Pool To Pond Conversion That Will Make You Want To Do It

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Having a pool is always lots of fun and a great addition to your home, especially when you have kids.

However, as your kids grow up and move out, a lot of parents are left with a large unused pool that is more of an obstacle in their garden than a functioning feature. 

This is the situation Rich Bronson and his wife found themselves in when their pool became more of a problem.

With their kids now adults and moved into homes of their own, Rich and his wife decided to fill in the pool and turn it into a natural looking pond – but things didn’t go to plan. 

However, the end result of Rich’s pond is so impressive that it will definitely make you want a pond of your own in your backyard. Check out the whole story here! 

Rich Bronson’s Pool To Pond Conversion Story

For many years, Rich Bronson had a pool in his backyard. It was mainly used by his kids but once they grew up and moved out, he and his wife found that the pool was more of a problem than of a cool recreational spot that they frequently used.

So, Rich and his wife decided they wanted to turn the pool into a natural looking pond (Best Pond Kits). They filled in the pool and left one third of the space to transform it into a pond. 

The original plan was to transform the remaining one third of the pool into a natural looking pond.

Rich said that he wanted the pond (see also ‘5 Cover Ideas For Your Backyard Pond‘) to look as if the house was built near a pond, not  that the pond was clearly added to the house’s backyard.

He and his wife also wanted a natural looking waterfall attached to the pond (see also ‘3 Actions For What To Do With Your Unwanted Pond‘) – but what they got was completely off the mark. 

The ‘pond’ was left in a mess and the company hired to do the pond brought in lots of heavy machinery that ripped up and ruined other parts of Rich’s landscaping.

Stacked stones surrounded the pond’s edge, with the liner showing everywhere and the ‘natural’ waterfall looked more like a flooded staircase. Rich called it an ‘eyesore’ and a ‘liability’. 

It was a total disaster. 

But, what Rich did next completely changed everything. 

Rich reached out to another company that came over and completely transformed the failed pond.

The new contractors ripped up the previous company’s work, replacing the liner with a new layer and fixed all the stone placement.

They didn’t even need to bring in heavy machinery like the previous company did – meaning that the rest of Rich’s backyard was left untouched. 

The end result was exactly what Rich and his wife had dreamed of, with a natural waterfall and seamless edge that completely blended in with the landscaping.

Now, they have added some natural water plants and even have koi swimming around below the surface, clearly visible in the clear water.

Pool To Pond Conversion That Will Make You Want To Do It

It’s the perfect pool to pond result and it just goes to show that even if your first results are not to your liking, you can still fix it up to match your needs and wants. 

So, after hearing this story, you are probably thinking of doing the same. It just goes to show that you have multiple choices when it comes to getting rid of your pool.

If you no longer use your pool, then why not transform it into a cool, natural water feature in the form of a pond – but how can you do what Rich and his wife had achieved? 

How You Can Turn Your Pool Into A Pond?

If you are inspired by Rich’s story, then you will probably want to start thinking about how you can turn your pool into a pond. 

Rich and his wife did not like how artificial some pool to pond conversions looked, so to help with the transition, they filled in two thirds of the pool themselves.

They left a fair sized dip that could be used as the main body of the pond.

So, think about how big you want your pond to be because a pond that’s too big could be a hazard, especially if you have pets or small children. 

Another thing to think about is all the equipment connected to your pool. Pools often need heaters, filters and systems to keep them clean – and these systems need to be adjusted and replaced for pond use. 

You can also have some ponds that are safe for paddling and wading, but you will need to ensure that you use the appropriate pumps and filters.

You also can’t add in chlorine as chlorine kills fish, you will have to choose between having fish in your pond or being able to wander in for a splash. 

You may also want to think of what plants you want to add to your pond as this will help give it a more natural aesthetic. 

And finally, our best tip for you is to save as much as you can. Turning your pool into a pond will cost quite a bit of money – Rich and his wife paid a lot more than they originally hoped because they had to switch contractors. So, be prepared to pay between $40,000 to $80, 000 for your conversion! 


So, has Rich’s story inspired you to convert your own pool into a gorgeous natural pond (see also ‘Natural Swimming Pools 101: Pros, Cons & More‘)? 

Why not ring up your local landscaper and give it a try! 

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