Is White Mold Dangerous? How To Get Rid Of White Mold

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White mold is a common problem in homes. White mold is a fungal disease that grows on damp wood or other organic material.

Is White Mold Dangerous? How To Get Rid Of White Mold

There are several ways to treat white mold. You should always call a professional if you suspect that your home has white mold.

They can remove it safely and effectively.

In this article, we will discuss if white mold is dangerous and how to get rid of it. 

White Mold: What Is It?

There are known to be various species of mold which can be seen around your home.

A lot of these species of mold have a white appearance like penicillin, aspergillus, and Cladosporium. Other colors can be seen as well. 

When mold is first growing, it can start off with a whitish color and then once more spores are created the mold becomes a different color.

However, there are some molds which will keep its white color constantly.

However, this is due to the food that the spores and mold are feeding on. 

It shouldn’t matter what color your mold is. Once you see mold in your home, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

If you keep mold in your home, then this can have negative effects on your health and can even ruin your possessions that it touches and grows on. 

We would recommend that as soon as you see mold in your home you get rid of it and a mold removal company will be able to help you. 

Appearance Of White Mold

When white mold first begins to develop, then it is really difficult to see it. This is because the white mold spores are so small.

Once enough spores have formed and created a colony, then you will see the white mold appear in your home

The mold to begin with can look like quite small white spots on your home.

These spots of white mold can look quite filmy and powdery. To begin with, white mold has a similar appearance to mildew.

However, white mold is much more harmful, as it is common for it to grow in organic materials. 

Causes Of White Mold

White mold is no different to other types of mold. Like all mold, it needs two things for it to be able to grow.

These are a food source and a moist environment. Generally, a moist environment is caused by badly ventilated areas or leaks in a roof. 

While the most common food sources for mold include carpet, wood and drywall.

Yet, any organic material is a great food source for mold, including white mold. 

Can White Mold Be Dangerous?

All mold can be dangerous and affects everyone differently.

There are some people that will have no effects from white mold, while other people are very allergic to the white mold spores.

These allergies can include runny nose, rash on the skin and sneezing.

Alongside that, if you are known to have a weak or compromised immune system, then you can have much more dangerous and serious side effects from the white mold. 

If you know someone in your household or family member that has been exposed to white mold for a long period of time.

Then that person should see a doctor, to make sure they are healthy. Mold can affect your lungs and cause irritation. 

Getting Rid Of White Mold In The Home

It is possible for anyone to remove white mold from their own home.

This is as long as they aren’t allergic and that there is less than 10 square feet of white mold to get rid of.

A homeowner can use cleaning equipment and tools found at hardware stores to remove the mold safely and easily themselves. 

However, if the area is much larger or in a difficult area to reach, such as a basement or attic.

We would recommend that you hire a mold removal company.

You’ll also be calmed to know that the mold will be properly removed and the cause of the mold forming will be found and resolved. 

Common Areas To Find White Mold?

As we have established, mold likes to live in damp and dark environments. Yet, it also needs a good food supply.

The following are the two most common places to find white mold growing in your home. 



The attic is the perfect environment for white mold to grow.

This is because it contains various food sources for the white mold, like insulation and wood.

Also, attics are prone to leaky pipes and roofs with fluctuating temperature, and often they are poorly ventilated.

These all provide white mold the great conditions for it to be able to thrive. 

To get rid of white mold from your attic can be difficult as it is a tight and awkward space.

You should always check your attic often for possible mold growing in there. You will not only see it, but you may also smell it. 


The basement is another place where you will often find white mold growing in there.

It will grow on the wooden floors, concrete walls and any items that you may keep in the basement.

This is because water is known to leak into the basement, which then creates a moist area for mold to thrive.

Also, the temperatures, like the attic, can fluctuate which is perfect for white mold. 

However, sometimes white mold can be confused for crystalline efflorescence, which isn’t mold.

Both enjoy growing in humid environments. Crystalline efflorescence is a salt deposit which is left behind once moisture has left the concrete.

To tell the difference between the two, spray water on the area. If it is efflorescent, then the salt will just melt away. 

Wood And Furniture

White mold is common to be seen on various materials and items, such as your furniture and wood.

When it comes to wooden surfaces, white mold is often found on floor joists, wooden furniture or on the rafters in the attic.

If you happen to find white mold on your wooden furniture, you can easily remove it yourself.

However, if you find mold on material sofas or chairs then you will need to hire a professional cleaning company to do a deeper clean.


Sometimes white mold will grow on your clothes during the warmer summer months.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that all your clothing is completely dry before you fold and put it away in a closet or drawer. 

By making sure the clothes are fully dry, I will make sure all the moisture has been removed from the clothing.

If you happen to find that your clothing has signs of white mold or smells musty, then you should use a solution of hot water and vinegar and soak your clothes in it.

This solution will then help to kill and destroy the spores. 

Preventing White Mold

The best way to prevent mold in your home or in your possession is to control the moisture in your home.

If you have a leaky roof or know that your basement floods, then you should tackle that problem.

Otherwise, you are allowing an environment that will happily and quickly breed white mold, which you will have to remove.

If there is a small amount of white mold, then you can easily remove it yourself.

However, if there is a lot, then you should hire a mold removal company to deal with the problem for you. 

Also, by keeping the moisture of your home under control, you want to also keep your home as clean as you can.

By keeping your home clean, you are removing any possible food sources for the mold.

Paper, cardboard, and dust are all known organic materials and food sources for white mold to feed on. 


White mold is annoying and can breed really easily in your home and cause health issues for certain people.

We hope this article has answered your questions around white mold, and now you know how to handle it. 

Thank you for reading!

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