Best UV Pond Clarifiers

Best UV Pond Clarifiers

Anthony Barnes

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Every pond owner knows the importance of high water quality.

If your pond water is clean then your fish will have their best chance of being healthy.

In turn, this will allow you to sleep easy with the knowledge that they are swimming free and easy. 

If your pond has turned a suspect shade of green as a result of dangerous algal levels, then you know your fish aren’t happy.

One of the best ways to reduce an algal bloom and gain back control of your pond is a UV pond clarifier.

UV pond clarifiers are tasked with doing the dirty work of the pond by remedying green water and killing off algae.

How do they do this? Through high-powered UV lights, pond clarifiers are able to filter bodies of water without having to add nasty chemicals.

Chemicals that can actually have the reverse effect by harming pond life.






The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier 13 Watt


TetraPond UVC-5 GreenFree Clarifier


Aquagarden Pennington UV Clarifier & Water Pump


Jebao PU-36 Pond Clarifier


Danner Manufacturing 40-Watt UV Clarifier


VIVOHOME Pond Filter With 13-Watt UV Light


OASE Filtoclear 8000 Pond Pressure Filter With UV-C Clarifier

This article will present you with the very best UV pond clarifiers found online that cater to all price points and pond sizes.

This will allow you to choose the perfect pond clarifier today to gain back control of your pond tomorrow. 

What Are The Benefits Of Removing Algae With A UV Clarifier?

A big reason why UV clarifiers are the industry standard in algae removal is that they are the natural solution.

Their ability to destroy pond algae at the cellular level without the need for chemicals makes them a very desirable piece of equipment for pond owners.

Once pond algae have been destroyed they will begin to break down and form little groupings that can be removed by the pond filter system.

If you don’t have a filter system, then it will slowly settle on the bottom of the pond where bottom-feeding decomposers will gobble it up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Free-swimming algae are the leading reason why ponds tend to turn a suspicious shade of green.

Installing a UV pond clarifier into your green pond, will, therefore, improve its clarity to the point where you can enjoy seeing your fish again.

Due to their natural process, UV clarifiers are also considered the safest option for your fish.

Whether that be koi, goldfish, or any other pond life for that matter, your fish will not be affected by the light produced by UV clarifiers. 

What Is The Best Wattage For Your Pond Clarifier? 

As you can imagine, the pond clarifier market is a vast one. Some pond clarifiers come as their own unit while others come as a clarifier and filter package.

Another way that they differ in their strength. To suit various pond sizes and algae issues, pond clarifier UV output can vary tremendously. 

Luckily there is one universal aspect to pond clarifiers and that is their rating.

The watts of a UV clarifier’s light bulbs are your best bet in understanding how effective a certain clarifier will be at eradicating algae.

One common strength that you will undoubtedly see time and time again is 13w per 3,000 gallons of pond water.

At this wattage, a UV clarifier should be able to remove a moderate level of algae buildup in a medium-sized pond.

If you have a particularly large pond and a particularly worrisome algae problem, then you are going to need more wattage.

Upping the ante to 15w, 30w, or even 55w in a worst-case scenario may be required to deal with dangerous levels of algae. 

Will A Pond Clarifier Kill Off Good Bacteria?

Because pond clarifiers are so effective in the removal of algae, and because algae is a form of bacteria, this begs the question – will a UV clarifier kill off a pond’s good bacteria while it’s at it?

It is a very good question, and the answer may alarm you at first, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Yes, UV pond clarifiers will kill off some of your pond’s good bacteria because they can not discriminate between good and bad bacteria.

The good news is that they will only destroy free-swimming bacteria found on the surface of a pond, and not in its filter.

The filter box is where most good bacteria like to hide so this is good news for your pond.

Even if your UV clarifier is cozied up next to the filter, the good bacteria stowed away in the filter box will not be harmed.

Your pond’s algae, however, will still be captured in the clarifier and destroyed.

Even if your pond clarifier does manage to destroy some good free-swimming bacteria this shouldn’t have a major impact on the nutrient balance of your pond. 

How To Maximize Your UV Pond Clarifier’s Effectiveness?

There’s no denying that UV pond clarifiers are highly effective tools in the removal of pond algae, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to help maximize their effectiveness.

These systems work by collecting water that is then passed through a UV chamber.

If they aren’t able to collect water efficiently then their effectiveness is greatly diminished. 

One way for this to occur is if a pond pump is too strong. If your UV clarifier can’t match the strength of your pond pump then there is a high likelihood it will get damaged.

On the flip side, if your pump isn’t strong enough then it won’t be able to pump water through the clarifier, rendering it somewhat useless.

That being said, you would rather have a slightly weaker pump than one that is too strong. 

One way to solve the issue of slow water flow is to fit another pump right alongside your clarifier.

This will help to mediate the speed at which water is processed through the clarifier and, in turn, kill off your algae problem. You know the saying “you can never be too prepared”.

When it comes to the health of your pond, this saying rings very true. Having a spare pump stowed away in the garden shed is a great way to protect your pond (see also ‘How To Shade A Garden Pond (Heat Protection Guide)‘)when the unthinkable happens and your pond pump gives up unexpectedly. 

One final way to maximize a UV clarifier’s ability to kill algae is oxygen.

Your fish will be cruising around the pond with a pep in their swim if your pond is well aerated.

This is especially important when you are remedying an algae-filled pond.

As long as there is plenty of oxygen in the water your fish will be given a fighting chance of surviving and thriving. 

Best UV Pond Clarifiers 

Now that you are all the wiser about what UV pond clarifiers are, how they work, and what’s the best way to maximize their output, we thought it was about time you perused the best in the business.

Each of the clarifiers below has been tried, tested, and tried again by pond owners just like you, and every time, they have come up trumps. 

The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier 13 Watt

The Pond Guy is one of the most reliable names in home pond supplies, and their UltraUV Pond Clarifier has got everyone talking. This is their smallest size at just 13 watts.

However, don’t discount it based on stature alone. This compact product can clarify up to 5,000 gallons of pond water, with noticeable results being seen in less than 48 hours. 

This UV clarifier is especially effective thanks to its highly durable vortex design.

This system is specially designed to channel incoming water around the UV bulbs not once, not twice, but several times.

This means maximum exposure and maximum chances of destroying algae before water is filtered out and more is channeled back in.

Another cool feature of this product is its built-in mounting block that allows you to secure its base to any surface very well, please.

As is human nature, we like to see what’s going on behind closed doors, which is exactly why The Pond Guy has fitted a dedicated viewing window.

This will allow you to monitor UV performance and figure out when the bulbs need to be changed. 

TetraPond UVC-5 GreenFree Clarifier

Tetra has been a leading brand in fish food manufacturing for over 50 years.

Their dedication to keeping pet fish healthy through highly nutritious food is a testament to the brand and its vision.

This vision for healthy aquatic life has given Tetra good sted to transform the equipment industry as well. 

The GreenFree is a hugely popular UV clarifier series used in garden ponds and fish tanks alike.

What’s on offer today is the UVC-5 which can make light work of up to 660 gallons of water.

At this size, the UVC-5 is suitable for small outdoor ponds with persistent algae issues.

Some of its key features include high-efficiency UV bulbs that can last for up to 11 months of continual use.

GreenFree’s signature stainless steel reflective surface has been fitted to the UVC-5 for maximum UV exposure.

TetraPond has put their money where their design is by offering a 3-year limited warranty alongside this product.

Again, if 5 watts isn’t what you’re looking for then TetraPond has three larger sizes that come ready to eradicate algae in up to 8,000-gallon ponds. 

Aquagarden Pennington UV Clarifier & Water Pump

If you like the sound of an all-in-one UV clarifier & pump algae destroyer then you have found your weapon.

The Aquagarden Pennington is a sophisticated unit that has a whole lot going for it. 

Simply place it in the middle of your pond and let it do its worst. With its 5-watt UV clarifier, high-grade filter, and efficient pump your pond will be in capable hands from here on out.

The filter is particularly impressive as it contains ceramic biomedia. This does a particularly impressive job in supporting good pond bacteria while the UV light gets rid of the nasty stuff.

Its ability to light up your pond in the cover of the night with a built-in LED spotlight is a nice touch as well. 

Destined to be effective in up to 600 gallons of water, the Pennington will be your garden pond’s best friend.

Another cool feature of the Pennington that helps it to stand out from the crowd is its comprehensive range of fountain heads.

With three unique fountain heads to choose from, the Pennington won’t just be doing wonders underneath your pond’s surface, it will become a majestic feature piece up above as well. 

On the safety side of things, it comes with an automatic magnetic safety switch for its UV light in the unlikely event of an electrical fault.

The locking handle is a tasty double act that turns into an easy carry handle for quick and easy removal from your pond.

All in all, the Aquagarden Pennington is a high-end pond cleaning package that will impress you first and your fish second. 

Jebao PU-36 Pond Clarifier

The Jebao PU-36 is a pond clarifier with immense water clarifying abilities.

For anyone who owns a pond that can only be described as big, this is the UV clarifier that you need.

It is designed to clean green water and destroy algae in ponds up to 8,000 gallons.

It does this through a beefed-up 36W bulb that can also last for up to 8,000 hours. 

The Jebao PU-36 can be installed both horizontally and vertically which is a welcomed feature for anyone with an awkwardly shaped pond.

Its 22 feet cord is designed to be weather-resistant and weather any storm.

However, for maximum life span, Jebao does recommend keeping the cord out of the direct line of the sun.

Sure, this UV clarifier doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of Aquagarden’s Pennington, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a high-grade product.

Stripping it right back to exactly what you need, Jebao has managed to offer a large clarifier for a not-so-large price and we are very impressed. 

Danner Manufacturing 40-Watt UV Clarifier

Danner Manufacturing produces pond products with an emphasis on high-grade construction.

Their super-durable 40-watt UV clarifier is a fully submersible design that can pump up to 3,000 GPH (gallons per hour).

This dramatic stat means it is capable of clarifying 6,000-gallon ponds like it is child’s play.

Water is pumped through its internal UV lighting system which is then transported through the filter where debris is trapped and will begin to decompose.

Though, unfortunately, the filter is sold separately through Danner Manufacturing.

Once you get the two products working in unison, no amount of algae is going to stink up your pond.

The clarifier’s vortex flow design will extend the exposure time of the pond water to its UV light.

The slim diameter of the vortex is another commendable feature that pulls the water in closer to the UV rays, which, in turn, makes the whole system more efficient. 

Danner Manufacturing has also made this UV clarifier versatile as it can function in the water and out of it.

Also in the mix is a fully-certified transformer and an 18 ft grounded power cable for easy connectivity.

Both its black colorway and slim construction go a long way in ensuring it remains an inconspicuous part of your pond.

Sure, this isn’t the cheapest UV clarifier on this list, but Danner Manufacturing has established itself as a premium supplier of pond equipment. As a result, their higher-than-average price is warranted. 

VIVOHOME Pond Filter With 13-Watt UV Light

VIVOHOME’s pond filter is another impressive all-in-one offering that features its very own 13-watt UV light. This kind of package is great for a few reasons, but none more so than ease.

Knowing that you don’t have to install a separate filter that may or may not fit is an invaluable thing for anyone who isn’t exactly a DIY expert (to put it kindly).

Constructed of premium ABS material, it can resist sunlight, and water and has longevity on its side.

With a maximum flow-through of up to 7,000 L/H, this heavy-duty machine can handle 1,600 – 2,100 gallon ponds of a decorative nature.

If your pond is filled with fish this number will be reduced to 1,200 gallons at a maximum. 

Another desirable trait of the VIVOHOME filter is how downright convenient it is to clean.

Equipped with a top crank handle, the filter can be swiftly cleaned by its internal cleaning rod, and all without opening the container.

When the filter does need to be cleaned, an orange turbidimeter will float up to the surface and indicate that the filter cotton requires cleaning. 

Boasting four built-in filter sponges, this machine is capable of doubling its filter area per unit of volume.

In layman’s terms, this means it will have improved filtration and a reduction in maintenance issues.

Fitted with four drain holes, the filter can be easily adapted to fit different water pipe widths.

Ranked number one on Amazon for pond filtration equipment, VIVOHOME has certainly created a masterpiece with this one. 

OASE Filtoclear 8000 Pond Pressure Filter With UV-C Clarifier

The OASE Filtoclear 8000 Pond Pressure Filter features a highly pressurized design to maximize output.

It is a super premium high-end pond filter that just so happens to come with a 55-watt UV clarifier.

Capable of treating ponds of up to 8,000 gallons, the Filtoclear was born to eradicate the color green and make things clean. 

Branded as having the fastest and most convenient cleaning mechanism of any pond filter currently being sold, it’s clear that OASE doesn’t do things in half measures.

The cleaning mechanism is so special that OASE has only gone and patented its design.

With a unique selling point that makes filter maintenance possible in minutes, we don’t blame them. 

Another unique feature of the Filtoclear 8000 is that almost all of its body can be buried below the bottom of your pond and function just the same.

This ability to be unobtrusive while still functioning at a high level ensures OASE is a name that is here to stay.

If 8,000 gallons is far too big, then check out their 4,000-gallon filter that features much of the same features at half the size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For A UV Clarifier To Work In A Pond?

UV clarifiers are highly effective in keeping ponds clean (see also ‘How To Keep A Pond Clean Without A Filter‘) and algae-free. In general, for their full effect to take hold, you should expect to wait at least three days and up to five days.

If five days have passed and your pond is showing no signs of improvement, then you should seek more drastic measures. 

Can You Have Too Much UV In A Pond?

Against popular belief, no, you can not have too much UV light in a pond.

Of course, you don’t want to fill it with UV to the point where your fish can’t make out whether it’s night or day, but UV lights aren’t going to harm them.

This is because UV clarifiers only affect algae and bacteria that are fed through its system.

Any fish, plant, and pond life that doesn’t go through the clarifier can’t be affected by its UV light.

How Often Should I Change My Pond UV Light?

You should change your pond clarifier’s UV light bulbs at least once a year.

If your pond is particularly packed with life and algae then changing the bulbs on your UV clarifier after six months is certainly not a silly idea.

If, however, your pond is purely an ornamental one, you could maybe stretch it out to 18 months and the bulb will still be effective.


With a premium UV clarifier fitted in your pond, there will be no stopping you and your fish.

Their existence depends on your ability to recognize problems and come up with solutions that reinstate the natural balance of their home.

Sometimes, these remedies have to be done with haste in order for your fish to survive life-threatening imbalances.

Luckily, with a UV pond clarifier in your artillery, sudden toxic algal blooms will be one less thing for you and your fish to worry about.

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