5 Best Kitchen Faucets For A Portable Dishwasher (Plus Installation Guide)

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If you don’t have a suitable water line in your kitchen to hook up a dishwasher, then a portable dishwasher is the best option to get your dishes clean fast.

The majority of portable dishwashers fit a standard kitchen faucet with a generic adapter.






GICASA YY1045 Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet


Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet


Fapully 100550N Commercial Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet


Moen 7430 Chateau One-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet


Kingston Brass FB2122NDL NuvoFusion Centerset Kitchen Faucet

However, you won’t be able to use your faucet when your dishwasher is connected.

This means, you will have to either disconnect your dishwasher (see also ‘Do Dishwashers Heat The Water?‘) each time you want to use the kitchen tap, or you simply don’t use the faucet.

Neither of these options are great long term. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get around this problem!

You can simply get a new faucet that allows you to use the water from the tap at the same time as your portable dishwasher is connected.

In this article, we take a look at the best kitchen faucets that you can use with your portable dishwasher.

We’ll give you a quick overview of each, together with pros and cons, as well as reviews from buyers.

Plus, there’s also a little installation guide at the end of this article, so you know exactly how to connect your portable dishwasher to a kitchen faucet.

Best Portable Dishwasher Faucet Reviews

There is a large variety of kitchen faucets out there but not all are suitable for portable dishwashers.

A common problem with these faucets is that the faucet based easily cracks, especially with cheaper options. 

Here are our most popular picks of kitchen faucets that get around this problem.

We picked a good selection of budget and premium faucets, so you can choose according to your budget.

GICASA YY1045 Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Just looking the GICASA YY1045 faucet, there is little visual difference to the Fapully faucet. 

There are a lot of this type of faucet with pull-down sprayers on the market, and you will need to check the reviews carefully.

Also, it’s good to know that there aren’t actually any of these kitchen faucets made in the USA, so they are typically all imported.

This makes them more affordable but you will need to carefully compare reviews as well as price which can vary almost weekly.

So, compare prices on a couple of different sites and with your local kitchen retailer to find the right faucet for you.

Similar to the Fapully, the GICASA also has a corrosion-resistant finish. It has a lead-free body and is made of brass.

The heavy-duty spring allows the pull-down sprayer to moved around flexibly. The GICASA kitchen faucet also has a ceramic valve which controls the water pressure.

Just like the Fapully faucet, the GICASA also comes with rubber nozzles which filter out limescale and hard water buildup.

Another handy feature of this faucet is that it has a locking clip which allows you to operate the sprayer hands-free.

Although th GICASA faucet is undoubtedly very similar toe the Fapully, you need to check out the reviews first before you decide to purchase your new faucet.


  • Compatible with portable dishwashers
  • Durable and high-quality materials at a good price
  • Used by plumbers
  • Both faucet and sprayer swivel so you can move them around easily
  • Practical pull-down sprayer for easy and hands-free uset
  • Compared to other main brands, the GICASA faucet is a similarquality but a cheaper price


  • Not ideal for shallow sinks and double sinks

Buyer Reviews

Buyers of the GICASA kitchen faucet found that the pull-down sprayer is very easy to use, and allows flexibility while having a portable dishwasher connected.

However, owners of the GICASA model noted that the matte black finish option does chip over time.

You can buy the GICASA kitchen faucet on sears.com.

Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet

The GICASA and the Fapully faucets are quite large models, and they are not typically suitable for shallow sinks because the higher water pressure would cause a lot of spray back.

The Aimadi sink faucet is a slightly smaller model. It is shorter but offers similar features compared to other good-quality faucets.

This faucet still has a pull-down sprayer, with a separate connection for your small dishwasher.

Depending on where you buy the Aimadi faucet from, it does sometimes come in at a slightly cheaper price than some other models we mention in our kitchen faucet list here.

The Aimadi kitchen faucet also offers a better water pressure than some other standard faucets.

It also features a swivel of 360 degrees, as well as ceramic cartridge inside. The brass material is lead-free and it doesn’t rust which makes it durable for a range of kitchen tasks.

We found that the Aimadi is overall a great product but the lack of a locking clip which would allow hands-free operation does let it down slightly.

To some people, this may be an essential feature, while to others, this is not a dealbreaker. 

This depends on your personal preference and whether you want to spend a bit more money on a luxury faucet that has the additional locking mechanism.


  • Ideal for shallow sinks
  • Easy to connect the adapter for your portable dishwasher
  • Good quality metal construction for an affordable price
  • Swivel feature with both taps
  • Classic, neutral look that fits in every kitchen
  • Doesn’t drip
  • Good, even water pressure balance


  • Not suitable for deeper sinks as the sprayer doesn’t extend far enough.
  • No locking mechanism for hands-free use
  • Standard spout is shorter compared to other models which may feel restrictive

Buyer Reviews

Owners of the Aimadi kitchen faucet found this shorter faucet very easy to use and install. They particularly liked that it works very well in shallower sinks.

Unfortunately, this faucet does not come with a locking mechanism which is an issue for some owners.

You can buy the Aimadi kitchen faucet on aimadi.com.

Fapully 100550N Commercial Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

The word “commercial” in the title already gives us a clue to the spec of the Fapully 100550N faucet.

At the higher end of the premium spectrum, this kitchen faucet allows you to connect your portable dishwasher quickly and easily to the standard spigot on the faucet.

Then you can just use the pull-down sprayer as your main water tap. Although on the pricey side, this faucet is ideal for using both your portable dishwasher and the kitchen faucet.

The Fapully sink faucet has a rust-resistant finish on an all-metal body. This makes it resilient and durable for a range of kitchen tasks.

The stream sprout and the pull-down sprayer both can be hooked up to a portable dishwasher thanks to the 360 degree swivel.

This is ideal for running your dishwasher at the same time as rinsing the sink.

With its solid build for commercial kitchen, the Fapully 100550N has a ceramic cartridge which is much more durable than other faucets.

Just hook up your portable dishwasher, and move everything freely without the need for disconnecting anything.

In addition, this handy kitchen faucet has an easy-clean nozzle which keeps limescale and hard water buildup at bay.

It also comes with a lock bar on the sprayer which allows you to operate it hands-free.

This faucet system ensures that the water pressure stays the same, even when the dishwasher draws water.

The Fapully faucet also comes with a removable aerator inside the main faucet which can be easily connected with the adapter of your portable dishwasher.


  • Useful locking mechanism on the sprayer
  • Sturdy construction and durable
  • Even water pressure and control over water pressure conserves water
  • Easy to install without plumbing knowledge
  • Water shut-off functionality


  • Although the hose is included, this may not be long enough and you may need to buy a hose extension.

Buyer Reviews

Owners of the Fapully 100550N found that the pull-down sprayer is ideal for using in your kitchen while running your portable dishwasher.

However, buyers reported that Fapully does not always honor the warranty of the appliance.

You can buy the Fapully commercial sink faucet on kitchenfaucets.com.

Moen 7430 Chateau One-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet

Moen is one of the many best known brands for kitchen faucets and kitchen appliances, so if  you don’t feel comfortable with a no-name product, then Moen may be the option for you.

The Moen 7430 Chateau faucet is a low-arc sink faucet suitable to connect your portable dishwasher quickly and easily.

This design is different from the three pull-down faucets we mentioned above.

The low-arc design prevents any cracks when you connect your dishwasher to the faucet.

This model comes with a main tap faucet, and a side sprayer which can be connected to your portable dishwasher.

The Moen Chateau faucet is better for shallow sinks as well as double sinks as it causes fewer splashes.

In addition, the Moen faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty which gives you peace of mind in case there is something wrong with the fixture.

A big advantage with this Moen faucet is that you can replace the base relatively easily if it does break. You will not need to throw the entire faucet out.

Compared to the pull-down sprayer faucets which you would need to fully replace if something broke, this is a big benefit with this Moen design.

It also allows for easy and quick installation.


  • Suitable 2 hole and 4 hole sinks
  • High-quality materials that last
  • Easy to install with the Moen branded connection system
  • Perfect for connecting your portable dishwasher
  • Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind


  • Lower water pressure than the pull-down sprayer faucets

Buyer Reviews

With this reliable leak-free faucet, owners liked the easy installation and the durable construction of the fixture.

While the main faucet is made of brass, the side sprayer is plastic which can break if not treated with care.

You can buy the Moen kitchen faucet on moen.com.

Kingston Brass FB2122NDL NuvoFusion Centerset Kitchen Faucet

Our final kitchen faucet on our list is the Kingston Brass FB2122NDL.

Compared to our other models, this is a solid budget option, which makes it a great choice for people who rent and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

This faucet is a similar design to the Moen model. It has a low arc, which makes it suitable for shallow sinks, while easily connecting your portable dishwasher.

This design prevents the cracking of the base as the faucet does not flex when you hook up your dishwasher.

In addition, the Kingston Brass faucet comes with a practical hand sprayer, and a high flow rate of 1.8 GPM.

We really loved the modern design of this faucet. The flat shape of the levers and the slick chrome color just fits with every kitchen decor.

But the chrome does not just look good, it is also much easier to clean, especially when you have hard water.


  • A solid ten-year warranty
  • A low-arc design to avoid cracks in the base
  • Modern design suitable for every kitchen
  • Sturdy, metal materials
  • Easy installation and quick hook up to your portable dishwasher
  • A budget friendly option for all renters with a portable dishwasher


  • Missing ceramic cartridge which means it can get clogged up with limescale and hard water buildup

Buyer Reviews

Owners of this Kingston Brass faucet loved the low price and contemporary design.

However, buyers have reported some issues with the sprayer and they also noticed some leakage problems.

You can buy the Kingston Brass low-arc faucet on kingstonbrass.com.

How To Hook Up A Portable Dishwasher To The Faucet

Now that you have seen a couple of different designs of kitchen faucets, you are ready to hook up your portable dishwasher to the faucet.

It’s a quick and easy process, and we’ll take you through the main steps below.

Position Your Portable Dishwasher

First up, you need to find the right spot for your dishwasher. This will depend on the type and size of your dishwasher.

Most smaller dishwashers can be positioned on the countertop, where you have easy access to the water faucet.

Place your dishwasher in a way that it is easily accessible but not in the way. 

Connect The Dishwasher Faucet Adapter

Once you have positioned your dishwasher on an even surface, you now need to unscrew the aerator from the sink faucet.

Sometimes you will find that it is sitting too snug to remove it by hand. Try to unscrew it with a pair of channel locks, if it’s too tight.

Then you need to connect the faucet adapter of your portable dishwasher to your kitchen faucet. 

Screw it on just with your hands, as you do not want it too tight in case you need to remove it without tools later.

5 Best Kitchen Faucets For A Portable Dishwasher (Plus Installation Guide)

Connect The Portable Dishwasher

Before you hook up your portable dishwasher to the adapter, it is best to turn the sink on first and test that the water is running properly through the adapter.

Once the water flows correctly, you can now connect your dishwasher to the adapter.

Let the water run for  a minute and check carefully that there is no leaking around the adapter or the dishwasher.

The water should flow freely. In order to prevent any issues with the water pressure or the water supply to your dishwasher, you need to make sure that there are no loops in any of the hoses.

Plug The Dishwasher In

Now you just plug the portable dishwasher in and you are ready to go. It’s a good idea to read the instruction manual of the dishwasher before first use.

This will provide advice on how to use the appliance correctly and safely.


A portable dishwasher is a practical, compact solution for everyone who wants to enjoy the luxury of not having to wash their dishes by hand.

They save time, as well as water. However, not all portable dishwashers can be instantly connected to your kitchen faucet.

You will need to have the right faucet in order to use both the dishwasher and the tap at the same time.

We hope you found our guide of one the best kitchen faucets for portable dishwashers useful. There are a variety of premium and budget options.

While the pull-down sprayer faucets are ideal for hands-free use and more flexibility in your kitchen, the low-arc models are much easier to replace, if needed.

We recommend comparing a few designs at your local kitchen retailer, and check out what feels right for your kitchen.

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