Best Floating Fish Dome (Gimmick or Worth It?)

Best Floating Fish Dome (Gimmick or Worth It?)

Charlie Hardcastle

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If you have ever gone anywhere near a fish pond in the last couple of years, then you may have noticed a strange accessory that floats on the surface.

It looks a bit like a weird magnifying dome – and its official name is a fish dome! 

A lot of fish pond owners have included these features in their ponds for lots of different reasons but are floating fish domes here to stay or are they the latest gimmick that will wear off in a few years? 

Here we are going to be looking at floating fish domes, discussing their pros and cons, and where you can find some of the best floating fish domes for your own fish pond – that is, if you decide to get one for yourself! 

So, let’s check out fish domes to learn more about them! 

What Is A Floating Fish Dome? 

A floating fish dome is pretty much what it is on the packaging – it’s a transparent dome that sits one the surface of your fish pond and it allows your fish to swim up so you can see them magnified and in more detail without making them feel uncomfortable or removing them from their ideal environment. 

Most floating fish domes are made of materials like plexiglass, which is lightweight and also shatter resistant which makes it a safer alternative to other materials like glass.

They’re also great in all kinds of weather conditions so they are long lasting features that can stay in your pond for years and years.  

Now, everyone is a bit split when it comes to floating fish domes. A few pond owners just see them as a gimmick that won’t last and a silly waste of money, but others will claim that there are plenty of benefits to owning a floating fish dome. 

So, if you are torn over whether you should get one for your own fish pond, check out our pros and cons of these weird water feature accessories below! 

Floating Fish Domes: The Pros Vs Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of floating fish domes so you can work out if these features will fit into your landscaping and suit your fish pond. 

It Helps You Keep An Eye On Your Fish

One of the whole points about getting a floating fish dome is so you can see your fish more clearly without making them uncomfortable or removing them from their habitat.

This is because the fish can swim up into the dome and they are magnified, allowing you to see them in great detail rather than just by looking down at them from above the surface. 

This means that you can closely observe your fish and keep an eye on them.

Fish are notorious for injuring themselves or catching diseases, so this can definitely help you keep a close eye on their health and wellbeing.

This way, you can tackle any issues earlier than before and make sure that all of your fish are happy and healthy!

It Builds Up Your Fish’s Confidence

Fish can be very shy creatures that hide whenever you approach their pond because they assume that you are a predator.

However, by using a fish dome, you can give your fish the opportunity to pop their head above the surface of their pond so they can look out and see their surroundings. 

Not only will this make them more comfortable with their surroundings but it will also help improve their confidence with humans so they won’t hide every time you approach the pond.

So, this means that you can enjoy seeing more of your fish and they will eventually come to enjoy seeing you too! 

They Are A Great Talking Point For Your Garden

Fish ponds are a great water feature to include in your landscaping, but by including a floating fish dome, you can crank up the interest even more as a floating fish dome is a great talking point for visitors.

After all, just how many homes have a floating fish dome in their fish pond?

This means you can show off your garden’s landscaping to your guests and break the ice by discussing your unique fish pond accessory. 

They Require Maintenance

Just like the rest of your fish pond, these floating fish domes require a bit of maintenance from time to time to keep them in their best condition. 

Grime and algae can quickly build up in the fish dome so you will need to regularly fish it out of the pond and clean it so you and your fish can enjoy the floating dome exactly how it was meant to be enjoyed! 

This can be seen as an additional chore for a lot of people but if you have the resolve to maintain a fish pond, then surely adding a little dome to the mix won’t be much of a difference? 

They Are Not Great With Larger Ponds

Most floating fish domes come in a particular size which means that they do fit into most ponds without an issue, but a problem comes up when those with large fish ponds try to include a floating fish dome. 

Because the surface area of the pond is larger, it is less likely that your fish will swim up inside the floating fish dome. This means that you could have spent all that money on an accessory that your fish rarely use! 

So, floating fish domes are only really worth it if your fish pond is pretty small or medium sized as it means that your fish are far more likely to swim up into the dome so you can see them from afar. 

They Can Attract Predators

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of fish pond owners turn away from floating fish domes. The whole point of them is to help you be able to see your fish more clearly while out enjoying your backyard space – but there is a downside to this. 

You are not the only one who can see those fish more clearly – so can other predators including domestic cats and birds.

Because of the magnifying effects of the floating fish dome, your fish are now far more visible to other animals that may try to hurt or eat them. Although your fish will be safe in the dome, the other fish in the pond will be vulnerable! 

So, if you already have issues with predators and your fish pond and have no measures in place to prevent them from killing your fish, then perhaps a floating fish dome is not the right accessory for your fish pond. 

Best Floating Fish Domes

So, now that you have weighed up the pros and cons of floating fish domes, you have probably already come to a conclusion over whether you want to purchase one or not.

If you have decided that a floating fish dome is not for you then no problem, but if you do want to feature one in your fish pond, where can you find the best floating fish dome? 

Here is our recommendation for the best floating fish dome! 

Velda Floating Fish Dome

This is the Velda Floating Fish Dome – one of the most accessible floating fish domes available on

Although it’s definitely not the most affordable floating fish dome out there, it’s definitely one of the easiest to purchase and receive in next to no time at all! 

What’s so great about the Velda Floating Fish Dome is its size. It is 18 inches by 9 inches high and 14 inches across, which means that it is a fair size to allow lots of fish to swim up inside so you can see them super clearly, allowing them to be far more sociable and for you to enjoy your fish pond in a completely unique way. 

It is made of some pretty sturdy materials as it features an acrylic glass dome, making it very durable for all kinds of harsh weather conditions and also shatterproof for increased safety.

It’s also very easy to clean and wipe down so even though you may have to clean this dome frequently, it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. 

So, the high quality of materials used to make this product means that the Velda Floating Fish Dome will definitely last a super long time in your pond! 

It functions great and really does tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, although this is clearly reflected in the price.

You may be able to find a more affordable floating fish dome at your local outdoor landscaping store, but we cannot promise that they will be  the same quality.

You may find the more affordable option a lot less durable which may result in the dome breaking and needing replacement sooner and perhaps even more frequently than the Velda Floating Fish Dome would. 

Installation is also pretty simple. When the time comes, you will just need to place the transparent sphere over the hole in the floating ring provided in the packaging and clip the plastic profiles to connect the dome to the ring. Then, tighten the screws for maximum security. 

Finally, just press the dome into your pond sideways until there are no air bubbles left in the dome. Turn it back to normal and the dome will float, now filled with water so your fish can swim up into it with no problem. 

Although you will need a simple screwdriver to put this product together, the overall installation process is very easy to follow and super quick too! 

As you can see, there are many benefits to the Velda Floating Fish Dome so you should definitely consider purchasing this one over its competition! 


  • It’s very easy to put together and install in your pond, so you can enjoy your floating fish dome as soon as possible. 
  • It is made of very high quality materials, contributing to its durability and great functionality. 
  • It is also easily accessible to purchase online at 


  • The Velda Floating Fish Dome is not the most affordable floating fish dome but it is one of the best when it comes to quality. 


And that’s it! That was everything you needed to know about floating fish domes including what they actually are, all the advantages and disadvantages that comes with owning one, and where you can purchase one of the best floating fish domes on the market. 

So, read back over all the information above to decide if a floating fish dome would make an excellent addition to your fish pond.

There are many things to consider including the size of your pond, the maintenance, the cost and more – so choose wisely!

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