Pond UV Lights – Why They Suck & What’s Better

Pond UV Lights - Why They Suck & What’s Better

Anthony Barnes

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Do you want to keep your pond healthy and algae-free? If so, then chances are you have heard about the benefits of ultraviolet light.

While ultraviolet light can be used to combat certain varieties of algae, they are not the best thing to have in your pond, especially if you want to keep it fresh and clean.

Fortunately, there are other methods you can use to remove unwanted matter from your pond (see pond sealer)

In this article, we will explain why UV lights should be avoided. While also showcasing other devices that can be used instead. 

Why Use Pond UV Lights? 

Pond UV lights are commonly used to combat algae and keep the water clean. However, this does not mean that they’re always effective. 

Algae is a common problem for most pond enthusiasts, as the weed prevents oxygen from accessing the water, which can make it difficult for fish and other pond life to breathe.

For this reason, it is a common practice to remove the weed once it starts to bloom. Whether that involves draining the pond or balancing the water level. 

UV lights are often used for this reason, even though there is a chance that the algae will still remain in the water.

While the lights help to reduce the unsavory look of the pond, they are unable to completely extinguish the weed (Best floating fish dome)

Why Do Pond UV Lights Suck? 

While we can confirm that ultraviolet pond lights help to reduce algae, the final result will often vary depending on the conditions at the time. 

For example, ultraviolet lights are only effective when the algae come in direct contact with the beams, which means you will need several lights to ensure its removal.

Pond UV lights1

If you are unable to procure more lights, then it is possible to add another filtration system to the pond, which will help to circulate the weed. 

In some cases, the flow of the pond can also impact the light’s effectiveness, as a slow current will result in fewer algae being removed. However, speeding up the flow can cost more money. 

UV lights are able to keep the water looking clean, however, this does not mean that they refresh the water.

For this reason, the water can remain imbalanced after the lights have done their work, which can be harmful to the fish and plants. 

What’s Better Than Pond UV Lights? 

Since ultraviolet pond lights are known for their drawbacks, you should consider using another product to remove the algae in your pond. 

Our favorite removal product is the IonGen G2, which is a patented filtration system that removes green water and harmful bacteria from the pond.

However, it is also possible to introduce another filtration system to the water, which should help in the removal of algae and other debris. 

You can add multiple filtration systems to various water features, whether that be a waterfall or fountain.

It is also advisable to use water purifiers over ultraviolet lights, as these will clean the water and make it breathable for the fish.

Skimmers can also aid in the removal of unwanted debris, as they have been designed to collect leaves, sticks, and algae from the water. 

Of course, most filtration systems will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, they are still a better choice than UV lights. 

Final Thoughts 

While pond UV lights can keep the water looking clean, their abilities are often impacted by the conditions around them, which can lead to less than stellar results.

If you want to keep your pond healthy, we recommend introducing another filtration system instead, as this will help create a suitable environment for your fish. 

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