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Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

Anthony Barnes

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When that moment comes, and we decide we want to get a fish for our home, many of us are then stuck with the very difficult decision of which fish tank to buy for our new companion.

After all, as newcomers to this, we don’t want a tank that is so big it’s going to intrude on our living space right from the start and be difficult to maintain.






Aqueon 10 Gallon Black Aquarium


Aqueon 10 Gallon Black Aquarium


Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium


Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium


Marina LED Aquarium Kit


Marina LED Aquarium Kit


Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium


Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium


Aqueon LED NeoGlow Aquarium Kit


Aqueon LED NeoGlow Aquarium Kit


Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Aquarium


Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Aquarium


Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon Saltwater Aquarium


Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon Saltwater Aquarium

For beginners, a 10 gallon tank is the ideal size because it will fit in a small area and often comes with starter kits to help get you on your way to becoming a fish owner.

However, finding the right tank can be difficult. Naturally, we want something sturdy, modern-looking and easy to set up.

There are loads on the market that all claim to do the same thing, so to make it easier for you to choose a good quality one, we’ve listed the best products below depending on your needs.

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

Best Minimalistic: Aqueon 10 Gallon Black Aquarium

Aqueon 10 Gallon Black Aquarium

If you’re looking for a no-fuss tank that’s simple and minimalistic, this Aqueon aquarium is the one for you.

Despite its fairly simplistic style, it doesn’t mean it’s in any way lacking in quality.

It’s made from sturdy, high-quality glass, so it won’t break and comes with clean, silicone edges that make it look nice and modern.

It’s super easy to set up, with only five steps from start to finish, so your fish will have a great place to live in no time!

Furthermore, it’s also very easy to deep clean whenever you need to due to its simplicity – just pop your fish somewhere else (usually in a large clean container filled with a bit of their aquarium water), drain out the tank, scrub it down, and it’s done!

Because it’s a simple glass tank, it can actually be used for a wide range of animals.

For example, if you have pet hamsters, reptiles or amphibians, it can be used as a home for them too rather than just for your fish.


  • Good quality – the glass is high quality, which means it’s strong and will hold
  • Silicone edges – provides protection and enhances the tank’s appearance
  • Easy to set up – you can set up the tank in only five simple steps
  • Easy to clean – deep cleaning the tank simply involves removing your fish, draining the water, and scrubbing it
  • Can be used to keep other animals – the tank’s minimalism means it’s also ideal for keeping your other small animals in, such as your pet lizard, snake or hamsters


  • Comes on its own – the tank is only available on its own and doesn’t come with any extras, such as a filter, filter cartridges or heater

Also available at: Petco

Best Budget Starter Kit: Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium

Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium

This starter kit is perfect if you really want to get a fish but can’t afford to spend a lot of extra money on a tank and add-ons for it as they already provide these for you!

The tank already comes with an internal Tetra filter that provides powerful but silent filtration, meaning your fish will stay healthy, and you’ll always be able to watch them swim around as it will also keep the water crystal clear.

An energy-efficient LED fitted in the tank will mimic natural sunlight and the low-profile hood will make it create a natural shimmer on the water.

All of this will make your fish feel like they are in their natural habitat!

You can change the filter cartridge and feed your fish without even removing the hood as the tank comes with cutouts which provide easy access to the inside of the tank.

The kit also includes a pack of AquaSafe water cleaner, which will make your tap water safe for your fish, and a small trial size container of TetraMin Tropical flakes to feed them with.

It even comes equipped with a TetraCare guidance booklet to make sure you have all the support you need whilst setting up your tank!


  • Internal Tetra filter – this will keep the water clean and your fish healthy
  • Energy-efficient LED – mimics natural sunlight, making sure your fish feel as comfortable as possible in their environment
  • Fitted with cutouts – this will easily help you feed your fish and change the filter cartridge
  • Comes with additional products – AquaSafe cleaner and TetraMin Tropical flakes provide you with good starter equipment to begin taking care of your fish
  • TetraCare guidance booklet – provides you with enough support for an easy set up


  • Lighting can be very bright – the LED is quite bright , so this may irritate you if you don’t like extreme brightness

Also available at: Walmart

Best Premium Starter Kit: Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Looking for something more fancy but still want it to come with the equipment to get you started with your new hobby? Well, the Marina LED Aquarium Kit is the answer for you!

This tank comes with a long-lasting LED lighting module incorporated into the aquarium canopy, which produces a natural daylight effect to make sure your fish feel like they’re in their natural environment as much as possible (see heaters).

It also includes a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with additional filter cartridges that are quick and easy to change.

The kit comes packed with lots of extra items, all of which are super helpful if you’re a beginner to fish-keeping!

You’re provided with fish food, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner to make tap water safe for your fish, Cycle Biological Supplement to create a biologically well balanced and healthy ecosystem, and a net.

And the aquarium guide book that arrives with the kit will ensure you have no problems in setting up your tank or maintaining it!


  • Long-lasting LED lighting module – this comes incorporated into the aquarium and mimics natural daylight to put your fish at ease
  • Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter – the filter is already provided for you, plus additional cartridges too
  • Extra items – includes lots of useful extras to help you get started on your way to becoming the best fish owner you can be!
  • Aquarium guidebook – a guidebook is provided, which will allow you to assemble and maintain your tank with ease


  • Filter can be loud – the noise of the filter could potentially be annoying

Also available at: Petocart

Best Rimless: Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium

Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium

One of the best things about a rimless fish tank, although it seems simple, is that it looks very modern and is aesthetically pleasing on the eye – as long as the glass is crystal clear, it seems almost like a floating world of its own!

The rimless design is also great for your fish because it means they can integrate better in their new environment as it lets in light and seems more open to them.

The low iron glass also provides great light transmission.

Even though it’s made out of glass, meaning the edges could potentially be dangerous and sharp to touch, it’s been chamfered down to make the edges smooth for your safety.

The seams of the tank are held together by small silicone beads that are almost invisible, which means it still looks nice but is also sturdy and won’t break.

Because it’s just glass, it makes it super easy to clean whenever you need to, so as long as you maintain it properly it should stay looking crystal clear!

It comes equipped with a leveling mat, which creates a super smooth surface and relieves any small stress points that could potentially be on the surface the tank has been placed on.


  • Rimless, low iron glass – looks modern and clear, plus it lets more light into the tank to create a comfortable environment for your fish
  • Smooth edges – you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on the edges of the tank even though it’s made from glass
  • Clear silicone beads in seams – makes the tank sturdy whilst still maintaining its appearance
  • Easy to clean – the glass is very easy to wipe or scrub down, so it will carry on looking pristine and crystal clear
  • Comes with leveling mat – this will help make a smooth surface, so it looks and rests better no matter where you decide to put it


  • Filter not included – you would need to buy a filter and filter cartridges separately as they don’t come included

Also available at: Nature Aquascapes

Best Heated: Aqueon LED NeoGlow Aquarium Kit

Aqueon LED NeoGlow Aquarium Kit

This Aqueon aquarium kit comes equipped with many useful features and items you’ll need to set up your fish tank.

One of those includes a 50W preset heater which is calibrated to keep the temperature of the tank at 78 °F.

This is an excellent feature if you want to keep tropical fish because they rely on the temperature of the water to maintain their own body temperature.

The tank has a low profile hood with blue colored LED lights, giving the aquarium a vivid, almost futuristic lighting effect that looks super cool!

On top of that, it also comes with three vibrant looking plants, multi-colored gravel and a black background which enhance the fish’s appearance whilst simultaneously hiding the power chords so that you don’t notice them.

The kit provides you with an Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Filter – plus a medium cartridge – which, as the name suggests, is a very quiet filter, so it won’t disturb you at all!

Also included in the kit is fish food, water conditioner (so that you can make tap water safe for your fish), a fish net, a thermometer and a guide so that you can set it all up easily.

You get a color choice as well – you can choose whether the silicone corners of the tank are pink or orange, depending on your preference, which also adds to the aesthetic of the aquarium.


  • 50W preset water heater – this keeps the temperature of the water at 78 °F, which is a big benefit if you want to keep tropical fish
  • Blue colored LED lights – gives the aquarium a vibrant, unique appearance and style
  • Includes background items and features – comes with plants and gravel, so you can decorate your tank and the black backing disguises the power chords – therefore, you can’t see them
  • Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Filter – provides you with a super quiet filter, and a medium cartridge for it, that won’t disturb you with any noise
  • Choice of corner color – you can decide whether you want the corners of the tank to be pink or orange, depending on what you prefer


  • Potential leakage – sometimes might arrive damaged from shipping or manufacturing issues

Also available at: Petco

Best Features: Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Aquarium

Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Aquarium

This tank isn’t quite 10 gallons, but it’s close enough at 9 gallons! When it comes to features, nothing quite compares to this Fluval Flex tank.

The aquarium looks super sleek with a curved front, giving it a unique design that almost makes it look like a massive, high quality speaker – except you can see your fish swimming about in it!

It has a 7,500K LED lamp that supports plant growth and enhances the fish’s colors.

The lights are fully adjustable and turn white, red, green or blue, meaning it has an endless blend of colors.

It comes with an LED remote, which controls the lights and special effects, such as a fading cloud cover and lightning bolts – this is super fun to play around with! It also has a 24-hour light timer.

Its three-stage filtration system – mechanical, chemical and biological – means all-round superior water quality for your fish to swim in, making it a very healthy living environment for it.

A hidden rear filter compartment and stylish honeycomb wrap disguises the water line and the sides of the rear compartment.

Because these aren’t visible, it keeps the aquarium looking smart and stylish.

The tank also has a large cutout, so you can feed your fish easily without lifting the lid off, plus it’s super easy to clean whenever you ever think it’s in need of it!


  • Curved front design – the way it’s designed makes it look extremely sleek, stylish and modern looking
  • 7,500K LED lamp and white and RGB LEDs – the LED lamp brings out the fish’s colors and aids plant growth, and you can change the tank colors as it has adjustable white, red, green and blue lights, plus a 24-hour light timer
  • Can control with a remote – lights and cool special effects can very usefully be controlled from your sofa with a remote control
  • Three-stage filtration system – mechanical, chemical and biological filtration means the quality of the tank water is better, and, therefore, the fish will be safe and healthy at all times
  • Hidden rear filter compartment and honeycomb wrap – this helps to conceal the water line and sides of the rear compartment, which might otherwise make the tank look messy


  • Expensive – because the tank is quite fancy and comes with so many features, it costs more than other aquariums

Also available at: Saltwater Aquarium

Best For Saltwater: Fluval EVO 13.5 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon Saltwater Aquarium

At 13.5 gallons, this aquarium is a bit bigger than the rest on the list but not so much bigger that it will make any sort of difference – you can still fit it in your house as easily as a 10 gallon tank!

The Fluval EVO tank is specifically designed for saltwater fish, such as Damselfish, Clownfish and Chromis, so if you’re not that into freshwater fish this tank is the perfect tank choice for you!

Like many of Fluval’s fish tanks, this is designed extremely well and is stylish and modern looking.

And it has a sleek, aluminum waterproof casing and a honeycomb wrap that conceals the back filtration area, which stops it from potentially looking messy.

It also comes with a three-stage filtration system – mechanical, chemical and biological – which enhances the water quality in the aquarium meaning your fish will be able to swim in a nice and healthy ecosystem!

A 14,000K high-output LED comes included in the kit, which provides good light and also helps to promote coral growth if you wanted to add some to your aquarium – this would be the perfect opportunity to do so considering a saltwater aquarium is the perfect place to grow beautiful coral!

The tank is also super easy to clean whenever you need to as it’s made from glass, and it has a feeding door, so you can easily feed your fish!


  • Good design – the tank looks sleek and modern and comes with a waterproof casing and a honeycomb wrap that disguises the back filtration area to keep it looking stylish
  • Three-stage filtration system – mechanical, chemical and biological filtration means the water quality will be superior, and your fish will have a healthy environment to live in
  • 14,000K high-output LED – gives off good lighting for you to see your fish and if you want to keep some colorful coral, it helps to promote their growth
  • Easy to clean – a glass window means it’s super easy to wipe or scrub down whenever you think it’s in need of cleaning, so that it can become crystal clear again for you to watch your fish swim about
  • Easy access – it has a feeding door, so you can very easily feed your fish with no extra fuss


  • Expensive – it costs quite a bit more than other, more simple fish tanks so if you’re on a budget this probably isn’t for you

Also available at: Petco

Buyer’s Guide

At first glance we may be inclined to think that buying our first 10 gallon fish tank (see 30 gallon) is a rather simple task – after all, it’s just a tank that holds some water and then all we have to do is pop our fish in it, right?

However, that isn’t the case! We have to remember that we’re investing in something that will be our new pet’s very own home for quite a while.

This means understanding our fish’s needs because at the end of the day we’re trying to replicate their natural habitat within the aquarium, so we want to buy the best tank possible.

Not to worry, though, because reading this buyer’s guide should help you understand the most important areas to consider when investing in a 10 gallon fish tank, also see (Best 55 Gallon Tank)!


Taking the shape and design into consideration when buying a fish tank is very important.

Think of it as furniture shopping, because at the end of the day you want something that will suit your own particular style and essentially look good in your home – you don’t want it to look out of place amongst the rest of your fixtures and fittings!

The most common shape for aquariums to be is a rectangle. They usually fit more easily onto desks, tables or stands, as these also tend to be rectangular.

But fish tanks aren’t limited to just rectangular shapes – they can also be quirkier and more unique and come in cylindrical or hexagonal shapes.

They may also come in cube shapes, which can be better for fish as they can see their reflection on the glass, making it safer for them to swim in.

Sometimes, the shape you choose may even depend on what type of fish you decide to get.

Species like platies or bettas will be okay in a taller, non-rectangular tank as they will use all levels of the water.

But species like danios, tetras or dwarf gouramis prefer to swim in something longer and therefore more rectangular.


Aquariums usually come in either glass or acrylic. Glass tanks are probably more popular than acrylic tanks due to the fact that they look slightly more sleek and modern and are usually better quality and more durable.

For example, glass will retain its clarity for longer than an acrylic one, which may eventually acquire a yellow tinge to the window, and is easier to clean and wipe down, so you can maintain its pristine condition more successfully.

Having said that, acrylic tanks may be the better option if you have kids or pets – such as dogs or cats – because if they accidentally knock it, it won’t smash like glass will, which would cause a dangerous mess and be fatal for your fish.

Acrylic aquariums are also usually much lighter than glass ones, so if you have a stand for it that is a bit on the light side, you will still be able to comfortably place it on there in the knowledge that it won’t break it.


When it comes to extras – such as filters, filter cartridges, LEDs, heaters, fish food and water conditioner – you need to think about whether you want a starter kit with your aquarium or if you just want to buy the fish tank on its own and then get everything else you need for it separately.

This may depend on how confident you are with your knowledge of the items you need in order to allow your fish to live in a healthy ecosystem.

If you’re unsure about which separate items you need to purchase, then maybe the best choice for you would be to buy a full starter kit.

That way, everything you need to get set up as a fish owner will come with your aquarium in one box – many even include a trial pack of fish food and water conditioner.

But maybe you’ve thoroughly researched which extra items are the best for your aquarium, in which case you’ll probably want to buy your accessories separately.

This is perfectly fine – just try not to forget anything and make sure you choose the right items for the specific type of fish you’re going to get!

For example, if you want to keep a tropical fish, you’re probably going to need a heater for your tank.


Price is obviously something you need to consider no matter what you buy!

How much you spend on a fish tank is very much a personal decision and depends on what you can afford and how much you’re willing to invest in creating your aquarium.

The average price range for a high quality fish tank is probably between $60 – $100.

Of course, you need to take into consideration what you’re getting for your money.

For example, if the tank doesn’t come with a starter kit included, are you willing to pay a lot of money for the tank plus extra for the additional items you’ll need?

All of that is completely up to you! The good thing about 10 gallon fish tanks is that, depending on your budget, you can either get something basic or something fancy, but both will be good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Fish Can You Put In A 10 Gallon Tank?

You can probably fit up to 8 to 10 fish in a 10 gallon aquarium, but ultimately it comes down to a couple different factors.

Even though you can technically fit 10 fish in a tank, it’s not recommended – unless the fish are really tiny and don’t generate too much waste – because they’ll get in each other’s way and the amount of waste in the tank, even despite the filtration, will probably make it an unhealthy living environment for the fish.

And if you’ve chosen to keep fish that grow over time, you should limit the number you keep in the aquarium to around 6 or 7.

What Fish Should I Get For A 10 Gallon Tank?

When it comes to choosing the type of fish for your tank, there are certainly some fish that work better in a 10 gallon aquarium (see 75 gallon) than others. Good choices include: Betta Fish, Guppies, Celestial Pearl Danios, Golden Dwarf Barbs, Neon Tetras, Pygmy Corydoras and Dwarf Gourami.

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