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How To Make Your Pond Water Blue

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It can be so difficult with a job and kids and everyday life to maintain your pool water.

To be able to keep it clear and clean all year round is a right task, especially due to weather and other tasks around the home or garden.

This is a great guide for tips and tricks that’ll make your life a little bit easier when it comes to the pod work, giving you some extra time to do everything else!

Keep an eye out for some equipment listed down below that you might need to get before starting this process. Depending on whether you need to clean out your pond first or just need to add the product.

Whether your pond is big or small, these directions will help you try to maintain a nice blue color instead of having a murky brown color which nobody wants. Keep reading to find all the best tips. 

Tips And Solutions

These tips and tricks will give you the easiest ways to keep your pool clean. With new and improved products, they will definitely help speed up the process. 

Pond Tint

Using pong tint is a very popular way of reaching that perfect blue color that you would want in your back garden.

This also is great because it has an immediate effect on the water and it does not take too long to apply.

The main trick for you, is just keeping on top of it and keeping an eye for when the water starts to become a little less blue. 

There are also many benefits for using this product which also benefits everything inside of the ponds: 

Less Algae Growth

when using this product it prevents the UV sun rays from reaching inside of the water which prevents algae from growing which causes the brown and green colors that can appear murky.

Algae need UV rays to be able to grow so they can photosynthesis.

Therefore, if the amount of algae is being reduced and the amount of UV rays being able to penetrate the water, this means that there will be a slower process of growth and should be easier to maintain. 

Keeping Temperature Of The Pond Cool

Due to the product not allowing the UV rays to penetrate the water as much, the rays are actually reflected away from the water.

This keeps the water from becoming warm from the rays.

A cooler temperature water has much more oxygen than warmer water and therefore is a better environment for the fish and creatures living inside of the pond.

Protecting The Creatures

When there is pond tint in the pond, it also makes the fish living in the pond less visible to predators like birds who would swoop down and catch them. This will help keep all of your fish safe and less visible. 

The Clean Up Job

When you are cleaning anything in life, it always comes down to being able to maintain that cleaning to keep it clean and not let anything build up.

This is where pond preparation comes into this process. Is your pond already covered in algae? 

This means that before you can actually add the blue dye you will need to clean out the pond first.

You don’t want to just add a product that prevents more of it because you already have quite a bit in there and this is the clean up job. However, if you clean up first then maintain it afterwards, it should be a rare job. 

How to make your pond water blue (1)

How To Clean The Build Up Of Algae

  1. You will need to grab or purchase a net so you will be able to collect all of the leaves which will be floating around in the pond. This also includes any bits of tree or debris that has fallen into the pond due to weather. 
  2. To make your life easier, you can use a pond water filter daily which will start to remove large parts of the algae giving you a fresh pond. 
  3. If the build up is strong you will need to use algaecide to keep that algae controlled.

Would You Rather Use Dye?

There is also a second option for you which is using pond dye which allows you to even change the color of your pond.

This option is great for people who are very into keeping their garden color matching! Obviously light blue is the most common color that people go for because it gives you that holiday feel to the color, clear and beautiful. 

However, you can go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and opt for a black pond.

There is also the option of a pond enhancer which combines blue dye and beneficial bacteria for the pond.

This will essentially work in the favor of keeping the pond clean because it will start to remove debris by breaking it down which saves you another job. 

  • One thing to keep in mind about all of this is that it is very important to wear protective gear to prevent your clothes from being stained. This dye will instantly stain whatever you’re wearing and your skin. Therefore, you need to be careful with how you are using it and do not let any children near the product. 
  • It stains so easily because of the high concentration it contains. It is always best to add products bit by bit and not use too much because you can always come back and add more later!
  • This dye is anyway worrying, is not harmful to any of the creatures or fish in the pond and it is not dangerous for your pets either. Due to the amount of staining it can cause, it is still a good idea to keep it out of sight somewhere. 

How Long Does The Dye Last In The Pond?

The dye will usually last up to three months depending on weather conditions and whether there is excessive rain which will wash it away.

If you notice that it is starting to fade quite rapidly, you will want to just go through the dye process again of adding the color and it should return to its beautiful color that you have chosen.

As said previously, there is no need to go overboard on the product because you will only be wasting the product and you can really make it last.

The product is very concentrated and literally needs the smallest amount to make a big difference. 


Overall, these are the best ways to get the best results for your pond.Sometimes people may think that it is a lot of work to maintain the cleanliness of their pond but it is really a few simple easy steps.

If there is a guild up of algae it is simply just removing the debris and letting the filter do its job. 

Your job is really just being that maintaining factor, noticing when the color is starting to fade and adding some more dye.

It can be really difficult all year round when the weather is quite bad and you don’t feel like cleaning it out. However, tips like this in the summer will make a hell of a difference to the appearance of your pond. 

If you don’t have some of the equipment listed on this list, you can either buy them online or in-stores quite easily and they are there to be useful to you and make it easier for you.

It is always good to save a bit of time on your schedule during the summer and in everyday life. 

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