shelves are easy to set up and adjust and can hold up to 60 pounds per shelf.

The top shelf is also adjustable, so it can fit different size tanks.

The Flippered Harbor stand is easy to assemble by hand and holds up to 75 gallons of water, and weighs approximately 90 pounds.

We love this stand! It was easy to put together and looks great in any living room.

We also love having extra storage space behind the doors. We like that the shelves slide out when needed and can be adjusted as needed.

We couldn’t recommend it more to people who want a little extra storage space for their aquariums.


  • An excellent design that will catch anyone’s eye!
  • Wooden material makes this stand tough.
  • The interior storage space in this stand is excellent.
  • The wood grain of this product helps protect it from moisture-related damage. Perfect for an aquarium stand!


  • The assembly of this stand can be a little confusing, especially if this is your first time buying this kind of product.

Also Available From: Ameriwood Home

Aquatic Fundamentals Wooden Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand is easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold up to a 370 lb weight capacity.

It comes with a set of four rubber feet (one per corner) to keep your stand steady on any surface.

The stand has two doors on the front side to allow easy access to the interior components.

One door provides convenient access to the filter pump and the other allows access to the water level gauge.

Both doors close securely with a latch and lock mechanism.

The stand features a large, flat-bottom shelf that makes it easy to place items directly onto the stand.

It also includes a drain hole to prevent water overflow when cleaning the aquarium.

The back of the stand is designed to accommodate multiple aquarium setups by providing a single support brace.

This allows you to route cables and tubes between the aquarium and the stand without having to cut away panels.

We just received our new Aquatic Fundamentals tank stand for testing.

We love the fact that it has a large opening in the front. Our fish seem to enjoy being able to see what is going on outside their tank (see 10 Gallon).

When they swim around, they don’t bump into things like they do when there is no way to see them.

Their activity level seems to increase when they can get a good look at what is happening outside their tank.

We also like the fact that there is plenty of room under the tank to store supplies.

We can keep our spare and extra filters and heaters under the tank, which saves space and makes it easier to access. There is a lot of storage space underneath.

We think it would make a great gift for someone who has a small to medium-sized aquarium.


  • The instructions for assembly are super-easy to follow for anyone.
  • Assembly is also very easy for fish-owners of all experience levels.
  • The dense fiberboard design is modern, sleek, and very sturdy.
  • The moisture-resistant coating on the fiberboard is a great feature for an aquarium stand!


  • The storage space is a little lacking for its size.
  • With no way to adjust this stand to your needs, this product isn’t very customizable.

Also Available From: Walmart

Caitec TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand

TitanEze aquarium stands are designed to fit perfectly inside your existing aquariums and allow you to enjoy your fish and other pets without having to worry about damaging your fish tank.

With its dual-layer design, TitanEze aquarium stands are not only sturdy but also easy to assemble.

They come ready to use right out of the box and require no tools for assembly.

TitanEze stands are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety.

Their unique design allows you to easily install it in your aquarium and then place your fish tank on top of it.

And since TitanEze aquarium stands are built to last, you won’t need to replace them often.

Titan stands are ideal for keeping fish, turtles, guppies, goldfish, koi, and other small animals.

It comes with a removable lid, so you can keep your fish safe and secure when you’re not using the stand.

We wanted an easy way to display our aquariums that wasn’t going to break the bank, and the Titan Eze was perfect.

Easy to assemble, it holds two 75 gallon tanks. We were able to put them both on their sides, which made them easier to clean. They look great in our living room.

The only problem we had was the fact that there are no shelves that come as standard, but we worked out how to use the space pretty well.

Overall, we love the Titan Eze for its distinct design that sets it apart from pretty much every other stand on the market.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The metal frame is perfect for keeping this stand durable for years to come.
  • This stand is tough enough to carry two tanks or one very large tank, thanks to the double-wall construction.
  • This stand is also resistant to moisture and water damage, thanks to its powder coating.


  • Whilst there’s plenty of internal space for potential storage, the lack of bottom paneling or even shelves does limit it a little, at least without some creative thinking.

Also Available From: Wayfair

Marineland LED 75-Gallon Aquarium With Stand

Marineland LED 75-Gallon Aquarium With Stand

Are you looking for an aquarium that offers maximum space and convenience?

Then look no further! If you’re looking to combine your fish tank and stand into one item, then it might be worth spending the cash for a combination product.

This 75-gallon aquarium with an in-built stand by Marineland is a perfect example of that concept.

This Marineland aquarium has everything you need to start your new aquatic journey. It comes with a convenient stand and features a large 75-gallon tank.

The fish tank includes a filter, heater, UV sterilizer, water pump, air stone, and a decorative lid. This aquarium is suitable for freshwater and saltwater species.

The high-definition technology offers you a generous viewing area while allowing you to view your fish from every angle.

This aquarium set is designed with both performance and design in mind. It pushes precision and power beyond normal expectations.

These products were built with ingenuity in mind, so whatever you’re passionate about, big or small, it does more, creates more, and, most importantly, enjoys more.

So whether you’re looking for a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, big or small, these products are meant to fit your lifestyle.

It is nice looking and sturdy. The stand has a lot of room inside and came with a few plants. Everything seems like quality material and good construction.

The lights are bright enough to see what is going on in there.

There is a filter included. You can use either a mechanical or biological filter. It does not come with any food, but they sell that separately.

The lid is made of plastic, so it is easy to clean.

The water level indicator works great. It is easy to check the water level without having to open the lid.

The water looks clear, and the fish seem happy.

Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it.


  • This product provides both an excellent tank, and a beautifully designed tank stand to go with it.
  • Despite the many parts, assembly is easy for this tank and stand combo!
  • Plenty of storage space to be found in this stand too, for all your aquarium equipment and other domestic needs.


  • Because of the combination product, this might be a little pricier than some people may be able to afford.

Also Available From: Marineland

R&J Enterprises Birch Wood Aquarium Stand

If you are looking for a beautiful way to house your fish, then look no further.

The R&J Enterprises Birch Wood Aqua Stand is just the right size and shape for your 75 or 90-gallon aquarium.

It features a beautiful design and is made out of birchwood material, so it won’t fade or rot.

It has a sleek, modern appearance and comes in either white or black color options.

It has a sleek design that makes it easy on the eyes and adds beauty to any room.

With its contemporary style, this cabinet would fit perfectly in any modern décor.

It comes in a variety of colors and finishes so you can choose the one that best fits your taste.

It comes with a 5 piece flat panel door with glass inserts, 3 drawers, and a hidden waterline molding that gives it a finished look.

It measures 48 inches long by 18 inches wide by 30 inches tall and comes with a certificate of authenticity and warranty. These doors are easy to open and close.

With this stand, you can easily access all parts of your aquarium without having to lift the lid. This stand is ideal for keeping your fish healthy and happy.

We tested these cabinets as a replacement for our old aquarium stand.

They fit perfectly into our fish tank (see also ‘Best 50 Gallon Fish Tank‘) and look great! We were able to find them online fairly easily and they arrived quickly. They were easy to assemble and install.

The quality was good and we would recommend them to others. If birch is your aesthetic, then you owe it to yourselves to try and get one of these tank stands.


  • This stand is a solid birch design and is a beautiful touch to help your fish tank feel like part of your home.
  • This wooden cabinet is perfectly designed for both 75-gallon and 90-gallon aquarium tanks. Great if you want to eventually upgrade your fish’s living space.
  • Available in both a natural brown, as well as a glossy black color.
  • The decorative hiding waterline anti-mold feature is great for keeping your stand looking beautiful and good as new.


  • If you are purchasing this stand online, be aware that delivery may cause damage to the stand, as it has relatively little padding to go with it.

Also Available From: Pets Warehouse

Things To Consider For Your Fish Tank Stand

Weight Capacity

This should be one of the first things that you consider whilst looking for an aquarium stand.

You need to know how heavy your fish tank will be before buying a stand.

A 75-gallon tank weighs about 90 pounds, while a 90-gallon fish tank weighs around 160 pounds.

This is doubly the case once they are filled with water, as a fully-filled 75-gallon tank will weigh at least 900 pounds!

So there is a big difference between the two, and how much weight a fish tank stand (see also ‘Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Stand‘) can carry is a critical detail.

When you buy a stand, you need to make sure that it can support the weight of your tank.

In addition, you also need to check whether or not it can hold a maximum amount of weight.

Storage Space

Another big factor that will likely come up in your searches, you also need to look at the available storage space in the stand.

Most stands have only 1 drawer, but some larger models come with 2.

However, it is important to note that these are usually very shallow drawers, which means that even though they have more storage space than a single drawer, you won’t be able to store much inside of them.

You should therefore consider buying a stand with multiple drawers, especially if you plan to purchase other accessories such as lights or filters.


A good fish tank stand needs to be easy to use so that you can easily remove the lid when needed.

Also, it should be easy to clean, as you don’t want to spend time cleaning out your fish tank every day.

Some stands come with a built-in drain system, which makes it easier to keep the tank clean.

But if you don’t have any experience with fish tanks, then you should probably opt for a model that doesn’t include this feature.


Another thing that you need to think about is its durability. Over time, you will inevitably encounter problems, such as leaks, warping, and even cracking.

When this happens, you will need to replace your aquarium stand. If you buy a stand that is made from very strong materials, then it will last longer.

Fortunately, most stands today are built out of very sturdy materials.

The vast majority of ones we have discussed are primarily made of wood and/or metal, although some tougher types of plastic are also good options.


Another consideration that you’ll want to take into account is the height of your aquarium stand.

As previously mentioned, you’ll want to ensure that you get a stand that is tall enough to accommodate a large number of fish.

Some people recommend getting a stand that’s taller than your tank itself because if you do so, you can place plants on top of your tank without having to worry about them touching the ground.

However, unless you intend to grow and maintain your plants on your tank, you shouldn’t need to go above the top edge of the tank.

So you may want to consider going with a shorter stand instead.

Ease Of Assembly And Maintenance

As we’ve already shown, fish tank stands aren’t exactly complicated pieces of equipment.

They generally consist of 6 parts: a base, a lid, a handle, a tray, a drainage hole, and a frame.

You simply put all of these together to form a stable platform to support your fish tank.

Of course, there are some differences between various stands.

For example, some allow you to adjust your position, while others don’t. This means that you’ll need to choose one that has features that suit your specific requirements.

But whether you’re looking for something that comes preassembled or not, all of them will require some basic assembly before you can start using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aquarium Stand Necessary Pieces Of Equipment?

Yes! Without an adequate stand, you won’t be capable of properly maintaining your fish tank. It’s a simple fact that a well-designed stand can make your life significantly easier.

What Size Should My Fish Tank Stand Be?

This depends on how many fish you plan to keep and what type of fish you plan to add to your tank.

Generally speaking, most experts agree that a 10-gallon tank (see also ‘The Best Stands For 10-Gallon Fish Tanks‘) requires a minimum size of 3 feet by 5 feet, whereas a 50-gallon tank requires a minimum of 4 feet by 8 feet.

How Do I Clean A Fish Tank Stand?

If you decide to buy a new stand, you might want to invest in a few extra tools to help you out. These include a sponge, a cleaning brush, a bottle of cleaner, and a soft cloth.

First, you should thoroughly rinse the stand under running water. Then, use a sponge to remove any debris and dust that may be stuck to it.

After that, clean the stand with a gentle solution of dish soap mixed with warm water. Finally, let the stand dry completely before storing it away.

How Can I Waterproof My Aquarium Stand?

Ideally, you should waterproof your fish tank stand. If this isn’t possible, however, you can still protect it against moisture by covering it with a heavy-duty sheet.


While they’re certainly not the cheapest items to purchase, fish tank stands are an important part of keeping your fish healthy.

Whether you have a small 10-gallon tank or a huge 150-gallon aquarium, you’ll find that a good stand makes things significantly easier.

We hope that you found our article useful and that it helped you pick the best 75-gallon aquarium stand for you.

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