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Solar Pool Heaters: Pros, Cons, and Why You Need One

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A solar power heater is a great sustainable addition to your pool fixtures. It can offer you sustainable savings on your monthly electric bills, and it helps considerably reduce the carbon footprint associated with your conventional pool heater. These are just a couple of reasons people love installing solar heaters.

 However, they have their advantages and disadvantages you need to know about before installing them. Here are the pros and cons of a solar pool heater.

Solar Pool Heater Pros

Free Energy Source

The use of free solar energy is the main driving force for the popularity of solar pool heaters. Solar-powered pool heaters take advantage of the renewable energy the sun provides. This means a cleaner and more cost-effective way to manage your bills.

The free and renewable energy source attracts enormous attention from people who love sustainable options. On top of green energy, operational costs aren’t susceptible to changes in rising gas prices and other factors.

Inexpensive to Maintain and Operate

Solar pool heater offers tons of flexibility for any additional monthly operating costs

Gas-powered pool heaters are one of the most economical options when it comes to pool heaters. An average outdoor swimming pool fitted with a gas heater can cost up to $1,700 per year. On the other hand, a solar pool heating system will only cost you somewhere between $30 to $75 a year. With a glaring difference in the operational costs of heater systems, you’ll see why it is a more economical option for people.

Convenience and Ease of Usage

workers install solar panels on the roof

Conventional pool heaters can take hours or even days to prepare the pool. That’s a great deal of time if you want to quickly dip into warm, comfy water. 

A solar-powered pool heater automatically turns on whenever the sun is up. This gives you more time to enjoy the water and less time waiting.

Extended Life Span and Warranty Offers

Companies that offer solar pool heating systems have extensive support for their products. Most solar-powered pool heaters come with a twelve years warranty, in contrast to one to five years of warranty for conventional pool heating systems available in the market.

Solar pool systems have a longer lifespan compared to their counterparts. Alternative pool heaters are typically good for only five to seven years though you can increase their life span with regular maintenance. However, they can’t compare with the expected lifespan of solar pool heaters.

Environment Friendly

Conventional pool heaters utilize gas to operate. Although newer iterations offer less carbon footprint than previous models, they can still accumulate a great deal of pollution in the long run. 

On the other hand, solar heating systems significantly reduce carbon emissions by not relying on gas. A solar pool heating system might be the best bet for homeowners looking to help the environment and cut down their consumption of non-renewable products.

More Time to Enjoy

Creating a pool and maintaining it is a large investment for the household. That’s why it is important if we can make the most out of it.

A solar pool heater opens up an opportunity for keeping our pool open for a longer time. Thanks to the system’s low operational cost, your family can enjoy the pool longer during colder months.

Solar Pool Heater Cons

solar panelson the roof of the family house

Solar Pool Heaters Always Need Sun

A solar pool heater can be a great all-year water heating solution. However, It is not immune to fault and system limitations.

Solar pool heaters draw power from the sun. That means it could be less efficient in heating the pool in evenings and overcast days. The heat of the sun is essential to power up the system, and the absence of its most crucial components may leave you with a non-heated pool.

Setup and Initial Installation Cost

The upfront cost for setting up a solar pool heater can deter potential users. The initial cost may range anywhere between $3,500 to $7,000. However, the long-term value of solar pool heaters will outweigh the initial cost. 

Standard heaters or heat pumps for pools usually cost $2,000 to $4,500. On top of the regular expenses such as maintenance and monthly utility bills, the overall cost might be higher. Consider if your household needs to spend money for a year-round pool heater.

Solar Pool Heaters Take Longer to Heat Up

Solar pool heater takes a significant amount of time to heat the pool after installation. In a conventional gas heating system, the heater uses a sudden surge of energy to reach the desired temperature in the shortest amount of time.

Conclusion: Why You Need a Solar Pool Heater

photovoltaics against the sky

A gas-powered heating system has been the norm when it comes to pool heaters in the past years. That’s also one reason why many people couldn’t put their complete trust in better alternatives

Solar pool heaters may have some cons, but their benefits outweigh the negatives by a long shot. You’ll get fewer expenses when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Solar pool heaters also offer lower utility bills and a longer life span. 

They are ideal for recreational use where pool temperatures reach the low 80s to mid-90s. What’s great, you can maintain the temperature all year round. 

Placing a smart investment towards a solar pool heating system could provide tons of benefits in the long run. Not only are you making savings by minimizing your household’s gas consumption, but you’re also aiding the environment by not producing as much carbon footprint as it was supposed to be. 

Opting for a solar pool heater can give you many benefits. Think of it as a valuable investment where you can reap the rewards after a few years. 

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