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Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand With Storage | Metal & Wood

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Big aquariums are a great way of showing your pet animals, whether they are fish, frogs, reptiles, or any other aquatic creature.

More space is always better for our little critters, and upgrading their living conditions to something like a 55-gallon tank will almost certainly help improve their quality of life.

There’s only one problem though: 55-Gallon tanks are big!

When buying one of these larger vessels, you may find that there’s simply nowhere for you to put it in your home.

That spot where their 10 or 20-gallon tank sat just isn’t going to cut it anymore, and there just isn’t any other space in your apartment or house to put it.






Flipper Wildwood Aquarium Stand

Flipper Wildwood Aquarium Stand


Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand


Ameriwood HOME Harbor

Ameriwood HOME Harbor


Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand


Petco Imagitarium 55 Gallon Metal Stand

Petco Imagitarium 55 Gallon Metal Stand

This can be a real pain when you’re trying to get the most out of your new purchase, but luckily, there’s a simple solution: A fish tank stand (see also ‘Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Stand’)!

If you have an empty corner somewhere in your home, then this is the perfect addition to make sure you don’t run into any problems while you’re setting up your new 55-gallon aquariums.

The best part about these stands? The fact that they come complete with storage space for all those supplies and equipment that you need to keep your fish happy.

Plus, a lot of them will look good sitting on top of your existing furniture.

So if you’ve got a large aquarium (see also ‘ The Best Canister Filters For Your Aquarium ‘), then you should consider adding one of these to your collection!

Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand With Storage

Flipper Wildwood Aquarium Stand

Flipper Wildwood Aquarium Stand

The Wildwood Aquarium Stand makes the perfect addition to any home. It offers storage for all of your aquatic needs and is easy to assemble.

The stand has 4 large doors that open to reveal 4 spacious shelves. They’re made of laminated particleboard with dark gray metal hardware.

This stand is ideal for those looking for a rustic look in their homes.

The stand is designed to hold a 55-gallon aquarium or 660 pounds. It features two sturdy handles that make it a total breeze to move around, and the shelves are durable and stackable.

Assembling the stand is as simple as 1, 2, 3! First, place the legs on either side of the aquarium. Then, use the included screws to attach the front crossbar and back crossbar.

Last, screw the top crosspiece onto the front crossbar and the bottom crosspiece onto the back crossbar. Assemble the rest of the stand by adding the two-side crossbars.

Each aquarium stands ship flat to your door, and assembly takes approximately 15-20 minutes per aquarium stand.

And best of all, Wildwood Aquarium Stands are backed by a lifetime warranty!


  • This is a very stylish stand that will be right at home in any household.
  • Lots of room for storage on the inside to store all your tank’s needs, and even some room for extras.
  • The flat surface on top is perfect for giving your aquarium traction and stopping it from slipping.
  • Can hold up to 44 pounds of weight. Perfect for 55-gallon tanks and below!


  • The waterproofing of the paint in this product seems to be subpar, as some customers have reported their stand’s paint bubbling.

Also Available From: Cymax Business

Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals aquarium stands are designed to offer maximum stability and strength when supporting heavy aquariums.

These stands feature a solid top construction made of laminate wood veneer with a white powder coat finish that provides a sleek look for any aquarium setup.

The top has four corner posts that connect to four side rails, creating a stable base for your tank.

Each side rail is further connected by crossbars to form a sturdy frame that is fully supported by the top of the stand.

This stand is made of a lightweight yet durable material that won’t rust, warp or crack.

The stand features a clean, modern look that complements many styles of home decor. It has been specifically designed to support all sizes of aquariums up to 55 gallons.

The sturdy top design of the stand allows it to support large tanks with ease, while its open-back design makes it convenient for routing water tubes or power cords from the tank.

Two-panel doors located on either side of the tank allow quick access to accessories such as lights, heaters, filters, etc.

A unique locking mechanism secures the door panels, ensuring that they remain closed during transport.


  • This stand is perfect for 55-gallon aquarium tanks!
  • Assembling this tank is very easy to follow and do for yourself.


  • With no adjustable feet, this stand may be the wrong height for some households. Check for yourself before you make the final decision.

Also Available From: Fish Tanks USA

Ameriwood HOME Harbor

Ameriwood HOME Harbor

Show off your fish on the Flippers Harbor 50 – 75 Gallons (see 30 gallon) Aquarium Stand!

The Flipper Harbor 50 – 75 Gallon Aquarium stands proudly on the floor by the bed, desk, or anywhere else around the house where you need it.

It’s made of laminated particleboard with a medium brown wood grain finish, and it has brushed nickel hardware that makes it easy to match up with surrounding interior decor.

It’s got 2 open shelves inside for easy access to all your fishkeeping essentials.

And behind each of the 2 doors is 1 adjustable and 1 fixed shelving unit for keeping all your water treatment and maintenance products close at hand.

Flipper Harbor comes fully assembled, so you just need to add your favorite fish to the stand.

The stand itself weighs less than 20 pounds and holds up to 600 pounds. So if you’re looking for something sturdy, durable, and functional, look no further than Flipper Harbor!


  • The laminate boards that this stand is made from will look amazing in any home!
  • There is plenty of shelving and storage inside for all your fish’s needs, and one is even adjustable!
  • The perfect resting spot for many different aquarium sizes, from 20 to 30, to 55, and even up to 75 gallons!


  • The tank stand does scratch and scuffs pretty easily. Be careful when handling it.

Also Available From: Houzz

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand

More of a minimalist fan when it comes to your home decor? Not to worry, Caitec has you covered with their metal frame aquarium tank stands.

TitanEze aquarium stands are designed to fit all types of fish tanks including 55-gallon aquariums, 10-gallon aquariums, 5-gallon aquariums, 4-gallon aquariums, and 3-gallon aquariums. It works great for these smaller fish tanks, too.

It has been designed to provide maximum storage capacity while maintaining stability and balance.

Its sturdy construction makes it suitable for use in commercial, educational, retail, and residential environments.

This aquarium stand is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The unit is easy to assemble and disassemble without using any tools.

Also, it comes with durable polyethylene legs that keep the stand stable even when filled with water.

If you think you need another aquarium stand, then look no further!

It works as great as it looks, and the legs are very strong. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple and practical solution to keep their fish tanks upright.


  • The metal this stand is made out of will last a very long time. A perfect long-term investment!
  • The foot stoppers included in the product are perfect for preventing sliding
  • The open bottom of this stand means that power cords and wires can be run through or under it (use with care when around water-filled tanks!)


  • The open-bottom stand makes it difficult to use as a storage space for most items.

Also Available From: Walmart

Petco Imagitarium 55 Gallon Metal Stand

Petco Imagitarium 55 Gallon Metal Stand

For another metal frame stand for your aquarium, Petco has an excellent product, with their Imagitarium 55-gallon stand.

Fish tanks are a fun and exciting addition to your home decor. But if you live in a small apartment, it may be difficult to find space for a large fish tank (see also ‘Best Fish Tanks‘).

With that in mind, Petco has introduced a new line of metal stands that are designed specifically to fit smaller spaces.

The Imagitarium series is made from heavy gauge stainless steel and comes in five different sizes ranging from 55 gallons to 100 gallons capacity.

They feature two adjustable feet that allow you to level the unit before adding your tank.

In terms of how it fits in our home, this stand is nice looking. It looks sleek and modern.

I love the black color. It looks very sharp when placed next to an aquarium or terrarium. I like how it adjusts to different levels.

It is made with solid steel, which is ideal because it won’t rust or break easily. It also has a smooth surface which takes the sting out of a deep cleaning session.


  • A solid steel design is perfect for keeping this stand tough and dependable.
  • This stand can take up to 550 pounds of weight, perfect for 55-gallon aquariums.
  • The stand is very easy to assemble, perfect for DIY rookies.


  • This stand is only really suitable for glass tanks, and not acrylic.
  • Whilst the product is sturdy, it does scratch quite easily.

Also Available From: Desert Cart

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Take Into Account When Buying Your Stand

When buying a fish tank stand, there are many things to consider. Here we have listed 5 important factors you need to think about when making your decision.


Firstly, you should decide what size tank stand (see also ‘Best 40 Gallon Tank Stands‘) you require.

There are several options available including stands for small aquariums (10 gallons), medium-sized tanks (20 gallons), large tanks (30-40 gallons), and even larger ones (55 gallons and above).

Obviously, for this guide, we have chosen to focus on stands that can accommodate aquarium tanks of at least 55 gallons, as this size is often quite difficult to find useful information on.


Another thing to consider when choosing an aquarium stand is the material used.

Most people choose wood because it looks good, but unfortunately most wood is unsuitable for use with aquariums due to its porous nature.

If you are looking for something stronger than wood, then perhaps stainless steel or plastic might be more suitable.

However, if you do plan to use a wood stand, then make sure you buy one that is pressure treated, as untreated wood could rot over time.

Weight Capacity

It is always best to purchase a fish tank stand that can carry a reasonable amount of weight, which is tied back to the general size of these stands, and the tanks that they are built to carry.

In general, most aquarium stands weigh around 50kg, although some models can go much higher.

The weight capacity of your stand will affect how heavy items you wish to put inside it can be, and therefore how easy it is to move them around.

For example, if you intend to add a lot of live rock, then you will need to ensure that the stand can handle the weight of this without breaking down.

This means that if you don’t want to risk having to replace your stand, then you should opt for a more robust design.

In general, keep in mind that 55-gallons of water equates to roughly 460 pounds or 209 kilograms.

Storage Space

If you are planning to hold a lot of plants and other decorative accessories within your tank, then you will need somewhere where you can store them.

A lot of people like to keep these items outside of the aquarium itself, and therefore it is important to consider this when choosing a stand.

Some stands offer lots of shelf space, while others only provide enough room for a few accessories.

If you are going to place any of your decorations at the bottom of the tank, then you will need to ensure that your tank stand has adequate storage space below the top platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A 55-Gallon Tank Need A Stand?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, tank stands are perfect for when there isn’t appropriate space for your bigger aquarium tanks.

They allow you to easily access all parts of your tank from a single location, making maintenance easier.

However, if you already have a space that can accommodate a 55-gallon tank, then it may not be totally necessary.

That said, you may still benefit from the extra storage space that an aquarium stand has.

What Are The Advantages Of An Aquarium Stand?

An aquarium stand enables you to better organize your aquarium’s contents.

You can easily remove everything from the top of the tank, meaning that you can clean out the gravel and filter media without getting wet.

It also makes it easier to access everything in your tank, including cleaning tools such as siphons and air pumps.

It also provides a stable surface for your aquarium.

With most bits of furniture around your home, you’re unlikely to be aware of weight bearing capacity, but the weight bearing capacity of an aquarium stand is always provided by the manufacturer, so you can be sure it won’t buckle under the pressure.

Aquarium stands can also look quite nice and make a lovely addition to your home decor.

These kinds of stands, with ornamental qualities, usually cost quite a bit more, but if the way your aquarium looks and fits into your established interior aesthetic matters to you, it’ll be well worth the money.

What Height Should My Aquarium Stand Be?

When purchasing an aquarium stand, it is important to make sure that you choose one that is suitable for your tank.

If you have a small aquarium, then you might find that a low stand is too short for you to reach your tank comfortably without constantly bending over.

Generally speaking, you should look for a height that allows you to comfortably have access to the edge of your tank.

If you are taller than average, then you may feel more comfortable using a stand designed for taller users.

Is There Any Maintenance Required With An Aquarium Stand? Is It Easy To Clean?

Aquarium stands do require some maintenance, but they aren’t something that should cause you any problems.

Most aquarium stands come with instructions on how to maintain them, so it shouldn’t be much trouble.

The main thing to remember is that aquarium stands made from materials like wood tend to scuff and scratch easily, especially if you use them regularly.

Therefore, you should avoid placing anything abrasive on top of your stands, such as sand or gravel. Using a soft brush instead is recommended.

If you’re looking for a particularly easy clean up, make sure to choose a stand with smooth surfaces that can be effortlessly wiped clean.


Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether or not you should buy an aquarium stand for your tank.

We’ve included a selection of our favorite options, along with links to each product’s page so that you can see what else they have to offer.

We hope that you enjoy using your new aquarium stand!

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