Marey GA10LP In-Depth Review For 2021

Marey GA10LP In-Depth Review For 2021

Charlie Hardcastle

No matter how much most people try, most of them still can’t figure out how to sacrifice their comfortable lives, and having hot water is one of those essential aspects. If you’re here, then you’re probably one of those people.
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Anyway, we’re here to tell you about what tankless water heaters, more specifically the Marey GA10LP tankless water heater, can do.

These types of water heaters give hot water on demand. Not only don’t they need a lot of energy to ensure the water stays hot, but they’ve also got no tank as well. Therefore, they help reduce the amount of water you’ll use in your home and help bring down your utility bill.

Also, because it doesn’t collect water in a tank, it’s much easier to maintain and be taken care of without giving the user too much headache. It has a lower risk for corrosion compared to its tank water heater counterparts, and they’re much more durable too.

Many of them only need to be flushed once or twice a year, and when the water is hard, you can use a water softener.

However, it isn’t only the low energy, easy maintenance, and high energy efficiency that makes this water heater so popular. It’s also because most tankless water heaters, this one included, are compact and generally small in size, needing only a bit of room for installation.

Many modern models are often do-it-yourself projects, even though you might void your warranty in some cases if you don’t get professional assistance.

As far as price is concerned, some folks might end up sitting on the fence with this one, especially when it comes to the commercial or residential units.

However, in the long term, tankless water heaters are generally a wise investment and are usually more often than a solid choice.


At first glance, the most noticeable thing about the Marey GA10LP tankless water heater unit is its compact shape and slim profile, which allow for easy installation.

It’s not going to be hard for you to find a spot in your home for this unit. And once you’ve managed to mount it successfully, you might not even notice it in the background because of how subtle it is. That being said, there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this unit.

Its features and performance ensure its reliability in many indoor applications. It’ll heat your water on demand endlessly and works fast too. It heats water the moment you open your faucet.

Below are all its exciting features.

Elegant And Compact Design

As we’ve already highlighted above, the Marey GA10LP Propane Gas Tankless water heater (see also ‘Best Propane Tankless Water Heater‘) has a minimalist, compact overall design that makes it easy to install.

You don’t need a lot of room to mount it in your home comfortably. Its slim aesthetic helps increase its versatility, and its white color scheme gives it the ability to blend into almost any décor you’ve got going on in your home.

Yes, looks are not fundamental when it comes to tankless water heaters. However, they still do help.

Endless And Instant Water Heating

Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater - Top

The Marey GA10LP water heater will heat your water both endlessly and instantly.

Your water flow will activate the heater immediately you start tapping the water. Furthermore, this tankless water heater unit only uses propane gas when water starts streaming into the system.

One thing’s for sure. The Marey GA10LP is an energy-efficient water heater and an ideal option for any household.

Energy-Efficient And Eco-Friendly

There’s no doubt that this unit’s energy efficiency will help you save money in the utility bill department.

In fact, not only will the unit help you save quite a lot of water, but it’ll also help you save on the power bill because it uses 60% less electricity compared to its traditional tank water heater counterpart. The Marey GA10Lp is both cost-efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

Great Water Output Levels

This tankless propane gas water heater doesn’t need a lot of water pressure to run smoothly. It has a minimal water output of around 3.1 gallons per minute which means it can work just fine even with low water pressure levels.

The unit’s heat loss is about 79,228 BTUs per hour, and its minimum water pressure activation measurement is 20PSI. This water heater is powered by liquid propane gas.

It’s got a safe operating pressure that ranges from around 5PSI-140PSI. Also, for the exhaust discharge pipe, you’ll need a flue duct type.

Good Temperature Levels

Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater -Bottom

As far as temperature is concerned, the 0.5 gallons per minute low produces 68F degrees hot while the 3.1 gallons per minute high gives 9F degrees.

Water can get as hot as 67F degrees during the casual faucet water flow of around 1.5 gallons per minute.

The water heater’s energy efficiency goes from about 55% to 88%. As long as it’s been installed properly and taken care of accordingly, the heater should be able to maintain an 88% efficiency rate for long periods.

Battery Powered

The water heater uses 2D cell batteries for ignition, which means you don’t need electricity to use it. It’s a very dependable and reliable tankless water heater that can be used as a backup option during those times you might be experiencing power blackouts in your area or home.

If you’re someone that happens to live off the grid, the Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater unit can be a very dependable option for you. It also complies with the DoE’s (Department of Energy) tankless gas water heater requirements. It helps make it even safer for home use.

Easy Installation And Operation

Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater - Parts 1

Thanks to its easy-to-understand instruction manual, features, and build, the Marey GA10LP Propane Gas Water Heater ensures simple and straightforward installation and operation.

The manual instruction is simple enough even some children might understand, which means mounting of the heater should run smoothly for you. Operating the heater should be equally as easy and straightforward and shouldn’t give you too much of a problem to work on.

The Marey GA10LP Water Heater has three dial functions to adjust temperature, gas, and water.

Safe To Use

Safety is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about too much either because this water heater unit features both gas pressure safety and anti-combustion protection. Yes, it might have a rugged overall build.

However, this build helps ensure you can enjoy using it for a very long time. Its rustproof design reduces the risk of water leakage, and its copper heat exchanger, which has been protected against corrosion, means better durability.

Powerful Performance

The Marey GA10LP is an incredibly powerful tankless gas water heater unit and operates in 3V. It means that it’s perfect for off-grid applications, and it’s great for places that have limited electricity.

You can use the heater for 2-3 points of use at the same time. This particular one is water pressure activated and can be mounted as high up as fifty-feet from the point it’s being used. You should also strongly consider it if you have an RV. It can come in handy.

Why You Should Buy It

Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater - Back

The Marey GA10LP unit is way more than just a mere tankless water heater with an overall design.

For a lot of indoor applications, the unit’s features and quality make it an incredibly reliable option.

Not only will it heat your water immediately any faucet or tap is opened, but it’ll supply you with hot water whenever you need it. Furthermore, being that it’s also highly energy-efficient, this unit can help you bring down your power bill by roughly 60%.

Its portable and lightweight nature helps make it really easy to install and mount. It has an electric ignition that ignites it, which means you won’t need to have access to electricity to run it.


  • 3.1 Gallons Per Minute
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • 67% energy efficiency
  • 10-liter capacity
  • 5-year warranty


  • It has a digital display that allows users to regulate and view the water temperature.
  • Only when hot water is being used is when the unite burns the liquid propane gas, which means a lot of energy can be saved.
  • It has an energy efficiency of 67%, meaning it can help bring down your power bill.
  • Easily portable and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to both operate and install.
  • An electric-based ignition feature ignites it means that you won’t need to have electricity to get hot water.
  • It is incredibly durable and can be used for a long time before it needs replacing.
  • Unlimited hot water.
  • It can be used for up to 2-3 points of use.
  • It has a rustproof build and is well-manufactured.


  • There are no vent pipes included in the package.
  • There’s still a chance that Marley could completely discontinue manufacturing this product.
  • Although users have the ability to regulate water temperature manually, sometimes it can fluctuate by itself.
  • A bit on the expensive side.

Wrapping Up

Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater - Parts 2

The Marey GA10LP Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater unit is durable, very reliable, and has numerous impressive features such as a digital display screen to regulate and view water temperature.

It’s also conveniently portable, has a gas-saving mechanism, and is incredibly energy efficient. It has a few minor shortcomings but the overall performance, in general, is excellent, especially when its cost and output are compared against each other.

With its easy-to-understand instruction manual and fine build, users find it handy and incredibly easy to get hot water.

So, suppose you happen to be the budget-focused type that lives in a small house or apartment and need, or want, a sufficient and steady supply of hot water without having to break the bank necessarily.

In that case, the Marley GA10LP is definitely what you need in your life ASAP. Marley has been coming up with great tankless water heaters for quite a while now, and the Marley GA10LP unit is no exception.

You don’t need to allow your taps to run cold anymore. Get your water flow heated throughout with this device. Hopefully, this review will be enough to show you why you need to go out and buy this product immediately or as soon as possible.

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