Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Review

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Are you wondering if the Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat is the one for you? Maybe you have heard people say it saved them money on their energy bill and you want to see if it can do the same for you?

Whatever reason brought you here today, we have the answers for you!

When it comes to thermostats, we all want one that we can control easily. No one wants to stand in front of it with a bulky manual and not have a clue how to set a timer.

But with so many thermostats out there, it can be tricky to know what the best one is, especially if you are trying to save some money too.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with a review of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat (see also our Honeywell thermostat troubleshooting tips ). Just keep reading to see if it’s the one for you or not.

Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat

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Let’s start with a brief overview of the thermostat. The Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat is one of the most popular and highly regarded thermostats on the market.

Although its design is quite traditional, its features are anything but! It is packed with the latest technologies that make heating and cooling your home a breeze.

The thermostat features a color touchscreen that allows you to program the thermostat in either English, French, or Spanish with a full QWERTY keyboard.

You can also change the thermostat from Farenheit to Celsius if you wish.

If you don’t want to use the touchscreen, you can program it through your tablet, smartphone, or computer. All you need to do is download the free app from your app store!

When it comes to the Honeywell thermostat, everything has been designed to make it as easy as possible to use, and that includes the installation!

Thanks to the redesigned terminal block, you can reconnect wires without needing a screwdriver! It’s perfect for those who are replacing their old thermostat with this one.

Now, you will need a C wire, but this is only an issue if you do not currently have one. And even then, there are ways around it (more on that later)!

Once the thermostat is in place, the setup is super easy. The thermostat itself walks you through it step-by-step, meaning you don’t even need to reach for the manual!

It’s a firm favorite with its customers, and it’s no wonder why!

To help you learn more about this thermostat, keep reading as we have broken down the main features you should be aware of.

Ease Of Use

The Honeywell thermostat is super easy to use and set up! In no time it will be up and running, and saving you money!

Once you have set the thermostat up, there’s little need for you to interact with it, simply sit back and let the thermostat run itself!

You will only need to use it if you are changing your usual routine, like if you are away on vacation, or home more than you were before.

And if there are any events that are outside of your usual routine, your thermostat will send you an email alert!

So if you come home a few hours early and want to enjoy more heat, your thermostat will check if this is what you want before doing it. How intuitive is that?


As we mentioned earlier, installing this thermostat is the most interaction you will have with it.

For most people, the installation process is a smooth one, but this does depend on your current thermostat, as the Honeywell is essentially a replacement thermostat.

Like other Wi-Fi thermostats, this one needs a ‘C’ wire. If you already have one, fantastic, but if not, this is where the installation process can get a little tricky.

You will either need to install a C wire, add a power extender kit, or there is a workaround for those that want to avoid it.

It’s a little tricky to explain, so we recommend that you check out this video below if you want to avoid using a C wire.


As you will have guessed from the rest of this article, the Honeywell thermostat is super straightforward to use and program!

Once the thermostat is on, it will walk you through the steps to program it. It’s so simple that you don’t need to rely on a clunky or dense user manual!

All the programming and any changes you might make can be done through the touchscreen, or with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Simply download the free app in your Android or Apple app store and you are good to go! It’s never been so easy to heat or cool your home.

Energy Saving

The amount of energy you can save with this thermostat will depend on how you use the system and how you have used previous thermostats in your home.

The more accurately you set up timers and programs to suit your lifestyle, the more money you will save!

When setting up your thermostat, be sure to program it according to your lifestyle, after all, there is no point in having the heating on all day if no one is at home to enjoy it!

How much money you can save also depends on where you live and your energy provider.

Some providers will offer rebates or discounts on your bill if your thermostat is one of their approved ones.

Typically, users can expect to save between 20 and 25% on their heating and cooling costs. Not a bad saving!


  • Perfect for homes and businesses
  • Easy set up through the touchscreen, a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Override settings allow you to control your thermostat on vacation, saving you money on costly bills
  • Fully functioning color touchscreen with a wide range of color choices
  • The business model comes pre-programmed with US and Canadian national holidays to save you money on heating
  • The override function is super easy to use
  • It can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the push-fit cable connectors
  • An impressive five-year warranty provides you with protection when you need it
  • Monitors your local weather and adapts the heating or cooling to it
  • Pre-programed settings and timers allow you to save money on your energy


  • Weather service can be unreliable in areas with micro-climates
  • ‘C’ wire is needed for installation which can be a little tricky

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! The Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat is a fine choice!

Once you have set the thermostat up, you can expect it to stand the test of time and help you save money on your energy bills.

The ability to adjust the programs and customize the thermostat to your lifestyle is a fantastic bonus, and one we think you will love, especially as you can adjust the settings easily through your smartphone.

While you will need a C wire, there are ways around it, and the installation process of one isn’t too tricky either.

We think the thermostat is a fine choice, whether it is for your home or business, you are sure to be warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be cool, what more could you want? Grab one today!

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