CoolZone Hot Tub Cooler

CoolZone Hot Tub Cooler

Anthony Barnes

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Those of you who own a hot tub will know just how amazingly relaxing they can be, particularly during fall and winter.

There’s just something refreshing about the contrast of temperature. The soothing heat contrasted with the chilly winter air. 

But what if the temperatures were inverted? Can the hot tub experience be just as enjoyable in the summer? 

A huge proportion of the American population lives in areas where the temperature can climb above 100 degrees (F) for several months of the year.

And finding effective ways to remain cool has become a necessary part of life.

So, the question is, could a hot tub be used as a means of cooling down in hot weather?

Most hot tubs grant you temperature controls to reduce the temperature of the water, but beyond this, the temperature of your hot tub water is at the mercy of the ambient air temperature.

This is because hot tubs are designed to raise the temperature of the water not reduce it, so they can only cool down so far.

The average temperature at which most people use their hot tubs at is 100-104 degrees.

Now, your temperature controls could allow you to cool the water to 85-90 degrees,

however, the water temperature will only drop to the ambient air temperature outside of the tub.

That means, if it’s 95 degrees outside, the tub will cool to a minimum temperature of 95 degrees, not below that. 

CoolZone Hot Tub Cooler

Still, hot tub owners have tried to get around this by resorting to putting bags of ice in the water, in an attempt to lower the threshold.

But frankly, this seldom works and it isn’t worth the hassle or the cost. There must be a better solution, right?

Enter the Cool Zone hot tub cooler.

Cool Zone Hot Tub Cooler

The hot tub coolers by CoolZone can reduce the temperature of your water to around 60 degrees.

This nullifies the ambient air temperature effect, making it possible to reliably enjoy a cool experience in a hot tub during summer.

Benefits Of A Cool Zone Hot Tub Cooler

Energy-Efficient Flexibility

CoolZone innovative cooling system can also make your tub more energy efficient during normal hot tub operation.

This is possible because the CoolZone cooler can shorten the running time that the standard No-Fault heater needs in order to keep the water hot.

Cold Water Therapy

Another benefit of CoolZone chilling the water to 60 degrees is that you can convert your hot tub into essentially a cold water therapy chamber.

These low water temperatures can provide soothing relief for your tired muscles, perfect for athletes.

On the whole, CoolZone’s hot tub cooler adds a degree of multifunctionality to your hot tub.

Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Tub

Ultimately, the CoolZone cooler allows you to use your tub throughout the year, as a place to chill, relax and recover.

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